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43 thoughts on “Open Thread #304

    1. I chuckle whenever some bitch comes forward years after the supposed rape. This one was allegedly raped five years ago, so why did she not press charges? I can’t take those believe-all-women posts seriously at all. Most likely, if this chick even had sex with that guy, the issue is that she is now hitting the wall and looking for some kind of validation. Yeah, you go grrrl!

    2. In California if a girl has been drinking it’s technically illegal to have sex with her. It’s up to her whether she wants to press charges.

    3. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. She was sooo drunk they wouldn’t even let her in the venue!

      Of course a degenerate in a rock band will try his hand with a stupid drunk. I personally find dunks gross and disrespectful!

      If I drive drunk I get arrested but if drunky bitch gets drunk and someone is dumb enough to stick it in her (she probably begged for it) it is a crime! What a double standard!

  1. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a pretty meaty game, even if you ignore all the lengthy gay sex scenes. This led to other developers whining about the game setting a new standard for content gamers expect, similar to Elden Ring:

  2. Alright guys let’s reopen the history talk. If the Japanese had opened up a second front in Siberia in 1941 could the axis have won the war? I think this was why Hitler allied with them. It obviously didn’t happen. Counterfactuals……

    Lol I don’t think the Germans benefitted from any of their allies.

    1. Considering that WWII was won by Russia, not the US, an attack on Russia by Japan would quite likely have sealed the deal.

    2. It likely would, yes. But their offensives would have to have been coordinated. The temporal windoe of opportunity to do so, if it ever really existed, was narrow. Some points to consider:

      1- Japan was already embroiled in a protracted war with China, which was sucking manpower and resources.

      2 – Japan actually went to war against the USSR (and Mongolian allies) in 1939, google up the battles of Khalkhin Gol. They had intended to expand in the direction of Siberia, but they were decisively defeated. Therefore, their search for sources of raw materials would have to be towards the south, leading to conflict with the US, UK, the dutch, and non-Vichy french.

      3 – Hitler was originally planning for the war to begin later on, the german armaments program would not be complete until 1943.

      4- Hitler consistently underestimated the USSR. Based on the Red Armys dismal performance against Finland in the Winter War, they expected to defeat the soviets, all by themselves, within 3 months, with plenty of time to turn around and face an eventual US/UK campaign across the ocean.

      5- But already by the end of 1941, Hitlers own generals had come to the conclusion that the war against the USSR was not winnable. The idea that the winter defeated the german army was a later myth, invented to justify the defeat.

      6 – By then, the US was already waging an undeclared war on German uboats in the Atlantic, and looking for an excuse to enter the war. Since Hitler would not give them one, they provoked the japanese into attacking.

      Last point, regarding Germanys allies: the italian contribution in the Balkans and North Africa is frequently mocked as counterproductive, but to be fair, 250.000 of their best troops went to fight alongside the germans (and hungarians, and romanians) on the Eastern Front.

    3. @Aaron,

      Darn right. That W belongs to Stalin. He probably wanted all of Europe but settled for half. Comes the argument “But how did that did that work out for the Soviet’s in the long run?”

      It worked out very well for Joseph. Plus, how has multiculturalism worked out for the US, England and France? Germany too. Running in the polar opposite direction of Hitler. At VERY least it’s an overreaction. As Pat Buchanan put it, what’s happening to the modern West is “Hitlers posthumous revenge. ”

      Another thing is that the Japanese should have gone for it. Shit, they had to fight the USSR anyway. That time it was without their ally plus on the defensive. But again, counterfactuals…….. nobody can predict the future.

    1. “I wish most Christians would actually read the book.”

      Many Christians begin their descent into becoming Ex-Christians (assuming it doesn’t happen soon after) after they actually finally sit on their asses to read the thing. Plenty of moments in the book that contradicts “God’s” supposed Omnipotence and/or (often both at once) Benevolence,haha.

    2. “Eye for an eye” vs. “Turn the other cheek.”

      Jesus was too much of a “nice guy” for me. But he had some good messages.

    3. @GoodLookingAndSleazy, I was talking to a family friend about how I was bothered by the Old Testament, and he replied “a lot of people get hung up on how wrathful god is in the OT.”

      I said, “not at all. quite the opposite. he wasn’t wrathful enough.”

      God torches Sodom and Gomorrah (I approve), but then Lot and his daughters wind up in this cave. The daughters then proceed to get pregnant with Lot’s seed while he’s asleep. Entire lineages of characters in the Bible come from these women, and God DIDN’T strike them down!

      I just remembered reading it, and feeling so frustrated at how shitty the characters in the OT were, but yet somehow they found favor with God.

  3. You guys ever watch the Peanuts (Charlie Brown) cartoon when you were kids? I talked with a coworker about it and she mentioned a reaccuring theme that I never noticed. I never liked the Lucy character but my memories were not clear on why. This clip had my eyes watering from laughter. Lucy the young girl narcissist and her supply Charlie Brown:

    1. I never liked Lucy either, but neither Charlie Brown, to be frank. The Peanuts were often shown on TV, yet never really all that popular, so I would not at all be surprised if there are some subversive themes in it. Aren’t all the boys in it bozos, and all the women smart?

    2. Yes I would say that assessment is correct. Like I said CB is the supply. You don’t want to feed narcissists. You don’t want to be him. I guess if he had good coaching he could “fight the power.” But the adults in the show could never be seen or heard.

    3. I can recommend the biography “Schulz and Peanuts.” Schulz had a good father figure, but still had mommy issues due to his mother being emotionally distant and dying while he was off fighting WWII.

      Lucy was his first wife, Joyce. He got away with this for decades because she never read the strip (though as one of his friends put it, she sure had no trouble spending the money he brought in.) Unlike Charlie Brown, he finally snapped and walked away (literally while she was leaning out the upstairs window taunting him that he didn’t have the guts.)

      His second marriage was apparently much more amiable, or at least the biographer agreed not to dish the dirt on that one yet.

    4. Forgot to add. The Peanuts Christmas special has Linus reciting the Gospel of Luke, second chapter, verses 8-14 (“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men, etc), after which he says, “That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.” (Meaning, and not all this bullshit you all are so hung up on. Earlier, Lucy asked Santa for “real estate” and I think another character wants cash in “tens and twenties,” which would likely be C-notes today.)

      As you can no doubt imagine, the studio execs did not want this Bible quote in there. Schulz said, either it stays or we forget the whole thing. They caved. Then, the first time they watched the finished product, they concluded it was a bomb. One more example of our cultural gatekeepers being among the dumbest people who have ever lived.

      While looking that up, I saw some results suggesting the original version isn’t aired anymore and they came up with a new version in 2021. I can just imagine.

      That said, Schulz was a very alienated man, and his strip reflected it. Whenever I reread it I’m dumbfounded at the venomous hate directed at Charlie Brown, who does nothing to deserve it.

    5. And thanx for the suggestion. Sounds like Schulz had rare strength and conviction. To develop that whole Christmas special only to scrap it if the producers were going to censor him. It’s a very rare personality type he was. Makes sense his dad was WWII vet.

    6. Oops. I misread your post. Charles Shultz actually fought in the war. Now it makes complete sense.

    7. Yeah my phrasing was a little unclear.

      Bill Watterson wrote a review of this book and pointed out something I’d forgotten. Schulz also appears in the strip as Shroeder, a fanatic artist who is oblivious to Lucy’s unwavering crush on him. So even as Schulz depicted his wife’s abuse of him, he also sympathized with her.

      I wish we could get a biography of Watterson, even if the very things I admire about him (humility, desire for privacy, artistic integrity) prevent it. He probably left a billion dollars on the table by refusing to license Calvin and Hobbes.

    8. I looked it up. He was a Sargent in the Army. One of the soldiers who liberated Dachao. You’d think the Jews would show appreciation if he just wanted one biblical quote. Wait, what was I thinking…………

    9. @ aj

      I watched a documentary of Charles Schulz. I think that CB was himself portrayed during his marriage to Joyce and Shroader was actually himself after he decided to leave her.

  4. I just noticed right now while I was in the bathroom…I’m starting to grow chest hairs! I didn’t have those at all before.

    I wonder if all this fat loss,lifting,and physical activity is resulting in an increase in my Testosterone levels. Excess body fat results in more estrogen and additional muscle results in more T flowing in your body if I’m not mistaken. so the combination of reducing one while increasing the other resulting in my overall T-levels makes sense to me.

    I believe studies also mention that consistent success in general results in more T being released,and I’m definitely making milestones with what I’m doing now,haha.

    1. I had something similar and was wondering whether to share. Still feels weird.

      My T seems to be growing as well and it feels weird. That deaging dude was talking about it, like how when you start deaging protocols one way tou know it’s working is you suddenly start getting nocturnal erections like when you were a teenager. It kind of feels weird, I haven’t been this horny since I was like 19.

      I did start a bunch of things all at once. So can’t tell which it is. I’m taking like 20 supplements on top of completely changing my diet 360 and weightlifting every day.

    2. I’ve had my blood tested upon switching to a regime of a strict paleo diet and sleeping a LOT. I don’t recall if I was exercising daily at the time, and I didn’t get my blood tested prior. I was exercising at least thrice a week though. I was also getting a decent bit of sun. Was doing some sprints, which I’ve been told are good for T. My testosterone was at 1029 ng/dL.

      After a month or 2 of paleo, I always. I mean ALWAYS get the feedback that I look younger.

      I keep reverting back to eating like shit.

      I’m a musician, and I’ll play gigs and open mics for 2 months, but then I say “fuck it, just a few beers. They’re free for me anyway!” And then I don’t get back on the paleo train for another 3 months.

      Gotta just make the jump and never look back, but it’s hard as fuck when you’re a musician.

    3. @AlekNovy, idk what to make of the whole supplements thing. A lot of people say they’re a scam. I’ve gone back and forth with them.

      Interested in anything you’ve got on the subject. May get a blood test again before taking any supps.

    4. Yes, all muscle building supplements are a pure scam. My assumption is thats what you’re talking about.

      If you go to a bodybuilding shop they have shelves and shelves of products that literally do nothing. So it is a scam.

      I’m talking about general nutritional supplementation as done by people who are into reversing aging and improving vitality and longevity. We are all nutritionally deficient no matter how well you eat, and certain processes in the body are always missing material. This gets worse with age, or rather supplementation makes a bigger difference.

    5. @Herkerderker

      “dk what to make of the whole supplements thing.”

      Not all supplements are scams. Some actually do what they’re supposed to. But you’ll have to be able to sort out the trash (sadly the most well-marketed stuff usually) from the actual good stuff. But hey,that’s why we come to trusted niched discussion places like Aaron’s blog,so we can learn from the folks who have gained our trust where the actual gold is. lol.

      Alek I’m sure is still in the experimental stage right now with what he is using,but I hope to hear recommendations from you on this soon! I’ll probably be looking forward to using this stuff myself at some point in the future.

    6. Maou, are you saying there are muscle building supplements that are not a scam? To my knowledge there is only 1 supplement that is not a scam, and it’s creatine. It adds a paltry 1kilo of muscle and tops at that.

      There are zero other supplements that have any effect (not even 0.001% boost in muscle building).

      You might say protein isn’t a total scam as we need it to build a muscle. Sure, but you can get I from diet. It’s more of a convenience, like if your appetite doesn’t allow you to eat enough lean meats, but it doesn’t cause muscle building on its own. Just helps if you can’t enough in your diet for muscle building.

      I’ve been into fitness and bodybuilding supplements for 20 years now. I fully dropped them like 13 years ago after much scientific research into their svaminess.

      I’m new to age reversal and longevity supplementation, not muscle building supplements.

    7. I wasn’t referring to Muscle Building Supplements specifically. (Creatine and Protein are really the only ones I know of as well that have an actual effect. and yeah,protein supplements are more convenience than anything else. they’re not magic) I was talking in a general sense.

      To use an example area though,I’m sure you’re aware of Weight Loss Supplements and so-called “Fat Burners”. Nearly every one of these marketed in the mainstream is scam. (or greatly exaggerated at best) But there are ones that work…and nearly all of them are dangerous/illegal. at least the ones that have the most meaningful effect.

      There was a product here in my country that used to get sold for weight loss and it actually works. 1 catch though…it has meth as an ingredient. (and meth actually does work. kills your appetite fully. I dunno if it burns fat through some other mechanism as well,but this is one big way it does so) My sister actually got into it before law enforcement got into cracking it down. (thankfully. she woulda been much worse off if she used it long enough to actually get her slim.) I sadly no longer remember the name of the product.

      Eh…maybe this isn’t a good example of a “supplement” anymore though if it gets to illegal territory.

      There’s also a “Stack” I think that I just cannot remember the name of right now. Caffeine is a big part of it and safer compared to using illegal amphetamines,but it still isn’t fully safe/healthy.

    8. So multivitamins, zinc, vitamin d, magnesium, supplements for mood (theanine, tryptophan, etc) are legit in your view?

      I’ve heard that NOW supps are generally good, but they’re pricy.

      Do you guys have a list of brands that you stick to?

    9. Ironically in my country NOW is one of the cheaper brands. Though my country is expensive due to how import taxes work or something like that.

      I’m very jealous of americans who have access to multi-complex products. There’s quite a few youtuber doctors who developed products like these, so you don’t have to take 20 different supplements. It’s everything in 1 pill. Aside from the convenience its way way way cheaper than buying all 20 separately (at least in my country).

  5. A little update on my skincare thing. These days I woke up with a rather large and obvious change in my appearance. My skin is literally glowing and my face looks like im in my 20s or 15 years younger. Looking at myself looks weird and freaky. Took some photos and the tools say I look 6 years younger. No, it doesn’t say 15 years younger, which I think is because it looks at things other than skin which skincare doesn’t change.

    If I posted my last pic on social media people would comment I’m using TikTok filters or some shit. It’s almost surreal how much the skin is glowing, looks like I’m using a filter.

    1. I just tried the attractiveness checking tool as well. It definetely factors in skin, as now that my skin is all glowy and smooth again, it says 8. It said 7 on days when I had downturn in skin.

      But it doesn’t matter really. Taking 5 minutes a day to go up 1 point in looks is something only insecure guys do. If you’re really secure you’ll smear your face in feces, not shower and meet girls that way. Be a REAL MAN!

  6. But there are ones that work…and nearly all of them are dangerous/illegal. at least the ones that have the most meaningful effect.

    Oh yeah, we’re talking about off-the-shelf in a bodybuilding shop stuff. In fact, one of the ways I explain this to people in real life is:

    – If its legal or you can buy it off the shelf, it’s a scam
    – If it works, then its either illegal or very tightly regulated.

    There’s also a third category “Legal until they get around to banning it”. I don’t know if this is the case nowadays since I’m not following this stuff anymore… But in that period (20-10 years ago) there was this constant trend where supplement manufactures would introduce something that actually works, then goverments would ban it. So you had like 6-12 months of use before it gets banned. Then they’d introduce the next thing until goverments get around to banning it.

  7. Anyone fuck a prostitute recently?
    I did . And I stand by my position she was absolutely positively not into a single minute of it. And I’m a very good looking person. I gave her a body massage and said something like “oh u need this You have had some a hard day” blah blah. She replied “oh it’s been a quiet day I done Nothing All Day” LOLZ
    It was 3pm she Prob had 10 cocks before me . At least . Great acting tho worthy of a porn star : D ps I think I’m bipolar tbh. Is that Cluster B??

  8. I just cannot believe a prostitute is ever into the sex with a client .hypothetical ‘ consider he looked like Brad Pitt ‘arguments aside.
    And if they were, how could that ever be established anyway?..they all act as if they are into it.. how can a person spot the one that is?

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