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Accelerating Loss of Trust and the Breakdown of Society

The other day, ZeroHedge published an article about a recent survey according to which members of congress are considered less trustworthy than telemarketers and used-car salesmen. This may make you chuckle, but it probably does not really surprise anyone. Yet, if you look at the article, you also realize that it is a missed opportunity. ZeroHedge all too often focuses on amusement and ridicule, and shilling of dubious investment opportunities, instead of looking at the deeper problem. Well, the effort is probably not worth, from a commercial perspective. I’ll happily rectify this, though.

According to rumors, some members of congress want to shut down Statista and Gallup.

The data source of above statistics, Statista, via a Gallup poll, is hardly known for their criticism of government, let alone for endorsing fringe political views. Taken at face value, the fact that the general public — Gallup are polling specialists so we can assume that they selected a representative sample — heavily distrusts politicians is alarming, but this is just the start. For society to function, you need widespread trust. Arguably, this is the core of the breathtaking success of white societies, whereas low-trust societies have little to show for in terms of achievements.

Trust is a consequence of institutions and professionals acting impartially and reliably. If you have a car accident, you call the police so that the accident can be properly recorded and you get documentation for your insurance. If you get sick, you go to the doctor, and if you want to invest your money, you go to a financial institution. In this ideal scenario, there is little friction and things just work. Anyone who has lived in a heavily corrupt society knows that this is not the default situation in the world. It could just as well happen that you have to bribe the police, the doctor extorts you, and the bank takes your money. Heck, it may even be that the police beasts you up and robs you, and there are also plenty of cases where police officers raped women who needed help.

I would argue that there is only so much distrust a society can handle before it falls apart. Traditionally, we speak of three branches of government, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The American executive branch is widely despised, top to bottom, so there is not much to add here. The congress passes laws, yet people have no trust in it, and you cannot really blame them when you read of trillion-dollar omnibus bills, widespread corruption, and the fact that members of congress become multi-millionaires within years. I mean, either Nancy Pelosi is the best investor the world has ever seen, or she is corrupt to the bone. Lastly, trust in the legal system is waning, too, and given that we have George Soros and others work hard on installing activist judges, this is no surprise either.

As you are reading my fringe blog, you probably realize that you cannot trust the depiction of reality given by mainstream media. Yet, the people in charge are quite deluded and think they really do control society. Just look back at Covid: As we now know, thanks to the “Twitter files”, it was indeed the case that there was widespread collusion between government, big tech, big pharma, and the media, with the goal of suppressing non-mainstream views and “shaping the narrative”. You were lied to for two years straight. The Covid psy-ops was pretty successful, for a while, but it eventually fell apart. The consequence is that people now trust industry, government, the media, and the medical profession even less. Thanks to Covid, my default assumption when dealing with a doctor is that he is not acting in my best interest.

The most visible manifestation of low-trust societies are ghettos. People just live their own lives, follow their own laws, and set up their own institutions, and do so in parallel to the official governmental structure. You may know that, for instance, there are rabbinical courts in NYC, or that third-world enclaves in big cities settle conflicts on their own as well. All of this may sound quite odd to you, but we may indeed move towards this future. Once whites are indeed a minority, they will likely also concentrate in their own “ghettos” or, wherever possible, secede. There is plenty of talk of seceding from the union, so this is not nearly as bizarre a thought as you may think.

A primary cause of the general lack of trust in society, which has now spread to even once highly regarded professions such as doctors and judges, is of course rampant third-world migration. Just a few decades ago, for instance, it was common that people in the area where I grew up in did not lock the door to their house. I have childhood memories of just walking to my grandmother’s house, which was in the same village, and looking for her. Today, the same house, which has a new owner, has most certainly a constantly locked door. There is also a gate that is always locked. There was also a time where you did not need to lock your car or your bike. If you do this today, in the typical Western city, you would have to be mad.

I foresee that the lack of trust in everything will only get worse. It already affects all of us anyway. Just consider your job: probably you care little about the company you work for, and your colleagues may as well not be there. There are so many new faces every month that you just could not even care if you tried. Yet, just twenty or thirty years people changed careers not very frequently and built strong work relationships. Today, I expect that any day my manager could tell me that he is going somewhere else or that they are shutting down my department, or that they have to fire me to make room for a diversity hire. Everybody is always looking for a better deal, and never settles. In this regard, our fractured romantic lives find their equivalent in the modern workplace. All is not bad, however, because today you can get “ethnic food” on every corner, so it has all been worth it. Right, bigot?

One thought on “Accelerating Loss of Trust and the Breakdown of Society

  1. Lol…perfect ending.

    This is so true. Hell, I have just basically checked out myself. I am 30 yo white guy in USA. I see no hope for the future here. The women are disgusting, yet I am in shape. The women who are mostly into me are largely in relationships or married, so make that one make sense….no loyalty to be found anywhere or in anything. Truly a bizzaro world.

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