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Fake Female Looks in the Current Year

Years ago we already talked about the effect of apps like FaceTune, which women use to subtly alter their appearance on pictures for their Instagram feed or dating profiles. Technology has improved tremendously in the meantime, however. Granted, this is not an area I actively follow, but I have to say that I was quite surprised about how far technology has advanced. Have a look at the somewhat lengthy video below, which I recently came across. It is well worth watching.

As you can see, it is not just pictures you can no longer trust. Even live video has to be viewed with great suspicion. This kind of technology even made it to mainstream products such as Zoom, a videoconferencing software that is quite popular in the workplace. I know of a few women who use filters to make themselves look many years younger, and probably most women use subtle filters to look at least a little bit better.

The other points raised in the video are also worth mentioning, but the entire angle about celebrities can be drastically simplified. A lot of women nowadays are celebrities in their own mind, thanks to their boundless solipsism. Even if they only have a few dozen followers on Instagram, they have hugely inflated egos and present an image of themselves that may have very little to do with how they really look. Also, as much as vapid women may look up to certain celebrities, you can be sure that they think of themselves at least as highly.

Of course, as the video rightly points out, female fakery goes far beyond using filters. However, cosmetic surgery is not as much of a panacea as this guy may think. Sure, Scarlet Johansson got a new nose, which improved her looks considerably, but she was already very good looking before. In contrast, there is not so much you can do if you are dealing with an enormous schnoz, unattractive facial features, and bad proportions. It is certainly not the case that the women of the future will all look like supermodels due to dozens of cosmetic surgeries, at least not in the West. You will not turn a Western woman with masculine features into a sex symbol. On a related note, cosmetic surgery is very common in South Korea, and there is also a clearly communicated societal beauty standard, which women are eager to conform to. Yet, if you have ever been to an Asian country, you have surely noticed that the women are, in general, rather lithe and pleasant to look at.

Given the amount of female fakery going on, I wonder if we are moving towards some “singularity” or “event horizon” for the simping industry. After all, what is the incentive for tipping some e-thot on OnlyFans when you are essentially looking at an avatar? I also wonder if such advances will lead to the complete collapse of the porn industry, which has been in a downward spiral for many years anyway. Realtime 3D rendering has reached a pretty high standard. Even the character models of the game “Dead or Alive: Xtreme Venus Vacation”, which is a few years old, are astonishingly good. In fact, they are so good that people have been using them to create porn with it. Not that I have looked this up, but I keep hearing that the results are very convincing, and some may find the clean yet quite natural look of modern 3D technology preferable to watching videos of some tatted up whore. We live in interesting times, and I have a hunch that all this female fakery will cause women more harm than good.

8 thoughts on “Fake Female Looks in the Current Year

    1. I got this helpful message, “Server is overloaded, please try again later.” The image you posted is of a surprisingly high quality. Just wait until AI can help with generating animated porn. Those days can’t be too far off. I can already see the blue hairs revolting because of how much this change “hurts women” who only want to make an honest living via OnlyFans.

    2. I also got the server overload message a couple times. Usually refreshing the page and trying again made it work, but it usually takes a few minutes anyway to generate the image. And yes, I was also thinking about AI generated full motion porn perhaps being available at some point. I guess there’s really no end to what it could potentially do. Porn, movies, ads, video games etc.

    3. According to a tweet from yesterday, is working on video. This is a pretty interesting development. Cam whores should get concerned. Funnily enough, they have relied extensively on AI-powered filters, but now the technology has advanced so much that we will soon be able to cut out the middle man, i.e. the cam whore.

    4. Very interesting. It would be something if feminists bemoaning AI is what it takes to get it shut down haha.

  1. Aaron,
    There’s another procedure that became somewhat popular in 2022. It’s called buccal fat removal, where women choose to remove their buccal fat to have a more chisel look. Unfortunately, it has more downsides. Its not reversible, the face looks more hallow and gaunt. Furthermore, getting jaw fillers or Botox is a problem if the patient doesn’t know if they have a slight malocclusion in their mouth. Its easy for all these women to get these cosmetics surgeries without understand any risk or healthy issue they might have.

    Is there a way of knowing whether a woman has had some kind of cosmetic work done without asking for pictures?

    Where does the average woman get the money to fund all these cosmetic procedures?

    1. I was not even aware of this procedure. From looking at before/after comparisons, it seems that there are cases where the “before” pictures look better, in particular with younger women. I think that it is not easy to see if a woman has had cosmetic surgeries. One obvious case is when her nose is a little bit too perfect, i.e. fully symmetrical and with a straight bone. Lip fillers are also quite obvious, but boob jobs, if they are not overdone, can be difficult to tell without you touching them.

      I think there is an easy way to explain where the money comes from: parents, debts, husband, alimony. In some cases, those women may even pay for such procedures themselves.

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