Women and Sleep

According to woke science, men and women are completely identical, except that women are better at everything. There is also the observation that women supposedly sleep about 10 minutes longer per day than men, and this is explained by them “using their brain more”. While I have obviously not done any scientific studies, which completely invalidates my point of view, I find it nonetheless quite remarkable that a lot of women I have met seem to spend an awful lot of time in bed, compared to men.

When I grew up, women napping in the afternoon seemed quite normal. My grandmother did it, and my mother, too. We are not talking about two-hour long siestas, but simply a nap of perhaps 30 or 40 minutes every day, almost like clockwork. This is of course only something a housewife can do. Later in life, when I got to know women not just in their glossy advertising version, I also made the observation that they seemed to enjoy spending time in bed much more than anything else, and by this I don’t just talk about them enjoying getting dicked down.

The collection of my totally unscientific collection of anecdotes leads me to believe that women do not just spend an extra ten minutes a day in bed. If they can get away with it, they would like to spend several hours more than you in bed. I recall women with rather flexible schedules sleeping for a solid ten hours a day, every day, and also sometimes napping during the day as well. Other women, who had to hold down a day job, had a routine of coming home and dropping into bed for an hour or so. I also recall two or three women telling me frankly that they can only work part time because they otherwise would not get enough sleep. These were not women who had their life taken care of completely by some simp, or their simp of a dad.

For the time being, I consider the woke science stance of women only needing about ten more minutes of sleep than men total garbage, roughly at the level of research telling us about the dangers of climate change or the benefits of rampant diversity. I think it is much closer to the truth that they need about two hours more sleep a day than men, perhaps even three, and I have yet to see proof of the contrary.

9 thoughts on “Women and Sleep

  1. Having a girlfriend who loves sleeping in can be a real detriment if you want to go somewhere on the weekend and want to beat the traffic. You’re pretty much resigned to leaving at the same time as everyone else, then sitting in crawling bumper to bumper traffic, struggling to find a parking spot when you arrive, and not being able to stay too long because the day is nearly over.

    Then she complains that you never want to do anything, because her version of doing something is inefficient, tedious and unenjoyable.

    1. This is even worse when you go on vacation with such a woman. With one chick I went on a weekend trip to Amsterdam, which she really wanted to do, and she barely left the hotel room. She was content with sleeping in and getting boned. She wanted to smoke weed in one of those cafes, and that was the only activity she engaged in, that and walking through the red-light district out of curiosity and telling me that I should not look at the women. Live and learn. I never went on a vacation with her again.

    2. LOL, I managed to do a whole lot more during my 3-day visit to Amsterdam with my sister.

      I did walk through the red-light district (didn’t do anything but look since, well, my sister), and I did try weed, though only in a brownie. I wanted to try it once knowing that it would be the only time, even before the cannabis dose gave me what I can only describe as an anxiety attack. Live and learn, indeed.

    3. I think vacations are wasted on most women. I’ve heard stories of female backpackers who spend entire days in the dormitory in their sweatpants. They are drawn to very basic tourist traps like Amsterdam – if I went there I would want to see the Holland countryside, see what real windmills look like, not the NWO bird murdering ones of modern times.

      There was only one girl I’ve met who made a good traveling companion. She was German, a recent engineering graduate, very much into fitness and anything active – hiking, kayaking. I had a hard time keeping up with her.

  2. Am I the only one who read at first “Women and Sheep”? I’m just psyched into it by all the red-pillint content I read.

  3. Maybe in this particular regard, women are just more akin to cats – who also love to sleep long hours during the day.

    1. Cats do not just sleep long hours during the day, they literally sleep almost the entire day away. I think they are awake for just a few hours. Domestic cats are the laziest bunch there is. They do little more than sleep, eat, and defecate.

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