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You Must Eat Ze Bugz!

If there is one thing I am sure of then it is that the billionaire class should tell me what to eat and how to live. The WEF’s Weirdo Klaus, for instance, has been talking about how we all must eat ze bugz, so if Klaus says that ve must eat ze bugz then ve must eat ze bugz. Of course, this minor modification of our dietary habit is only reserved for the cattle, not for the billionaire class, which will keep up their habit of ordering 1 kg wagyu steaks coated with flakes of gold to feed it to their dog, while they have an iguana or panda tenderloin themselves.

Even on some fringe forums there are people who think that you are a loony when you point out that the elites want us to eat insects. You can point them to WEF resources such as their article “Why we need to give insects the role they deserve in our food systems” (I’m quite sure that insects are already getting the role they deserve in it) and they apparently cannot compute that this is real. It is a lot more real than people are willing to accept. Quite frankly, if you wanted to slander the WEF, you could not do a better job than they do themselves already. Anyway, currently a lot of money is being pumped into research on how to make those fucking bugs more palatable, and this includes psychological manipulation as well.

In a recent paper, some academics at a university in Singapore, for instance, explored how to avoid the disgust reaction when getting served a big plate of baked cockroaches. The obvious response would be that humans probably developed this kind of disgust for a good reason, but this would be some kind of over-simplified far-right extremist thinking roughly at the level of not wanting unlimited immigration from the third world. No, reality is much more complex, goy, and the problem is that you experience such disgust. Well, the solution is to grind the insects into powder and reshape them, turning them into snacks. It looks like this:

Science is absolutely fabulous!

You have to hand it to science once again! Not only has science made fantastic contributions to the recent and still ongoing genocidal vaccination campaign, it also helps us solve one of our biggest remaining problems: overcoming our disgust for eating cockroaches, grasshoppers, and maggots. Instead, you get to marvel at geometric shapes and nightmare-inducing figures before gorging on a perfectly appropriate meal that covers all your nutritional needs.

There is a good argument, based on racism, of course, for why humans are not fit for eating insects. There is of course the evolutionary argument that if insects were so great, we would be eating them already. However, there is a people on this planet that was put into dire straits thanks to the wonders of communism. When faced with the prospect of starvation, the Chinese apparently tried to eat anything they could get their hands on, which is why you can order pig noses or chicken feet at Chinese restaurants nowadays, even though the more idiosyncratic choices may only be served in China. Insects are abundant and they are easy to catch, and prepare, as Weirdo Klaus and his ilk are quick to point out. So, if insects are so fantastic, then how come the Chinese do not eat them? You can bet that they have tried it.

By the way, you can buy scorpions on a stick in China, as a snack. Scorpions are arachnids, which are not insects. This does not mean that I endorse eating arachnids, but it is certainly peculiar that you cannot buy a cup of friend cockroaches in China. It really makes you wonder. Could it be that Weirdo Klaus and his gang do not have our best interest at heart? Soon they will probably find out that if people are really hungry, they may be more open to eating bugs but this would be too in-your-face. The WEF prefers subtler approaches.

5 thoughts on “You Must Eat Ze Bugz!

  1. I may be proclaiming my ignorance here, but there’s another thing to thank our South East Asian friends for: they provide a justification for eating insects. Thank you, CQV’s people!

    It’s been endlessly poked fun at how we find aquatic arachnids (crustaceans) palatable while their (often poisonous) terrestrial cousins elicit our disgust, so scorpions on a stick are not so degenerate. In fact, they’re anti-kosher, so go arachnids!

    PS: are iguanas considered a delicacy in elite circles, or was that a typo? Here in Central America it’s a cultural thing to eat some large species of iguana; their meat isn’t bad at all, though I fail to see how it could be turned into a hipster fashion the way i.e. avocado was.

    1. I wouldnt mind trying Iguana.. being from South America, and having travelled through the deep intetior of my country as well as others, there are so called “non traditional” meats that are quite tasty. Deer, capybara, armadillo, cuy, alligator, monkey, for example. But yeah, not even the natives I know firsthand are eating bugs…

    2. LOL. Jeff Bezos, adopted Nicaraguan!

      It’s a cliche, bug iguana tastes like chicken. Nothing fancy.

      For some reason I’ve never had deer, even with multiple chances to do so, but some day I will. Armadillo is good, but needs thorough preparation. I’ve also had rabbit.

      Monkey is eaten mostly by the nibbas at the Caribbean coast, same as turtle; I’ve eaten plenty of turtle eggs (which is controversial regarding their protected status), but not their meat yet.

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