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41 thoughts on “Open Thread #306

    1. At 31 she’s also three years older than he is (28). But I guess Logan Paul has never been the sharpest tool in the shed.

  1. Nowadays Aaron,do you sometimes take the time to Meditate before tackling an important task? As a way to best mentally prepare yourself in general. I believe you’ve mentioned in your book however that at your level,you don’t even need much time anymore to fully clear your mind or even a complete quite environment to do the job. Maybe only a couple minutes of mind clearing before you are ready.

    I’ve been procrastinating on getting back into Meditation. Its daunting,but I know that’s precisely the sign that I’m engaging in effective practice/training. That seems to go with almost any legitimate practice really. A learning curve/challenge that has to be overcome especially in the initial period,but if you can persist through that point,great rewards await you.

    I’ve effectively made going to the gym a habit. Its not hard for me anymore to just get my ass there to do the work. (usually,not always. I’m still human. haha)

    Now I just gotta do this with Meditation,just gotta get myself to actually get consistent about it. haha

    1. Meditating before a daunting task can be quite helpful. I have stopped going this a long, long time ago, though.

  2. Guys, I have failed you. Yesterday, I lost my anal virginity… I mean, I got vaxxed.

    I had just quit a job to land this new one (I work in road projects, so I’m a long way from home), and I needed this health certificate like right now, and they told me I needed the 2023 version or booster or whatever to get it. Going back home to have an aunt (who works in the public health system) update my fake vaccination card would’ve been equivalent to quitting this job as well, so I bit the bullet.

    I feel like when I was robbed, and thought of all the ways I could’ve avoided it (I could’ve faked the card before leaving for this job). Fuck me.

    1. I could fake it and travel to normie-utopia (Norway, by way of the Netherlands), while I had to take it in my own backwater country, which even positions itself on the side of Russia (which doesn’t mean the government is good or compent in the slightest). Fuck me.

    2. I am sorry to hear that. Could you at least the the much less lethal Russian or Chinese variety or did you get pfizered?

    3. Yes, it was the Sinopharm one. I can only hope the extremely hypochondriac Chinese government doesn’t want to actively poison its citizens.

    4. I have not come across any stories coming out of China that involve healthy teenagers or adolescents who died suddenly, and I am subscribed to quite a few vaxx-related Telegram channels. Thus, Sinopharm seems a lot safer than the Pfizer crap. As far as I know, the Chinese vaxx is a traditional vaccination and not gene therapy masquerading as one. I am skeptical of vaccinations in general, though, as a consequence of having read up on the history of vaccinations and the role private and corporate interests play in this field.

    5. Hello Manuel

      Sorry to hear that. But IIRC Sinopharm is just an inactivated virus version, aka a “traditional” vaccine type as opposed to the experimental mRNA concoctions they mostly served in the west.

      I think the most likely scenario is that it will simply be ineffective, as we already know, because coronaviruses mutate so fast. But the really messy vax damage serms concentrated in the mRNA products, with good reason.

      Interestingly, mRNA vaccines have not been used in China in any significant numbers. If I have to speculate about why, my guess is that being a communist state, their health agencies are much more resilient to the type of regulatory capture that Big Pharma has managed to achieve in the west.

    6. Yarara & Aaron: thank you for reassuring me that I’m not a mudblood yet. Hah.

      I guess it’s one of the perks of being in the sphere of influence of the “rogue” empires (Russia and the Dogeaters).

  3. @AlekNovy, I have multivitamins that have 100% DV of zinc.

    I also have ZMA capsules, but I do NOT have magnesium capsules.

    Would you caution against taking both the multivitamin and the zma on the same day?

    1. Better Bachelor? I think he is playing a similar role as Sandman did in the past, i.e. a large amount of content, but not a lot of deep thought. Sandman is more insightful than him, though. I occasionally listen to Better Bachelor in the background, not so much because of him but because he sometimes manages to dig up pretty amusing footage on TikTok that showcase peak womanhood.

    2. Dude has quite a subscriber base. Gets over 1k comments in under 24 hours for a new vid. Interesting.

      I think what he was covering in that video said far more about female narcissism than it did men’s ineffective dating strategies. All of those nice things that the TikThot’s suitor supposedly did for her obviously DID have some value to her, in that she was able to make a humblebrag video in a misguided attempt to raise her own value.

    3. I was quite amused by her utterly bored tone when she talks about what the guy spent money on. She must be a real blast to hang out with.

  4. Had some free time tonight so got caught up on a little pickup gossip.

    Apparently John Anthony Lifestyle is bashing some guy for hooking up with trannies while he himself had to admit last year he was doing the same thing when the evidence was overwhelming. At least John admitted the trannies he banged looked like “hot chicks” and some of the hottest chicks out there are actually trannies.

    Jon Matrix has retuned to the game and he looks old, tired and washed up. He’s still preaching about verbally “creating attraction” and following certain sequences in the interaction all these years later which is utterly ridiculous.

    I noticed RSD Tyler is uploading old pickup videos again and seems to have changed from pure self help guy to a mix of self help and game.

    Anyone have anything else funny/new about pickup guys/the scene in general?

    1. According to this recent article Mystery is currently holed up in Toronto with his brother while allegedly awaiting a US visa so he can unleash MM 2.0:

      The article also states that he has two children. I wonder how much of an influence he is in their lives.

    2. I am not sure I believe the claim about his net worth, when I juxtapose it with his living situation:

      Now 51, Markovik has returned to Toronto, and is living with his brother Rolf. He claims he’s waiting for a visa so he can return to Hollywood and hit the big-time again. (…) He did go big when it comes to his overall net worth, which is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

    3. I thought John Anthonys bashing videos were hilarious esp. the Owen Cook/Tyler one.
      He actually had some system he sold called ‘Occams Razor’ at one point. LOL. Some dude told me he is the biggest scamming fraudster piece of shit he ever came across.
      RSD Tyler .. what a fat old bald loser.

      Oh Brad P moved on into the Rehab/Addiction field. Some kind of ‘recovery counsellor’ now. scam to scam I guess .

    4. I have not followed this scene at all and I am quite surprised to hear that they are either still around or trying to make a comeback.

    5. I’ve ben open about this and openly mocked.

      Lady Boys often put tremendous effort into their beauty and femininity. Often, guys will pretend they were “tricked” when they knew exactly what they were getting into. And furthermore it is often the best sexual experience they have. Perhaps because those who “once had the equipment” best know how to operate that equipment on others. It is said that if a woman wants an expert pussy eater, she should have a lesbian eat her out. It is what it is.

    6. It could make for a funny video to see how Zoomer girls react to having Mystery Method run on them.

    7. I would be even funnier if this was done by Mystery himself who would be older than most fathers of the Zoomer generation.

    8. I feel like Zoomer guys are way too blackpilled to fall for PUA. They’re mostly either looks-maxxing or being doomers.

    9. Sleazy u wrote on another blog somewhere re Game gurus
      “that one of the most “famous” gurus has only dated two women in his entire life. That guy is 40 or 50“ – was that Ross J or whom?

    10. My old blog is still online. Can you get me the link to the post where I make this statement?

    11. I have been writing online under this pseudonym for over 15 years, and with information as vague as the one you provided I unfortunately cannot provide further details. If you manage to dig up that article, please let me know.

    12. Thanks. I don’t recall who exactly this was, but with the commercial PUAs I met, there was an absolutely staggering disconnect between their claims and reality. There was even a guy who was a virgin when he hung out his shingle.

    13. Bummer. Would love to know who that was.
      I’m guessing RJ as he was the oldest then.
      The only guys I thought were legit at pulling were Zan and Brent Smith by their good looks, but their biz were also scams as the others.
      Brent was all about ‘manifesting’ the pussy lmao. Zan was ‘romance’ the pussy. Lmao.
      Shame PUAhate shut down that site was hilarious, i missed out.

  5. I think Alek made a comment in the past (Couldn’t find it. Hope you can improve the search engine further Aaron when you have the opportunity. thank you regardless as its still much better than before) about the “Self-Improvement” mindset vs the “Goal-Achieving” mindset (developing a quality for the purpose of achieving goals/objectives,not just unnecessarily wasting time to develop it for its own sake) and how the latter is actually what will get you what you want and ahead in life. Was reminded of it watching this video:

    No need to watch further than 1:40. In this video,its described as the “Junkie” Mindset (guys who go on a virtually eternal self-improvement journey,but never actually get to the point of real fulfillment) vs the “Tourist” mindset. (Only dives into self-improvement on a specific aspect when they actually need to until they achieve their goals,but actually gets back to enjoying life as a whole after)

    I think a lot of dudes get trapped into getting on the “endless self-improvement” treadmill,forgetting that the point of self-improvement is to improve our Quality of lives,not to forever obsess on the grind itself so we can distract ourselves from our lives.

    Maybe that’s a little ironic coming from me though. I definitely plan to pursue my other big goals once my weight loss phase is over. Will definitely continue weight training but will put this at lower priority (because I said awhile back that gaining muscle is probably our real long term solution to prevent getting fat again) until I accomplish the other things I want to achieve.

    BTW Aaron,I posted a comment on your recent garden post and it went under moderation queue. Just letting you know.

    1. I have approved your other comment. It seems it got flagged for moderation due to the links in it.

  6. Aaron, have you heard of this MyHouse.WAD Doom mod? The video I’m linking to is very well done and highly popular, and explains all of the ins and outs of this extremely complex mod:

    I was super entertained by the video. Apparently, the modder hasn’t exactly revealed himself either. If you get some
    time and are looking for some entertainment then I highly recommend watching this. Even John Romero got in on the hype and uploaded a video of him playing the mod.

    1. I have not heard about this mod, but I also do not follow the Doom scene. From skipping through the video, this seems to be a highly elaborate mod.

      On a somewhat related note, I saw John Romero in person at a tech conference a while ago. He gave a talk on Doom, and apparently he does this a lot. This guy strikes me as a total grifter, peaking very early in his life, and since then he has achieved basically nothing. He comes across as incredibly smug, and his sizeable belly as well as his relatively short height only add to this negative impression. His “game design skills” probably would not have amounted to much had he not been able to ride John Carmack’s coattail in the early days of ID Software.

    2. I also do not follow the Doom modding scene. However, there is something special about this particular mod. Those are some interesting insights concerning Romero, btw. I don’t doubt your observations at all.

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