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35 thoughts on “Open Thread #305

  1. Was the movie Fight Club gay propaganda? I mean it‘s pretty much a given because the author of the novel on which the film is based on is a homosexual.

    1. I would not call it primarily gay propaganda, but there absolutely are homoerotic elements in it.

    2. Interesting but I always assumed certain scenes in movies were meant to put female butts in the seats.

    3. Have you seen his interview on Joe Rohan?

      He doesn’t strike me as having that kind of agenda, but ultimately, if one is gay, there are going to be biases that present themselves in their stories.

      What is it about the film besides the knowledge that the author is gay that makes you think that?

  2. Hey has anyone here watched the series “Nacho” on Stan? (The story of Nacho Vidal the male Spanish porn actor, he was big star in the 90s like Rocco Siffredi)
    Check out the first 10 minutes of ep1 for some hilarious nightclub bathroom stall action 😀
    That man is a legend.
    He recently was up on charges for the death of his friend for smoking toad venom. Interesting stuff !

    1. I’m giving it a watch, I’m half-way through episode 3.

      That Sara, when she’s in that blue wig, total cuteness.

    2. Those two guys (Rocco and Nacho) fucked so many women for a living AND for sport, and so effortlessly, that they wound up railing trannies, probably out of a sense of boredom.

      That’s degeneracy for you. LOL

    3. He looks gay though. I’ve never seen him have sex with a hot petite chick. And yes I was so curious that I actually looked. He especially goes for masculine (opposite of feminine girls). He might have the quantity, but from I’ve seen he’s fucked a grandtotal of 2 chicks that I find attractive. To be fair, those 2 are also the 2 most attractive girls in porn (by my taste), but aside from them, he seems to only go for women who look like men with implants.

    4. He looks gay though. I’ve never seen him have sex with a hot petite chick. And yes I was so curious that I actually looked.

      I meant to say “I had noticed that he never bangs how, petite chicks”. Upon looking I did find out that he did bang 2, and ironically ,the 2 hottest ones. But that’s like what, 500 trashy girls with 0% femininity, and 2 hot ones.

    5. Rocco claims he’s slept with in the range of 5,000-6,000 women.

      Not bad.
      He must be bored by now 🙂

      Nacho did a few movies with Silvia Saint I hope she’s counted in your 2 Alek!
      She’s in my top 5 for sure. Nomnom ????

    1. I’m amazed old Mammoth Boobz lasted this long.

      He didn’t want to give us the satisfaction of his blog suddenly going quiet, followed by a news report of a shut in being found half-eaten by his cats, with police seizing his petabyte size CP collection

  3. Cheeky Jane is back! Girl, if you want us to at least take a look at your attempts of writing as a guy, at least keep them a little short. Less is more, in this case.

    1. According to completely unsubstantiated rumors, women leave a much bigger mess behind, no matter where they go, than popular mythology has it. Plenty of women seem to live in utter filth, spreading their clothes on the floor without giving it a second thought.

    2. I’ve known multiple women who’ve used the men’s room because the women’s was out of order and admitted the men’s was much cleaner. And that was before we allowed men (or whatever) in the women’s.

  4. The other day I looked up browser usage stats and was surprised that Firefox has a market share of less than 3%, down by over 90% from about a decade ago:
    I wonder if ousting the genius programmer behind Firefox, former CTO and later CEO of Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, was such a good move. Well, tough decisions have to be made for the name of diversity, so you cannot have an excellent leader and technologist in a powerful position who dares to have private opinions that conflict with the imposed leftist narrative.

    1. That, and they forcibly burned down their add-on ecosystem back in 2017. This would be the equivalent of Skyrim banning all mods.

  5. What do you guys think of “Hurricane Hillary?” To be fair, they downgraded it to a tropical storm. I live in San Diego the first to be hit in California.

    It was fucking nothing. Humidity and rain mostly. I grew up in that Pacific Ocean and I can tell you we beach goers love tropical storms. The ocean temperature goes up and the waves get big. Great for surfing/body surfing/body boarding ????

    The ocean temp does NOT support tropical storms here. Too damn cold. Florida goes through these conditions regularly. Usually nothing happens, but the frequency increases the likelihood dramatically. So it does get hurricanes.

    It’s like when an asteroid comes “close” to the earth. Much ado about nothing.

    1. This is great! Well, this is the price we pay for diversity. I came across the original “baseless” claim, and it is great to see that we can get some catharsis via mainstream confirmation. I recall reading that it was an “accident” and even if it was not, it was not such a big deal anyway. It is also totally unexpected that she keeps being a bitch in space. It must feel very empowering to her, knowing that the crew cannot just get away from her.

    2. “It must feel very empowering to her, knowing that the crew cannot just get away from her.”

      This is certainly a case where being diversity-pilled would have helped keep you out of unnecessary danger. Refusing to board an airplane with a female pilot, for instance, could be life saving. I’m reminded of the point you made a while back about civilization crumbling at the hands of the incompetent, as whitey has been forced to take a back seat in regards to his participation in society.

    3. People and their need to FEEL useful instead of BE useful.

      I think that’s what Diversity Hires essentially are. To cater to people like this,and it causes problems. (or even get people hurt/killed. Didn’t Alek post something about a billionaire and his son getting killed in a submarine?)

    4. Apparently they were also cutting a lot of corners on that submarine build to cut down on costs, and even bragging about it. Imagine having unlimited funds and being a cheapskate, then getting killed because of it.

    5. The comments on the video are hilarious. I love, btw, how she just tosses it aside and then you can actually see her fingers graze the handle, yet she fails to grasp it and pull the tool bag back in. Either she didn’t really try or her motor skills are severely lacking. She could have easily saved it at that point. I hope they send her back up again soon. She’s a true life Ellen Ripley.

    6. I absolutely love that this elite female astronaut has been getting so much media attention. Such live footage was intended to demonstrate how competent wahmen in space are, with disastrous effects. You would expect her to at least be able to carry a handbag-sized object and do minor repairs without wrecking equipment worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It reminds me of those talent shows where parents want to show off their oh-so talented children who can barely follow a beat or sing two notes without making you cringe. If this woman’s actions really lead to the ISS program being shuttered prematurely, it would be the most perfect symbol of forced diversity. Imagine that: one woman destroying trillions of dollars, invalidating decades of research, and even putting into question the financial viability of research in space! On the other hand, it is sad to see that she has fucked up so badly as it would have been more entertaining to see her barely scrape by, paving the way for some fat, black lesbian with pink hair to show us how to really conduct research on the ISS.

    7. “You would expect her to at least be able to carry a handbag-sized object and do minor repairs without wrecking equipment worth hundreds of millions of dollars.”

      Hell, you’d expect her not to actively sabotage the whole operation. I’d love to see a follow-up on this whole debacle and whether or not a proportionate amount of punishment ensues. At the very least I’d expect her space privileges to be forever revoked from here on out, not to mention the fact that she recklessly endangered the lives of her fellow crew and purposefully destroyed government property or whatever. She deserves jail time frankly.

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