Stupid Teachers are a Feature of the System, not a Bug

On my other blog I lamented that the dumbest people imaginable end up becoming teachers. This is not an exaggeration. Bottom-tier high school graduates go into Education, which is the major with the lowest average IQ. I recall studies claiming that the average IQ among students is around 97, and, fittingly, faculty in Education are the dumbest bunch at university, too. It surely is not ideal, from the perspective of perpetuating society, to have people who are dumb as bricks LARP as teachers. Yet, this is where we are in the West. Unfortunately, the people who run society see nothing wrong with this. Quite certainly, they consider it highly beneficial that teachers are so incredibly dim-witted.

You may ask what benefit there could be in having teachers whose IQ is below the average of their students. Well, if you want to teach kids mathematics, this is hardly ideal, but, as science recently discovered, mathematics is racist anyway, so you better forget about acquiring any advanced knowledge. Surely, it is easy to classify upset parents of kids who are held back by stupid teachers as domestic terrorists. Just give it another year or so.

The elites do not want you to be educated and able to think for yourself. Instead, they want people to be so dumb that they believe the stupid propaganda the mainstream puts out. The ideal is a citizenry that is unable to reflect on anything and quickly changes their point of view, depending on paroles spread by the mainstream.

One mainstream favorite is that immigration, illegal or otherwise, is a boon for society. Yet, if you ask to see figures that prove this, you are a Nazi because you are not supposed to question anything the mainstream presents as fact. A teacher with an IQ slightly above 100 would have a hard time pushing such garbage on children, which may be why those people do not enter the profession, or have left it. In contrast, the kind of high school student who used to be made fun of because he or she was just so fucking stupid is the ideal candidate for indoctrinating the next generation.

It does not matter how dumb an idea you want to push: socialism, communism, Modern Monetary Theory, open borders, universal basic income, sex ed for first-graders, transsexualism, man-made climate change, Covid, and so on and so forth — there is not a single idiotic idea those teachers will not like. For your typical dumb teacher, absolutely everything sounds plausible or seems to be “a good thing”.

There is a silver lining in all of this, two even. First, you cannot build a society on stupidity, so stupid teachers will only accelerate the collapse of society. Second, stupid people rarely have strong convictions. They will see little reason to object to fresh propaganda. Just like Joe Normie, who spouted pacifist phrases and denounced national borders, turned into a raving war-monger who supports sending billions to the Ukraine and defend its borders, so will our near-retard teachers spread whatever new message they receive. As you cannot build a functioning society with such people, you will have to fire them nonetheless, though.

23 thoughts on “Stupid Teachers are a Feature of the System, not a Bug

  1. It’s also, of course, that engineers, (some) doctors and (some) scientists are valuable resources. The less there are of them, the higher the value of whichever entity they work for, and the less competition that entity faces as rivals struggle to acquire their own. Similar to how different sources of energy and minerals are sabotaged and shut down to drive up their prices.

    On the surface, I wouldn’t care that bad public schools exist. Not to be harsh, but there are many people who are just not suited to much more than unskilled labour, or less. What bothers me is that the powers that be blow smoke up our asses about it, saying that public education is an infinite good and that they want all kids to reach their full potential. It bothers me because parents of kids with potential fall for this spiel and dump them in these hellholes.

    1. >On the surface, I wouldn’t care that bad public schools exist.

      I consider myself a victim of the flawed mainstream/traditional education system and I would have to deeply disagree that this is not an issue worth caring about. And this is coming from someone who wasn’t even raised in a public school,but even the private schools here that follow the traditional model are flawed for reasons I stated in this reddit thread of mine: (along with the corresponding links therein)

      So many countries all around the world would benefit from following Finland’s example. And I don’t necessarily even mean copying their system verbatim(although some would benefit from doing just that alone. And Finland’s system is definitely an important point of reference),but actually evolve their own system instead of letting it stay the way it is. The system is broken and needs to be fixed and yet people here care more about trying to fix issues that arguably aren’t even broken (We don’t need more “Extra-Curricular Activities”,as I’ve said in my own thread; “A sprinkled plate of dogshit is still a plate of dogshit.” Fix the fundamental system before addressing these more minor issues) over those that definitely are.

      I’m not gonna say every word in this quote is necessarily all true,but people should have realized long ago that Learning is most effectively done when having fun,and while you probably can’t turn 100% of the education process fun and enjoyable,one should be able to make most of it so. The only downside is that this takes more work on the part of the Educators. But students shouldn’t be the only ones expected to put in the effort.

      I love this video. It needs to be seen by more and more people. Particularly School Faculty.

      Anyway,getting to the topic of Teachers,I very much agree with Aaron’s assessment. I’ve met a whole lot who don’t seem to have any insight outside of the specific field they teach. And there’s too many of them who have huge egos and love to power trip on their students. There was this time during Math class where a classmate of mine corrected the teacher on a specific equation he got wrong (My Math skills are bottom-tier,but I could tell nearly everyone in the room could see my classmate was right)and he made a gigantic bruhaha over it. Even telling us students (when he went out for a bathroom break) that we could put his arrogant ass in his place by ganging up and assaulting him. (I wish I was making this up,but I assure you,I’m not…)

      I could rant more and more about all my encounters with power tripping teachers and professors,but that would make comment of mine longer than it already is. lol.

      Finland actually has a high standard for the Teaching profession as far as I’ve read. You needs a Master’s degree and you need to go through serious training before being allowed into the profession. They say Teachers in Finland are about as respected and almost as well-paid as the Doctors. (Probably a bit of an exaggeration,same is true for the “Zero Homework” misconception that’s all over the place,but you get the point)

      I don’t plan to ever have kids,but if I did,I would definitely make sure to gain citizenship in Finland before I do so. I definitely wouldn’t want to force my (hypothetical) children through the needlessly unpleasant education system of my country.

    2. I definitely wasn’t endorsing public education. I was saying that parents should be fully informed that these schools don’t give a rat’s tail about producing well adjusted kids with good prospects.

      Most public schools are an unholy mix of the Prussian education model and Mary Magdalene asylums (being mostly run by crazed, abusive women). If you haven’t already I’d suggest looking into the Prussian education system, especially look into the works of the late John Taylor Gatto.

      I’ll definitely look into how Finland do things. As far as moving there though, I don’t do cold very well.

      And a word of advice. Stay off of Reddit, it’s nothing but bots and shills.

    3. I hated school and teachers. Fucking hated it. Both of my narcissistic sisters are school teachers. I did graduate college but I’m mostly self-educated.

      They should go back to the platonic method where the students have more of a say in the direction of their learning. Plato said he taught his students nothing. He brought out what was already in them. College professors are the worst sophists. Complete propagandists.

      I actually would like to get into teaching. I want to turn this mother fucker around.

    4. @Parker
      >And a word of advice. Stay off of Reddit, it’s nothing but bots and shills.

      My account has sadly been suspended(probably because I’ve upset quite a few snowflakes with my comments elsewhere),and reddit is definitely infested with plenty of idiots,but I mostly hang around the more niched subreddits. r/visualnovels for example is a pretty good hangout for not just talking to fellow readers,but also as a place to ask for information to find obscure titles and even get help with installation problems. (As they are a Japanese medium,the installation procedure will be in Japanese and the folks over there who can read Japanese are definitely a big help)

      I definitely recommend avoiding big mainstream subreddits though. I’m sure this is not new information for the regulars here but there’s plenty of useless noise and trash to go around in mainstream information.


      >They should go back to the platonic method where the students have more of a say in the direction of their learning.

      Ever heard of the Sudbury School Education? I think you’d be interested in watching this video:

      Although as I’ve said in the comments section of my reddit thread,although I do like the concept,I don’t have as much confidence in it as Finland’s system which is not only much more proven,but I feel it balances out the “Leave Kids Free to Educate themselves in Things they are interested in” and “There are things Citizens must know to be a functional and productive member of Society” equation. (Take Basic Finance for example. It may be boring as shit to learn,but everybody should know how to manage their finances)

      That said,its definitely far superior to the Public School system (especially that of my home country),that’s for sure.

      >I actually would like to get into teaching. I want to turn this mother fucker around.

      We definitely need more quality teachers,but I feel you’d be better off doing something like opening your own school and bringing in Finnish teachers there,which will hopefully make a meaningful influence in your country.

      If I were some super rich multimillionaire,I would probably try to do this in hopes that my school’s influence could possibly change the mainstream Education system of my country.

      There might be more feasible and realistic ways to make a difference,but unfortunately,a good teacher in a largely bad school system has little chance of truly making a difference.

      if I were you and had an interest in teaching (I personally don’t),I’d try to become a professional tutor instead of a school teacher however. Gives you more freedom to teach however you would like alongside not being stuck to 9-5 hours.

    5. That’s why I haven’t tried it. It’s so daunting working in an environment like that. Maybe even worse than being a drone. I don’t know.

  2. People should take advantage of public libraries more (myself included). Especially because the internet is not what it used to be. Libraries are fucking gold mines.

    1. You can get PDFs of old books on This may save you the trip to the public library. In my part of the world, libraries have, unfortunately, become pretty pozzed. While I have not encountered tranny story hour yet, the big public libraries here apparently have to meet certain numbers for non-white patrons. So, what did they do? They installed giant TVs and PlayStations in some “multimedia corner”, which has turned into a meeting place for diverse youth. Their behavior is not appropriate for a library, but if you point this out, you probably risk criminal prosecution.

    2. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      That’s why I would highly advice against becoming a School Teacher. Back when I was in University,I had the option of doing my internship as a school teacher but I opted for Librarianship instead. I generally hated my College experience,but I consider this one of my best decisions. I met some cool and laidback folks.


      I would hope that “Multimedia Corner” is contained in some soundproofed room. Imagine leisurely reading an interesting book only to have some noise from another corner ruin the quiet atmosphere. I have never borrowed a book for personal use from a library (Because the cool and quiet environment was suitable enough for me to enjoy it there) but if I were exposed to that shit,I definitely would have been forced to do so.

    3. My local library has a play room for kids right in the front They run around and scream…… a fucking library. The parents say nothing. The library employees say nothing. The sanctity of a library is gone with the rest of our civilization.

      So yeah, better to check out the classics online.

    4. I also noticed that the kind of people they hire nowadays do not quite seem to be of the book-reading kind. When I was a kid, librarians were composed, scholarly-looking types. Today, you get an assortment of soy boys and feminists.

    5. If you know what you are looking for, Library Genesis [] is a gold mine of downloadable books.

      Mostly in pdf and epub, you can also find books in more obscure formats like .mobi, but nothing an ebook converter cannot handle.

    6. Haha, in Singapore, bad behaviour in libraries is completely different. I once saw a librarian doing her rounds and she woke up all the people who were sleeping in the comfortable cushioned chairs. I used to think it was excessively nanny-like. (It goes without saying that noise and unruly behaviour are no-nos). But that library was also a smaller one and with high population density, sleeping people deprive others who want to use the armchairs to actually read. So I see the point. Many were probably overworked people and students looking for an air-conditioned place to take a nap.

      If the state of a country’s libraries is a good indication of how degenerate its people are, I’ve been to one in Poland and was impressed by the silence and studiousness in the atmosphere there. Sweden was bad, with people talking and eating. And a friend couldn’t stand the neuroticism and uptightness in the university library she went to in Seoul. She didn’t feel at ease enough to focus on her work.

  3. Since we’re all discussing the Education System here,I want to talk about a specific subject; Physical Education (PE)

    What’s your idea of an ideal PE class? In my humble opinion,it should have these:

    – Teaching students the reality of Calories-in Calories-out. Whether that be in gaining mass (ideally muscle),losing mass (ideally fat),or simply maintaining your current body weight. I think this is how one can effectively help to reduce the obesity pandemic in a country. I’d argue this is the most important “Basic Nutrition” lesson you could teach.

    – Days where students aren’t going to sit in the classroom,but instead be encouraged to attend an assortment of sports/physical activities of their choice. I don’t just mean mainstream stuff like Basketball or Soccer ,but as much variety as possible.

    When I was a kid for example,I had zero interest in basketball and would have resented being forced into it. But rollerskating/rollerblading lessons? I would have definitely been interested.

    – Classes on how to move correctly for basic exercise pursuits. For example,how to do all the compound lifts with correct technique,how to properly approach Calisthenics,and even how to run (or even walk!) with correct technique so you don’t damage your joints doing it. Actually,I think class sessions like these should be taught by (or with the help of) licensed Physical Therapists.

    Anyway,those are my ideas to make for an ideal PE class,but would like to hear your opinions.

    1. I agree. It all goes back to people being encouraged in pursuing WTF they WANT to do.

  4. I actually finished half the teaching credential program years ago. I quit because there were no jobs in teaching back then. Anyway, we had to sit in on classes and write reports on our experiences. So, this vice principal blew up on me over the phone because I dared to ask to sit in on a class session when they were about to go on vacation. Teachers go on vacation before they go on vacation.

    My sister did the same thing. I asked her to help me with a contact she had for a job. She said she’d do it after her vacation…….which didn’t start for several days.

    Try telling your boss that. Today’s teachers are lazy and they suck.

    1. Yes, very good video. I liked the Sudbury one too. We definitely need to explore alternatives. The system is outdated and broken and too many fucked up people are drawn to the profession. I think it also draws in a lot of women who want children but can’t find husband’s.

  5. In response to your fourth paragraph: There was an European country that did an economic analysis on their non-European migrants and concluded that their net lifetime contribution to their national economy was a significantly large negative value. If you told one of these leftist teachers that, they would probably claim that you can’t trust claims from “neo-Nazi” countries like Hungary and Poland (as if they would have such migrants at all). It would be amusing to reply to them “Oh, I didn’t know that Norway was run by Neo-Nazis!”

  6. I hate it when people agree with me on the sailent point, but for dumb reasons.

    Education majors and the faculty that teach in their departments are incredibly stupid. This is very, very true. Then this screed degenerates into the same “speshul sekret knolidge” conspiracy shit people decide to LARP believing because it makes them feel part of something. Yes, teachers are dumb. Yes, the people making educational policy are dumb. Yes, someone is probably taking advantage of them as useful idiots to advance an agenda.

    Then it launches into a bunch of trad-values bullshit. Just keep the first paragraph, man. You’re coming off as dumb as the average journalist, let alone a teacher.

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