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25 thoughts on “Open Thread #248

    1. That’s a photoshop-job.

      I really hate that guy, though. He completely messed up Canadian gun laws. Now you can’t even get a handgun for sports shooting, completely ruining the shooting sport since new people can’t join, and people who already were shooting won’t be able to continue if their guns break down. 🙁

      (And that’s just the half of it. Can’t believe the country went from Harper to Trudeau – how can people become that stupid almost overnight?)

  1. The best part about PC gaming is mods. If the female characters in your favorite game are not ugly enough, you can fix this yourself. Soy-cucks have been lauding the ugly chick in Horizon, with her masculine features and stout build, for years, but now there is even a “fat mod” available:

    Who would not want to play this game?

    1. Ass is too smooth-looking to be a good enough mod. Needs dimples all over the butt and thighs, or else this will cause many more women to be raped and abused. Sickening male fantasies and their unrealistic standards of how a large woman should appear! Smgdh so very aggressively rn.

    1. So, it shouldn’t be too long before kids who attend public schools are required to have shots probably all throughout their K-12 career. It doesn’t matter that you got your religious exemptions for work, because your kids won’t avoid the shot unless maybe they want to wear a mask the entire time they’re in school, so most will just get it anyway. I suppose homeschooling is an option in some regions, but I’m at the point where I’m well fed up with the Libertarian-style of rationalizing these things.

      This meme pretty much sums up how faulty the logic is, imo:

    2. I don’t think it’s out of line to expect that the State and the leaders that represent your people to provide a fostering environment for you and your family to thrive. It seems more and more obvious that the opposite is what’s true. At the very least, if Western leaders aren’t truly and actively attempting genocide on its populations, then they happen to be so corrupt that they don’t care about the damages incurred on them so long as they make a few extra million/billion/trillion dollars while simultaneously limiting more freedoms. The whole Russia thing, I think, is truly going to go sideways for the West, but that won’t stop them from clamping down on the populations they still have authority over.

    3. The deal we used to have was that we hand over some of our money to the “state” who, in turn, protects our borders (lol), ensures your safety (lol), ensures your right to private property (lol), and upholds a fair and unbiased legal system (lol). Now, we are that the point where you are branded a domestic terrorist if you say that we, perhaps, should not let in millions of third-worlders year after year, that there is too much crime, that the state should not confiscate your property at will, and that you are entitled to a fair trial. On top, the state also took over public education (what a misnomer that is!) and public health, and the latter has about as much to do with health as public education has to do with education. There is a legal principle according to which a contract, in order to be valid, has to prescribe obligations for all contractual parties in order to be valid. For instance, an employment contract that states everything you need to do, but for free, is not legally binding. Looking at the state of the Western world, it is quite plausible to say that the social contract between the government and its citizens is null and void because we pay taxes, yet get little to nothing in exchange.

      I think we will see more and more instances of governmental overreach in the future. ZOG is like a wounded beast in a corner. It is now lashing out because that is all it can do. I am not hyperbolic at all. Just view it this way: Do you think ZOG would use force and intimidation if it did not have to? Surely, they would be a lot happier if they only had to tell people to get jabbed, and they all lined up in response. Covid has been a huge gamble for ZOG, and I think that they were shocked by the amount of resistance they faced. A quarter of all people being non-compliant is significant, and they spent huge amounts of resources to first convince bamboozle and later coerce us, all to no avail.

    4. This is absolutely ridiculous. In Europe, some of the governments have done the same already, but a few countries, such as Denmark and Sweden, are not playing ball.

    5. Funnily enough, the very first item that shows up on a DDG search for ZOG is the ADL website definition. Let’s have a look see:

      “ZOG is a white supremacist acronym for “Zionist Occupied Government,” which reflects the common white supremacist belief that the U.S. government is controlled by Jews. This has resulted in white supremacist slogans such as “Smash ZOG,” “Kill ZOG, or “Death to ZOG.”

      ZOG is a nice way to put it frankly, imo. An even nicer way to say it is “Globalists” or “Elites”, or to refer to anything with (((brackets))). F.e., “voting is pointless because the (((opposition))) is rigged.”

    6. The way I understand this is that if the CDC decides to add this to the list of scheduled vaccines, it doesn’t necessarily mean that schools will mandate it such as with flu shots. I imagine a scenario will liberal areas would and conservative areas wouldn’t. Maybe the whole covid vaxx thing completely blows over and goes away soon.

  2. Anyone else who has yet to start a family feeling blackpilled about the vaccination situation?

    If 68.4% is vaccinated, and an overwhelming percentage of the unvaccinated is going to be dudes of a based persuasion, then fuckin hell. I’ve never identified as MGTOW, but at this point it seems that at least a temporary MGTOW is in order. Maybe With a bit of luck I’ll be loaded in my forties, and there will be some part of the world where there’s a supply of younger generation unvaccinated broads? A dude can dream eh?

    1. That page already has the answer for you as well: “23.3% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose.” Those low-income countries often have pretty attractive women. There is also a non-zero chance that unvaxxed sperm will be in very high demand in the future in the West as well but the broads requesting it may be vaxxed themselves. Looking at current rates of excess mortality, unvaxxed men probably only have to stay alive to rapidly increase their chances of leaving offspring behind.

  3. It seems that the vaxx causes heart damage in absolutely everyone:
    Wait until there are studies on the reproductive organs! I tried getting Uber on the line to talk about whether, taking this information into account, he now agrees that the vaxx constitutes genocide, but this faggot hung up after shouting that I needed to personally check every single person on the planet who got vaxxed before I can make such a statement and as long as neither I nor anybody else have done it, the vaxx remains safe and effective.

    1. The funny thing is that’s exactly how Uber argued. No exaggeration. Unless you yourself personally looked into every single person taking the vaxx, you’re not allowed to say anything on the subject.

    2. Can’t you literally use the same argument back to show how silly it is? Like, how could possibly know the vaxx is safe and effective unless you’ve tested every single recipient?

    3. The mainstream position is that the burden of proof lies with us, not them. They can make up any claim they want and it is up to us to refute them. Of course, the mainstream can also decide what constitutes proof, so ten million people dying from the vaxx obviously does not mean that it is not safe and effective.

    4. What Aaron said. We pointed this exact point to Uber in those debates as well. How come the logic only works one way?

      Sociopaths (like the global elites are) aren’t known for being principled though. Logic is only applied as it suits one’s goals.

      The logic of “has to be 10000000000000% proven beyond the shadow of a doubt” only applies to critics. They themselves can claim shit without semblence of evidence and the same burden of proof does not apply to them.

      They were able to push through lockdowns without even 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the rigor they demand of their critics.

    5. The study only looked at adolescent boys. Not sure how other countries are dealing with that demographic, but I know that Sweden removed the recommendation to vaccinate children that age. The Swedish government also recommends that people not get any more boosters unless they are part of a risk group. I think the vaccination fervor is winding down. 🙂

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