Women You Feel Lukewarm About

I had an interesting consultation today, in which one of the topics we discussed was about women you meet up with but feel somewhat indifferent about, despite having originally been quite excited to meet up with them. Surely, many of you have been in similar situations. Keep in mind that I am not talking about the case where you got hooked by a heavily manipulated picture on Tinder, which has nothing to do with what she looks like in reality. Instead, the issue is that some women just bore you, or they have certain habits you dislike. So, should you stay or should you go?

Looking back, I can recall a few examples where I bailed on chicks. Let me highlight three such cases: One was a very attractive woman I met at the gym. This 10/10 gym thot was really into me, but unfortunately, she turned out to be one of the most stupid broads I had ever met. It is not an exaggeration that I got a headache from listening to her. Then there was another one whom I do not quite recall how I met her, but it was some brief encounter where I thought that she was cute. She invited me to her place and cooked for me. I bailed when, after having had dinner, she wanted to “show me her bedroom”. Lastly, there was one woman who was quite attractive, but as it so happened, I had met a noticeably more attractive one just a few days earlier; I didn’t manage to bone that one yet, and somehow I thought it would be “unethical” to get involved with two women at the same time, so I passed up on the opportunity. All those examples happened pretty early in my career as a seducer. Obviously, I ended up changing my approach rather significantly later.

You can surely find many reasons to talk yourself out of boning a woman, and some are quite legitimate, for instance if you realize that she is genuinely bonkers. Sometimes, you have club hookups where she tells you that she wants to go on a spontaneous trip with you. You obviously should not take this seriously. Be amused by it instead! On the other hand, if you are on a first date and all she talks about is that she wants to have children, or that she cannot wait to introduce you to her parents, half an hour into the conversation, you may want to save yourself some future headache and get out. The same is true if she spends an hour talking about how all her two dozen ex-boyfriends were total assholes, if she describes in vivid detail that she wants to take certain drugs with you, or if you figure out that she has underworld connections.

It is true that sometimes women turn out to not be quite as interesting as you thought. Yet, you made all the effort to come out and meet up with her. Half an hour or an hour into the conversation, you think that she is mildly disinterested, or maybe you do not really click with her. Should you bail then? I would advise you not to. Just push yourself a little bit. You have made all this effort already, and you still find her attractive, or attractive enough, so why not just go all the way? Surely, the fact that she is a lame conversationalist will not bother you that much when she goes down on you, and when you bend her over, you probably could not care less about the fact that you have little else in common besides being sexually attracted to each other.

Going back to the three examples above, I would have rapidly accelerated the first date, trying to get her to my place within at most half an hour or so, instead of forcing myself to have a conversation with her. The second one I would most likely have bailed on even with more experience because this woman gave me a creepy and very calculating vibe, and the third one I most definitely would not have bailed on as she was more than ready to get railed. It would have been a total layup.

As I gained more experience, I simply focused on speeding up the process, and if I had no real interest in a woman, I just wanted to see how quickly I could get her. This is a clear win-win situation, or do you think the gym thot I mentioned above felt in her element trying to have a long conversation? You can bet that she would have been a lot happier had I quickly taken her to my apartment.

9 thoughts on “Women You Feel Lukewarm About

  1. That rings a few bells in my memory bank as well.?

    I can stand some level of superficiality, it is unavoidable really when meeting new people.

    I sometimes feel lukewarm in cases where we have already gone to bed once, but the sex did not turn out to be very good. Perhaps there was little feeling, or she is too unexperienced.

    Depending on what the problem was, you may or may not be able to turn her into a really good fuck. If she is just shy or ignorant, but willing to apply herself, you can teach her.

  2. >or if you figure out that she has underworld connections.

    To be honest,depending on your position in life (i.e. You’re living a rather plain,if unfulfilling life,and through honest assessment,you find that you’re unlikely to climb up from here.),this could be very advantageous.

    Of course,discretion must be exercised. Dating the (hypothetical) daughter of a Mafia boss could give you a lot of prestigious power,but if you screw up,you do put yourself at quite the risk. You gotta decide for yourself if its worth it.

    Just my two cents.

    1. I once met a woman in Berlin who had ties to the Russian mafia. From what I gather, she was involved in money laundry via art as well as the protection racket. I met her at an art gallery and afterwards, she had to run a few errands, picking up small boxes and envelopes at a few businesses. Given how vindictive women can be, you probably do not want to get involved with those who have ties to the underworld. After all, if she has access to goon squads that intimidate shop owners, she may as well repurpose them to beat you to a pulp after you have dumped her.

    2. I mean. Of course, you have to decide for yourself, but what exactly could the endgame ever be for being with someone like that?

      @Aaron, are you referring to the “colors are strangely fascinating” girl by chance? Just had a Minimal Game flashback.

    3. No, that was a different encounter. I think I mentioned that low-IQ gym thot before, though.

      This morning I recalled another chick I did not make a move on, for good reasons. She was a muslim who spent weeks trying to get my attention, and her tenacity was quite impressive. Yet, my experiences with muslims have not been exclusively positive, so I let that opportunity pass me by. Also, there is a non-zero chance that by doing so I could have spared her and my life as this happened in a Western city that frequently sees “honor killings” of females who wanted to taste white dick.

    4. The son of one of my employees got into a situation like that a few years ago. He got involved with a woman, slightly older than him IIRC, whose family bussiness was petty drug dealing.

      When he tried to dump her, her brothers kept him there at gunpoint for a week or two. They let him go in the end, I suspect his father had to pay them some money.

  3. I recently dodged a bullet with this chick I was briefly talking to. We had set up a definite date to meet up, so I was trying to keep the communication to a minimum until the day arrived. After a long stretch of 12 hour shifts on graveyard I usually sleep in for an entire day, so the next day she sent a furious text exclaiming that I not bother her, and that I was fucked up for not texting her back until she was already in bed. I was stunned as this was behavior I would expect from a dumbass longterm girlfriend. I was a bit disappointed because I thought for sure I was going to score, but then I rationalized that this was indeed the best outcome because if I’d have dashed on her it would have been 100x worse.

    1. This woman already viewed you as her property, which is why she lashed out at you. You are right that you dodged a bullet. Women like that are completely fucked in the head. That’s the kind that sends police to your place, accuses you of raping her, or keys your car. I have had more than enough interactions with those cluster B(itch) women. Once you have met one, you have basically met them all as their behavior is quite similar.

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