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77 thoughts on “Open Thread #233

    1. Aaron,
      I’ve come across a lot of doctors who aren’t so bright that makes me question how they got through medical school. Every time I visit the doctor they can never seem to be able to answer my questions or at least have an answer to my question. For example, I’ve asked doctors why the medical community regards sickle cell anemia a disease if evolutionary biologist consider it an adaption that has allowed an individual to thrive in environments where malaria is high, whereas your typical normie will be wiped out by natural selection (since they dont have sickle cell anemia). Unfortunately, doctor don’t seem to have an answer to this.

    2. I have encountered the same. Medical education has been changed to reward rote-learning instead of thinking on your feet, in order to make it more appealing to women. Then there is the issue with wanting to push diversity. Some US universities, for instance, waive the MCAT for diverse applicants. Here in Europe, oftentimes a “soft skills” interview is part of the interview process and this just so happens to lead to an overabundance of female admits. In Sweden, and surely also other European countries, there are quite a few foreign doctors who seem to know very little of their craft, flouting even basic rules of hygiene such as not wearing gloves, and when you point this out to them, they get upset. My trust in the medical profession has been pretty low, even before this Covid bullshit.

    3. Chris,

      Sickle cell anemia has the benefit or providing some protection against malaria, but it also causes a slew of negative health effects. You can see a list of some of them at the webpage of the Mayo Clinic:

      Unless a person is at very high risk of malaria exposure, sickle cell anemia is a pure negative. It’s also worth noting that it only provides _some_ protection from, and not immunity to, malaria. People with sickle cell anemia are a small minority even in malaria-infested regions, and normal people have not been wiped out there.

      Are you telling me that you asked actual physicians and nobody knew about this? I find that quite surprising if they were educated in a civilized western or eastern country.

    4. @Karl,
      You’ll be surprised. I can never get an answer from a physician when I asked them about sickle cell.

    5. Aaron,
      Any time I write a comment I’m always doing it from my personal computer at home. With this comment I ended up using my cell phone since I’m currently at work… I’m doing grave yard shift.

    6. Aaron,
      Any time I comment I’m always using my personal computer at home. With this last comment, I used my cell phone since I’m currently at work doing grave yard shift.

    7. No problem. The spam algorithm is a bit biased. Just let me know if any of your comments do not show up.

    8. Are you sure you asked the right doctor about it?

      Under what circumstances had you asked that question?

      I am sure if you chose the right specialist, they would provide you an answer.

    9. @Sleazy

      Isn’t learning organic chemistry and anatomy will involve in rote memorization?

      I have seen tests done by my sister. They just don’t test your memorized knowledge, they also test how well you understand them. The questions usually ask you indirectly in order to see if you can systemize and crystalize your understanding.

    10. Some years ago I stumbled upon examination papers for the foundational courses in the medical degree at a German university. Over the span of one to two decades, the exams got simpler and simpler. What once where physics papers that required a firm grasp of calculus became trivial pattern recognition, not going much beyond 10th grade material, and Organic Chemistry did not contain a lot of questions that required more than mere recall. What is worse, I was told by a student that the physics paper was an unofficial open-book exam, i.e. the university did not care if you cheated (yet, quite a few students still failed).

  1. How would Brian (Scotty) from goodlookingloser or you , know which girls were DTF really fast at the club?

    I keep mistaking eye contact as interest… When I approach usually girls are not into me after staring at me multiple times.

    I initiate physical contact at the beginning.

    I only “succeed” when girls approach me instead.

    1. (search the terms “Token Resistance”)

      You should read AlekNovy’s comments here.

      Unfortunately,unless you’re a celebrity or a rockstar,women generally won’t make things easy for you EVEN WHEN THEY ARE INTERESTED. You have to deal with shit like token resistance and mind games.

      There’s a reason people here recommend Pay for Play or Learning the basic skill and then just taking advantage of any easy opportunity that comes by you instead of active pickup in the long term. In the long term,the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

      Shit like this is why a lot of men end up mistakenly thinking they are incels. Elliot Rodger likely had a ton of chicks interested in him,but none of them were willing to show it.

      In your case,persisting more and “risk being a creep/asshole” is probably the answer. Just tread carefully since shitty laws have been made nowadays that if you dare to make some female snowflake even slightly uncomfortable,you risk ending up behind bars.

    2. Thanks for the replies.

      Especially your answer, Maou.

      As I have not much experience, often times I think that girls are or will be as direct as men, but after reading some content from your recommentadions about Alek, I came to the conclusion that even if girls are interested in you, they won’t make out or give p***y that easy (wow right? haha), but yeah I thought if I like a girl physically then I would f**k her right away, but women don’t act that way, excluding exceptions(?).

      Also I’m aware now of all the p***y that I could be getting if I were more persistent 🙁

      And regards to how girls look at me if they are sexually interested, is like an intense and playfull look. But I also made out and f with girls that were rather shy and gave the nervous look. Another time the girl was giving me a hungry look before I played with her p***y hahaha.

      I wouldn’t say that there is only one type of eye contact if she is sexually interested.
      But as I said I don’t have an extensive experience to base my conclusions from.

      I will go next week again to the club, will try to do better by persisting more, which makes me uncomfortable.

      P.S: I was looking if there is any way that I can find more easily the posts where Alek if talking about this stuff.

      Thanks you all. <3

    3. Maybe I’m not a persistent as I should be. There was this super cute chick I used to see occasionally in passing and one day after it had been a while since I’d seen her she came within proximity and let out out a big sigh. I chatted her up and she quickly got to the point and told me she was going through a divorce so I sleazily got her number almost immediately haha. We started texting that night and I suggested coffee pretty quickly, to which she responded with an enthusiastic yes including several exclamation points. However, she wouldn’t give me a definite date and time and quit responding, so I just accepted it, but then she finally messaged back 2 days later and apologized saying she thought she had messaged back. Again, when I suggested coffee she gave a a day she would be free but quit responding when I tried to set up a time. I’m not entirely convinced being persistent would have worked because she was dating a new guy pretty soon after, I think she was just weighing her options or wanted someone for an emotional tampon. I guess my point is you never know where you really stand until you’re actually banging the chick, and even then there could be other dude’s in the picture.

    4. Sometimes, it is about getting in first. I think that chances were hight that if you had pushed for sex right away instead of just getting her number, you could have succeeded. Of course, this may not have been possible because either of you may had had something more pressing to take care of at that very point in time. Women who are looking for the next guy to leech off tend to talk to multiple guys who all meet the bar, and perhaps one or two for running errands for them. It’s basically a race among the Chads, and they normally are not aware of the competitors.

    5. Also, to add to my above point, I think that just because you meet a chick’s baseline attractiveness criteria (and she’s sending out indicators of interest) that she won’t consciously exclude you in favor of holding out for someone she deems better. Sometimes it’s nothing you did, like anti-game, for example. No point in dwelling over it too much.

    6. Ah, I read through it. I can think of like one situation where there were two potentially interested chicks and I had to make a quick decision between them. Had they been the same two chicks yet weren’t in proximity with each other, I would have happily pursued both of them separately. Though, depending on your environment, there may not even be a ton of chicks that are interested in anything other than LTR (I mean, unless maybe you’re a top 10% guy but Idk about that personally). So, whereas for a lot of guys they rarely if ever face the dilemma of having to whittle down their options, hot chicks (and probably average to even busted chicks these days because of social media) are more often having to make these kinds of decisions. Some times I think there’s just not much else you can do except be taller or something (obviously you can’t, so I just say there’s nothing you can really do besides be normal and escalate as naturally as you can). On the plus side, rarely will pursuing girls who are at least sizing you up ever lead to you being metooed or harshly rejected. However, if you bang someone’s girlfriend and that person finds out about it, then she might throw you under the bus to save herself .

      That actually did happen to me pretty recently, where the bf went through her phone and found evidence. She had erased most of the “incriminating” stuff, but he saw where she had made a phone call to me. So, she made it seems like it was my fault somehow, making up some excuse for why she had to call me and even told mutual acquaintances that I got drunk and repeatedly called her phone. Someone asked me why I did that as it put her relationship in jeopardy, and I was so confused until I got the whole story. She was telling people this false tale to get sympathy for why her bf was mad and potentially going to leave her (he cucked and didn’t leave), and of course she wasn’t at fault for any of it.

  2. I just learned that Netflix is airing a TV show based on Resident Evil, which got cancelled after just one season. Of course, nobody could have predicted that pushing diversity would not go down well. Netflix’ Head of Programming, Shlomo F., was reportedly seen seething over the audience not falling in love with the black, female main protagonist; he also considers them furry-phobic. In his view, Resident Evil has been overdue for a makeover, and references to furry porn were simply called for, and Reddit loved it! Maybe next time, Shlomo! Maybe next time.

    1. Oh, speaking of Netflix, they got an exclusive deal for the show Vikings and made the Viking kang a black female. It’s so fucking ridiculous I laughed out loud when I typed it out. It’s always a black person btw, you never see an Asian or even a muzzie get shoe horned into some what should be white role (that I know of). It’s like blacks are being treated like whiney children and given positions of status where it doesn’t even make sense.

    2. This is ridiculous. For years we have found great entertainment in “netflix adaptation” memes. Probably those people consider this motivation to outdo the people making fun of them, hold-my-beer style. Amazon’s Lawd Dem Rangz is likewise straight out of a meme. I am not sure how to even make fun of this anymore as it is enough to just post real screenshots and promotional materials.

    3. Not to mention the recently premiered Game of Thrones prequel in HBO, where a family explicitly belonging to a race as white as they come was made black in the adaptation, just because.

      They never had my money, but now they won’t even have my attention. LOL

    4. “I am not sure how to even make fun of this anymore as it is enough to just post real screenshots and promotional materials.”

      Well, at least with Lawd dem Rangs they are opting for blacks with English accents atm, however, until they go full on ebonics and waving gang signs and such there’s still a bit of fun to be had:


      Apparently House of Dragons has been pretty well received, which sort of flies in the face of the Rangs show runners crying racism whenever the fanbase hates their shitty show. Though HoD has blacks in it where there shouldn’t be, it’s much less divisive about it, I think. It seems Rangs of Power was made specifically with the intent of giving whitey (men) the finger.

    5. @Pickernanny: yeah, despite what I claimed before, *some of my attention was drawn towards the show, and from what I’ve seen, it has going for it that they’re being faithful to the source material, for the most part.

      As to the forced inclusion, I find it funny how they’re going to have to imply that the niggafied family went extinct at some point, contrary to what happened in the books, because it’s a prequel and the main series had no nibbas other than foreigners from lands far away, and no characters with that name.

  3. Let me introduce my self! Im 42 years old incel here, i’m bald too! I cope with alcohol, drugs like MDMA and Cocaine and every weekend i go to the techno clubs. Never had female intimacy in my entire life. Only things that makes me happy is getting high with drugs.

    1. If you think you are missing female intimacy, why not pay a hooker? Also, in the rave scene hooking up is quite normal. Probably there were quite a few chances you did not take. What helps is that the techno scene seems to appeal to a fairly wide age range, and at 42, you could surely still get women in their 30s. I have friends of a similar age who routinely bang chicks in their 20s but they also look back at decades’ worth of experiences with women.

    2. It’s easy for other guys, not for me because of my looks. Believe in me i’m old now and i know the importance of having good face and beautiful skin.

      In the rave scene majority of women is on drugs like MDMA (3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine).

      I don’t have anything against paying for pussy, but it’s not for me, period. I miss genuine desire from a woman in my life, the truth is woman don’t want me genuinely.

      In the techno scene, some woman like to manipulate men asking for drugs, and when they have the drug, they just walk away, they run.

    3. Plenty of women bang dudes in exchange for sex. Just give them the drugs afterwards.

    4. If you are miserable, the only purpose hooking with a woman who genuinely desires you (as opposed to feigned, some professional escorts are notoriously convincing at feigning desire) will be so you can experience firsthand that that’s not the issue. You will still be miserable after banging a hottie who worships your dick, but you’ll at least discover that’s not the REASON you were miserable, which will free you up to figure out the true causes of your misery.

    5. “You will still be miserable after banging a hottie who worships your dick, but you’ll at least discover that’s not the REASON you were miserable, which will free you up to figure out the true causes of your misery.”

      I would add to this that you’ll most likely get a similar effect from hooking up with a hottie as you do from a drug you like. At first, it’s great and the chemicals you release make you feel high. If you keep banging the same chick out for a while it’s very possible that you’ll start to crave her absence as she begins wearing on you and demanding more time and resources.

    6. Ok, so you wouldn’t get as much of an edge as a white dude if you moved to Asia, but as a first-worlder with first-world English speaking skills, you should still be able to get a hot girlfriend. I live in SEA, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that some of the ugliest guys I know have hot girlfriends/wives. I know a guy who started dating a single Mom here, and everyone had the same reaction: “wtf is he doing dating a single Mom? it’s so easy to get a hot chick here, why would he resort to that?”

      According to Roosh V, swarthier people have a bit of an edge in eastern Europe. I’ve never been, and Roosh is a bit sketchy, so take that with a grain of salt.

    7. Roosh V probably says this because he is swarthy himself. I would take this claim with a big grain of salt.

    8. @Herkerderker

      I’ve been doing this traveling medic gig where I bank twice as much money as I would being stationary, with the added benefit of essentially being a contractor. I can take months off at a time before having to re-apply and don’t own property, so I can dump all my stuff off at my family’s. I’ve been thinking about traveling back and forth between home and SEA, spending a couple of months there at a time. Based off your comments I’m super stoked at the prospect of nabbing some young Asian chicks without children in the picture. Any tips or recommendation would be much appreciated.

    9. This sounds like a great gig. Have you considered working long hours for a few years and then retiring early, or semi-retiring in a low-COL area?

    10. @Pickernanny recommendations are be nice, polite, invite them to coffee, etc. It’s really easy. There are some chicks who still fancy themselves as traditional, and might make you wait for a bit. I banged my only virgin here, and I dated her for 2ish months before she gave it up.

    11. I was thinking Thailand for starters. Because If all else fails I could always just whore max, but I’m thinking I could just rely on call girls mostly for supplemental and erotic massage. I’ve been in a rut here in the US partly because my tolerance to deal with sluts and single moms has went down. I also can’t bring myself to lead them on anymore either. You could always tell them the truth straight off, but they think that if they hold out you will change your mind and then they blame you in the end anyway. What are your favorite SEA countries/cities etc?

    12. Btw, I just remembered this guy I used to work with years back. This guy was busted as hell, like morbidly obese, socially awkward and narcoleptic. He ended up “dating” this single mom from the Philippines. Even though she had a kid she was waaaaay out of this dude’s league, man. I also don’t think he understood female nature that well and how girls from SEA will use busted men for resources, gifts or a green card. But anyway, he was legitimately flying out to meet her periodically and I assume he was banging her. There’s no way he could have ever came close to that caliber woman in terms of looks in the West. It blew my mind.

    13. @Ravers
      Good face matters but not beautiful skin so much if you have a strong facial structure. Beautiful skin/hair means a hell of a lot more to us when judging female attractiveness. Women prefer masculinity which allows men to age better than women.

    14. For girls, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), VN is my recommendation because I can personally vouch for the ease of getting ass.

      I honestly haven’t traveled much.

      I’ve hung out in Chang Mai, and thought it seemed cool. I then went up to a gorgeous town called Pai. Had a gf at the time, but I noticed plenty of hot hippie backpacker girls there that I’m assuming were DTF.

      I’m assuming that any decent sized city in VN, Thailand, or Cambodia will work just fine.

    15. “This sounds like a great gig. Have you considered working long hours for a few years and then retiring early, or semi-retiring in a low-COL area?”

      Not until recently. As I was detailing to Herk, I planned to take large gaps in between contracts and do some JBW maxing. Maybe I’ll get serious about work here in the next year or two after a bit of fun and semi-reitre in SEA if my travels go well and I like it. There is also the option to live rurally in the US and work part time throughout my 40s and 50s. The prospect of increased freedom is exciting and motivating.

    16. I already left the big city, and I think that if I stay in the West, I will eventually live in a small village or even a hamlet, basically a place where there is no infrastructure for housing cultural enrichers. Having to drive for ten to fifteen minutes to get to a supermarket is therefore a feature, not a bug. Besides, I would like to grow food myself anyway, so the number of such trips should be quite low.

    17. Aaron,
      “I already left the big city, and I think that if I stay in the West…”

      Did you officially move out of the city into the country side or small town? If so, how is it?

      I thought about relocating and requesting a transfer from my job, however, if I decided to relocate and transfer, I take a huge pay cut but my benefits stay the same. My seniority remains the same.

    18. I’m in the countryside. The peace and quiet has been doing wonders for my mental health. There is a modicum of cultural enrichment to be found even here, which is why I have been considering moving to even more remote places.

    19. Aaron,
      Good to hear. I’m glad you’re doing well with your new life. Congrats!

      Also, I submitted another comment, but I’m not sure if it went through or if I need to submitted it again.

  4. Aaron,
    “It’s basically a race among the Chads, and they normally are not aware of the competitors.”

    How would I know that a girl is talking to multiple guys at the same time? I sometimes wonder whether a particular girl is being loyal, or is talking to multiple guys on the side at the same time. I once had a co-worker tell me that one of her girlfriends was talking to several different men at the same time. Apparently, none of these guys were getting laid. Instead, she was stringing them along and financially exploiting them since she was having a difficult time staying afloat with her finances. A couple of guys were paying her rent, while a different guy was paying her cell phone etc.

    Also, do you find it common that women have two cell phones now a days than ever before? I’ve seen a handful of women have two cell phones. I’m not sure the reasoning behind having two cell phones aside from giving off the impression that they are loyal and have no other male contacts in the phone. Of course, I’ve seen people who have two cell phones lines, one phone for work purposes while the other is for family and friends.

    This was the comment that I submitted earlier, but it didn’t go through the first or second the time. The second time, I received a message saying that I have already submitted.

    1. Probably this girl had her rent paid multiple times over by those guys. I have heard similar stories before.

      In most cases you cannot reliably tell if she is talking to other guys if you do not live with her. Probably this is not really much of an issue for practical purposes. After all, if you get laid and you have no serious interest in her, you may not care much about what else she does in her spare time. On the other hand, if she is living with you, you should have a pretty good understanding of how she spends her time, and she would not move in with you if she still needed to ride the cock carousel.

      I have come across women with multiple private cell phones the first time a few years ago. I also find it noticeable that it is quite common to come across phones that support dual SIM cards. The number of people who have multiple residences, in multiple countries, is surely much smaller than the number of cheating whores who want have dual online identities.

  5. Aaron, have you considered moving to Eastern Europe, or more specifically, one of the smaller cities which have sizeable Volksdeutscher communities?

    Somewhat related to this, I’ve read some time ago that elements within AfD were contemplating on creating settlements in EE. I believe EE is generally Germanophilic but the governments might not be too keen on having Orania styled settlements within their borders.

    1. He has been to Poland but I think that the living standard is not as high as Sweden.

      Despite having some German population, the majority still speaks another language.

      Normally, you see an influx of Polish immigrants to the UK, for example, not the other way around.

      Just hope everything goes well for him. He might be able to even speak Swedish to some extents. An intelligent guy, I must say.

    2. My Swedish is alright. You hint at an important aspect: being able to speak the local language is hugely beneficial. This is also true if you live in an area where the majority language is not the national tongue.

    3. I am not sure I want to learn any of the Eastern European languages. For those with genetic ties to those areas, these countries might be good options. In fact, over the years I have spoken to a few people from the Western world, in particular from Canada and the US, who have ties to the Old World or Eastern Europe and who have begun strengthening those bonds, for instance by seeking out people with a similar background in their current country, brushing up on language skills, traveling, or rejuvenating contacts with distant relatives.

    4. Your wife is Singaporean, can you become a permanent resident over there. I remember you described your wish to go there.

      I understand that you don’t want to talk about your private life here.

      57% income tax is a crushing figure.

    5. The problem with SG is that their Covid restrictions are ridiculous. I could not even get a work pass because I am not vaxxed. In fact, in order to work in SG, you need to be vaxxed to the maxx.

    6. Please ignore the Singapore question.

      This question is less personal.

      Do you find Swedish hard as a German speaker?

      I am learning German myself. Really admire the depth of this language and many philosophical contribution the German world has to offer to the world.

      If it is not for that bloody Hitler, Germany might not fall into a pit as in the current time.

    7. Swedish is pretty easy as a German speaker. I could more or less read the language right away. Without Hitler, Germany would have been destroyed in the early 1930s. Just look into the excesses of Bolshevism that ravaged the country.

    8. I would rather take a weak Weimar than the utterly ruined Germany that Hitler left behind after a bullet went through his temples. His policy of erasing Jews and Slavs, particularly the Soviets, forever engraved the guilty complex in the mind of upcoming generations. Had it not been for his rise to power, Germany could still keep Prussia and many other territories.

      Of course, Hitler was not alone. As a veteran of WW1, he represented an entire generation of German soldiers and officers who desired nothing but war to avenge the Allies.

      He could have everything he asked for had he stopped at Anschluss. Yet he went on on a ceaseless ride to domination over the Continent, only to lose everything.

      Germans could not even mourn millions of her son who gave so costly lives to the altar of Nazism.

      Der Tod des Deutschland mit Hitler starten! Der zweite Tod

    9. I’m quite certain that the supposed “guilt complex” of the Germans is due to post-war Allied brain-washing. I went through this myself but the outcome was not what ZOG intended.

    1. There are musings that the Ukraine war is primarily a ginormous money-laundry racket, and there is plenty of evidence to support this view. To me, it seems as if the goal is to transfer billions of taxpayers’ money from the public purse to friends and family of ZOG, and as an added bonus, they get to reduce the white gene pool.

    1. That’s what happens when you make it the LGBTQIZFRMgoogleplexplusanexxed squared by 152 pie !!!

      The stinky Lesboes can have the impassable trannies with Adems Apples !!!

      But for us straight guys, we should get first pick on the hott and very feminine sexy lady boise of the Philippines and thighland !!!

    2. On another note, that Fat Blob David Futrelle (not to be confused with that other Fat blob Matt Forny) is pssing off feminists because he wants to be let into woman spaces even though he was alleged;ly born as a man !!!

      Just look at how much all the manboobs commenters hate JK Rwing and call her a turf !!!

      I bet it’s only a matter of time before they start smashing heads in at the next ladies march !!!

      I will be laughing, hahaha !!!

    3. Well I’m currently in Serbia and the country is having a wave or recurrent mass demonstrations against the “Pride Parade Week” next week (!) and the entire legislative agenda associated with it, forced upon the country and financed by the EU and ZOG. It’s not unlikely that the government might even break over this issue as its the straw, that might be breakimg the camel’s back.
      Some countries and peoples just don’t want themselves to br undermined and destroyed from the inside further. “Hands off our children” is a very good argument, not just a slogan.
      Alek, you are Croatian I guess, how’s the situation over there, kod vama?

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