Google Fires Chad for Refusing to Fuck Unattractive Female Superior

I recently came across one of the most ridiculous tech stories in a while, and given how much of a clusterfuck this industry has become, this is not an easy feat. In short, a Google executive claims that he has been sacked by the company because he rejected the sexual advances of his manager. I will provide a brief summary of the story, followed by some analysis.

The main people in the story are a Chad who fathered seven (!) children and his boss who happens to be an Asian woman. This is what went down, according to the lawsuit the Chad filed:
– Asian female boss groped Chad at a restaurant
– Asian female boss rubbed Chad’s abs, telling him that her marriage “lacked spice” (this is strange comment, given how heavily Asians seem to like to spice their meals)
– Chad filed a report with HR, which ignored him
– HR tells Chad that they only care about women accusing men, not the other way round
– Asian female boss reports Chad to HR for “micro-aggressions”
– Asian female boss berated Chad at a team outing
– Asian female boss berated Chad once more, this time with a twist as “she mocked him upon arrival and reiterated that she knew he preferred Asian women over white women — knowing that [Chad’s] wife is Asian”
– Asian female boss tells Chad that there are “obviously too many white guys” on his team, telling him to fire one so that they can hire a woman
– Google fires Chad, after 16 years with the company, because he was not “inclusive”
– Google got its panties in a twist because Chad allegedly showed favoritism towards the high-performing team members working under him

This story is a great reminder of how dangerous the modern workspace is for men. You can do everything right, but if a woman wants you gone, you can likely kiss your career goodbye. In the case of Chad, there is reason to believe that his 16 years’ worth of company knowledge will not be easily replaceable, but this does not matter in the woke workplace. Furthermore, HR has an obvious agenda. They want to reduce the number of white men in the workforce, er, improve the ratio of female and minority employees, so they consider sacrifices necessary.

When I dryly wrote that “Google” decided to fire Chad, you need to consider that this is a decision Chad’s boss made. When you want to fire someone in a big organization, you go to HR and ask them to “build a case”. They will then collect evidence, perhaps by means of a bogus performance improvement plan (PIP), and once HR thinks that they have covered their ass, fire the white guy. This seems to be what has happened here.

In general, I would advise you to not attend any corporate events. This is not always feasible, so if you think you must attend, disappear as quickly as you can. (Next time, make sure you call sick, though.) Some woman may not even pursue a vendetta against you. All it takes is her getting jealous because you spoke to a female colleague of yours, which she perceived as a slight. Furthermore, feminism and wokism has sent plenty of women on a powertrip according to which they think they can destroy a man’s career on a whim. Chad’s manager did exactly that.

5 thoughts on “Google Fires Chad for Refusing to Fuck Unattractive Female Superior

  1. This is the instance where I can see that ugly and average men feel relieved because they are not the object of desire to be sucked like a lollipop, whereas a Chad has much to fear for. This guy just has a Chad shelter. He might be a good loyal husband to her wife, if we can infer it from this article.

    The world is working in inverse logic.

    1. Incels and many blackpillers think Chad’s life is perfect. That if they were attractive,all their problems would be solved. Not even close to being true. Honestly,as much as so many women complain about “entitlement” on men’s part,their kind is just as guilty,if not even more so.

  2. “When he asked why he was non-inclusive, Olohan was told that he had shown favouritism towards high-performing employees”

    Good Lord, I hope that’s not true…

    1. If she has great virtues, we settle down for a “regular” girl. But given what she did, we call her “the cuntest cunt of all scums”. As you rightly point out.

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