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Open Thread #245

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31 thoughts on “Open Thread #245

  1. Apparently DC’s gay Superman comic has been cancelled:

    The tweeter writes in Swedish, but a rough translation is:
    “Unfortunate that DC-Comics’ spin-off “Son of Kal El” where homosexual Superman fights climate change denialists and saves paperless migrants is being cancelled after disastrous sales figures.

    Go woke, go broke.”

    (“paperless” is the trendy European way of referring to illegal aliens.)

    1. I know, eh? I haven’t really kept up with comics for a long time, but it seems the situation there has gotten all messed up.

    2. I thought “Gay Superman” was a prank, but it seems I was wrong. Absolutely nobody could have predicted that people are not interested in Superman blowing dudes. You can bet Marvel’s woke focus groups were really into it, though.

  2. Any news on the Pierre Poilievre MGTOW scandal?
    Canada is a feminist hell so it would be plausible that MGTOW is a trending search term.

  3. I’ve been watching Young Sheldon. Why?
    Mostly because I’m a sucker for cultural artefacts, especially retro computers like the Tandy that Sheldon uses.

    The show has been on a really tedious story arc as of recent. It has spanned across the past 2 seasons. Basically Sheldon’s older brother Georgie, 17, impregnated a woman 11 years his senior. This has ultimately led to Sheldon’s very religious mother being shunned by her small Texan town Southern Baptist community.

    The whole show has been turned into one big fedora tip by its Jewish born turned atheist creator Chuck Lorre.

    I suppose, shame on me for being surprised. It’s likely Chuck Lorre sees himself as Sheldon, a misunderstood genius who needs to be forgiven for all of his bad behaviour.


    Environmental activists throw soup over van Gogh’s Sunflowers. I called those eco “activists” human garbage on German med2-forum. I got banned and deleted due to usage of nazi vocabulary. LOL!

    Oh, and it’s also forbidden to call these “eco activists” terrorists. What a joke.

    1. This is an incredible article, which I urge all of you to read it. It reads like Reddit fan fiction. Just look at this opening paragraph:

      As I write this, my children are asleep in their room, Loretta Lynn is on the stereo, and my wife is out on a date with a man named Paulo. It’s her second date this week; her fourth this month so far. If it goes like the others, she’ll come home in the middle of the night, crawl into bed beside me, and tell me all about how she and Paulo had sex. I won’t explode with anger or seethe with resentment. I’ll tell her it’s a hot story and I’m glad she had fun. It’s hot because she’s excited, and I’m glad because I’m a feminist.

    2. I just hope for “Michael’s” sake his old lady doesn’t find mouthwash and antibacterial soap too oppressive.

  5. The meat of the future will come out of a 3d printer:
    Would this not look nice right next to french fries made out of cockroaches, a side of baked crickets, and a serving of maggots? Don’t complain! Shut up and eat your goyslop or you will get a hate crime charge! Those Israelis only want to solve real-world problems and save the planet. Klaus Schwab has full confidence in them.

    1. What a coincidence! I just read a different interview with Russel Napier one or two days ago. I find him insightful.

    1. “The parties also want to launch an inquiry into tougher requirements for knowledge of Swedish culture and society for citizenship.”

      Wtf is this bigotry?

      There’s this clip from a few years ago where this guy got list his teaching position for predicting that by around the year 2050 all migrants would be expelled from Europe, and people like Mr. Mustache and Napoleon would be on the money. My vote is for a digital currency called Hit Coin:

    2. You would surely get similar results in every Western country. There is probably a reason why such polls are not being conducted. The official line is still that vibrant diversity is our strength.

    1. The Viagra part of the story is probably made up, though Russian soldiers going on raping sprees wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. They don’t exactly need official sanction to do that. You know what they did to the women of Germany after WWII, right?

    2. Surely those Russian soldiers did not need Viagra back then. It is one thing to claim that soldiers rape women but quite another to make up that their government stuffs boner pills into their backpacks. If this were true, it seems to imply that Russian soldiers are less virile than in the past and/or that a large enough number of Ukrainian women who are at least moderately attractive have left the country already. No matter how you turn it, the Viagra story is laughable.

    3. The Russian rape sprees of the past is irrelevant. We’ve discussed here that one of Putin’s biggest faults with this conflict seemingly is that he’s trying to be too diplomatic and conservative with his approach, giving the West too much wiggle room to fuck around and find out, so to speak. If Putin were to break bad, it’s extremely unlikely that he would suddenly start supplying soldiers with viagra in order to help aid in the dehumanization of Ukraine. More than likely, this is just propaganda to stir up the plebs. After all, no one wants to be raped or have their wives/daughters etc. raped, right? It also gives feminists outside of Ukraine something to bitch about.

    4. If it was true it would definitely be generic Sildenafil and not Pfizer brand Viagra.

      “Today we are announcing that effective immediately Pfizer will donate all profits of our Russian subsidiary to causes that provide direct humanitarian support to the people of Ukraine.”

      While on the subject, no more human experimentation:

      “Additionally, we will no longer initiate new clinical trials in Russia, and we will stop recruiting new patients in our ongoing clinical trials in the country.”

      Poor Russia!

    5. I have heard that Russia’s “General Armageddon” is 7ft tall and almost invincible, just like Nemesis in Resident Evil 3. He is said to literally walk from one Ukrainian village, town, or city to another, raping all women he can find. He makes no exceptions. Also, he does not need any Viagra. What is worse, this guy does not even sleep. He just rapes women around the clock, and if Ukrainian solders shoot at him, their bullets just ricochet off him. At the current rate, he will leave many more offspring than Genghis Khan.

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