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All Hail our Low-IQ Future!

Most supermarkets in the Western world seem to be switching to self-scan stations where you play the role of the cashier, and apparently this approach is so cost-effective that it does not matter if people steal a few items or forget to scan them. There is of course a limit to that kind of book keeping, for instance if your store is located in California where people can carry about one grand worth of merchandise out of a store at once without facing any legal problems.

During a recent trip, I had the opportunity of getting a few items at a random supermarket. To my great surprise, there were still manned checkout lanes, and only one was open because it was an off-peak time. There was hardly anybody in the store but a bottleneck was forming at the checkout regardless. To my great surprise, there was a non-white cashier who struggled mightily with scanning items and hitting the key for summing up everything and printing the receipt.

There is of course an element of practice to everything. Yet, with very simple tasks, the learning curve should be so flat that you hit peak performance after a few moments. Not this guy, though! With great fascination did I watch him process three tubs of yoghurt, one after another, and he seemed to not grasp that the barcode is always at the same spot. He was looking for the barcode three times, and every time he was so slow that you could be forgiven for believing that he was putting on an act. For a moment I even wondered whether I should film this because I rarely see such an exhibit of “neurodiversity” in real life. I have only seen the engineers of the Ugandan space program in videos that have been mostly scrubbed from the Internet.

In the few minutes waiting in the queue, which felt like an eternity, I made a few more observations about this person’s mental abilities, but I think the message is clear already. No matter if you feel scorn, ridicule, or pity when seeing someone like that, fact of the matter is that there is a clear gap in intellectual ability in people. Of course the left yammers about those “doctors and engineers” from below the Equator being able to do simple jobs, yet even in really simple jobs IQ makes a huge difference. Your knee-jerk response may be that surely there are jobs out there were it does not matter if you have an IQ of 80 or 120, and surely there are jobs where being too smart is a downside because you may get quite bored, thus affecting your performance. This is probably true. Yet, at the left side of the bell curve, you encounter people who are so dumb that it is downright baffling. I have plenty of examples of that.

A while ago someone moved out of our building, and that person’s name tag disappeared from the mailbox and doorbell associated with their apartment. A few days later, someone rang my doorbell. It was a delivery guy who asked me to take a parcel for that person. Imagine opening the door to a delivery guy holding a parcel for someone who moved out. You tell him that this person does no longer live in this building, but this moron then asks you if this is not this or that street and house number. In his world, the recipient had to live in this very building because the address on the sticker matched the address of the building in the real world. It was beyond belief. He even tried to argue with me, so I told him that I am not going to take this parcel and closed the door. The next time I left my apartment, though, I noticed that this guy just left the parcel in the entrance hall. This is not what an IQ100 normie would do. I carried this parcel back to the closest parcel shop, asking them to return it to the sender. A few days later, it reemerged in the entrance hall, and two or three days later, someone apparently opened it and removed the contents. This is story encapsulates the future of the Western world perfectly.

Low-IQ people are unable to even perform basic tasks satisfactorily. They are too slow, and they make dumb mistakes. Even worse, they are too stupid to even realize that they are making mistakes. These people struggle enough in a system that is still reasonably stable and functional, but once you have those “doctors and engineers” work on critical infrastructure, civilization will simply collapse, and rather quickly. If you believe otherwise, you probably have spent too little time observing low-IQ people in the real world.

3 thoughts on “All Hail our Low-IQ Future!

  1. This is a subject I am very interested in. Full disclosure: I am non white ( North African). Clearly if I look at various IQ measurements per country, the results are not very flattering for my group. Yet I accept them as they seem quite consistent from study to study.

    It is very frustrating that this subject is so ideological charged to the point where it is impossible to discuss it and most importantly address the consequences. For instances pouring unlimited amounts of money in ethnically diverse neighborhoods could be a complete waste of tax payer money.

    Similarly I had a very unpleasant debate with a recent date. Was trying to explain to her how IQ is distributed differently depending on the gender. Women IQ is more concentrated in the middle of the bell curve but you get more geniuses and more retards for men. The simple fact that we cannot discuss this topic explains why we have to pour buckets of money ( at least in Quebec where I live) to encourage more women to enter STEM fields.

    I was smart enough to have this conversation after I banged her.

    1. The story of your date could have gone the other way too as I have met women in Sweden who were convinced that when a non-white immigrant brought up some rather based points of view, it was because of “internalized racism”. I have had some rather interesting encounters in that regard, such as a member of a particular ethnicity (no, not a Jew!) who said that he does not trust his own kind. This attitude seems to be more prevalent among the smarter ones whereas the more average ones tend to engage in ethnic nepotism to a ludicrous degree, such as a Brazilian manager at a tech company in Sweden I know of who only hired Brazilians and somehow HR looked the other way. Probably it helped that he also hired a few women. In contrast, if you thought you could put a team of white Europeans together, even if those were objectively the strongest applicants, HR would have had a word with you.

  2. Well, in your example, HR looked the other way because it’s considered affirmative action. Although I prefer the word we use in French (discrimination positive) as it’s a more accurate description of it : downright racism (anti-white racism in this case).

    I happen to be in a quite unique position as I have one foot on the oppressor side and one on the perpetual victims side. But I know my days are numbered. It’s not hard to predict how this PC nonsense will inevitably end in a cul-de-sac, with the left dividing everyone into ever smaller groups, enabling the very individualism they swear they were fighting.

    Which sometimes leads to very comical situations. I am not sure if it made the rounds in Europe, but our identity warriors found themselves in some very uncomfortable situations. For instance, when Harvard and other Ivy league universities started making admissions harder for Asians, to make room for students with lower IQs. The left was forced to chose between two minority groups. I believe they sided with the low IQ guys, I can’t remember.

    A similar situation is happening nowadays between feminists and trans activists, or white vs ethnic feminists. If it wasn’t for the dystopian world they create while taking down the western civilization I’d find the whole thing quite entertaining honestly.

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