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23 thoughts on “Open Thread #244

  1. After the vaxx was rolled out the strange phenomenon of healthy young adults as well as children just keeling over appeared. The knee-jerk response was to say that the vaxx is to blame but we now know better. It is all due to video games, as a recent study has shown:
    Science has saved the day again! Uber’s mom was thrilled by this. When she saw this article, she called me and instead of saying hi, she just said, “Bigot, the vaxx is safe and effective. Let me tell you about this one study I just come across.” Let us hope that Uber himself is unaffected by this because he is big on both gaming and max-vaxxing.

    1. There is a subset of mentally deranged people out there who want to genuinely support this guy, of course believing that he really is pregnant. On top, there are a bunch of people who only virtue-signal and those who want to destroy our culture, allowing this guy to reach a big enough audience to make a non-trivial amount of money.

    1. This clip is only about two minutes long but I barely made it past the half-way mark. First, men had to only clean their room and wash their penis, now they have to be “productive, stable, wise, and judicious”. Meanwhile, Chad shoots a wad inside Stacy an hour after meeting her even though he is the diametrical opposite of what Jordan Peterson tells men they should be.

    2. Jordan B. (Benzos?) Peterson teared up when he told a Jewish audience that the world needs them and the fate of this very world depends on the fate of this little, yet so important country:
      Let us collectively tip our yarmulkes to the world’s greatest intellectual.

    3. I was not aware of this. At this rate, it seems that Urban Dictionary also needs to get shut down.

    4. Let’s see, Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Vladimir Putin, and now Tom Brady are apparently not “self improved” enough to to meet the desires of women.

      Jordan’s solution: men need to be better.

      Nothing can be done about hypergamy, so men need to be better. Weird how this level of hypergamy across the board wasn’t a problem from the dawn of Christianity until the 1960s. I wonder what changed.

      Oh, and apparently Olivia Wilde served divorce papers to the multi millionaire prince Jordan mentioned, so he wasn’t good enough either! ?

      “In March of 2011, 8 years after eloping, Wilde filed for divorce from Ruspoli.

      A few months later, Wilde opened up about her divorce to Marie Claire, explaining, “I’m a case of arrested development, in a way — from spending your 20s with someone who really loves to take care of you, as my husband did. But I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.”

      He needed to wash his penis.

    1. This is a genuine blast from the past. Hugo Schwyzer is one of the most despicable pieces of shit around, but his Wikipedia entry makes it sound as if he is at best mildly controversial. I thought he was gone for good. Hugo Schwyzer is Jewish, by the way, which is most unfortunate as his behavior soils the reputation of this ethnicity.

    1. Hell, yeah. Advocatus Diaboli Rex is back! Has he some articles about banging paid whores, too?

    2. I don’t think that Joe Brandon runs anything. It it completely conceivable that the State Department or the CIA organized this terror attack. It would not have been the first one.

  2. Does everything in your book Minimal Game still hold true or would you update any parts of it if you were to do so?

    1. Almost everything still stands, in my opinion. Obviously, there have been changes in how people communicate. There are references to texting, for instance, which would be replaced with communicating via a messenger, which entails some subtle pitfalls. For instance, you probably want to disable the “last seen” line in WhatsApp. This does not warrant releasing a second edition, though.

    1. Aaron,
      I heard about this in the morning. Is this more about having a sense of belonging in a group, than actually partaking some in political protest?

      The majority of these people who claim to care about the environment don’t really care about the environment or its issues. I don’t here anyone discuss the destruction of the rain forest in Sumatra or Brazil, or all the plastic bottles that end up in the ocean, or protecting wild life.

    2. I think eco-terrorism is motivated by those societal rejects wanting to destroy society, hoping that the New World Order will afford them a place at the high table. There is a reason the Judeo-Bolsheviks referred to this category of people as useful idiots. Peer pressure as well as the desire to belong to a group is surely an amplifying force.

  3. The spike protein of the vaxx has multiple attack vectors. It wrecks your reproductive organs, brain, and heart. As the deceased in this autopsy report was an old man, they probably skipped looking at his gonads:
    Uber’s mom is getting increasingly impatient with me, unfortunately. She initially refused to comment on this paper but then shouted that this guy probably would have died the same way even without the vaxx and that at best this is an unfortunate coincidence.

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