Women Who Live in Their Bed

After I had finished writing my last article on women and sleep, I thought of another aspect related to women and their bed: the time they spend in it overall. So, not only do they need two or three hours more sleep than men, they may actually spend about 70% of the 24-hour day in it if you let them. By this I do not mean the extra time they need to recover after you have banged them. Sex is much more exhausting for men, as every Redditor with a strap-on dildo trying to penetrate xir dog can confirm. If you are not in shape, those hip-thrusts will exhaust you, and only the most athletic women will happily let you lie on your back while they vigorously hop up and down your massive cock.

Women sleep about ten to eleven hours per day, which may include an afternoon nap. However, some women enjoy the warmth of the blanket, particularly during a cold European winter, so much that they do not even want to get up. I have met more than a few women who preferred to have breakfast in bed. This could mean getting up, filling a bowl with muesli, and coming right back to bed. If you have ever wondered why there are crumbs between the sheets when you bang some slut, that is your answer. They simply eat in bed. I have even seen women who stacked dirty dishes next to the bed.

The pampered woman tends to get up eventually, perhaps at around 11:00 or so, after having spend some time in bed catching up on the most important thot news via Instagram and TikTok. If they can avoid it, they just buy some take-away food, then dilly-dally away some time in the afternoon, perhaps by having Chad stuff them with his wiener. With her holes still dripping, and you taking a nap next to her, she may then get some chocolate or ice cream and watch a few episodes of one of her many favorite TV shows, before falling asleep. This reminds me that there are women who do not even shower after sex, which can be in stark contrast to how they present themselves in the club, perfectly made up and impeccably dressed.

There are not many guys who would feel quite as comfortable as some women with staying in bed more or less the entire day. We guys at least manage to get up, turn on our PlayStation, and plonk ourselves down on the sofa, and this alone is more physical exertion than some women muster. But, hey, science says that men are basically identical to women, except that women are better, so there is probably something I am missing because woke science would never lie to us.

One thought on “Women Who Live in Their Bed

  1. Can confirm. A girl I knew confessed that when she lived in a cold region, during winter she would simply spend all of her free time in bed with the electric blanket running.

    After waking up, if I stay in bed too long without getting up, showering and putting fresh clothes on, I feel disgusting. If my day doesn’t begin with hitting the gym, or even on my days off just taking a day trip somewhere, the day feels wasted.

    It’s funny, when I was an awkward teenager who didn’t like leaving my room very much, one of the ways I would get shamed is I would be told that girls my age were much more active than I was – enjoying the outdoors, socializing, making the most of life. What a crock. One real way I risk wasting my life sitting here recounting all the cringeworthy bullshit I got told in my younger days.

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