Smartness as a Skin Suit

Our regular reader and frequent commenter Yarara left an interesting comment on my recent article about the female predilection for magic. Let me quote him in full:

Just a few days ago, at a social meeting, I caught up with a girl I had not seen for some time. She is in her mid-20s, kinda slutty, she has a bachelors degree and is working through a masters. She always struck me as smart, was known for good grades, and her field of work is related to technology.

During the meeting, a rather conservative, level headed colleague of mine mentioned going for a routine medical test and having a (female) doctor telling him that his chakras were almost certainly misaligned. He told the story in order to poke fun at the situation, but this girl jumped into the conversation, not only revealing herself to be a big believer in these unseen energies, but on top of that she wanted to recommend an expert in “invocation of angels” or something like that (she used a made-up word in spanish I cannot quite figure out how to translate). I rolled my eyes in disbelief.

He later on added that there are of course also stupid men. I think the male equivalent does not practice his own kind of magic but instead is an avid gambler. Just as women believe in misaligned chakras that need to be fixed, so do men concoct bizarre theories to justify them losing money on sports betting or at the roulette table. There are also guys who go off the deep end with regards to technical stock analysis, so much so that it appears as if they are reading tea leaves.

While I have met men who seemed to have part of their brain missing, I have also met quite a few genuinely intelligent men. In contrast, the number of women who impressed me with their big brain is pretty small. There are probably a few smart lesbians out there but they do not seem to really be able to complete with men either. I know, I know there was that one chick who won the Fields medal a few years ago, and we also had Marie Curie who surely would have won the Nobel prize even if she had not been married to and collaborated with her husband Pierre Curie. Of course, there is also the first programmer ever, Ada Lovelace, who is hailed as some kind of proto-genius in computer science, yet her writings reveal that she had absolutely no clue what Babbage’s analytical engine was supposed to do.

When I grew up, everybody told me that girls are smarter than boys, and women smarter than men. In middle school I even had a mathematics teacher who showered some chick with constant praise, telling her that she is “really the best students of the class” whereas she showed great hostility towards the one male student, me, who was actually at the top of the class. I don’t think that chick got an A even once, let alone an A+, because if she had, that teacher surely would have made a spectacle out of it.

I never met a woman who was able to complete with me academically, and not that many men either. In my professional life, I am being told that we need to give women an extra leg up and that they can be just as valuable as men in the workplace. As it seems, reality does not quite agree with ideology here. Funnily enough, there are two results in IQ research that are promoted by the mainstream, one is the claim that women and men have the same average IQ, but women have a narrower distribution whereas there are more male geniuses and morons. Yet, this is highly misleading because that one study was done with 13 or 14 year old girls and boys, i.e. when girls have the greatest developmental advantage over girls. The other result is about the supposed superior IQ of Albanians, with is given as 115, when the same study measured the IQ of whites as 117. (Thankfully, science is there to tell us that the genius level IQs of the National Socialist leaders were not scientifically accurate.)

In my perception, a lot of women want to wear smartness only as some kind of skin suit. I have never met a woman who was able to obsess about any subject even as much as the median male students in any class, and no subculture I ever immersed myself in online ever had any prominent female member. Again, the women in those circles seem to care much more about the mere association with any given subculture, and at the extreme, they are only there to leech off the men, in the style of Laura Southern and other female grifters.

With the exception of my high-IQ wife, I cannot even recall any woman who could hold my intellectual attention. Instead, talking to women normally was some kind of bizarre juggling act for me where the challenge consisted of bedding her before I became completely repelled by her stupidity. The most insufferable women I interacted with were the supposedly intelligent and highly educated ones. On one hand, they want to boast about their degrees and impress you with their knowledge, but on the other their house of cards tends to collapse the moment you probe a little bit. Of course, you quickly learn that you are not going to get your dick sucked by the chick in whose Master’s thesis project you just identified major methodological weaknesses.

Feminists love to proclaim that men are intimidated by smart women. I am not, and I do not think that any smart man is. Instead, they only make men cringe. I do not think it is particularly enjoyable to hang out with those highly “edumacated” women who are eager to demonstrate their knowledge. Oftentimes it is only a matter of time until they embarrass themselves. My favorite episodes are women who want to impress me with their vocabulary and wrongly pronounce big words or, even better, reveal that they do not understand what they mean.

Many years ago, a friend of mine bragged about the chick he is currently dating. She was super smart, went to one of the top universities in the UK, and was “supremely well-educated”. He mentioned that she read books by Susan Sontag, born Susan Rosenblatt, and other subversive Albanian authors. I dismissed his claims and asked him why this chick, if she is so fucking smart, does not study mathematics instead. Again, the skin suit problem rears its ugly head. Reading supposedly difficult books and telling your professors what they want to hear does not mean that anybody is smart. Instead, it shows that those people are super-conformists and it is fitting that women engage in such behavior because, evolutionarily speaking, they want to fit into their tribe and be accepted by it whereas men are fine on their own.

Even your pozzed science does not claim that there are more female geniuses than male geniuses. Instead, we only hear about all those highly educated women with degrees in bullshit subjects who cannot find a doctor, lawyer, or engineer to marry them, implying that their degree in Education or English Literature puts them on the same level as those men. It is all complete nonsense. Yet, this is the kool-aid women are drinking that makes them believe that they need to complete with men now on smartness, and you can easily see how comical this will be in the end. A lot of those smartness skin suits will get stained by red wine or scratched up by cats.

28 thoughts on “Smartness as a Skin Suit

  1. “ I dismissed his claims and asked him why this chick, if she is so fucking smart, does not study mathematics instead”

    Not all smart people can excel at Math.

    1. Do you think not-so-smart people can excel at reading word salad in book form and writing papers on it that reflect their professor’s position?

    2. I would state that Math is a good indicator of one’s intelligence.

      Are you able to understand and do algebra? trigonometry? statistics? geometry?

      I think those areas are a good baseline to indicate if one is intelligent or not. This can be utilized to weed out those who are not capable of any kind of abstract thought which is the overwhelming majority of society.

      Now, not everyone is going to be able to do calculus 3 or differential equations nor should they. There is a level at which one is specializing in a math heavy field that is unnecessary for someone who should focus on becoming a doctor, lawyer, philosopher, etc.
      There is an issue today where academia is now a business entity and is open to the lowest common denominator and you no longer have to prove any kind of intelligence whatsoever. Hell, it is now finally coming to fruition that large amounts of students going to supposed “good” universities in the US are actually bribing test takers to take their tests for them. The universities are so desperate that they are no longer requiring tests. Lastly, the US used to have an employment system where you could just take an IQ test in order to determine what kind of job you should have…..but alas it was cancelled because it was deemed “racist”. Now look at us…..we are fully retarded.

    3. @z
      Depend on how those subjects are taught. If it is heavy in computation, then it would not weed out those who are not brilliant enough. It also depends on age groups as well. If they are a bit older and mature, they might do better.

      But even in those subjects, not all smart students can overcome them. A challenging course in trig, for example, can include many questions that require certain aptitude to pass. Check out books such as Algebra and Trigonometry by Israel Gelfand (Sleazy might demand him to be hung as he is Jewish). They are not easy by high school standard. (Then trig book is easier than the other one).

  2. “ I never met a woman who was able to complete with me academically, and not that many men either.”

    Perhaps you have not met enough people? Or perhaps you suffer from the delusion that you are nearly a genius?

    It seems that your arrogance is through the roof here.

    1. @Cuong Quoc Vu Dude, why the hostility? It seems all you want to do is personally attack people for wrongthink. If you disagree with someone, why not at least attempt to form your own coherent argument instead of lashing out?

    2. I have met a lot of smart men, and I have had no shortage of opportunities to study, work, or otherwise interact with them.

    3. That sounds better, as in one of your autobiographical pieces, you mentioned that you were a small fish in a larger pool, full of high IQ students, to use your own language to describe them.

      Sometimes it is hard to reconcile some of your statements as they seem to be contradictory with one another.

      I might add that, based on my experience with Buddhism, humans might have hidden abilities that remain undiscovered throughout their lives, but find a chance to finally blossom as their seeds are watered.

      Mathematics is only one metric to measure a human’s intelligence. There are other avenues where it manifests itself in different forms.

      Perhaps take a more generous and hopeful attitude towards human conditions instead of remaining so snobbish and entrenched in your pre-conceived notions of intelligence.

      Let’s do a bit of excercise and turn the question you intended to ask that girl who loved Sontag to yourself, if you think you are intelligent enough, why not take Mathematics as a major instead of Economics and Computer Science?

    4. You could replace the supposed study of Susan Sontag with any quantitative subject. In terms of difficulty, higher to lower, the fields you mention, and one relevant related one, rank about as follows:
      1. Mathematics (pure)
      2. Physics
      3. Computer Science
      4. Economics

      There may be a big gap between Econ and CS, and depending on your specialization, there can be quite a gap between Physics and CS, but if you focus on Algorithms/ML, you will essentially do an applied mathematics degree. Still, the gap between Econ and Sociology is absolutely enormous. You may think that the thick books those people read are “difficult”, but somehow you have people in those courses who struggle with solving a quadratic equation. I just can’t take the claim seriously that those people are somehow brilliant thinkers.

      There are good reasons for picking CS as well as Econ over Mathematics or Physics. Employability is a big one as in recent years, the job market for CS major has been red hot whereas mathematicians wanting to work in their field have comparatively few options. Some end up in frustrating teacher positions, and the more practically inclined one move into the software industry anyway. Econ majors also have a pretty good job market, at least if you went to one of the more selective universities, and by this I do not just talk about the top 3 or top 10. Attending any recognizable university for Econs is a pretty good choice as it is a fairly quantitative subject.

    5. @ Parker

      Probably some lack of success in some area of his life where Sleazy has excelled like intimacy, for examplez. He comes across as sort of coping when he boasts about his superior mathematical abilities and therefore enhanced reasoning skills or whatever, like it even matters if you’re not applying them to get real world results.

    6. @Sleazy
      You answer well enough. Still, you still elude the question, let me lay it bear in front of you:

      Do you think you have enough raw power to pursue a theoretical Physics or Math degree?

      The counter-answer that I can anticipate from your end is that it is not worth it. But stay worrried not, for the job markets for those who pursue these degrees remain wide opened for a great while, and along with it a multitude of benefits.

      “ You may think that the thick books those people read are “difficult”, but somehow you have people in those courses who struggle with solving a quadratic equation.”

      There may not be the fault of theirs, or could it be the fault of time. But to follow thither till we can reach a conclusion, it may be the fault of their teachers.

      To demonstrate this:

      It is absolutely not hard to memorize the quadratic formula;

      [- b +-sqrt(b^2-4ac)]/2a

      As long as you uses it often

      But you can take a more risky route by trying to factorize it. To factorize an algebraic expression is an art, not quite a science, as Gelfand put it.

      Which route should you choose then?

      You need a good teacher, and good teachers are highly in demand because the pay is low across countries, not just the Western world.

      Do you see now the faults may not be theirs to bear?

      Similarly, a good teacher may inculcate good knowledge to their students in an English course, for instance. He needs to have good taste, and a man who has inner feeling for language, not necessarily foreign languages, but his own native tongue.

      There are things that can go wrong on a human’s path of life, not just his innate ability. She may not have been exposed to the great minds, who as a ferryman could take her across the sea of ignorance.

      To view things from a higher standpoint, to take a bird-eyes view so to speak,

      You have this kind of sharp advantage not because you have done anything that deserves it, it is Chances k lol that bestow that gift upon you. Why not try to help others instead of remaining snobbish and dismissive?

    7. The people who end up studying Sociology or English Literature at places like Oxford or Cambridge surely have had plenty of access to good teachers, so your argument is, quite frankly, nonsensical. In contrast, in subjects like mathematics pedigree is less important so you could come from a less prestigious background but still get a place at a top university.

    8. @ Cuong Quoc Vu: I know it may be hard to accept for some people, but most women are really not that intelligent. They may be clever and sometimes even somewhat witty or even spunky, but not really intelligent. Despite what they think and say about themselves.
      Most women are also not really educated, even if they got the kind of degrees (particularly in the humanities), which would lead you to assume that they are. Usually their level or erudition of sophistication boils down to regurgitating the mainstream facts they read and were told by their professors, coupled with small talk knowledge from womens’ magazines and the like.

      Just as a case in point, I never ever met a woman , who could hold an inspiring conversation about the differences of the types of nuclear reactors. Or about deep topics in music or history. Of course this is just my personal observation and by no means absolute. But similar experiences by other men, who are “sexually competent” with the fairer sex, corroborate that statement.

      That is just a fact of life.

    9. The supposed smartness of some women could be aptly referred to as intellectual parlor tricks. I think Schopenhauer used this phrase. Indeed, it can be quite a shock when you realize how shallow the thinking of a woman who pretended to be intelligent and rational really is.

    10. @Carus,

      Intelligent women are out there. The field that I am going into, Speech Pathology, is female dominated. My younger sister is a dentist, my mother is an experienced businesswoman who has her own successful philosophy of investing.

      There are intelligent females out there, but you will not care. Why, because boobs and bums are all you are after, or long legs are what you are into. Most of the times, they are not as pretty as you want them to be. You are conditioned to react not to their intelligence but beauty or hotness. That is the trend of the modern world.

      There are tons of successful medical students in the US who are females. There are those who pursue Chemistry and Pharmacy, or Nurses.

      I admit that on the summit of intelligence, men dominate, like Math or Phydics. But women still equal men in many fields, acting and singing are just two of them.

      They can also be polyglots as well. I met some in a polyglot club back in Philadelphia.
      Let’s not judge them based on our own worldview.

    11. I only had one female teacher she thaught me ordinary diferential equations, she was the best teacher I ever had although not the smartest one . There are no female geniuses but you dont need to be one to excel at life you just need a reasonably high iq , hard work and good social skills.

  3. “ The people who end up studying Sociology or English Literature at places like Oxford or Cambridge surely have had plenty of access to good teachers,”

    Was this the place where the girl you mentioned came from?

    Your quick dismissive answer shows that you lump all students together, while at the same time selectively choose those who aren’t gifted. I refuse to believe that there are no bright students in English. I don’t know much about sociology so I remain silent on this subject.

    Education doesn’t just start with universities, it starts before school begins.

    As for your innate ability, the sole ground to which your arrogance and snobbiness lean on, I take it that you don’t have enough mental power to succeed in those fields.

    Your view of human abilities seem to be confined to intellectual pursuits. Those times when you mentioned trades, it is demonstrable that you have little knowledge or experience of those fields.

    1. Yes, she studied at one of those two places, and so did the friend I mentioned.

      Thanks for your input overall. What is next, telling me that I should be quiet because I have not been awarded a Nobel prize? I find it hard to take you seriously.

    2. “ Thanks for your input overall. What is next, telling me that I should be quiet because I have not been awarded a Nobel prize? I find it hard to take you seriously.”

      You can be whatever you want, and I am happy to be a critic, that is all.

      To use that girl as an example, sure, she might not be another Poet Laureate of Britain, she could still be a good English teacher had she been instructed by a teacher deepened in the Western tradition of humanism. She should let all students be known that here and there in these corners of earth, there are still children who live their lives like Oliver Twist, and to inculcate in them the ability to discern right from wrong.

      Same girl, different educational contents and teachers, different person.

      I take all students serious and pardon them the flaws they bear by Mother Nature, but I forgive them not for their laziness.

    3. Forget to ask, different parents as well.

      You should try to be a teacher once in a while, perhaps tutor kids Math and German, to gain a glimpse into the developmental process of human.

      Then maybe after that, you may take a more humane view of how humans can change, transform and transcend.

      Your blog is too gloomy anyway. Look at how cynism has led you to.

      Or if you want to propagate your cynical view of the world, try to write in your tongue a work similar to Dostoevsky’s “Notes from the Underground”. You may gain some audiences by circulating it among Rightists like you. That can be a test to your intelligence and greatness, if you are a firm believer in your power.

    4. Alright, so now I need to be a literary genius of the level of Dostoevsky in order to write. Imagine someone told you that you need to have the physique of a Greek god in order to fuck women and anybody else should not even bother.

    5. @Sleazy

      You still don’t understand? I am speaking now to you because you are snobbish and arrogant. It was you who wrote that you did not come across that many men who could compete with you academically. Then it was also you who stated that you have met plenty men of that kind, the kind that could compete with you. (Perhaps here you will jump in and claim that I am autistic and couldn’t comprehend your style). Your statement is even more baffled because you said you studied in a prestigious institution in London. One might wonder if reality aligns with your statement since, there, there should be a fair number of fellows who could compete with you. If not, then maybe Oxbridge have a large numbers as you claimed you knew some from there.

      I suggest that you are not as intelligent as you think you are. I knew many guys who have far more in-depth knowledge of Math than you have, some study in Ecole Normale Superieure, and some pursue their degrees across esteemed institutions of Europe and America. They have never shown traits like you. They open up facebook groups to help the next generations to follow their footsteps. They barely speak of their achievements even when pressed. Then what are your reasons to shout your disdain for humanity when you yourself occupy the lower rung of intelligence?

      I have read lots of your writing and one feature strikes me is that you want to portrait yourself, in writing at least, as some forms of shadowy genius. You know you are’t there but you wish you could be there.

    6. I am not sure where the contradiction is. Without wanting to sound like a blowhard, I am a pretty intelligent guy and in wider society there are not a lot of men who are at my level. However, in certain environments, I have indeed met men whom I considered my intellectual peers. I also do not question that there are men who are far more highly intelligent than I am.

    7. “ I am a pretty intelligent guy and in wider society there are not a lot of men who are at my level. ”

      If you define intelligence as intellectual pursuits.

    8. And here I will be bold to take myself as an example of humility.

      In grade 9, my English teacher told me that I spoke English like “an old American, whose voice is hard to understand.”

      I got 7 at the age of 16 in IELTS without much preparation

      Most Americans I have met said I speak with a British accent

      At least two British people said that I spoke English with a British accent.

      My English teacher at a community college stated frankly that he would never be able to write like I could had he been forced to write in a second language.

      At the age of 20, I was able to recite fully “to be or not to be” soliloquy in Hamlet, just for fun, and still can till now.

      These are to demonstrate how much praises I have received on my English.

      I have never fully trusted them and posed some hypothesis:

      1) I can’t trust my own voice and the opinion of others, I must record my own voice. I suspect that my accent is not perfect.

      2) There are languages which contain specific sounds that I cannot replicate. To put it differently, those sounds are absent in my sound inventory furnished by my mother tongue.

      All my life I have been looking for evidences that these hypothesis are confirmed.

      Guess what, they are all confirmed:

      1) I have found many books on neurolinguistics and second language acquisition that state that passed certain ages, like 12-13 years old, chances that you develop your own accent which deviates from accent of the targeted language is very high. That means I still retain my native Vietnamese accent with significant influence from British English.

      2) There are languages like Standard Arabic and Russian which contain sounds that I, so far, have not been able to replicate with even a modest accuracy, like ль.

      You see how humility works? It is the constant search for your limitations imposed by God, and find ways to overcome them, if workable, or to come to terms with them, if not at all possible.

      On top of that, I always pay due respect to my first English teacher from Wales and my Chinese teacher, who was my roommate..

      Furthermore, I know well that there are polyglots who could speak more languages than I do, and I unashamedly take my hat off to them.

      I have seen you trumpeted your so-called high intelligence, rarely have you been honest about your flaws. Perhaps you want your readers to see you in best light. Obviously, you don’t wana be an honest man, just a cult leader who receives high five and yes from internet warriors who have no fear but take bullets in the chest for you, figuratively speaking.

      What is the difference between you and Stalin and Mao, who want just candy to the ears, icecreams to the mouth and cute smiles to the eyes, in other words, sycophants all around?

    9. Dude come on! dont be so optimistic here, this blog is about how if you are not asian or white you are a savage , but even if you are asian you are probably some meek ugly incel and even if you are white you are probably a white woman , and therefore you are nothing but a dumb entitled whore, even worse you may be a parasitic greedy white jew, the only people in the whole world who have some dignity are gentile white men and asian women like sleazy and his wife duh .

  4. As I said, CQV feels the need from time to time to be a contrarian. I suppuse it happens when he’s in a less cynical and more hopeful mood. Most likely he’ll go back to being 100% rational and a good sport; I still remember when I implied (some of) his people were savages for eating dog and he seems to have forgotten about it.

    1. And so I am a bipolar, which is what you mean?

      Well, you are too green to be a psychiatrist. For that to realize, you need lots of brain power. Do you have what it takes to become one?

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