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51 thoughts on “Open Thread #241

    1. Good analysis.

      I think a big part of the appeal of Stranger Things is the level of freedom those kids have. It’s easy to take for granted, or be completely ignorant of, what little freedom a lot of kids have these days.

  1. that manhood David Fruitroll is begging for $$$ again !!!

    Wouldn’t it be funny if he got deplatformed just like he does to us and had to go to gab or whatever and ask for bitcoin?

    Wouldn’t it be even funnier if a group of goys who were slandered by him sent “payments” and than renegged. He would think he got lots of $$$ and probably treat himself to a few prostitutes as well as a bag of cheetos. Then when the chargebacks hit his account, he’d go broke more than woke !!!

    1. I’ve got a theory that old Mammoth Mounds croaked years ago and his cats ate him. Some prankster has taken over his website and all of his various accounts and is covertly gaslighting his former acolytes into further depravity and eventually suicide.

    2. “I’ve got a theory that old Mammoth Mounds croaked years ago and his cats ate him. Some prankster has taken over his website and all of his various accounts and is covertly gaslighting his former acolytes into further depravity and eventually suicide.”

      it’s ben speculated that he has toxoplasmosis from all his cats and that made him go bonkers.

    3. Sounds about right. I like cats, but they need to live outside. You do not want their fecal matter, urine, saliva, dander and fur all over your home.

  2. May I ask if anyone here is familiar with a youtuber named “Hamza”? (Self-Improvement guy for men)

    There are some things to nitpick here,such as his suggestion that you MUST get to 10=12% BF. (His advice though that your weight should go up while cutting down on the fat is good. the idea is to get massive. 15% BF with a lot of built muscle underneath for an imposing stature is something I’m sure everyone here agrees is beneficial) But I think his most notable advice here is #3. Increase Neck Size/Muscle.

    Not only does it benefit you for your social/dating life by making you look more masculine,but it even has benefits for certain Athletic endeavours. (contact sports like Football,Boxing,MMA,etc.)

    Been told Alpha destiny and Jeff Nippard are good sources to get some info on this if anybody wants to look into this. You don’t wanna screw up your neck doing the wrong kind of exercises.

    Anyway…Back to Hamza as a whole. Anybody here who has watched a ton of his content? would like to hear your thoughts.

    1. The whole beef up your neck thing has become really popular in the last couple years or so. I think a lot of guys could stand to gain an inch on their necks, and the photoshopped celebrity examples are certainly convincing. I have the head strap and chain for doing the neck exercises, but I sort of got burnt out on them quick. Definitely got results pretty quickly just hitting the neck once a week. Be careful obviously.

      For the last four or five months I’ve just been maintaining my mass. It’s been super easy to do so, and I’ve been enjoying all that time not crushing it at the gym honestly. I’ll probably go hard agin this Winter, though, and then go back into maintenance around mid Spring. I’ve also been thinking about getting a pair of New Balance in the mean time and stuffing them with some 1 inch risers. I feel as if the extra 2-2.5 inches in height would be more beneficial at this point than any extra mass.

    2. New Balance is my favorite brand of sneakers, and not just because their marketing is relatively non-woke. Not only do they seem to have ignored the black male/white female angle, they also stay clear using putting morbidly obese women in their marketing materials, and their support for trannies seems somewhat muted, too. I am not sure about what I just wrote. I buy New Balance because they make the best sneakers, period, and have never even seen any of their marketing.

    3. Yeah Aaron has mentioned this often before, and I agree, unless you live in Florida, you’ll get laid more being 15% than being 10%.

      The simple reason is that 15% looks more impressive in clothes. Unless you somehow meet girls shirtless, being 10% is a disadvantage.

    4. Yea, I pretty much agree. I have a buddy that, for a while, kept sending me this guy’s spammed shorts, and though I even agree with a lot of what he says and commend him for having the balls to say it, watching him back down and cower in front of Piers Morgan was hilarious. I say this because the guy just strikes me as a modern day edgy manosphere-type of grifter. Just re-packaged and widely distributed.

    5. I think 15% BF is optimal for natties. Less than that means trading away muscle for more definition. Not to mention the diminishing returns, i.e. a 20% BF scuba diving instructor who lifts weights and is not skinnyfat is in a better position compared to a 10% BF gymrat.

    6. Thinking Ape refers to him occasionally. I just looked up his channel. His marketing does not appeal to me but perhaps he is a black genius full of wisdom. Your necksize normally only massively increases if you take roids, so I would take such advice with a grain of salt as it sounds like a cope for roiders.

  3. Did anyone see the clip where Andrew Tate crumbles on Piers Morgan’s show? It’s honestly kind of disappointing to see him break character so bad, but at the same time I am way past annoyed by his alpha male bro schtick:

    1. I don’t understand how anyone above 15 isn’t annoyed by Tate’s macho-alpha-schtick. It gets annoying after 2 minutes. I’m like screaming, dude drop the act and be normal for a second.

      No idea how he has fans who actually listen and watch him.

  4. I just got my physical copy of Nier Automata for Switch and booted it up. I really liked how it begins as a shoot em up and soon transitions into sort of a smash em up. I’m essentially 15 mins into the game and now have free reign to roam around, and was floored to see 2B’s ( skirt fly up as you begin the sprinting animation as it exposes her entire buttocks. Talk about fan service.

    1. I hear that a fair number of players never made it much further than that in this game, yet still rate their purchase very highly. In all seriousness, the cultural significance of Nier: Automata is hard to overstate as it is a giant middle finger to the woke mainstream, daring to put a hot chick into a video game whereas we get trannies, and butch lesbians in Western games.

    2. I recently discovered that there’s a self-destruction mechanic that, after utilized, explodes away 2B’s skirt and has her walking around in lingerie after she’s recovered. What were the devs thinking? I’m going to try and get my money refunded right away now. If that isn’t possible, I guess I’ll have to deal with the fact that a game I bought promotes misogyny and the further victimization of women and suffer through it. Hopefully I can redeem myself soon by buying the next big multimillion dollar installment of kill whitey.

    3. This is completely outrageous! Not only do those developers dare to objectify women, they also created an avatar exhibiting a completely unrealistic (and subjective!) ideal of beauty. May I recommend playing The Last of Us, Part II, featuring male on f2m tranny sex, and the Horizon games instead? We need to update our prime sexual urges and get with the times.

    4. “This is completely outrageous!”

      Lmao. Idk why but that cracked me up. Just imagining you trowing a legitimate fit over such a thing haha.

  5. I just came across this comment on Gamer Uprising:

    It’s very fitting that the bald eagle is the U.S. national animal. It’s a powerful, majestic and violent aerial predator. It is also super greedy and fucking stupid. I had a Wildlife Biologist tell me, they witnessed a bald eagle grab a fish too big to carry. So instead of letting go and flying off to survive, the bird held on to the fish, to the point it’s feathers got too wet and it drowned.

    It’s prophetic.

    1. I read this and slept on it. I think it’s a pretty interesting comment. One thing I’ve been thinking (admittedly not my original thoughts) on with Russia right now, however, is that even though they more than likely have Ukraine in the bag, its handling of the situation has been seemingly less than optimal. I’ve followed Paul Craig Roberts since he called a US/Russian conflictual escalation well before it was apparently obvious, and it appears that the more Russia sort of “pussy foots” around and attempts to take the high road with Ukraine i.e. trying to do so “by the rules”, or rather doing so with some hint of moral integrity, the more open they leave themselves for the US to fuck around and escalate things further than would have been otherwise possible. The longer this conflict is drawn out, the more likely it is that a nuclear scenario could ensue.

    2. This is absolutely the case. “Playing by the book” also cost the National Socialists dearly. You had the British rain kilotons of bombs on civilians, including white phosphorus, and when Hitler’s advisors suggested retaliating by using some of their industry-leading chemical warfare agents, he spoke about adhering to the Geneva Convention. Rules are well and good, but if your enemy does not follow them, why should you?

    3. That’s not true about bald eagles, but it does make for a good story. 🙂

      I find it pretty unlikely that Hitler refused to use white phosphorus due to the Geneva Convention, as the GC doesn’t ban its use. There were some restrictions on the use of incendiary weapons implemented… in 1980:

      They’re still allowed for use against military targets, though.

      Both the Allies and the Axis were pretty good at breaking the GC when it came to terror bombing, though. The most famous examples are probably the firebombing of Dresden (the Allies) and the Blitz (the Axis).

    4. “The Blitz” was a response to Allied terror bombing. In fact, the name of the main weapons used on the German side gives it away. The “V” in V1 and V2 stands for “Vergeltungswaffe”, i.e. “revenge weapon”. This is also a nice little episode of my de-programming because my school textbooks only mentioned the terms V1 and V2, as if those were randomly chosen. Only later on did I learn that the allied terror-bombing preceded the German attack on London, and then I learned about the naming of those rockets, and suddenly this part of history made a little bit more sense to me.

    5. The Germans used terror bombing already in the invasion of Poland. If I’m not mistaken, the bombing of Rotterdam was also before the Allies started using terror bombing of their own.

      Either way, I think it’s quite clear that both sides were quite comfortable violating the Geneva Conventions.

  6. The multiplayer gaming experience has taken a dramatic nosedive since 2015. I think the peak was 2016 when Titanfall 2 came out, but then most people don’t want to come home from work and get wrecked by hobbyists in a game with a 1000 foot tall skill ceiling. There’s essentially no incentive for devs to make online games that stray from a proven formula these days:

    1. There are very few online games where player skill really matters. The majority of games either put you in teams, so you can tell yourself that the rest of the team let you down, or in giant open play areas with 99 other players, which provides other means of rationalizing your loss, such as the relatively random progression of such matches. It almost seems as if modern games are designed to sedate you, just like the TV sedated Boomers.

    2. Do you think an argument could be made that gaming in general, as well as a lot of hobbies that white and Asian men spend a lot of time on are intended to sedate and/or subvert them? The older I get the more I think to myself that I shouldn’t be doing a lot of the things I’ve been doing.

    3. I think there has been a fundamental change in the vidya business in the last ten to twenty years. Before that, games were relatively short experiences, and due to their focus on skill development and mastery, you could not even pay them for long stretches of time. Then, developers switched towards designing elaborate “Skinner boxes”, designed to waste essentially all your spare time. Think of World of Warcraft, Diablo II and III, PUBG, League of Legends, and all the other big games! People sink hundreds, if not thousands of hours into them.

      Probably even relatively avid SNES fanboys back in the days had a hard time sinking more than a few hundred hours combined into all their games for the entire lifespan of the console, but today, this industry wants you to play yet another match online, over and over. Surely, one of the aims of those games is to keep you sedated. They do not want you to download a PDF of the Morgenthau plan or look up the mass-killing of Germans after the war in Rheinwiesenlager. Instead, you are supposed to play Fortnite and Valorant, with occasional breaks for jacking off to the latest e-thot.

    4. Speaking of spanking it to e-thots, also don’t save money for big purchases, like a house, or for retirement or anything like that. Instead, blow all your wad on e-thots to keep incentivizing low replacement rates, or on micro transactions in vidya and other frivolous things like a new phone every year. There is plenty of extremely potent marijuana products to be consumed in between sets of online games as well. Honestly, the amount of brain damage caused by the above activities in combination with processed and fast food could retard a man for the rest of his life by the time he reaches the age of 25-30, I’m guessing.

    5. Spending behavior is a good point, and one that is politically correct enough that people sometimes bring it up in regular conversation. Due to the high cost of housing some people save little to no money. They conclude that they will most likely never be able to afford a home, so blowing their cash on phones, cars, restaurants, and fancy clothes seems like a more rational choice to them. The currently very high inflation in the West surely does not help in this regard either.

      Thousands of hours of playing Fortnite, smoking weed, a diet consisting of nothing but goyslop, and obsessive masturbation are probably enough to disable any man. The revolution will not led by such specimens, that is for sure.

    1. This is a good guess. This reminds me of coming across several shocking stories about our black brothers wantonly attacking our Jewish friends.

    1. They’re really ramping up the “don’t have kids” message aren’t they. A lot of people say they’d never shove their kids into childcare, but they’re smart enough to know they can’t make that guarantee. Hence, we remain at below replacement level, and falling.

    1. Amazingly, this comment ended up on the moderation queue, even though it does not violate my settings. Could it really be that the spam plugin I use has secret settings that you cannot modify? Nah, that would be a completely outlandish conspiracy theory.

    2. Who knows. Might be. They are starting to implement their woke censorship algorithms in every app and addon.

    1. So I’m assuming if any of his followers ask him why he can’t get a job, or what is it about his blog that requires so much time and money to maintain, they get accused of being covert incel agents and are promptly banned.

  7. Aaron,
    “New Balance is my favorite brand of sneakers, and not just because their marketing is relatively non-woke.”

    I’m not sure if the following brands are woke or not, but I’ve been using the following brans for marathons for many years. I’ve been using them since the 90s. Aside from New Balance, I also use:
    L.A. Gear
    Nike Air

    Brooks has definitely changed their technology in their designed. Back in the 90s, their shoes very relatively heavy. I can’t complain now, but their shoes are great now.

    1. For sports, I have used Nike, Asics, and Adidas over the years. It has been a while since I bought Nike, though. In general, I like the designs of Asics quite a bit, but this probably has something to do with my relatively big feet.

    2. Aaron,
      “In general, I like the designs of Asics quite a bit, but this probably has something to do with my relatively big feet.”

      I use size 13 U.S, which would be in the UK 12.5 and EUR47. The width of the shoe may be the reason you may like Asics and perhaps the support it provides to your arch of your foot. I’ve come across shoes that are size 13, but they wont fit me due to the width of the shoe.

    3. Aaron,
      I meant to say that sometimes my shoe size wont fit me because the width is to narrow, and I have to look for shoes that have a wider width.

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