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Shindo LA’s Manga Metamorphosis is a Great Warning Tale for Modern Women

The literary canon of the West used to contain several collections of fables and fairy tales with which to instill moral lessons in the young. Common patterns include stereotypical male or female behavior, and to make those stories more palatable for young children, their main characters were often anthropomorphic animals. Little boys and girls get drawn in by hearing about witty foxes, wily wolves, or mischievous cats, and before they know it, they got a lesson on why they should not lie, steal, talk about others behind their back, or show ingratitude towards their parents.

The idea of a Western canon is completely passé, however. The mainstream tells us that traditions dating back many thousands of years are no longer valid. Besides, Aesop and the Grimm Brothers were probably racists anyway, so better keep their books away from children. Furthermore, the idea of deliberately raising one’s children and forming their character is surely an expression of white supremacy. The woke singe mother of today dumps an Obamaphone into the lap of her toddler because she has more important things to do, like going down on Tyrone.

Books with moral tales are only a means to an end. Parents also used to tell their kids not to engage in certain activities. The concerned parent would tell you to stay away from certain people, in true classist and racist fashion, and they probably also told you that drugs and alcohol are not a good idea, and neither is casual sex. You can literally hear young Stacy defiantly utter, “boooring!” The idea of wanting to protect your kids from harm is a dangerous right-wing extremist belief. The left knows better and they want them to experience sex and drugs, in order to smash the patriarchy.

It easy to see how young girls can mess up their life. You probably banged a few women yourself for whom you were simply the most recent bad decision. With greater parental guidance, we would have no sluts around. If you want to know how sluts are made, you could of course think back to how the girls around you in high school acted and questioned their behavior. Alternatively, you could read through the NSFW manga “Metamorphosis” by Shindo LA, which describes how a geeky teenage girl turns herself into a literal whore. You can read the entire manga (legally) for free on Please do not read it at work, though. Also, the story is pretty hard-hitting. If you want something light-hearted to fap to, you may want to browse that site for other material.

The story starts innocently enough. This is Yoshida-chan (Saki), who just wants to be popular:

Just like in a bad Hollywood movie, she only needs to take her glasses off and put on some make-up to be beautiful

As she thinks the problem is that she’s a bit reserved, and may not even get noticed, she turns to her whore-mother and asks her to teach her how to use makeup. She wants to turn herself into a doll, and this is the outcome:

Ready to take the world by storm!

She quickly learns that her looks get her attention from the other girls in class who want to be friends with her. Yet, she does not have enough slutty clothes, so she needs to go shopping. Thus, she spends her afternoon shopping for clothes, where Anime-Chad approaches her. She is struck by his good looks, thinks that nothing can go wrong, and ends up in a karaoke bar with him. They get a room. Chad-kun gets her drunk, shoves an ecstasy pill down her throat, and bangs her. This feels right for Saki-chan, so she believes she is in love. For Chad, she was just another chick, though.


You better don’t let your teenage daughters sleep around. They’ll never stop banging dudes otherwise.

The manga is pretty crass, but this should not keep us from analyzing the themes. First, a lot of women use their looks to get attention. Dating, streaming, and cam-whoring sites are full of women who get off of the attention they get from guys. This often leads them down a rather questionable path. Surely, some of you know girls who have gradually turned into bigger and bigger sluts. They notice that showing a bit of skin gets them noticed, so they show more skin. Then they wonder what will happen if they show a bit of boob, and before you know it, they walk around in hot pants that don’t cover their ass properly and tops that show side boob. It is a genuine downward spiral.

The ecstasy-angle is interesting, too. If you’ve been to raves, you may have encountered chicks on it. They beam as they see you, then embrace you and tell you that they love you, and you sometimes need to restrain them from unzipping your pants and going down on you in the middle of the crowd. Even stranger is that those women do not seem to regret their ecstasy escapades at all. In contrast, your bro friends probably say to themselves after a wild night out that they’ll swear off alcohol or cocaine for a while now.

Also, sex is obviously enjoyable. One of the reasons we used to marry off women quickly was probably because we assumed that they would want to have sex anyway, so they better have sex with their husband than give in to temptation. In contrast, a girl who allows herself to be seduced, giving away her virginity to more or less the first guy who tries to bang her, is on the way to turning herself into a slut. She was careless with the first guy, so why would she be more careful with any future one? This is the big challenge of those born-again virgins who believe they can undo a solid decade of slutting it up. They can’t, because nobody is buying her story. Only an exceptionally blue-pilled cuck would be fine with wining and dining a chick who has taken more dick than she can remember.

Saki-chan is taking a page out of the playbook of today’s teenage sluts by believing that the way to get a boyfriend is to simply have sex. This may sound ludicrous to you, but I would wager that the majority of Western women think along similar lines. This leads to the comical outcome that a lot of women get banged by some Chad who could not care less about them, like Saki-chan, yet believe that he is their boyfriend.

Slut logic: She is not a slut. Instead, she only has sex with a boyfriend, thus a random dude she has fucked is her boyfriend.

In the manga, Saki-chan enjoys being part of a clique of shallow bitches. Yet, she does not have enough money to keep up with them. She needs new clothes and accessories, but there is not enough pocket money to go around. Then, one of her girlfriends tells her that she can earn money by “having dinner” with older men:

“Wait, you’re telling me I can make a lot of money by having dinner with guys?”

“Metamorphosis” was published between 2013 and 2016. Today, women whoring themselves out under the disguise of getting paid for their time as a “sugar babe” is a fairly recent phenomenon. Back then, it was relatively unheard of. Thus, Shindo LA was pretty prescient in this regard. Also, he got the motivation right. Probably the vast majority of whores spend their money on clothes, accessories, and other unnecessary items. Many pick up a drug habit, too, just like Saki-chan in the manga will. (Article continues below.)

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During her first evening as a prostitute, Saki-chan has to admit to herself that she feels flattered that an “older guy” finds her attractive. You may find this illogical. Yet, younger women with only a modicum of sexual experience often have the bizarre notion that they cannot compete against older and more experienced women. They are often quite intimidated by those sluts in their late 20s because they, rightly, think that those know much better than them how to take care of a dick. Yet, an old, used-up woman no longer has youth. Young women in their late teens sometimes also lie about their age and claim that they are older than they are, for the same reason.

Saki-chan is off to earn some honest money. Note the Lexus in the background as a status indicator!

In the manga, Saki-chan thinks that she’ll only have dinner and get paid for it. Yet, she is quickly swayed when she sees this:

She is thinking of all the clothes she could buy.

Saki-chan is already on the slippery slope. She has had casual sex, and she has gotten paid for keeping an older guy company, so why shouldn’t she take the money and have sex with him? Afterwards, she stupidly spends the money on expensive items, only to fit in with her group of airhead friends.

Whoring allows Saki-chan to improve her status among her friends.

The manga takes a much more sinister turn later, which makes for some rather unpleasant reading. Yet, I want to mainly focus on the setup of the story. So far, I’ve covered about a quarter of it. This is part of the story would make for an excellent warning tale for young women as it perfectly describes the downward spiral too many go on. As you may be aware of, sites like SeekingArrangement and OnlyFans are inundated with young whores signing up. In the West, we have now de-stigmatized being a whore. A lot of girls do not feel bad at all about being a “sugar babe”, but of course they can later on claim that they only did it because of the “patriarchy” and that they were suppressed because the men didn’t just hand over the money without getting anything in return.

I also want to quickly cover a few other parts of the story of Saki-chan’s descent. As mentioned earlier, she starts trading sex for drugs. Ask any guy who has a coke habit, and he’ll probably be able to tell you stories of chicks he banged in exchange for a line. Drug dealers also hand out drugs in exchange for sex, even though this option is only available to the better-looking chicks.

There is no end to dumb decisions women can take. Getting piercings and tattoos is right up there. Saki-chan looks downright modest for today’s standards, though:

This is how the author imagined a whore to look like in 2013. Today, this is a relatively modestly dressed young woman who would be praised for having only few tattoos.

This was probably intended to look shocking in 2013. Today, she looks downright modest. You’ll see women with disfiguring tattoos everywhere you go nowadays. Needless to say, probably no woman wakes up and thinks she’s going to get a tattoo. Instead, this is simply another one in a long string of bad decisions.

A sub-story of Metamorphosis sees Saki-chan getting blackmailed into having sex with guys in her school who threaten to expose that she is a prostitute. Thus, she ends up letting them bang her, which continues even after it is known in her school that she is a prostitute. The manga is not too clear about it, but it seems that she keeps fucking the guys because she enjoys having sex and due her believing that it makes her more popular among guys. You probably won’t find a similar scenario in real-life. However, it is not uncommon that slutty girls pressure other girls into losing their virginity or even into hooking up with other dudes. When I was in middle-school, some chicks were bragging about losing their virginity and they were bullying others who managed to keep their legs together.

A last point I want to mention from “Metamorphosis” is one of its darkest sub-stories. At one point, Saki-chan gets pregnant and aborts the child because she does not want it. This happens quite early. Much later, when she has completely ruined her life, she gets pregnant again. The surrounding circumstances may turn your stomach. This time, though, she decides to keep the baby. She now clings to her pregnancy to give her life some meaning. This is extremely common in real-life as well. On the one hand, young women casually abort one fetus after another and on the other, a pregnancy is some kind of last-ditch effort of wall-hitting chicks stuck in unfulfilling jobs to find meaning in their life. Every Chad has had one-night stands with chicks who do not insist on condoms and who may even beg you to cum inside them. You may even have encountered some nutcases who tell you that you can knock them up and they will take care of the kid. They only want your sperm. This is an experience probably only known to Chads who don’t slave away in corporate careers, i.e. the better your look and the worse your economic prospects, the more likely it is that this will happen to you.

I am not sure whether I can even recommend “Metamorphosis”. There is some deeply unsettling imagery in it. At points, you may have to force yourself to keep reading. Yet, I think it would make for an excellent warning tale for girls, but probably in a somewhat sanitized version. I recall that a Catholic priest once gave a lecture at my middle-school in which he showed video footage of an abortion. This was the most horrific footage I had seen in my life at this point, and I don’t think I have watched anything that was more stomach-turning since then (I’m not sure I support Catholic priests going around traumatizing kids this way). I don’t know about the effect this has had. Yet, visualizing the outcomes of one’s actions is probably not a bad idea. If video footage of a fetus getting chopped up prevents just one would-be slut from spreading her legs casually, it was probably worth it. Similarly, if “Metamorphosis” could prevent girls from going down a slippery slope, a lot would be gained. Well, this is all just theoretical. The girls who would need this lesson are probably too far gone already, and the others were raised well and kept away from bad influences, so it’s enough to tell them about girls you knew who messed up their life by banging random guys and taking drugs.

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9 thoughts on “Shindo LA’s Manga Metamorphosis is a Great Warning Tale for Modern Women

  1. This is excellent, Aaron. I’d say there’s no need for chicks to read the manga. They should just read this piece.

  2. Aaron,
    “Saki-chan is taking a page out of the playbook of today’s teenage sluts by believing that the way to get a boyfriend is to simply have sex.”

    1. How would I answer the following question if I were to have a daughter and she asked, “Dad…how would I know a guy wants more than sex?” A lot of men will often fake a relationship and enter a relationship just to get laid and then bail out.

    “Surely, some of you know girls who have gradually turned into bigger and bigger sluts. It is a genuine downward spiral.”

    2. Women who are cluster B, and/or work in the sex-industry (porn, webcam, stripers etc.), are they generally more hypersexual/promiscuous than the average women who isn’t in the sex industry? Or would you say that “all” women are now equally hypersexual/promiscuous due to our degenerate culture?

    “…she keeps fucking the guys because she enjoys having sex and due her believing that it makes her more popular among guys.”

    3. If this is the case, why do women use the “I’m not like that”; “I need to get to know a guy first.” They have no problem whoring-around but once they get older they realize that men frown upon girls who are promiscuous and then act like they are pure and pristine. But even then, they still keep whoring-around.

    “…a lot of women use their looks to get attention. This often leads them down a rather questionable path.”

    4. I’ve often noticed that many women often dress very slutty on a “daily basis.” Are these women looking to get dicked down by Chad a daily basis? I’ve seen mothers take their kids to school dressed slutty, go grocery shopping dressed slutty and the list goes one. But once they reached their late-30s, their fashion style suddenly changes. They start dressing more modest, however, once in a while they’ll dress slutty again.

    1. 1) The guy needs to wait. Also, I think if he’s serious he should be fine with waiting until after marriage. (I am not joking.)

      2) I think that previously only a few women dared to make the jump into stripping or the porn industry. However, now that the barrier of entry has been drastically lowered, we see that there are a lot more women who are driven by instant gratification and who spend little time thinking about long-term consequences of their actions.

      3) When she says that she’s “not that kind of girl”, she is normally precisely that kind of girl. Also note that she often says this only after she has made out with you, played with your dick or had it in her mouth. It’s her way of reassuring herself that she is not a slut, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      4) Women who dress very provocatively invite men to approach them. You have probably observed that women who dress sluttily are indeed what they portray. Of course, once they get too old for that, they suddenly wear different clothes, as you observed. They also often cut their hair short in their 30s, simply because it no longer looks healthy.

    2. Aaron,
      “The guy needs to wait.”
      1. Waiting doesn’t seem very viable. Now, if I were to have a son, I would tell him that he needs to wait, but the issue now becomes whether the girl is going to lead him on and extract resources. She can end the relationship and be with some else. You also have the possibility of the girl having her sexual needs meet and satisfied by another guy on the side. There’s a dilemma. You have two parties who are running into a conflict of interest. How is this conflict of interest managed?

    3. If you have a daughter, the goal would be to make sure she is raised well. This means, among others, that she is in a peer group where slutty behavior is not the norm. (Good luck with that in the West, though!) Thus, I assume that your daughter could wait until marriage, and also that she would not fuck random dudes on the side. She should also expect to get married in her early 20s. Any guy wooing her should be willing to commit. This does not mean that he necessarily needs to spend a lot of money on her, though.

  3. Ok, just read through the whole thing, unlike neverending stories like Berserk, this one is barely 225pages. Thanks for the recommendation, this is indeed a hard hitting story, and I enjoyed it very much. I wont leave any spoilers, but I thought the father plot line did not match up very well with the rest of it. To me, it would have been more believable if the father had just been absent.

    For those who are thinking about fapping to this, I recommend you finish by page 109. The story goes rather steeply downhill from there, and it gets more depressing than sexy.

    1. I think the plot line involving her father was a device to sever the bonds to her parents. Had she left on her own to be with her “boyfriend”, the reader may have wondered why her parents did not try to rescue her. I agree that it does not fit, also because she does not have much agency in this situation, unlike all the other bad situations she unwittingly seeks out.

  4. Some interesting points:
    1. Shindo L was born somewhere in America’s East Coast (I recall reading an interview he gave some years ago, there’s also some info at Wikidata and
    2. The prescient story about sugar babies selling their bodies to be able to buy luxury item to show in front of her sugar friends is kind of a mainstream trope for Japanese media. For example, enjou kosai (enkou) can be seen in a lot of films before the Japanese economic bubble burst. So, it seems the West is playing catch with them in that subject.
    3. Gyaru culture has a lot of overlap with the current whore look that can be seen in the West and some Third World countries. Like enkou and sugar babies, this is another subject where the West is catching up with Japan.

    1. Thanks for sharing this information. I was not aware of any of this. Also, I assumed that the West leads the world in terms of degeneracy. In any case, it is probably safe to say that Gyaru culture is less prevalent in Japan as their Western equivalent. I also looked up the term:
      It has been hypothesized that it is a result of the West pushing their degenerate garbage onto Japan. I’d argue that normal Western girls dress worse than Japanese girls that are part of the gyaru subculture. Probably a better equivalent is the Western “bimbo look”, i.e. fake tan, fake lips, fake boobs, fake everything.

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