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30 thoughts on “Open Thread #238

    1. Are you aware that Jordan Peterson, the world’s foremost authority on personal happiness and finding purpose in life, has serious problems with meds? He probably emptied out the content of several mid-size pharmacies by now, considering that he has decades of consuming all kinds of antidepressants behind him. His emotional instability may be due to benzos, or their lack. The good doctor has ridiculous mood swings, and probably he goes through withdrawal symptoms sometimes, for instance if he gets fed up with still having to pop benzos. Then he cries like a bitch, shortly followed by popping a few more pills. Sometimes I wonder if this guy was propped up by the mainstream to make fun of us. If so, then I have to hand it to the men behind the curtains, because putting a drug-addicted wreck of a man on stage and telling the goyim that this is their new idol amounts to a rather brilliant mockery.

    2. Have you seen how messy the rooms he makes his videos in are? There are even memes floating around making fun of this. On that note, years ago people made fun of his daughter being a slut and his son a loser, yet he was telling other people how to live their lives and raise their kids. This guy is a joke.

    3. There are old videos on YouTube of Peterson before he became “controversial”, where he was pushing very mainstream views – mainly pushing antidepressants and other psychiatric meds. In my view that’s just as bad as pushing the jab – in fact it was the precursor to the jab – pushing people to be on medications they don’t need that are not proven to be safe. See the black box suicide warnings.

  1. USA in cooperation with Poland and “other forces” have blown up North Stream 1 & 2. Isn’t that an act of terrorism and a declaration of war?

    1. It is. Yet, Germany is a vassal state of the US that is still occupied. The only way out is if China or Russia help them out of their mess. The potential union of Germany and Russia was the biggest nightmare of the leaders of the British Empire, and it was and is one of the biggest worries of the United States. Germany builds the machine the rest of the world needs for manufacturing. It seems that the new plan is to destroy Germany, and thus Europe, by extension. I am not sure that Joe Brandon’s handlers have properly thought this through, though. To me, it seems like the old “??? meme”, i.e. 1) Destroy Germany, 2) ???, 3) Profit.

    2. I’m sure there are a few based Germans who saw the writing on the wall months ago and have been prepping accordingly. Who knows, they may have some old friends who had shunned them for their refusal to get the old “safe and effective” try to reconnect with them when they need to borrow heating supplies.


    Indeed! Once Reddit was a great platform of open and critical discussion. But in the last few years it has declined into a mudhole of censorship and Woke_ism. R.I.P

    Moderates constantly delete posts they feel might offensive. There is a absolutely a leftist-liberal slant to their bias when it comes to politics, but people often post funny (yet offensive) comments that are there just for commedy’s sake, which get get deleted because the moderators find the comments offensive. Well yes, the more offensive the funnier it is. That’s the point. So to that end its incredibly censored…

    1. The problem with Reddit is that it, in part, killed off the old independently run forums. Of course, starting a subreddit required a lot less tech savviness and expense than setting up a forum, but at the cost of further Big Tech consolidation, as well as overall decline in quality of discourse. Sorting by controversial is an obvious meme at this point.

      Then there’s that old chestnut of a sub being nuked for allegedly having illegal materials uploaded to it. I bet no one has ever actually seen these materials when they are uploaded.

    2. I think there was also collaboration in Big Tech to kill the online culture that was centered around blogs and forums. Back in the days, you would get such sources in top search results, and the same was true for YouTube, which likewise initially provided an even playing field. Yet, nowadays, you do not even get any such search results anymore, and the Google results page makes it seem as if there are no blogs and forums out there at all anymore. This started even when Reddit was struggling for relevancy. Also note that Reddit has a culture of depersonalization. It is next to impossible for people to make a name for himself due to how usernames and avatars are deprioritized. In contrast, on forums and blogs you had top contributors that were quite visible.

    3. That’s why I’ve never really bothered with Reddit. I’m sure they have a bot problem that is far worse than Twitter. There are covid subreddits where posters still complain about people not wearing masks properly.

  3. And MLK boozed and had a relationship with another woman outside his marriage. Hard to fine anyone at those levels really fitting the “ideal.”

    1. MLK was basically a puppet of his handlers. In contrast, I would assume that Jordan Peterson has nobody who writes his books or speeches for him.

  4. Actually Sleazy since you live in Germany I am curious hearing about what is the general sentiment in Germany regarding :

    1 – Merkel ditching the nuclear. Does the average German think it was a mistake in retrospect?

    2 – What is the alternative to Russian oil according to German mainstream media? I am asking because I remember Olaf Schulz literally begging our faggot Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for natural gaz . If I remember correctly Trudeau gave him the finger.

    1. Are you sure that I live in Germany? The last time I checked I lived somewhere in Scandinavia.

      1) There is generally a big divide between elite opinion and mainstream opinion, and there are a lot of brainwashed people out there, too. In any case, the Green party is a fringe organization but for some reason, perhaps due to outside pressure from the US State Department, their positions find widespread political support. This may sound outlandish to you but there is evidence that the German Green party is funded and controlled by the US. Overall, I think that people are now slowly waking up to the fact that Merkel was a shockingly bad politician, but this is an opinion that plenty of people held of her ever since.

      2) Why does there need to be an alternative to Russian oil and gas? I think that the best solution would be an Eurasian world center where Old Europe, Russia, and China happily cooperate and coexist. In this scenario, Germany produces the machines for the world’s industry, relying on Russian raw materials, and China remains the world’s industrial center. The United States are marginalized, however, which is why it has been a long-standing project of the anglo-sphere to divide Russia and Germany.

      The idea that Germany should import energy from further abroad is ludicrous. Energy from Russia is cheap and plentiful, yet now this puppet Olaf Scholz goes around begging Canada, Saudi Arabia, and others for oil! It is ludicrous. Oh, and the German media tells the sheeple that LNG from the US is a fantastic option, despite the fact that it is a lot more expensive than Russian gas, and somehow it is never pointed out that they run on oil. Those climate-change faggots are strangely mum on this matter. The elites have long abandoned erecting a superficially plausible ideology, which is why there are now so many inconsistencies. You need to be genuinely stupid (or very highly “educated”) to fall for any of this.

      EDIT: Here is some evidence, straight from the horse’s mouth, that the US wants to divide Germany and Russia, incidentally with German subtitles:

    2. Yeah well, I don’t know all the details about your personal life sorry man. Wasn’t sure if you lived in Germany, Sweden, UK or elsewhere. Read your books but I am new to this blog. It’s almost irrelevant anyway.

      We only hear one side of the story in North American media regarding these issues and when you rely on better sources on internet, it’s not always easy to distinguish propaganda from facts. I remember while living for a couple of years in the US, I kept listening / reading to Canadian media. Only then did I realize the extent of misinformation I was exposed to. And I am not even talking about mainstream media but what I thought were reliable independent sources.

      Here in Canada is extremely difficult to get the clear picture when it comes to oil. It’s always heavily political. I have been reading Peter Zeihan latest book this week and he has very interesting views on many things, among them the problem with Germany’s reliance of Russian oil.
      I disagree with him on a lot of things, among them Bitcoin or Edward Snowden who he regards as a traitor and I see as a patriot. Suffice to say that although I find the guy very interesting, I take everything he says with a huge grain of salt especially on topics I know nothing about, like the ones I just asked about.

    3. Any country is better off if it does not depend on foreign imports. This is the core of the maligned ideology of mercantilism. Economists are quick to deride it, yet they are also short on providing good arguments in favor for their position. As great as autarky would be — just look at Russia and China –, in reality not all countries will be able to achieve it. Hitler wanted to conquer the East in order to secure “Lebensraum” for his people, and raw materials for German heavy industry. It will surely take a long time before Germany will be able to raise powerful armies again. As a very first step, ZOG’s yoke needs to be shaken off. Assuming that military conquests for Germany are out of the picture, the only realistic option is to get access to raw materials via stable cooperation, and Russia would be the ideal partner in that regard.

      Of course, Germany should nonetheless pursue the goal of becoming as autarkic as possible. Building a few more nuclear power plants would surely help tremendously in this regard. There are a few more measures Germany could take to almost overnight improve her conditions. Getting rid of all those “doctors and engineers” is probably an option worth looking into.

    4. Russia maybe but China? China depends heavily on energy. Even on agriculture their soil is so poor they need 6 times the amount of fertilizer used in the west for an equivalent land.

      Totally agree with the rest of the post though.

    5. The energy problem could be solved by heavily investing into nuclear power. Germany used to lead the world in this technology, but it was axed, most presumably after heavy pressure from abroad. The Green party was central to this, and they get their marching orders from the US.

      Thanks for providing your perspective on China. I looked some more into this, and it turned out that I did not have the complete picture. As it turned out, they can only cover their basic needs well, but need to import a lot. Here is an excerpt from a paper I came across:

      Among the three major cereal crops grown in China, the self-sufficiency ratio of wheat, rice and corn is about 95%. In contrast, about 80% of consumed soybean and other agri-products, such as milk and sugar, are imported to China. It is interesting that soybean imports significantly increased from 0.3 million tons in 1995 to 95 million tons in 2017, presently accounting for two-thirds of the world’s soybean market.


      Finally, China is wasting food. About one-sixth of the total grain produced in China is wasted annually in the production, processing and transportation of food because of poor equipment and logistical issues. The amount of the “wasted grain” is equivalent to about one-sixth of the total grain produced in China. In addition, there is also considerable waste in the form of consumer left-overs and waste from outdated food removed from supermarkets. Although there is no reliable data on food waste yet available in China to analyze this trend, it is anticipated that future improvements to China’s industrialization and consumer behavior, will result in a reduction of food waste.

  5. Just wanted to ask, how are the Europe bros on this blog doing? I see a lot of crazy things in the news about the power shortages, Ukraine conflict, etc. Wishing you the best.

    1. Yea, I want to know how people are doing this Fall/Winter also. I saw a recent picture of some German guy’s thermometer reading 14.3 degrees celsius. He was making light of it, but the prospect of and entire season of that shit sounds brutal. Lots of people alive today have never had to go without heating or electricity for extended periods.

    2. The German Minister for “Economy and Climate Change”, Robert Habeck, is a former author of children’s books, and this guy is a total clown. When confronted with the opinion that his policies will lead to waves of bankruptcies, he declared that those companies will not go bankrupt, they will just not make any money. He also romanticizes blackouts and even wrote a children’s book on it. In his view, a blackout just means that families will huddle together in front of a wood-fired oven, enjoying a cozy evening. As bad as this may sound, he is nothing compared to his Green-party colleague, and Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, a total ditz who talks about “feminist foreign policy” and that Germany is going to “support Ukraine, no matter the cost, and no matter what the German voters may think”.

    3. We’ll have a pretty rough time ahead. I expect big protests this winter, but this is not much of a prediction, given that this is starting already. In Prague, for instance, many tens of thousands have been out protesting against the bizarre political decisions of their leaders, but this did not quite make it into the mainstream, just like US blowing up two pipelines is getting as little media attention as possible.

      Germany just announced a 200bn euro support package, financed by debt. Quite frankly, 2023 could turn out like 1923. Inflation is already at about 10%, going by official numbers. No matter how you turn it, if the elites do not get kicked out, we will have a very tough time ahead.

    4. “Robert Habeck…also romanticizes blackouts and even wrote a children’s book on it. In his view, a blackout just means that families will huddle together in front of a wood-fired oven, enjoying a cozy evening.”

      How sweet, except I doubt most modern homes are equipped to produce heat using this method, not to mention the supply and availability of good quality firewood probably being or becoming extremely scarce this Winter. It also flies in the face of green and sustainable energy rhetoric.

      The government has a duty to ensure the safety and prosperity of its people, imo. If they can’t hold up their end of the bargain, and people are being forced to become self-reliant again, what’s the point of following all these absurd protocols that have been foisted upon them year after year? The contract between the state and the populace has been broken and unrest ensues, as it becomes blindly more obvious to the plebs that the ruling class is spiraling out of control.

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