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38 thoughts on “Open Thread #243

  1. Since there were speculations and accusations, first I am not a troll and do not live under a bridge !!!

    I commented on Advocatus Diaboli’s blog if any of you remember that !!!

    Second, laugh all you will but I would much rather a lim and hygienic Lady Boy who acts feminine but gets down and dirty to a she beast like Lindy West or any other dirty feminist.

    That does not make me gay, if you must put my sex into a box than maybe I am bisexual but certainly not gay !!!

    And Hercker Dercker, I apologize for comparing you to that idiot Stonah Wit Ah Bonah, I was not calling YOU and idiot !!!

  2. Aaron,

    Since paypal decided to retract their policy charging users for misinformation, do you still plan on using them for receiving donations and for payments for consultations or do you plan on using an alternative platform?

    1. I will keep using them. As long as I pull out money quickly, I do not think there is much of an issue. This is good practice anyway, given their history of randomly locking accounts.

  3. I rather hit it and quit it with a beauty like this !!!

    She might not bet born female but except for the voice and maybe large hands most could never tell. In fact many a drunk sailer has lost his viriginty to a ladyboy and did not know until many years later !!! Still a fate far better than an incel !!!

    Whilst not politically correct, this is a valid option for red pilled men who don’t want to deal with obese feminists but still want sex. Mock me all you want.

  4. Here is a great article on the Daily Stormer on “Jewish Logic”:
    Not just the linked tweet but the entire thread by some Jew is worth reading:

    “Kanye’s tweets exemplify why antisemitism is so hard to uproot: it’s a self-affirming conspiracy theory. The antisemite claims that Jews control everything. Then, if they’re penalized for their bigotry, they point to that as proof. Heads they win, tails Jews lose.”

    1. We need to feel pity for them because they were only doing their job. In all seriousness, a mass firing would be in order for those toads. An eye for an eye. They locked up people, beat them up, pepper-sprayed them, so now it would be their turn.

    2. Yes, I would say that I played a pretty big role in the demise of the PUA industry. You can download my ebook “Debunking the Seduction Community” free of charge from this website. Presumably, the PUA industry would have collapsed sooner or later because there was just too much bullshit floating around, and it just is not possible to fool all the people all the time. This relates to the Covid scam, too. Nowadays, even a large majority of boomers refuse getting their booster shots.

    1. I would argue that Biden makes it easy to produce such footage, because he is simply an octogenarian on a steep decline. There are countless other clips of him floating around that give the impression that he does not know what is going on. Thus, the point is that Biden as a president of the US is ridiculous. To have an effective counter-argument, you would need to point out that the video is without merit, not that the footage has been selectively chosen.

  5. Aaron,
    Have places like Koblenz, St Goar, Rothenburg which are beautiful places in Germany, have they been succumb to the wokeness? Do you find a lot of doctors and engineers (MENA) in those regions?

    Have you been to Eltz Castle in Wierschem?

    1. Of those places, I have only been to Rothenburg, which is indeed beautiful. There is a slight chance that you will encounter doctors and engineers even there. All it takes it one landlord who wants to make a lot of money renting out one of their buildings for sky-high prices to the government. They can take in three to four times the typical rent this way.

      I did not even know about Eltz Castle, so I looked it up. This lead me to the following reddit forum, which is surprisingly wholesome:
      Let’s hope this does not gain too much traction because otherwise, we will have the Allies come over again and bomb everything to smithereens. As you know, all that is beautiful needs to be destroyed.

    2. Nice, Eltz Castle is beautiful! Kinda reminds me of a miniature Neuschwanstein, so I looked it up, and sure enough they are of a similar architectural style (Romanesque vs Romanesque Revival).

      Hey Aaron, did a post of mine get trapped in the spam filter? I posted a really funny video Trump made mocking Biden, but it seems the post never appeared. 🙁

    3. Thanks for letting me know! That comment indeed got caught in the spam filter. Making fun of Brandon seems to trigger the algorithm.

    4. No worries, thank you for pushing it through! 🙂

      Yeah, I had the same thought. I’ve had a number of posts put in moderation when I put links in them, but I don’t think I’ve had them caught in the spam filter even once before.

      Also a bit weird that it gives no notice when a comment is spam-canned, unlike moderation which shows up as awaiting moderation.

    5. The algorithm has probably learned that whenever a comment on a non-mainstream site is about Joe Brandon, it is negative in nature.

  6. Aaron,

    Is it possible to have sex with a girl without a condom, and without a pill or IUD and not get her pregnant (not referring to anal)? In school, you learn that women can get pregnant any time of the month, however, contrary to this wisdom, other people say that its only possible for women to get pregnant during ovulation. Would it be wise for a guy to have unprotected sex before and after ovulation to avoid getting her pregnant?

    1. This is referred to as one of the “natural methods of birth control” (calendar rhythm). Others are checking the consistency of her vaginal goo or pulling out. You can try it but it is not as reliable as you probably would like. Besides, any woman who lets you spooge in her without any kind of protection probably wants your kids anyway, so she may undermine your efforts to not get her pregnant.

      Most women cannot get pregnant any time of the month, by the way. There is the relatively rare phenomenon of spontaneous ovulation, probably because it was an evolutionary advantage if this happened when Stone Age Chad came around and raped all the women in the village.


    “Uh, I make my money, and I write the checks
    So say my name with a little respect
    All my girls successful, and you’re just our guest”

    => Yeah, how about respecting men, providers and protectors. LOL. Typical Double Standard.

    1. When women get more screen time, they basically get put into male roles, and are not very convincing at that. If this does not happen then you get some kind of Mary Sue. In the video above, those women ape black rappers in terms of their lyrics and antics, nothing more.

  8. In my opinion young women are way better off than young men (financially, sexual and romantic life, favors, fostering and grants)

    But those scholarship programs claim otherwise:

    Die Baumeister-Stiftung für Chancengleichheit wurde im vergangenen Jahr als sechste Treuhandstiftung unter dem Dach der Stiftung der Universität Bremen gegründet. Sie hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, einen Beitrag zur Chancengleichheit und zum Abbau struktureller Benachteiligungen vor allem aufgrund von Geschlecht und sozialer Herkunft zu leisten.

    Junge Frauen sind durch strukturelle Benachteiligung noch einmal anders und stärker betroffen als junge Männer. Die Stiftung möchte deshalb vor allem weibliche Studierende und Nachwuchswissenschaftler unterstützen und fördern.

    Die Stiftung nimmt jetzt Bewerbungen in zwei Förderschwerpunkten entgegen:

    1. Für Studentinnen: Vergabe von kleinen Stipendien für das letzte Studienjahr.
    Unterstützt werden sollen hier vor allem diejenigen mit schwierigeren Rahmenbedingungen (Erziehungs- oder Pflegeaufgaben; ‚Arbeiterkinder‘; Hochschulzugang über den Zweiten oder Dritten Bildungsweg). Ziel sollte ein erfolgreicher Hochschulabschluss sein.

    2. Für Nachwuchswissenschaftler:innen: Unterstützung kleinerer Projekte zu Themen ‚Zukunft der Arbeit‘ und ‚Soziale Sicherung‘ aus Genderperspektive.
    Ziel ist die Förderung von Genderstudien in diesem Themenspektrum.

    1. …regarding its effect on preventing transmissions. There were a lot of trials of the vaccine itself, though.

    2. Karl, I’m not sure if you’re just trying to be a voice of reason or straight up shilling for pharma. The vaccine offers very little (if any) immunity, it causes clots/strokes/MIs in a not so insignificant percentage of people, and was foisted upon entire populations causing massive disruptions in people’s financial wellbeing and lifestyles if they refused to comply. And as Aaron pointed out, the people involved in this scandal have been shown to be dishonest here and there for some odd reason while vehemently clamping down on ‘misinformation’, therefore it’s reasonable to suspect they’re being untruthful about much more than what we’ve already confirmed.

    3. Karl’s position seems to be that we have to trust the mainstream on everything as long as mainstream talking heads themselves have not been caught lying, and even in this case only those very figures are untrustworthy, but only in those instances, not in general.

  9. Aaron:
    Yeah, that’s what I was saying. Though a more interesting question is, IMO, whether they actually _did_ test for its effect on transmission and found that it had very little or no effect and simply didn’t disclose that fact. 😉

    I’m straight up shilling for pharma. I want a piece of that big pharma money! 😛

    1. Wanting to avoid cognitive dissonance, which is a very uncomfortable feeling for most, is enough to explain why some people shill for free for multi-billion corporations. Just look up some Open Threads from last winter where Uber went on a rampage, defending the clot shot as if his life depended on it.

    2. Aaron: Considering that I just mentioned the possibility of them having withheld testing data that was unfavorable to them, that’s nonsense. But maybe it was my fault for putting a 😉 there – I intended it kind of like “if you know what I mean,” but maybe it came across as if I was mocking.

    3. “Wanting to avoid cognitive dissonance, which is a very uncomfortable feeling for most, is enough to explain why some people shill for free for multi-billion corporations.”

      You know, I don’t know if I’ve ever consciously thought this before, but it is very insightful. It’s kind of like how Boomers latch on tightly to that one intelligent black guy, or the one single based af black dude to verify the racial untruths they’ve been brainwashed into believing for decades. So, how many boosters did you end up getting, Karl?

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