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34 thoughts on “Open Thread #231

    1. Lucky she’s got her mask on to protect her from those selfish anti-vaxxers who don’t care one bit about her health.

    2. Let us cater to the morbidly obese by redesigning our entire world! She clearly does not realize how entitled she sounds. Complaining about planes not offering enough space for her is quite something, but this pales against her bitching about hiking trails. Well, if she was that much into hiking, she would surely be in a much better shape.

    3. I’ve actually been thinking a lot lately about fat girl privilege. That being, fat women are given more than their fair share of opportunities and are allowed to get away with a lot of bad behaviour because people take pity on them. “The poor dear, she’s probably had it rough because ignorant people judge her for her size.”

      Some of the nastiest bullies I’ve encountered have been fat women. In the workforce they’re allowed to progress to management positions, despite their complete lack of people skills and blatantly obvious red flags along the way. They become entrenched because of the endless sympathy they garner. They cost the organisation untold sums in the loss of productivity from the amount of good talent they scare off, the demoralisation of the remaining talent, and the fact that they themselves are lazy and don’t really care about the interests of the business.

      I would argue that a lot of the problems in the modern workforce are due to the scourge of fat women. Show me any otherwise profitable business that is struggling and no amount of auditors or consultants can figure out why, and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts (lol) their is one or more obese female managers on their team.

  1. Out of curiosity,have you ever tried Gymnastics,Aaron?

    I’ve made a comment before about my idea of an ideal PE Class:

    I think that if you’re going to have a “One-Size-Fits-All” class however,Basic Gymnastics/Calisthenics might be the best choice because it really focuses on Fundamental Movement/Physical IQ/Kinesthetic Awareness Development which will benefit the student in almost any Sport/Physical Endeavour they may choose to get into. Its almost analogous to learning your ABC’s before reading a book on any topic.

  2. In light of the US government’s recent plan for expanding the IRS with special agents capable of wielding deadly force in presumably an attempt to harass and fleece lower/middle workers and small business owners, and considering everything that has gone on and is liable to come in the future, I’ve been very seriously considering taking my life savings and investments when the timing is right and moving to SE Asia. Either that or it’s the homesteading option and with that comes serious risk for being harassed at some point down the line. It just seems to me that unless you’re willing to cuck to the system and take handouts that you’re going to be subjected to soft terrorism at the very least at some point if you remain in the West. The writing is on the wall as far as I’m concerned. No matter which country you reside in, if it’s a Western one you will have to endure some kind of bullshit or another, be it freezing to death, malnourishment, threats of poverty etc.

    1. The IRS has had armed special agents since before anyone on this blog was born (since 1921, I believe). They’re just hiring some more.

      For all the troubles the west has, it’s generally still the best place to be in the world. The only places that can compete with it are a handful of Asian nations like Singapore, Japan, or South Korea (though they have their own issues, of course).

      Southeast Asia isn’t really a good place to live. It really only has one advantage: your money goes a lot further there. Might be a good choice for some people who have enough money to be no more than comfortable in the west, yet enough to be wealthy over there, though.

  3. The CDC no longer claims that the mRNA and spike protein do not stay in your body for long:
    I wonder when they will remove the claim that this garbage does not wreck your DNA, as it has been shown that it messes up liver cells:
    The last claim to go will be that the vaxx is safe and effective.

  4. I recently came across this comic strip, that wonderfully highlights why GDP is a flawed measure of economic progress:
    The example may seem ludicrous, but this is indeed how to increase GDP. For instance, if you let in a gazillion third-world immigrants who do not work, GDP shoots up because you need to house and feed them. Society is also worse off as a consequence but why that does not seem to really matter for our democratic overlords.

    1. It’s worth checking out. I think it was a fair and accurate portrayal of the incident. Ted Kennedy, JFKs younger brother, basically got away with manslaughter in 1969. Then continued to be a senator for decades, and even ran for president. He was one of the architects of the third world takeover of the US.


    I almost felt sorry for Tess. But then I remembered how I was treated – called a murderer, mentally ill, psychopathic, a public health menace. I would definitely not have been allowed to attend an event like CPAC, or even see a movie or eat food at a restaurant. And old Tess has been calling for a return to that. So fuck her, let her have a taste of her own dubious medicine.

    1. This is a great clip. It is indeed the case that people like Tess wanted us excluded from society, locked into our homes, fired from our jobs, and vaxxed against our will. We should never forget this.

    1. I think the elites would love to do that, but it will be more difficult as there are some narrative difficulties. The current push is to claim that the pride poxx are a threat for everyone, even though there is very clear evidence that it only affects sodomites, which includes their sexually abused dogs and children.

    1. This video has been making the rounds. The mainstream even pushed articles on why her behavior is admirable and if you have a problem with it, you must be an incel and should shut up, or perhaps you are just stupid if you have a problem with it. Here is one example, in German:
      Oh, and please remember that you need to take this slut seriously. She is a PM after all.

    2. @ Sleaze: I do remember a full-page eulogizing propaganda piece in German daily FAZ a year ago about all those oh-so-fabulous young 30ish female PMs in several Western countries and how they are finally doing “modern” politics with that distinctive female touch and in such a refreshing new way and everything. On top of it they put a large group photo of those Scandinavian PM girlies along with NZ slut Jacinda Ardern and some other chick I can’t remember. Pure propaganda and absolutely laughable!

      CIA Springer’s WELT is actually quite clever in their tactics as they somewhat cater to both left and right leaning views and publish corresponding articles and op-eds simultaneously (as long as they are still within their CIA-controlled dialectics), so publicly they can always claim plausible deniability.

    3. I recall a picture showing a bunch of female defense ministers sitting together like clucking hens. This was first pushed by the mainstream as an example of modern female politics. Later on, this picture got meme’d pretty hard by the right so it somehow disappeared.

  6. Found this, a reddit entirely about porn”stars” without makeup:

    Now, if you’re like me you probably see through the makeup and find most pornstars ugly as fuck and didn’t even need this reddit, but it is a good confirmation of just fugly most porn”stars” are.

    1. I just learned that it is no longer possible to view NSFW forums on Reddit without an account. This reminds me of the increasing number of videos on YouTube that ask for age verification, for which you only need to upload a picture of your passport (lol). It seems to happen increasingly often for gameplay videos up upcoming big-budget video games that address a male target audience, like the Resident Evil 4 remake. In contrast, you can watch videos of train wrecks like the new Saints Row or that abominable game Forspoken all you want. I am looking forward to the memes, in particular with regards to the latter. The black main character speaking of a “muhfuggin’ dragon” is one of my highlights of the last few months.

  7. Anyone see the latest video of the Finnish PM? This is reaching levels that are getting scary. The hamster-wheeling is just full-on scary.

    She’s basically dancing all sexy with some dude who looks to be 20 years younger than her… lets him smooch her on the neck.

    And she’s married with a kid.

    The twitterati are in full-force defending her like “wait, is dancing forbidden now, girl can’t even dance?”. But this is the kind of stuff you do right before you start fucking. She’s doing full on drunk teenager hookup grind dance with some dude 20 years younger than her, as her beta husband and child are at home.

    When people point out to them “Hmmm, he’s kissing her neck, and she’s grinding with him”, these people are like “cmon dude, it’s just a peck on the neck”…

    I feel like if the next video is of her getting railed by 3 immigrants hardcore… these people are gonnna be like “Cmon, it’s just the tip of that dude’s penis, it didn’t even go all in”.

    1. Top-rated comment on the Daily Mail:
      If that were a married 36-year-old man, no-one would be defending him. All the headlines would be about his cringeworthy dad dancing and lack of responsibility or decorum. So why should her mum dancing be treated differently?

    2. I saw a twitter of hers yesterday. Thank you for pointing it out. The way she dances was highly suggestive.

      She was a slut, for sure.

      My guess is this kind of new women’s slutiness far surpasses Catberine I of Russia or Elizabeth I of England.

    3. I find it most amusing that her wedding ring is quite visible in some shots and she does not care. Currently, I am working on an article on elite control of female top politicians, which is inspired by the first video leak. One aspect is withholding video evidence of those sluts showing behaviors that undermine their status. With this slut here, those releases may just be one big coincidence but possibly they are spread to send her the message to stay in line or else. The bigger picture is that there has been significant strong-arming in the background to get Finland to join NATO. Up next: videos of Sanna Marin snorting coke while she is getting fucked in the ass. Of course, as Alek rightly points out, the desperate defense of the left would be that she was just on a girls’ night out or that the dude used a condom, or something along those lines, so it does not really count.

    4. It is impossible to rescue her case. I wonder who are those willing advocates. Not even Gorgias and his silver tongue could delude the majority of sane males. As for those who are beyond help and hope, anything can convince them that she is a maiden virtue.

    5. It’ll be hilarious if she gets away with this. Like you said, Alek, there’s no way this would be accepted if it were a male politician who did it. Yet you still see people online crying that it’s “sexism” and “misogyny” because they believe any criticism of a woman is rooted in prejudice.

      They seem to have updated the article with the identity of the man, by the way: Finnish pop star Olavi Uusivirta. He’s actually three years older than her. Still, regardless of age, it’s a pretty shitty thing for a married woman to do.

    6. Karl, you need to show greater reverence to this slut. After all, if she says that “nothing inappropriate” happened in those videos, then it is simply the case that nothing inappropriate happened. After all, in her boundless solipsism, it is up to Sanna Marin to decide what is inappropriate and what is not, and she clearly refers only to those videos (tehe!), and not about anything else she does off camera with random guys she meets in the many clubs she hangs out in until closing time.

    7. Aaron:

      You are right, of course, and I apologize for my deplorable behavior in questioning this woman who is “living her best life.” I shall immediately go and marry an overweight feminist with five children by way of penance!


    8. I already said it and I’ll proudly say it again: “She’s so slutty and such an airhead… I’d still bang her!” 😉

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