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The US Government is Most Likely Influencing Western Video Game Development

The last time I took a walk in nature with my schizo hat on, I thought about the machinations of the CIA and its excessive meddling in popular culture. This is the sledge hammer the United States used to wield in order to exert “soft power” all over the globe, but due to its recent gay and tranny excesses, people no longer so willingly pay to be brainwashed. In the 1960s, the CIA was behind the promotion of “sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” in order to create “youth culture”. Look up “Laurel Canyon” and go down that rabbit hole. If you have not heard about it, you will probably look at pop music much differently afterwards. With regards to Hollywood, there is no need to go into any details as the brainwashing is all-too-evident. It began at the latest in the 1940s with propaganda movies like “Why We Fight”, and it only got worse from then onwards.

For the longest time, movies were probably seen as the primary means for propaganda because humans are very susceptible to moving images. Also, people most often watch movies in the evening hours, when they are much more easily influenced. Apparently, if you are not fully alert, you soak up government propaganda much more easily. I think that the government at first did not really understand what video games could be used for. You may recall that in the 1990s there were calls for banning certain games, such as Mortal Kombat. There were even multiple attempts to heavily regulate the industry. For some strange reason, this debate completely died down a few years later. Nowadays, people at best sometimes joke about it, while being oblivious to the rather obvious implications.

If movies put you into a mental state in which you are more receptive towards views the governments wants to promote, the same applies to any interactive medium. Surely, compared to a movie this effect is a lot stronger if you play a video game in which you are forced to perform certain actions, all under the illusion of having freedom of choice. In the 1980s, Hollywood pushed movies that featured both a black and a white lead, for instance. Today, a lot of Western video games push homosexuality and trannyism. In gaming, attractive women have more or less completely disappeared. Western games present an idea of female beauty that is in stark contrast to thousands of years of Western art.

The low-tier IQ response is that there is no proof that the US government, be it via the CIA or any other agency, injects viewpoints they want to promote into Western games. The first objection is that this is already happening and has been happening for a long time. Video games are the primary means for social engineering nowadays as they have become incredibly popular. The US government is meddling with pop music and the movie industry, which are both only a very small fraction, in terms of revenue, of the video game industry, so why would they ignore this medium? Second, we are also very aware of the mechanisms via which to change organizational culture: you brainwash people at university, and then you push them into companies. Of course, a money-making enterprise might want to object to hiring some utterly unqualified dolt who is more concerned about xir pronouns of the week than getting xir work done, but there is no defense because the government simply tells you that you have to hire women and minorities, so you do and treat it as a cos of doing business.

It would of course be possible that Western video games have gone to shit without any government interference at all, but this does not pass the sniff test. It is obvious that there is interference in the labor market due to manipulating the supply of university graduates as well as laws and regulations that limit the options of employers. All of this is happening, and it constitutes heavy interference. To say otherwise would be an example of utmost intellectual dishonesty. I would not at all be surprised if one day we get to see classified CIA documents that discuss how to subvert the video game industry in order to promote the social engineering goals of the government.

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