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60 thoughts on “Open Thread #247

  1. Hi, 35 years incel here, i had sex once with a prostitute. I tried pickup women before but i failed.

    Nobody wants me so i lowered my standards. I want to be a cuckold, im looking for a hotwife on tinder and swing websites but no woman wants me. I can be a woman slave and very submissive.

    After being rejected so much i started watching porn and found cuckold hotwife section, and i liked. Being a cuckold is my only option, at least i will have a woman. The problem is no woman wants me, they like the idea of Cuckolding, Hotwifing and Bull, but when they see my face they don’t want.

    Any tips?

    This dating market is cruel, woman have better options and so many options.

    1. Please provide a bit more detail. My first impression is that you are trying to troll us but you would be able to convince me otherwise if you made a better case here. For instance, why do you want to be a cuckold and how is this supposed to be better than banging hookers?

    2. What details?

      I started to like gang bangs and cuckold porn, and Hotwife type of videos.

      I’m inferior, I’m poor, ugly and i have a small dick. I accepted my destiny, I’m incel. Cuckold relationship is my only option. I’m weak too. I started to like dominant woman. I deserve to be humiliated by a woman.

    3. Are you sure you’re 35? Being this preoccupied with sex and judging yourself by what women think of you is a very immature, stunted world view.

    4. The name of the study in the CNN article?

      “The Psychology of Gay Men’s Cuckolding Fantasies”

      What did it say about the topic? According to the abstract:
      “Finally, this study also suggests that gay men who act on their cuckolding fantasies tend to report positive experiences; however, the likelihood of reporting positive outcomes appears to depend upon one’s personality and attachment style.”

      I didn’t read any further, so I have no idea of the quality of the study. I can’t say I really care whether it makes some homosexuals happy to cheat on each other or not.

    5. Prostitutes not expensive if you move to Southeast Asia. Probably other parts of the world as well.

  2. Let us hope that we will never end up in a military conflict with Nigeria because they may just run us over. Here is footage of their elite paratroopers:
    As you can see, those guys know what they are doing and constitute a deadly force that is able to deal with any enemy, no matter how cunning.

    1. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to meet people when you move to a new city? Both dating but also just friends. It seems more difficult as an adult.

  3. The YT algorithm just choked and suggested I watch a clip of this young, Russian female athlete (5th in the U18 Russian long jump competition) :
    They will probably soon fix this glitch. As of now, the video has garnered almost four million views. Long-jumping seems to be on the verge of enjoying great popularity.

    1. Respect to young Sofiya for wearing a cross around her neck while performing, which is all but banned in the west.

      I also love that she’s wearing Nike. I can only imagine that the company has sent a strongly worded letter to Russian athletic authorities requesting that they please respect the fact that they’re sanctioning them and not have their athletes wear their apparel.

  4. [Sorry, accidentally commented this under the wrong post. Reposting here].

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to meet people when you move to a new city? Both dating but also just friends. It seems more difficult as an adult.

    1. Work or school. If you’re unemployed, try joining up with some group related to some hobby of yours. The people there are very easy to connect with, since you already have a shared interest to talk about. 🙂

    1. The German healthcare system and construction industry must be needing a lot of people to take in so many doctors and engineers. 😉

    1. This is an awesome clip. As the commenters note, nobody bats an eye when the Fauci doppelganger attacks and tries to choke a man out, but a little shove and an exaggerated fall and everyone loses their minds.

    1. So, every time I go back to youtube they show me yet another Silent Hill game. It looks like there are at least 4 in production, but these two that I linked to are the main ones, I think. One looks pretty vague titled ‘Townfall’ and another looks like a co-op or multiplayer game, or something. I’d say this opens the door for a possible MGS remake much more likely, now that it’s been long enough that fans will have cooled down from the whole Kojima and Metal Gear Survive debacle.

      It’s looking like these Japanese juggernauts are helping keep the gaming industry from being a complete and total clown show.

    2. Side Note: Aaron, what’s your overall opinion on Steam? I honestly don’t know much about it. Is it anti- kill whitey? Cause if so, I certainly don’t want a Steam Deck. But if so, then I think the best way to compliment being a Switch owner might be to just have a Steam account. That way, you can literally have access to every game across the board pretty much while bypassing the console war exclusives etc.

      Apparently, Steam Deck has third party docks already (which aren’t that great), but are also working on an official dock which may work a lot better. I’d certainly like to play a few games, like RE4, Calisto, SH2, and there’s always the benefit of being able to cross over to your PC. The only real downside I can think of atm is that you won’t be able to sell off your games after you’re done with them.

    3. Steam used to be really based but more recently, they took it upon themselves to decide what kind of games you are allowed to play. They took down some games across all regions, and others just in some. One of the most high-profile games you cannot buy in the West is Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation, which probably still has the best digital representations of the female body. I am sure that if the game was full of fatties, Steam would have no problem with letting you buy it.

    4. Death Stranding looks really boring to me. Did Kojima pull off another PR stunt, saying that you will be “ashamed of your words and deeds”? I think that Kojima is overrated. An MGS game without him does not necessarily have to be bad. Imagine a heavy focus on gameplay, no plot holes, and no filler.

    5. No, I didn’t. I’ve heard lukewarm things about it honestly. What’s your opinion of it?

    6. This developer does not have a particularly impressive track record, so I would be cautiously optimistic at best.

    7. Silent Hill has been lying dormant for about a decade and all of a sudden there is a reveal of a new game as well as a remake. I wonder what got into those suits. The big problem I see is that it is not known whether Silent Hill is even commercially viable anymore. Thus, releasing one game first to see how the market will react would strike me as a better approach.

    8. I am cautious with most games anymore. There are very few games I would run out and buy on day one, so I’ll be waiting for the reviews to pour in. As far as the dev handling SH2 goes, I have actually played a couple of their titles (Layers of Fear [did not finish] and Observer) and I’m aware that games like The Medium weren’t well received. However, I think given the fact that they’ve modeled a lot of their games in the spirit of PT that they very much respect the franchise and will try to do it justice. It’s concerning that none of their games to date feature combat in them, but it has been noted that they had been hiring for individuals to fill that role a couple years back. Also, it’s good that some of the original guys involved with the game have a role in the development of the remake. I’m pretty optimistic!

      You bring up a good point about the business aspect of this decision. Konami certainly could have allocated those funds elsewhere and had a much greater return with much lower risk, I imagine. Perhaps this has something to do with ego? Like, “hey gamers! We’re still relevant, ya know!”

    9. Concerning the Steam Deck, I was hoping that since it ran Linux that it could possibly be something to give Microsoft a swift kick in the nads one day. I’m sad to hear that they’re completely disappearing games.

    10. To Sleazy’s DOAVV comment… Team Ninja didn’t want to localize it and never made it available.

      Tecmo Koei does this a lot. You couldn’t buy some of the Romance of the Three Kingdom and Nobunaga’s Ambition games on Steam either.

      The problem with the Western market is no one buys the DLCs. And that’s where Koei makes most of its money on DOA. They also got crucified over DOA6 and consider its failure to be 100% the fault of negative Western attitude towards it.

      There will probably never be another English DOA game.

    11. There seem to be a lot of foreign-language games on Steam, so this cannot be the reason why Venus Vacation is not available in the West.

      I think Tecmo-Koei really messed up with DOA 6. Compared to DOA 5, they turned down the titillation as a response to Western “critics” who did not like that this game focused so much on T&A of the female fighters. Yet, as it turned out, this is part of the appeal of this game and fans did not like this change. Unfortunately, not enough soyboy cucks bought the game to make up for all the testosterone-drenched Chads who did not.

    12. Can you not just use a VPN to get around region locks? I’m guessing you could also find scantily clad and nude mods available for the vanilla versions of DOA, which appear to be F2P on Steam.

    13. As far as I know, VPNs can be used to bypass regional locks. Note that Steam also sets prices based on geography, so according to unverified sources, it is possible to buy games on the Russian Steam store for pennies on the dollar. Do this at your own risk, though, as Steam is also known for banning people, albeit not nearly at the extent of Sony or Microsoft. (The latter banned people whose real name is Brandon after the “Let’s go Brandon” meme had taken off.)

      I obviously do not condone piracy at all but I believe that there are websites — in GTA! — such as Fitgirl Repacks where you can download PC games for free, but you should only do this after buying them for the full price on Steam. The bane of PC gaming is DRM technologies that are supposed to deter pirates, yet they are so invasive that games run worse than their cracked counterparts. Denuvo is one of the more popular ones. One of its prime features is that it reduces the lifespan of your SSD significantly but it’s surely worth it because there is also a nice drop in frames per second, and playing games at a constant 60 fps or above is probably not healthy anyway.

    14. I already tested regions on Steam. It has the store region set on your account. You can change it to something else, but you need to use a payment method from that country to finalize the change. 🙁

    15. I thought that you can also use gift cards, e.g. get a Russian account and Russian gift cards.

    16. @Karl

      Ah damn, thanks for reporting your experience. I think it would be super shitty anyway to have a decent library built up and then be banned from the service, losing access to your games and essentially wasting your money.


      Appreciate the link! Speaking of consistent 60 fps, a lot of gamers recently are being quite vocal about next gen devs beginning to sacrifice performance for mildly better graphics. A couple of example are A Plague Tale: Requiem and Gotham Knights, which basically make your PS5, Xbox SX and mid to upper-mid PCs ‘obsolete’ assuming you want to take advantage of 4K graphics, opting instead for a locked 30 fps experience. Considering current supply chain issues, costs of parts and declining global circumstances etc., I get the sense that we’re reaching the peak of gaming visuals/performance that Clown World will be able to afford for quite some time.

      You reminded me of another great benefit to PC gaming—emulation! I’d certainly like rom copies of the thousands of retro games I definitely already own. Aside from the handful of worthy next gen games that drop every year or so, I’d be set for an entire lifetime. I might get the base Steam Deck model for now, upgrade the SSD down the line and slowly save up for parts to put together a desktop throughout the new year. Sounds like a fun project.

    17. It has been years since I last had a gaming PC, but there are two very cost effective ways to get one:
      1) Get a used top-of-the line gaming PC that is about two years old
      2) Assess what kind of performance you need and pick components accordingly

      Granted, in the last one or two years, the first strategy did not really work that well because GPUs were very hard to get, and prices when through the roof. In more normal times, though, this can be a pretty viable strategy. For 2), you can also just look for a decent enough used box that can last for about two years, and then you just get another used box. You also have to keep in mind that PC gay-mer sites are often misleading. They publish benchmarks at absurd settings, but 1440p looks totally fine, and this means that you will need to spend a lot less on your GPU and monitor. I would even be willing to bet that a significant part of gamers could not distinguish 4k from 1440p in a game in motion, even on a large screen.

    18. Awesome. I think I’ll set my goal for 1440p at 30-60 fps for next gens games. I believe you make a good point that most people could not tell a difference in fidelity above 1440p. I’m also not trying to be pretentious about it and run new games at max settings, I see no point. And visuals aren’t exactly the most important thing to me even though they are nice.

      I’ve gone ahead and ordered a Steam Deck and dock. I got the base model as it is easy enough and cheaper to just install a 512 gb SSD yourself. I have some USB controllers and a spare mouse/keyboard already as well, but I ordered an A2 SD card for storage and I’ll just project the image when not in handheld on this 720p tv I’ve been using with the Switch.

      As far as GPUs go, I assume they’re more available and reasonably priced since crypto is down atm. Speaking of GPUs, Idk why but many PS5s and Xbox Series S/Xs are having a lot of issues. Especially on games that use ray tracing. The way these GPUs are acting, it’s as if they’re slowly dying prematurely. It’s happening enough that there are plenty of people bitching about it online. I swapped a 10+ year old dying GPU card out of my audio PC last year and it was ridiculously easy. Somehow I doubt repairing consoles would be as viable.

    19. About a decade ago I met a guy in real life who said that he only plays games on his PC if he can run them on max settings. Of course, there are plenty of games that are so demanding that you cannot even build a PC to run them on those settings, meaning that you need to wait a few years until better hardware is available. This is precisely what this guy did. Given that there are obvious diminishing returns, this is a downright absurd attitude.

      It is almost impossible to repair consoles. GPU prices are indeed down, but I am not sure it is a good idea to buy a used one that was run at 100% for three years straight to mine cryptos as hardware can indeed degrade. Ray-tracing is a very expensive operation, so it does not surprise me at all that consoles are dying prematurely. I have not been following gaming news that much recently, but I came across people complaining about their PS5s dying after about a year or so.

    20. Let me know how you like the Steam Deck! We can doubtlessly thank Nintendo for inspiring Valve to make this piece of hardware. One of the biggest draws of the Switch, in addition to Nintendo’s first-party library, is that you have access to an enormous library, with hundreds of emulated classics as well as ports of AA/AAA third-party games, albeit they are often older, such as Nier: Automata or Witcher 3. The Steam Deck, however, is a better alternative as you can play those games with better performance and you can also buy them more cheaply. There was also an amusing slip-up in Valve’s marketing where they showed the icon of a Switch emulator on the Steam Deck, which made me chuckle.

    21. I just found my first Steam sale haha. RE Halloween pack with REmake 2&3 + RE7&8 for $49.88. Capcom is constantly having sales, it makes no sense to ever buy one of their games at full price. Apparently, you can wishlist games you’re interested in and they’re supposed to e-mail you when they go sale and such. In contrast, if Nintendo releases a game then you may as well get it when you’re ready because the most I’ve ever seen is a $10 off sale on all their major titles, and those come very rarely. Once a year maybe, if that.

    22. You can also check out for great deals. Back in the days, you could get pretty good deals at the Humble Store, too. Also, check out the Epic game store. This is a competing platform to Steam, and they give away games for free in regular intervals, including some pretty big titles. I got GTA V and The Witness for free from there, and a bunch of others.

    23. I recommend

      You can sync it with your wishlists and owned games at various game sites, including Steam, and it will tell you which games are on sale at different sites, and what the prices are. 🙂

      They don’t have G2A among their sites, though.

    24. @Karl

      Thanks for the link! Never heard of it before.


      Likewise, thanks for the recommendations. I wasn’t even aware that Epic Games had a store.

      Nintendo really doesn’t like it when you show the Switch being emulated on youtube lol, they’ve been feverishly trying to get all content removed, I hear. I should get it in the mail Monday or so, but will only get a couple days next week to actually tinker with it. I’ll keep ya posted on my experience with it!

  5. That filthy cuck Vox Day got scammed over 1 million by a crypto goy !!!

    Ironically, he and his “dark enlightenment” crew made fun of me when In posted a while back on his now defunct blog. Yeah, I like Lady Boys, what can I say. But I know not to pay them UNTIL they’ve earned their pay !!!

    Vox Day is an idiot !!!

    1. Pickernanny,

      This is even sadder (or funnier) than that hole Aurini/Owen fiasco with he two movies that no one watched and even Thunderfoot mocked!!!

    2. This is an awesome clip. As the commenters note, nobody bats an eye when the Fauci doppelganger attacks and tries to choke a man out, but a little shove and an exaggerated fall and everyone loses their minds.

    3. This might be a reference to a scene in the Dark Knight:

      In my view, this is the only good movie in the Nolan trilogy. Batman Begins was at best serviceable and The Dark Knight Rises a big disappointment.

    4. It’s been a long time so I forgot exactly how the scene went, but it was kind of enlightening to watch again in this context. When the Fauci-looking fag jumped up and attacked the anti-vaxxer, nobody panics because it’s all apart of the approved plan. Yet, when the opposition actually puts up resistance or fights back people flip out. Something tells me there might be quite a few more reeeeeee moments to come.

    5. You have good taste in movies, Aaron. 🙂

      I remember I loved that film, didn’t like either of the other ones all that much. The third one was a disaster – went to watch it with a friend and we started calling it “Batman in Jail” because he spent so much time of the film just locked up. That’s about all I remember, except some girl being killed when their car crashed, and I turned to my friend and said something like “Did they just kill a main character in a car accident?”

    6. Best Nolan flick has to be Memento. Skeptical he’ll ever top that one. Think I liked Interstellar the least out of all his films

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