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[Sticky] Open Thread #237

The Open Thread is a place for open discussion among my readers. Post anything you feel like sharing! From now on, the Open Thread will no longer be monthly. Instead, there will be a new Open Thread whenever it is adequate. The stage is yours. Go ahead!

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4 thoughts on “[Sticky] Open Thread #237

    1. I’m not sure what to think about Scott Adams. Sometimes he spouts normie plotlines in a completely unreflected way, and there is also clear evidence that he has little capacity for introspection, such as him dating some young hooker for whom he is just a sugar daddy. Probably, his recent shift to anti-SJW signaling was him misjudging the status quo, i.e. he apparently thought that anti-SJW comics are more acceptable than they really are, based on what he read on the first waves of pushback against tranny-ism and ESG mandates, etc. I would not be surprised if he is on the autism spectrum.

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