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41 thoughts on “Open Thread #269

  1. Some gaming news:
    – Amazon has leased (!) the Tomb Raider IP for $600 million, probably chump change compared to what they spent on the Lord of the Rings TV rights that led to their critically acclaimed TV show Lawd Dem Rangz
    – The Netflix adaptation of The Last of Us is going fully woke. In episode 3, you get to watch two men getting intimate with each other. It is more than a little bit suspicious that the faggot stuff was held back. Quite clearly, the producers wanted viewers to lower their guard, reduce the wokism for one or two episodes, and then hit them over the head with it. EDIT: The director of this TV shows is even bragging about this.
    – The pink-haired want to boycott the upcoming Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy, which is a top seller on Steam weeks ahead of release. I wonder how much impact they will have.

    1. (Continuing conversation from Open Thread #266)

      According to the REmake 4 info and screenshots article you linked to QTEs have been completely scratched. I’m certainly glad they’ve made this change, and also kind of surprised. I bet there are still some combat focused button smashing sequences, like for example, when Leon is using a knife to defend against the bar of a chainsaw. Also, I recently heard on a video that your items case will have the ability to have certain perks attached to it, such as more frequent ammo or heal drops by downed enemies. Btw, Leon’s arms are pretty jacked compared to his 21 year old version in REmake 2. I happen to find it pretty appropriate.

      I’m not too surprised to learn that Critical Drinker is a grifter. I get the sense that people like Paul Joseph Watson are merely grifting while acting as pressure release valves, because if they were truly opposition they would have probably been completely deleted from youtube by now. Even though Stefan Molyneux had his issues, he had a pretty large base on the platform and was one of the first people to start conversations about race and IQ. He was sort of acting like a gateway to more controversial topics, as well as turning people more and more onto populism versus just being an outlet for frustrated people and essentially telling them to “vote harder next time” for more neo-cons. I even have a hunch that he was at some point threatened because he has completely backed away from controversial topics altogether. Either that, or he just saw the writing on the wall and knew that if he kept down that path his finances would be wiped out, or something terrible might happen to him and his family.

      I saw where Synthetic Man has a video about an entire episode of The Last of Us being dedicated to two hairy fags going full Broke Back Mountain. Honestly, regardless of whether or not people got reeled in and got the ol’ bait and switch, they should have seen it coming from a million miles away. The Last of Us is basically the definition of woke “entertainment” lol.

      I went ahead and looked up a list of Square Enix’s top shareholders. Thankfully, their majority shareholder appears to be a Japanese businessman at around 19.5%, right next to a Japanese bank at almost 15% according to this data:

      Perhaps with the recent debacle of Forspoken Square will switch gears and distance themselves from Western writers more. Synthetic Man had joked about that game being funded by Blackrock, but if that’s the case then they would have had to have directly funded it somehow. I’d like to know exactly how that game got the go ahead. At any rate, fingers crossed for FFXVI. I believe it’s more or less been confirmed that the game will not be open world (thankfully), and instead focus on four major provinces. It appears that you will have full control over only a single character, while your supporting party members are AI controlled. The main protagonist gas a story arc spanning from his teenage years all the way into his 30s. And instead of summons, certain characters appear to have been born with the ability to transform into kaiju, so you’ll actually become the beast (in this case you’ll probably fight mostly as Ifrit) and I just imagine the combat in this game being the most engaging and fulfilling of any action style RPG to date.

    2. My interest in FF XVI just increased even more. It seems that the director is much more focused on implementing his own vision as opposed to chasing trends. Not having an open world is a big plus, and a story spanning decades sound very tempting. This has been rarely attempted. I am not the biggest RPG buff, but I only know of only one other game with a similar angle, Dragon Quest V. (I tried playing the Dragon Quest games on the DS recently but I find low-polygon 3D games too unappealing.)

    3. I was vaguely aware of the Harry Potter boycott, however, because you recently brought it up I started digging a little into it. The main takeaway from all of this is that once the woke mob comes for you, you’re done as far as they’re concerned. No amount of apologizing or groveling will appease them. They want you to be unable to participate in society or your product banned. With the Harry Potter game, the developers made the mistake of announcing the inclusion of playable trans characters back in early 2021. The best course of action would have just been to ignore them as best as possible and keep going forward with zero compromises. At least that way you can count on a certain amount of good will among gamers.

    4. Apparently there was an NVIDIA data hack a while ago and a lot of people suspect a FFIX remake is secretly in the works. Kind of interesting. MGS is all but confirmed at this point. If any of the Metal Gear games were to be remade, I’d much rather a retelling of the original MSX game where a young Solid Snake infiltrates Outer Heaven in Zanzibar and kills Big Boss’ body double, Venom Snake from MGSV. Fat chance!

    5. I would not get my hopes up about an FF IX remake. After all, what would keep Square-Enix from the same kind of deception they engaged with the FF VII “remake”? Queen Brahne is also morbidly obese in the original, so if this company’s “ethics department” has its way, they will turn her into the heroine, time-traveling, and banging young Zidane, whereas the super-cute Garnet will be rewritten for “modern audiences”, i.e. making her an ugly post-op tranny with a “top surgery” scar across the chest. Clearly, a fat, antagonistic Queen Brahne would only foster “negative stereotypes” so she would need to be at least partially rewritten.

    6. Over the last few weeks I tried getting into a few retro games, and I think I have outgrown them. A big issue is pacing. I have found that I am a lot less tolerant towards padding. While I can appreciate the mechanics of Fire Emblem (GBA), I am not too keen on a slow, hour-long ramp up. With the few RPGs I tried, I noticed that the game designers seem to believe that you are already invested in the game’s world and characters. Otherwise I could not explain the absence of any kind of hook, or just the depiction of some conflict, that makes you curious about what will happen next. This was done very well by Final Fantasy VI and VII. Chrono Trigger also does a good job ushering you along, but I could not even bring myself to start another playthrough of it. Twenty years ago, this was simply a much more impressive game than nowadays.

      I know that forcing yourself to suffer through a slow start can lead to some payoff as well. Back in the days, when I did not have access to a lot of games, I tried to finish every game I got my hands on, even if I did not enjoy it at first. Indeed, most turned out to have some redeeming qualities. I recall a game for the Dreamcast nobody cares about nowadays, Headhunter, which is pretty janky but I remember that I quite liked after a few sittings. This approach is still not rational as you do not know if there is even a payoff and there is a good reason that a game whose mechanics you only learn to tolerate never hits the highs of a game you enjoy almost immediately. For now, I am back to my small rotation of arcade classics, but I keep my fingers crossed that we will get some decent AAA games with RE 4 and FF XVI this year.

    7. Aaron! Lmao. Why did you put those images of Queen Brahne banging the twink Zidane and tranny Garnet into my mind?? I think your former point would be the more likely outcome fortunately. And if someone like Tetsuya Nomura has anything to do with it then most of the characters will no doubt look stunning in their design.

      On the subject of the FFVII “Remake” I have since listened to both sides of the argument and I’m actually sort of conflicted about it. On the one hand I really don’t care that they deceived the hardcore fanbase because I wasn’t ever really that invested in the game anyways. The more I think about it it’s actually kind of commendable that in this era of remaking games they attempted to put a new spin on FFVII and lead it into a new direction altogether. That takes at least a little bit of creativity versus adhering strictly to pre-established formula. Plus Tifa has massive tits in that game. I understand there are other issues with the gameplay and what not, but the general consensus is that it’s a good game overall no matter the poor execution of the plot ghosts. Also, consider that in the original version of the game there is actually a scene where a passed out Cloud is raped by a strong man, as well as this gay multiracial hot tub scene, both of which were cut from the remake in favor of the rhythm cross dressing section instead:

      Interesting comments you made about retro games and their pacing. It appears your RPG journey didn’t go as well as you had hoped? If you ever get around yo playing REmake 2 I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I’m at the point where I can consistently get an S+ ranking on standard difficulty as well as an S rank on hardcore. I must have beaten the game 10 times or more altogether and I could definitely run it in less than two hours on standard.

    8. The juxtaposition of Queen Brahne and Garnet, as shown in FF IX, works in the original, and would work just as well in the current year, only that the intentions would have to be swapped. Thus, the morbidly obese Brahne could not be depicted negatively at all, and the opposite would be true for Garnet, which embodies patriarchal beauty standards. Just imagine Square-Enix swapping the characters, i.e. the highly attractive but unfathomably evil Queen Garnet abuses the morbidly obese and highly virtuous Brahne. I do not even want to think of the kind of damage wokesters could do to a game as beloved as FF IX, which would only fuel their motivation to completely destroy this game’s legacy.

      Speaking of the FF VII remake, the director wanted Tifa to have bigger tits, but the blue-hairs at Square-Enix objected. I don’t think that the deceptive marketing of this game can be defended. Square-Enix has released several games that are related to FF VII over the years. Also, fans wanted a remake, not a re-telling that takes great freedom with the narrative.

      I think we, as sophisticated gamers, simply become more discerning as we mature. Also, there are design choices that seemed tolerable in the past but would not work nowadays. I mentioned a while ago that the old God of War games are heavily front-loaded, starting out with a boss fight that would be the climax in more traditional games. While I do not agree with the execution, i.e. the strong start is followed by quite a lull, until things pick up again, the idea is good, i.e. by starting strong, the game pulls you in. In contrast, I was baffled that Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey started with an exposition dump and just assumed that the player would be interested. There simply are too many games out there, and I do not think that developers should design games with the belief in mind that they will have five or ten hours of the player’s undivided attention. On that note, a few years ago I tried playing Tales of Xilia for PS3. I stuck with it for perhaps ten hours. I thought that this was a pretty solid but nonetheless fairly bland RPG, and I was waiting for it to pick up, but this point did not seem to come, so I dropped it. On forums I read that the game gets really good after 40 hours, but this is a ridiculous proposition.

    9. It’s great that you are enjoying REmake 2 so much. Rare are the games that get their hooks in us. I have also had it happen that I thought that I would replay some game multiple times, but shelved it immediately after completion. There is something very enjoyable about really mastering a game’s mechanics and seeing yourself easily defeat mobs that used to take you minutes or a once tough boss that was a brick wall for days go down without taking any damage yourself. Speaking of replayability, I have recently grown more fond of the shmup Batsugun. It is often hailed as the first bullet hell game. While this honor should arguably go to DoDonPachi, you can clearly see the main idea, i.e. very small hit box and a ton of bullets compared to old-school shmups, at full display in Batsugun already. Mark_MSX has a video on it, which I was not even aware of until a moment ago.

    10. I finally came across an old game that made me want to stick with it: Mother 3 (GBA). You can tell that its creator is a successful writer. Within a few minutes you go from enjoying a bucolic scene to a catastrophe, the extent of which is only hinted at, and then the game lets you get to the bottom of it. This structure is not at all mind-blowing. It just solid execution. Yet, there are a lot of games out there that never bother to explain to you why you should care about the story. This is also prevalent in AAA games, which draw people in primarily with their shiny graphics. FarCry 3 did it pretty well but for some reason, Ubisoft managed to create a much less compelling opening in FarCry 4 and it was probably only downhill from there. Probably the same is true for Tomb Raider (2013), which did this well enough, and its sequels.

    11. Check out this new REmake 4 footage of the cabin section. We already knew Leon could defend against being chainsawed to death with his knife, but here the gameplay demonstrates that if you time it correctly you can straight parry a melee attack by a grunt which leaves them wide open for a follow up attack:

    12. This footage looks really great. If I were to nit-pick, I’d point out that the ambient music seems to drown out the voices. I also noticed that fire is rendered inconsistently. Look at the torches and compare it to the stake. The latter looks a lot more realistic.

    13. Game Informer just released a little over ten minutes of new footage of REmake 4, incorporating the clip above, albeit at a higher quality. It looks fantastic. This is also the first time, I think, that we get to check out Ashley’s legs in game. Sadly, she wears tights. I would not be surprised if Capcom ends up putting the costume variants “slightly slutty Ashley” and “slutty Ashley” behind a paywall. I think the best option will be to play it on PC, with the upcoming “incredibly slutty Ashley” mod.

      Speaking of hot waifus: Did you by any chance check out footage of the videogame adaptations of Fairy Tail and One Piece? In particular the latter surprised me by how hot the chicks are. Nami’s T&A game is on point but her facial expressions could be a lot better. There is also an upcoming anime MMORPG, Blue Protocol, with an extensive waifu character editor. Wikipedia pretends that this game does not exist, sending you to the Bandai-Namco entry instead.

    14. If I were to attempt to defend FFVII Remake’s narrative choices I would point out that if you enjoyed MGS2 back in the day then you were a victim to this very deceptive practice, and yet it didn’t stop you from enjoying it and the profoundness of that game outweighed being trolled. I remember anticipating that game as a kid. I had access to a Game Informer disc containing trailers and demos and watching the footage for MGS2 was insane back then. There was absolutely no indication that about 1.5 hours into the game players were going to get the ol’ switcharoo and instead of playing as the uber masculine and brooding Solid Snake, they’d instead have to deal with the effeminate and whiny Raiden. Literally nobody asked for that. I’d have to at least give credit to Square for being able to pull the rug out from gamers and subvert their expectations in this current age.

      I watched all of the new REmake 4 footage. It looks like most of the foundations for a good game are here, so there isn’t so far anything that some good mods can’t fix. For example, Leon will still catch the helpless Ashley when she jumps from a ledge. Just imagine her jugs jiggling back and forth as he does so once you’ve installed the big tiddie mod. Based off that Capcom presentation you linked to a while back, I’m surprised Leon isn’t screaming and crying while Ashley tells him to man up and takes his weapon from him before mowing down a gang of Ganados.

      I’m not at all sold on the new “stealth” mechanics that I’ve seen so far. I can imagine that easily being annoying such as if there’s a section that more or less demands it. It also looks way too reminiscent of Last of Us, so I’m going to personally give this aspect of the remake at least a moderate strike. However, there’s more to like here than dislike, I think.

      Also, shame on you for linking to those sexy, I mean, degrading games featuring waifus. But also, thank you, because now I’ve got something to raise hell and bitch about simply because it’s been beaten into my head that I should be offended by this for some reason. I can’t really imagine why, but I know I should be.

    15. Referring to MGS 2 to defend FF VII Remake is a good argument. The one hole, though, is that this game was a sequel. I think that it is far more deceptive to promise a remake and trying to cash in on people’s nostalgia. In contrast, a sequel should build upon a series’ history.

      In most games, I dislike stealth mechanics. Come to think of it, I cannot think of any game where I really enjoyed them. Even in MGS, I much preferred using the tranquilizer gun wherever I could. In particular in a game like RE 4, stealth does not fit. I would call it almost tone-deaf, considering that these games are power fantasies. Well, this does not apply to the Resident Evil games prior to the fourth one, but RE 4 absolutely is about you wrecking the Gandados, pushing their shit in. (Ganados can be hot too, by the way.)

      Did you come across footage of Remake 4 that show a gun with a laser pointer? I have not, but I would like this feature to return.

    16. Goodness, Gonados need some mods too it would seem. I don’t think there’s been any indication that the laser sight is for sure coming back, but I would be surprised if you can just mod your weapon to have one at the merchant’s shop. Speaking of weapons and power fantasy, you’re right that this version of RE 4 looks toned down in that regard. The reload animation for the Red 9 handgun, though looked cool, seemed to take an awfully long time. Maybe it was always like that? How do you feel towards the apparent decision to make the game more serious in tone and dropping the campiness at least to a large degree? I noticed Luis did not make his usual quip in the cabin section about the president’s daughter being equipped with ballistics, btw.

      So, I recently watched some guy’s review of Dead Space remake and he made an awful lot of great points using footage from both games to illustrate how inferior the remake is to the original. Pretty much everything took a dive in quality from the character models and voice acting, the sound design as a whole, character animations look shittier etc. The only real upgrades here are resolution and attention to detail, and perhaps the gore system is pretty nice. Capcom has proven that they are capable of making remakes, in fact, I’d say they’re the absolute best at it. Any time a decision is made to remake a game, however, there is the major risk that the soul and drive that made the original so great will be mostly absent in the remake. And honestly, why would you be excited to rehash something especially if your current team had no stake in the original creation?

    17. I quite like the campiness of RE4, which works extremely well with the power fantasy this game offers. The influence of 1980s action movies is everywhere: set pieces, explosions, bravado, a hot chick, gore, one liners, and a story that does not take itself seriously. I think that Ashley only exists in this game so that men have something to ogle and get their protective instinct triggered. The Last of Us tried something similar but this does not work nearly as well if the chick is not hot. Luis not remarking on “ballistics” is a strike against the remake as it is one of the most iconic lines of the entire game. Cutting it is a sign of disrespect. Also, I just had a different thought: the remake has a more serious, grounded tone, but wouldn’t fans want what made RE 4 so great and turn it up to 11? RE 4 basically took the idea of a male power fantasy and dialed it up to 11 in 2005. They could have remade the game much differently, stressing the fact hat Leon is a one-man army. I certainly would have preferred that. Also note that Capcom did this, to some extent, in the Wii port by adding a weapon so powerful that you could one-shot every enemy, including the bosses, with it.

      Do you still have the link of that Dead Space review? Attention to detail is a double-edged sword. I have the impression that AAA developers put in all those details into games because they can. This is similar to how a lot of big-budget games for the PS3/Xbox360 had shiny or wet textures just for the sake of it. They want to show off some trick, even if it does not add anything. The Demons’ Souls remake for PS5 is a great example as it completely changes the mood of the game. World 1-1 is already a great example of this. Similarly, in the Dead Space remake there are also a lot of details that do not need to be there.

    18. It actually took me a few minutes to be able to dig that Dead Space video back up again:

      Notice how the author of the content first addresses being attacked by shills with their usual buzz words in an attempt to shame this guy for having an alternate opinion and for simply noticing things. On the topic of DS, I also recently watched a two minute video showcasing a couple dozen audio clips where Issac curses when running out of ammo. It’s mostly just variations of him saying “fuck me” and “piece of shit” over and over. This was a problem with Claire in REmake 2 and Jill in REmake 3, but it’s probably way more dialed up in the case of DS remake. I find it very lazy in terms of writing and off-putting overall.

      In regards to REmake 4 you once commented a while back about how nostalgia is a hell of a drug. I was just thinking about this and how easy it is to get excited for yet another remake announcement. Clearly this phenomenon affects most people and gaming companies are well aware of this. Our initial reaction for REmake 4 was both skeptical, however, once the footage started rolling in we both became more curious. Yet, after the dopamine hit and the drug of nostalgia wears off a little bit we are able to see the product for what it is. Perhaps it’s more modernized overall, but beyond the control schemes, visuals and quality of life enhancements the modernization of games ultimately means that certain design and narrative choices end up resulting in a more pozzed product.

      Now that I’ve had more time to reflect on the new footage it’s easier to see the flaws in the remake. I won’t rehash what we’ve already discussed in the last few days, but another aspect of the remake that I think hurts the experience is Leon’s personality. They’re attempting to make him more traumatized, paranoid and ultimately less of a force to be reckoned with. Contrast this with the original and Leon’s devil may care attitude and how all the crazy stuff happening was almost like a joke to him. I’m not in anyway saying that i think the remake will be shit, but it’s certainly not so much a remake in my eyes and more of a re-imagining, as they like to say. This time around there’s “more at stake” for Leon, and I’m afraid that he’s going to be simping hard for Ada or something gay like that. Oh, and you can rest assured Ashley won’t be offering up her pussy to him on a silver platter during the ending cutscene. Besides the toned down, action packed gameplay there are going to be modern aspects to this game that end up disappointing non-NPCs. The shills will no doubt praise the game in every way.

    19. Thanks for digging up that video. I watched it as well as the other one this guy made on the DS remake. It seems I have a pretty good hunch when it comes to assessing the quality of modern video games, without even playing them. Joking aside, even though there were early indications that there would be issues with the game, I am quite surprised how bad the DS remake really turned out. Isaac looks and sounds like Mark Zuckerberg’s brother, the voice acting is crap in general, key events in the game look worse, the sound design sucks, and the less said about the redesign of the women in game, the better.

      It seems that “modern audiences” like foul-mouthed protagonists, at least in the imagination of their creators. This was egregious in Forspoken, too, where the diverse empowered female protagonist has a really deep vocabulary, ranging all the way from “fuck”, “fuck!”, “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuck” and variations such as “muhfuggin’ dragon” to “Can you not?”. I felt as if my IQ temporarily dropped while watching Synthetic Man’s stream.

    20. This meme also made me laugh. There is also the trend of protagonists no longer shutting up. Footage of the new God of War game is jarring to watch, and the same holds true for many other games for “modern audiences”. You could almost believe that the target audience cannot handle silent protagonists and needs to be told what is going on all the time.

    21. I have watched a few clips of Woke Row and all of them were cringe-worthy. The one you posted I was not aware of. It is ridiculous, too. Well, the entire studio got shut down shortly after the release of this game, so it seems that there is karma in this world.

    1. He’s been doing the location independent lifesstyle grift along with the PUA grift for a few years now. He basically has two separate brands based on his international businessman playboy persona, for example he has two Youtube channels:
      – Sovereign CEO, which purports to teach men how to start location independent businesses so they can be “free” and live wherever and however they want.
      – Alpha Male 2.0, where he claims to hold the secrets of having lots of beautiful female sex partners in parallel (without paying them) and achieving true happiness as a man.

      The reason he separated the grifts into two brands is probably that the stuff about sex is more likely to be suppressed by the Youtube algorithm, while the business stuff is more koscher. It makes sense to diversify ones business and not put all the eggs in the same basket.

  2. Pickernanny previously mentioned elsewhere about how its not really worth it to relocate to another country just for the sake of nabbing a partner or wife. I’m honestly inclined to agree with him to be honest. Seamaxxing (I think that’s what Wheatwaffles called this maneuver/strategy?) certainly works if you do it right,but if that’s your ONLY motive,the amount of risks,inconveniences and potential sacrifices (whether that’s in the process itself or you might lose certain privileges living in another country) one has to make for it…just doesn’t seem worth it. I would understand moving to a country that legalizes sex work,I’d say THAT would make more sense trying to raise your dating prospects with Seamaxxing (You are certainly not guaranteed a truly successful marriage just by marrying a third world country bride).

    I say all this (I’m currently in Thailand,first time traveling!) because part of me is seriously entertaining the idea of one day moving to the Netherlands. I’ve grown a bit of a passion for the Martial Arts and there is a specific instructor there who I’ve been reading for a long time who,if my all of my impressions of him are correct,I would not mind being a long term student under. (There is also another person of interest in North America,but I’m more familiar with this guy)I know that my race and height of 5’10ft (previously mentioned I’m 5’9ft,but a recent checkup shows I really am at 5’10. yippee I guess? haha. but I know the folks of Netherlands are some of the tallest citizens average around 6ft+) puts me at a severe disdavantage in the dating market there,but its not really a concern for me since prostitution is legal over there if I’m not mistaken. There are also other reasons (quiet and less populated,lenient substance laws,etc.) for me to choose that country.

    I’m sure I don’t have the full picture just yet,but I honestly think my listed reasons for wanting to live in another country makes more sense than Seamaxxing, Anyone who is considering that strategy should maybe consider moving to a country with legalized sex work instead. (assuming they’re not already living in one)

    1. I think the correct term is “SEA-maxxing”, where SEA stands for South-East Asia. Overall, I agree with your sentiment. Relocating to a different country is absolutely not trivial, as I can tell from experience. As “Caleb Jones” aka. Blackdragon aka. Sovereign CEO has not even done this once himself, I am inclined to call him a complete bullshit artist. His dating advice is probably not much better but at least he has been in the vicinity of women, which gives him infinitely more credibility for this scam than his global-citizen scam. You can tell that he is targeting the bottom-tier-IQ crowd.

      The brothels in Amsterdam are viewed as tourist traps, offering poor value for money. I do not know about the escort scene, though. The Dutch are indeed the tallest people in the world. With 5’10” you will be considered short. Another aspect is the climate. Seeing that you are used to a much different environment, it would probably take you a while to get used to that country.

    2. This is normally considered bad advice as you will not be able to shield her from societal programming. Also note that there are plenty of women in SEA who are happy to marry you in order to get into the West, and who will divorce you as soon as they have gotten permanent residency.

    3. The general consensus is to never bring your third world wife into the first world, as hypergamy will often times take over as she also enjoys her newfound privilege of divorce raping you. Your mileage may vary.

    1. Paying for sex is cheaper in almost all circumstances. The one exception is if you are able to get laid based on looks and with little effort, e.g. banging chicks in a club or via an extensive social network, often via work, albeit this is a lot more difficult nowadays, seeing that HR departments are on a collective witch hunt, trying to get as many men fired as possible. There is even a current high-profile case. Otherwise, if your work involves travel, going to trade shows, and taking business contacts out to restaurants, you would meet plenty of women.

    2. I pay 150€ for 60min

      Sometimes 100€ for 60min

      And sometimes…

      60€ for 30min

  3. A senior Pfizer employee admits on video that they knew about the negative effects of the Covid vaxx on female fertility:
    Uber told me that this is staged and that it is absolutely not true that Big Tech has been working on scrubbing all evidence that this guy really exists, including on the Wayback Machine. In his view, I would have to do the research myself, write a paper, and get it accepted at a top peer-reviewed journal if I wanted to claim that the vaxx affects female fertility. Thus, the vaxx is still safe and effective. His mom chimed in to say that this is how it is and that I should not believe anything I read on the web that does not come from a vetted and properly fact-checked source.

    1. True story about this 21 year old chick I talk to. She recently confided in me that she’s getting ready to visit the doctor because she’s been ragging for over 3 weeks now. Out of curiosity, I asked her if she got vaxxed for this job and when. She said it was about three months ago when she got the injection. Related? Hard to say.

    2. This sounds like a complete coincidence. After all, she could have started bleeding out of her snatch 24/7 or any other reason as well. On a somewhat related note, I have a colleague who repeatedly caught Covid, leading to a lot of sick days. When he mentioned this to me, I could not help but inquire, if he was inclined to tell, about his vaccination status. It is to my great amusement that I can say something like, “I sure hope you got vaccinated” to outwardly express empathy when I hold nothing but disdain for such people on the inside, in particular if those people aggressivelly proselytized vaxxism in the past.

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