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37 thoughts on “Open Thread #237

    1. I’m not sure what to think about Scott Adams. Sometimes he spouts normie plotlines in a completely unreflected way, and there is also clear evidence that he has little capacity for introspection, such as him dating some young hooker for whom he is just a sugar daddy. Probably, his recent shift to anti-SJW signaling was him misjudging the status quo, i.e. he apparently thought that anti-SJW comics are more acceptable than they really are, based on what he read on the first waves of pushback against tranny-ism and ESG mandates, etc. I would not be surprised if he is on the autism spectrum.

  1. This is a question for Alek as I know he was a huge fan of jelqing.

    Does getting your private parts waxed make them look bigger?

    Is it hurt a lot and does that lady laugh at your son e or is she professional?

    1. Why wax, you can by and large get where you want to go with a pair of scissors (handle with care).

      In my exp girls dont care much about your body hair, they obsess about theirs.

      I occasionally trim my pubic hair to make blowjobs easier for them, but I never ever went full bare. Some might even think it makes you look too much like a young boy (not appealing at all)

    2. You bring up an interesting aspect: Women shave themselves down there in order to look younger, at least I think that this is the primary motivation. In contrast, youth is not nearly as prized an asset for men in the sexual marketplace and, as you rightly point out, it can even be a disadvantage.

    3. I would’ve answered the exact same thing as Yarara, but I’ve got to say: the first proper girlfriend I had, the one I lost my cherry to, numbered my “lack of consideration” in not shaving my parts for her, something she did for me of course, among the (individually petty) reasons she broke up with me relatively fast. Not that she ever asked me to do so, but she had the expectation that I should. Exception to prove the rule, I guess.

    4. I would not read too much into this because some women just concoct an arbitrary list of reasons for breaking up with you, and aspects she once considered positive will suddenly look like deal breakers to her.

    5. I agree with previous posts that waxing completely bare is not necessary, I use an electric hair trimmer with a guard set to 5 mm on both the pubic area and the balls. Women’s reactions have been positive, none have asked that I shave it completely bare. And yes, it DOES make the cock look bigger.

      When using an electric trimmer on the scrotum it’s VERY important to choose a trimmer guard that has a comb with spaces so tight that a fold of your nut sack doesn’t end up being nicked by the trimmer teeth. Holding the skin of your scrotum taut as with one hand as you pass the trimmer over it also assists with this.

      I have also tried waxing in the past. It is quite painful. The woman who performed the service was very jolly and she didn’t laugh at my dick, but she laughed at my tortured facial expressions and grunts. I didn’t mind at all as I had good rapport with her, and thought it was funny too that I was paying a woman to torture my balls just to look pretty for sloots. It may bother more insecure guys.

      Shaving with a razor sucks, so many ingrown hairs and razor burn pimples. The electric trimmer is my favorite of everything I tried.

    6. Aaron,
      “Women shave themselves down there in order to look younger, at least I think that this is the primary motivation.”

      1. I’m not disagreeing with you, but I recall that at one point in the 70s and 80s its was a standard norm for women to have a hairy pubic region. Later in the 90s, women started shaving off their pubic region and developing a landing strip. Then somewhere in the 2000s, the trend changed towards women shaving off their entire pubic region in attempt to appear more youthful. On a side note, if you recall the particular girl (stripper) who I discussed with you in a three-part series consultation, I noticed something quite interesting about her pubic region. When I first met her, she had a shaved pubic region. She still had a shaved pubic region the second time I reunited with her. Interestingly enough, when I reunited with her the third time, I noticed that she stopped shaving and started going for a landing strip. I question her why she had a landing strip since she always shaved her pubic region since I first met her. She said she wanted something different. I didn’t buy her argument. I suspected that she was banging some guy on the side who perhaps had a sexual interest in women having a landing strip. Of course, this is all speculation. The second time I banged her, she completely shaved off her pubic region, and kept it shaved until things ended between us. I asked her why she shaved because a couple of weeks ago she had a landing strip. She said that she got tired of maintaining her landing strip. I wasn’t sure what to make of her arguments, however, I’ve noticed that when a woman gets older, they seem to change their style in their pubic region, or perhaps don’t maintain their grooming as much since they aren’t banging as much since men have little interest in banging older women.

      “…some women just concoct an arbitrary list of reasons for breaking up with you, and aspects she once considered positive will suddenly look like deal breakers to her.”

      2. This is very interesting, if its not too much to ask can you slightly elaborate on this idea.

      3. Take a look at this Instagram profile story. This woman is kissing her dog, a full on make out. Very disgusting and disturbing. Another tragic story of a woman who wasn’t able to find a man. There’s still a few hours left to see her story before it ends. I’m not sure if you have an Instagram account, but you have to be log in to see it.

    7. Hi Chris!

      1) I think that your reasoning is sound. She simply adjusted her pubic hair to her main guy, moving from landing strip to completely shaven. There may be another reason why women shave less down there as they age because after a certain age, women cannot plausibly pretend to be little girls anymore. On top, there is of course the fact that she will not have sex as often anymore, and even for the biggest sluts frequently changing sexual partners eventually and inevitably becomes a thing of the past.

      2) I think that a lot of women make decisions on a whim, almost as if they are a slave to their emotions. Only after the fact will they look for justifications. As they are not concerned about internal consistency, they will construct a mental image that has little to do with reality, or with how they perceived reality just days or hours ago. Promiscuous women seem to be masters at this. They will complain about how lame their boyfriend is, fuck some other dude, and then tell themselves that what just happened “does not count”, and they go back to their boyfriend. This is the converse of one-night stands turning into rapes in their minds after the fact.

      3) I do not have an Instagram account but I have seen such behavior even in public, i.e. women kissing their dogs on the mouth, and some even letting the dog slobber all over her face, lips included. It is pretty gross. Note that some women have sex with their dogs. Among gay men, this also seems to be a popular pastime.

    8. More or less everyone accepts the double standard (it takes years for the modernized mind to grasp that not all double standards are bad, it certainly did for me) that having pubes is more acceptable for men. Every now and then you find a girl with a feminist view on the issue, even if she claims she isn’t a feminist (like the girl I mentioned above), but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker even then.

  2. Here is an interesting piece of Semitic propaganda:
    The summary is that without Jews, society collapses. It is quite ironic that the resurgence of Germany just a few years after the release of this movie powerfully demonstrated how bizarre the argument that you need middle men to skim off profits in order to have a functioning society truly is.

  3. I find this whole conversation about shaved pubic hair quite entertaining.
    However, what I find less entertaining and quite scary is this new trend I noticed this summer in Montreal : twenty something girls with unshaved legs. I only counted 3 or 4 specimen and all of them were so disgusting, even without the hairy legs, that no self respecting man would touch them with a ten foot pole. But still I didn’t know it was a thing among young (and apparently straight) girls . I thought this was reserved to aging overweight lesbians.

    1. In Sweden, a lot of young women go through a phase where they stop shaving their armpits, and even go to clubs in sleeveless tops to show off their lapsing standards of personal hygiene. Normally, they drop this quickly because “making a stand for feminism” does not carry much water when they realize that they suddenly get a lot less attention from men. Unfortunately, some women are so easily duped that they go all the way and even shave their head. It takes them many years to grow their hair back, thus putting them at a distinct disadvantage in the sexual marketplace. You could make a good argument that all of this is just brainwashing done by older women way past their prime, in a desperate attempt to level the playing field somewhat by getting young women to turn themselves into uglier versions of themselves.

    2. You could make a good argument that all of this is just brainwashing done by older women way past their prime, in a desperate attempt to level the playing field somewhat by getting young women to turn themselves into uglier versions of themselves

      I think this theory carries a lot of weight, and I think it explain feminism in general. I think from the perspective of mating strategies, feminism is just another mating strategy.

      I have always noticed that the same feminists who convince other women to become undateable and not date men, are the same feminists who marry and have children. It’s about tricking other women out of the competition.

    3. To add to that, feminism should be seen as a collective dating strategy of older women, just like slut shaming or, as you called it, forming a pussy cartel, used to be a collective dating strategy primarily of younger women. With regards to the latter, seeing how easily older women put out, perhaps slut shaming was also dating strategy imposed on younger women by older women, i.e. the chastity of the young caused older women to be in greater demand by men as those were the ones who were putting out.

  4. StoneToss had the caption, “the world is becoming too silly for me to parody” under this image:

    We are long past the point of parody. No matter where you look, life is a total clown show nowadays. I read that this male teacher who is walking around with fake breasts is doing so to make fun of the system, but this has not been confirmed yet, as far as I can tell. Yet, his intention is irrelevant because the effect is still the same. His actions are undermining the credibility of the system, no matter if he is a prankster or not.

    1. @P Ray: haha you beat me to the punch on ol’ David Fruitroll. He’s devoted his life to demonising young men trying to get girlfriends and engage in healthy society building behaviours, but he’ll defend to death a man who wants to dress up like a woman and wear fake wrecking ball sized tits in front of school children.

      The ultimate hypocrisy is that he used to state that his mission was to track down and mock “man boobs”. He’s really dropped the boob on this one.

    2. I read an anonymous comment somewhere that the teacher had been apparently fed up with the system and was known to drop some serious red pills to the class a year or so prior to this incident. Likewise, I have no idea if this is accurate or how to confirm it. However, the breast size does seem outrageous. It’s almost as if the teacher is gaming the system, setting the school up for a serious lawsuit should they retaliate against his legendary trolling. It would not surprise me.

  5. Aaron,
    “…she will not have sex as often anymore, and even for the biggest sluts frequently changing sexual partners eventually and inevitably becomes a thing of the past.”

    1. Is this due to menopause/old age, or simply that they have banged so many guys in their life time they have reached a satisfying level?

    2. If changing sexual partners becomes a part of the past, does this mean the are now more inclined to be monogamous?

    1. 1) Some older women still want to bang guys, primarily because they desire the validation. However, not may of them are able to do so because they simply become less attractive as they age, and the guys who would happily bone them are not necessarily those they still think they deserve.
      2) I did not mean to make this point, but you are right. Changing sexual partners becomes a thing of the past for them because they find it much more difficult to compete in the sexual marketplace. This may indeed cause them to latch on to a guy and stick with him. The same also happens to plenty of more observant women in their late 20s when they realize that the Chads are now going for younger women instead of them.

  6. Apparently the EU and NATO’s idea of winning is freezing your population to death while your enemy mocks you. Check out Russian Twitch streamer (recently allowed back up) burning gas 24/7. At the time of posting, he is down to one burner while he is asleep:

    1. What I like most is the caption, 1.44 EUR/month. Once people start to freeze and have problems buying food — just a shortage of goyslop might trigger some — we will see discontent rise dramatically. “Right-wing” parties are getting good results, looking at the recent Italian election, and just this morning I saw an article by a pearl-clutcher trying to demonize the rise of a non-radical-leftist party in CZ. Then we have the Sweden Democrats coming in 2nd in the recent election, and even in cucked Germany we are witnessing a shift, with people on the left and right coming out to demonstrate against the regime, or polls showing that in the East, the AfD has, according to polls, the most support in the population.

    2. I briefly heard of the Italian “far-right”, as they say, leader that was recently elected. I honestly am not up to date on what’s happening in politics, even in my own country, but what you say sounds pretty exciting. My question is, how hard does Ms. Mussolini shill for Israel? Maybe I’m being too black-pilled, and it’s good that the scales at least seem to be slowly tipping.

    3. I read that she is not even “far-right”. In the current year, not wanting your country to be flooded by “doctors and engineers” means that you are far-right. Heck, even suggesting if we, perhaps, should let in ore or two less would be enough to be branded a “nazi” by the media (how come leftists are not referred to as “commies” by the esteemed press?). This chick is also a supporter of NATO, so let us not get our hopes up too much. However, she is not fully toeing the EU party line, so as long as she manages to undermine that institution to some extent, I will be happy. Now I am reminded of a comment I read somewhere else where someone wrote, “It always starts in Italy.” Unlike the alliance with Hitler and the Duce, which was more of a burden for the former as time progressed, this time, we may get to enjoy von der Leyen and Meloni — her name is literally “melons” — having repeated bitch-fights.

    1. Haha, this popped up in my feed a while ago. She talks about being “addicted” to porn which led to her seeking validation from guys online before having her coming to Jesus moment. Something tells me she was more hooked on the latter activity, which is why she’s instead turned to youtube as a more modest means of attention whoring.

    2. I did not bother watching this video. In your summary, her behavior makes a lot more sense. Quite certainly, she just uses porn as an excuse. That part could well be completely made up. You see, guys, she did not just fuck one random guy after another, instead she was “addicted to porn” which (teehee!) sent her down the wrong path.

    3. YouTube displays an information box with a number to a suicide and crisis intervention hotline underneath this video in my region. Imagine young women killing themselves because they would rather watch porn that get railed by Chads! (Well, this does not happen, obviously.)

    4. Check out the top comment on the on video:

      “You will never know how many people you have helped in having the courage to make this video. Wow, just wow.”

      So brave and stunning. I clicked on her channel to see if she was still active, and she appears to have significantly dropped in attractiveness (shorter hair, weight gain/less definition in the face). A quick scroll through her uploads reveal that she’s trying to be like an influencer or something, and perhaps her weight gain can be attributed to a recent pregnancy. So, it appears that after a bit over two years of becoming a good Christian gal, she did manage to find a nice young man to settle down with and start a family. However, maybe someone should tell her that burning coal is bad for the environment, as we’re on the verge of a climate disaster in the near future:

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