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29 thoughts on “Open Thread #246

    1. Let’s hope you don’t pick up an m2f tranny because those seem to have problems with certain liquids emanating from their artificial opening.

  1. Aaron,
    Lately, I’ve been learning about nutrition. Out of curiosity, do you consume organ meats? I’ve been reading lately about consuming raw dairy, raw cheese, organ meets, to purchase meats that are grass fed and a host of other things. I never quite paid attention to how much microplastics people are consuming. Lastly, do you use any water filtration for showering and drinking tap water?

    1. I do eat plenty of organ meet and they are not uncommon in European cuisine. In contrast, in US cuisine organ meat for the longest time seems to have had a reputation of being nothing but waste. We do not filtrate our water but tap water here is safe for consumption unlike, again, it is in most of the United States.

    2. Tap water here is safe to consume where I am at, but I’ve come across studies that have reported that fluoride and chlorine are unsafe to consume that it affects the endocrine system.

      I’ve been reading a lot about nutrition labels and have seen a difference between Europe and the US. According to some studies, they have suggested that a lot of the chemicals found in processed sugars and foods are a leading cause of cancer, other illness and affecting ones endocrine system. I never quite paid attention to this stuff before.

      I’ve never been a fan of organ meats. Its not a stable I grew up with. I just never like the taste and smell of liver. I have tried brains before, but never liked them. My parents do like organs meat, but they don’t consume them like they used to when they were in their 20s and 30s.

    3. I really like the tase of liver but it takes a bit of practice to prepare it well. Organic beef liver is a real treat, in my opinion, but I also like chicken liver quite a bit. You need to figure out how well done you like it as the texture changes quite a bit based on it. I like eating it with a lot of pepper and a pinch of salt.

      What kind of animal brains have you eaten?

  2. About a few months ago, a coworker told me about feet finder. I wasn’t sure what feet finder was. Apparently, its similar to onlyfans, but instead of nudes women are selling feet pics. I just decided to look it up see what this was about.

    I’m now wondering if my coworker sells feet pics to supplement her income. Have you heard about this Aaron?

    1. I heard about foot fetishism but I was not aware of “Feet Finder”. There is a high chance that your colleague is active on this site, or perhaps she is a lesbian who has a foot fetish herself. Note that it seems to cater exclusively to women who want to cam-whore, thus implying that their target audience are men.

    2. She’s not a lesbian. She’s actually a newlywed and average looking. I need to ask her how she found out about it. In fact, her husband is a Physician Assistant (P.A.).

    3. This is a bit odd then. It is also strange that she brings up sexual fetishes in conversation considering with you under those circumstances. This strikes me as a second step, i.e. first you bang her and after she has gotten comfortable with you, she may share more about herself with you. It could be interesting for you to investigate this further in order to learn how twisted the mind of some women is.

    4. A few months ago, I sent you an email where I noted that three girls at work who were interested in relationships. I’m not sure if you recall the email, but she’s one of the girls. She’s got married a few months ago. When I first met her, I knew she was attracted to me from the beginning.

      One day were talking and I ask her if she wanted to have kids with her fiancé and she hesitated to answer. At that moment, I knew she wasn’t attracted to her fiancé. A few weeks later she admitted to me that she wasn’t attracted to him, but he’s a good provider. She doesn’t have an extensive dating history or experience, she’s somewhat naïve still, somewhat religious, she has talked about God here and there with me. There’s been times where she’ll sexualize and flirt with me. Oddly enough, one time she asked me if I would ever go out with a girl who has been with three guys. When she asked me this question, she framed it as a general question instead of saying would you ever go out with me because I have been with three guys. She’s 28 years old.

    5. This woman has made it pretty clear to you that she is into you. In this context, it makes more sense that she brings up a sexual fetish in conversation as you have been talking about such topics with her before. Also keep in mind that it is not at all uncommon that women talk about sex in the hope of sexually arousing you, in particular if you are in an environment where you cannot directly act upon such urges. It is part of their seduction strategy.

    6. “In this context, it makes more sense that she brings up a sexual fetish in conversation as you have been talking about such topics with her before”.

      1. Would there be a difference between discussing sexual fetishes compared to being more sexually direct like asking her what sexual position she likes, or if she likes giving or receiving oral, etc.?

      2. Why would it make more sense to bring up sexual fetishes instead of discussing sex like asking her, her favorite sexual position, or if she likes doing anal, etc.?

    7. 1) By discussing a fetish in the abstract, you are less direct compared to talking about how she likes to get fucked. Has a chick ever asked you which movie actresses you like? She does not want to ask you if you think she is hot and can maintain plausible deniability by bringing up something external. In both cases, it is up to you to make the connection to the woman in front of you.

      2) Why bring this up at all if you are not in a position to act upon it? Bang her first, and then she will likely offer a lot of this information herself.

    8. LOL !!!

      I wonder if I could sell toe jam !!!

      P Ray Toe Jam-put it on your crackers, and if that ain’t enough, I got some cock cheese !!!

    9. Aaron,
      “Has a chick ever asked you which movie actresses you like? She does not want to ask you if you think she is hot and can maintain plausible deniability by bringing up something external.”

      No she hasn’t, but she has asked me whether I find a particular girl at work attractive/pretty. I’ve also noticed that she has made comments how she hates men at work who try to flirt with her who are in relationships and/or married.

    10. I also wanted to mention that I didn’t answer her question when she asked me whether I find the girl attractive/pretty. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to do at the time. Oddly enough, the girl is attractive. I assumed that if I did say the girl is attractive she might have lost interest in me. So, I changed the subject. I don’t quite know how to handle situations like this, so I often change the subject so I wont wreck my chances of getting laid.

    11. These are women you work with, so I would, in general, recommend that you keep your distance. You can handle those situations quite easily. Just honestly say what you think about those women, i.e. tell her, with a completely serious tone, whether you would fuck them, and if this is too much, tell her whether you find that woman attractive. If it is a situation in which she asks you if you find a woman hot who looks at least a bit similar to her is like telling her that you want to bang her, which is precisely what she wants to her. A much safer but less fun approach is to instead of answering her question, you look at that woman, then her, and then you smirk as you make strong eye contact.

  3. Here’s a video on a Russian woman whos about 7 ft tall. I’ve met very few woman who are over 6 ft. tall, but I never seen a woman stand almost 7ft tall. What’s the tallest you have seen?

    I’m aware that short men like tall women, but I’m not sure if 7 ft. is attractive, but I wonder what her dating history has been like?

    1. I have never met a woman who was as tall as me. Even with heels it is very rare to come across one that hit 6’3″. Taller women also normally wear shorter heels in order to avoid looking outlandishly tall. Most men prefer women who are shorter than them. The exception seem to be shorter men who think they have to overcompensate.

    2. Hot Damn !!!

      First off, I doubt “she” was born a woman, but I would tap that mangina !!!

      I had to fap about halfway through that video !!!


    3. I have read that f2m trannies become more rational. Surely, m2f trannies end up being more narcissistic.

    4. She started her career as a female basketball player and model in Russia. I don’t claim to be an expert on the topic, but I have a hard time imagining she’d be able to do that over there if she were a transsexual. 🙂

  4. It is incredible how far the most popular president in US has fallen. Even in the Democrat stronghold Philadelphia people are getting fed up, chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” in response to Jill Biden greeting the plebs:
    Imagine having the backing of the mainstream media and having to endure this! I consider this significant as it is a clear sign that the grip of the MSM has weakened dramatically.

    EDIT: Twitter is busy burying this video and putting it behind an age-filter (“Age-restricted adult content. This content might not be appropriate for people under 18 years old.”).

    EDIT 2: There are claims floating around that the video is real but that the audio was “manipulated” to include the FJB chant. Unfortunately, you cannot trust “fact checkers”. Fake or not, the video above, with Jill Biden and the others pretending as if nothing was happening is believable, precisely because this has happened before. Surely, you remember the origin of the “let’s go, Brandon!” meme.

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