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Millz fo’ Deez Hoes!

We have been making fun of women wanting a guy who is at least 6 ft tall, makes solid six figures, and has a huge cock, completely ignoring the fact that only a very small percentage of men fit all these criteria, and if you exclude married men, it is even less. Yet, hitting six figures is nothing for today’s women. Inflation is tough, so women needed to adjust their expectations accordingly. Have a look at this clip:

These are women at a low-ranked public university. None of them is a real looker, but none of them can be had for cheap, or so they think. No matter how you look at it, the disparity between the expectations of these women and reality is absolutely staggering. Some of those women could afford to lose a lot of weight, and quite a few have pretty unappealing features. (Just look at the schnozes of some of them!) Let us not talk about the display of utter stupidity of some, convincing you within seconds that you are dealing with a moron.

Matching looks and money is an interesting problem. Unmarried men interested in marriage who make six figures are surely a lot rarer than average-looking women. Thus, you have the effect that a lot of gold-digging women chase after a relatively limited number of men. Normally, people adjust their expectations depending on how much success they have, no matter what goal they pursue. This does not seem to happen with some women. I do not think that any of those women has ever banged a dude who makes $500k, let alone has been in a relationship with one. So, what makes them think that there are fabulously wealthy guys out there who are waiting just for them?

I think you can partly blame feminized education for this outcome. We have entire departments at university that only exist to provide women with credentials. Their academic standards are laughable, yet women pursing a b.s. degree quite often take it really seriously. This leads to them claiming that they cannot find a man worthy of them because they have an M.S. in b.s. whereas there are men out there who dare hitting on them even though they only have a B.S. in non-b.s. As those women were handed everything and never faced any genuine challenge, they obviously set themselves high goals. From their perspective, they have succeeded at everything they ever tried, and did not even realize that there was never any bar to clear for them. Thus, they spout out that they need a husband who makes “millz”. It is the next step after getting straight-As in college.

In the Twitter thread there is also a follow-up video. In it, some ditz says that she is “going to make a lot of money in the future”. Yet, the odds are pretty much stacked against her. Normally, you do not make a lot of money if you lack relevant skills. Even though I know nothing about the educational background of the woman who said that, I am quite certain that her financial aspirations are about as realistic as the other girls’. Reality will come knocking sooner or later.

Completely average-looking women walking around, thinking that rich guys are going to line up to them, were also let down by society. No parent, well-meaning teacher, or any of their friends or acquaintances told them that they have unrealistic expectations. Instead, they most likely only ever got encouraged to entertain idiotic ideas, and this applies to absolutely everything: school, career, nutrition, exercise, dating, marriage, etc. It is a tragedy for those women, but a tragicomedy for us.

24 thoughts on “Millz fo’ Deez Hoes!

  1. “As those women were handed everything and never faced any genuine challenge, they obviously set themselves high goals.”

    Yes. Women never face a “dark night of the soul”, which is the cause of many problems in the world today. Of course they went along with the covid nonsense, why wouldn’t they trust institutions that have pampered them and blown smoke up their asses their entire lives.

    In a way men are the lucky ones, because as long as we’re not Stockholm syndrome suffering simps, we know where we really stand. Our whole lives the institutions have treated us like wild dogs, and have done everything they can to sabotage us making something of ourselves.

  2. Anyone watching the layoffs of diversity jobs and shit tech and other female dominated jobs now and just laughing?

    1. I have been following this development with quite some interest. For some companies, you can find employee lists of the laid-off with name, email, job title, and LinkedIn profile. It is not uncommon to see a solid 80% of diversity hires in tech or women with b.s. job titles in this group.

    2. briefly emerging from lurkerdom to say i’d love a sticky post dedicated to reporting on/mining salt from this trend.

  3. what did you expect them to say? ,” yeah im just an average looking moron so im only entitled to a loser who barely gets by “lol , of course they will say they want a guy with a high income is like asking a guy if he wants his girl to be hot he would humiliate himself if he said he would be just fine with an ugly fattie in front of his bros.

    1. There is a big difference between saying, for instance, “I would like my husband to be able to provide for our family. In a low-COL area, this probably means making $60 or $70k at least”, and what those harlots said. The chicks thinking their husbands need to make $500k or even millions a year would be the equivalent of a guy — a broke, fat slob, to be exact — telling you that the least he deserves a real-life 2B or a chick that looks like his favorite porn star but who is a virgin.

    2. $500K or millions is unrealistic as heck. $500K is like the top 1-2% of men in income. Do those look like top 1-2% girls to you? πŸ™‚ And let’s not even get started on “millions” (I hope that one was a joke).

    3. Calculator is set to include the other criteria they have, like tall, and not obese. With that it not 1% of men, it’s not even 0.1% of men.

      Ok, but what if oyu lower the criteria and let’s say chick is willing to have no criteria other than him making 500k… Well, if you include everything up to and including obese midgets, the percentage only bumps up to 0.18%… So one fifth of one percent of men make that money. Even if her only criteria is that he is making 500k.

  4. Yeah, it seems to vary a lot by source. According to Forbes top 1% is $597,815:

    CNBC gives the same number, but also breaks it down by state:

    AZ, where those girls are, have it at $503,408.

    In the final analysis, though, it could be top 0.1% or top 1% or top 10% – those girls are nowhere near the top 10% of girls, and can keep dreaming. πŸ˜€

    I seriously wonder where girls like that get their notions from – you don’t often hear college-age guys seriously say things like “I’m not going to marry anyone with less than -level looks.”

    1. Ooops, that was supposed to be “less than insert favorite celebrity-level looks,” but it seems the brackets I put in there got eaten by the system. πŸ™

    2. It’s possible that anything that looks like a HTML tag gets removed automatically.

    3. I just clicked on one of your links. Do you understand the difference between a household and a single man?

    4. In the calculator I managed to get it as high as 0.6% by removing even basic criteria so it’s no that far from 1%

      But again, let’s be reasonable. Chicks are not saying I want to date 58 year old obese midget who makes 500k.

      Adding even a few of their criteria drastically lowers the percentage.

    5. Alek, what is a “household?” I have never heard this term before!

      Jokes aside, it’s pretty clear these women are dreaming either way.

    6. It’s a statistical measurement device. It is useful to understand how statistical bodies gather population data before comparing them.

      Most financial data in statistics is gathered (and presented) on a household level, and you often have to specifically find the data on the individual level separately.

    7. it depends on the country. America has way more 6 figure earners than European countries. it also depends on the region. making 100k in San Francisco is almost lower class…

      these days location independence makes a huge difference. You could be better off making 5k a month with a remote job than a guy you makes 100k living in Manhattan

  5. This looks like the modernized equivalent to that fairy tale about the fisherman and his (greedy) wife. She wants ever more and more stuff from the spirit of the magical fish that HE saved from death. She is never ever satisfied, despite being not a princess but just that: the simple wife of a fisherman.
    And he, being the simp that he is, never reigns her in. In the end they lose all the fortunes that the fish bestowed upon them and end up in the shitty living conditions they started at.
    Just like that woman those girls will never attain what they imagine to deserve….

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