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Aspects of Chad Psychology

I received the following article request:

When a Chad is surrounded by other Chads, do those Chads ever pose a sexual threat? I posted this comment in one of your Open Threads. How should a Chad handle these situations? How does an aging Chad cope that his looks are fading and will no longer be able to compete in the sexual market since there’s a new crop of younger Chads? Lastly, how does a Chad deal with a situation where his girl wants to monkey branch to other Chad equal or younger to his age?

Instead of an essay-style response, I will go through the questions one-by-one.

When a Chad is surrounded by other Chads, do those Chads ever pose a sexual threat? I posted this comment in one of your Open Threads. How should a Chad handle these situations?

In the sexual marketplace there is fierce competition. There is also not an absolute hierarchy, so two attractive guys could be ranked differently by different women. That being said, those guys still need to make a move. I would argue that competition among Chads is less of a problem because those guys are simply more experienced. In other words, they know that they need to preempt threats posed by other guys. They act fast because if they do not then some other guy will.

Any experienced guy who gets a good opportunity to pull some chick will capitalize on it. This is quite likely a response to perceived sexual competition by other guys. They know that they need to strike the iron when it is hot. There are more guys interested in taking home the hottie you have been working on, so if you fumble, or hem and haw too much, she will lose interest, which will create an opening for other guys. This does not just apply to club hookups but to all kinds of situations. If you run “long game”, some other guy can easily “slide into her DMs”, meet up with her, bang her, and then she will forget you even exist.

How does an ageing Chad cope that his looks are fading and will no longer be able to compete in the sexual market since there’s a new crop of younger Chads?

Incidentally, I know a few guys in their late 30s and early 40s who still (or again) bang girls in their 20s. This includes a good friend of mine who is currently finalizing his divorce. The key point is that the world is not full of Chads, and a tall, attractive guy in his late 30s is probably a lot more attractive than some run-of-the-mill guy in his early 20s.

Of course, we will all eventually succumb to physiological changes due to age. Yet, nature has it arranged so that you can quite easily get to grips with it as your sex drive declines with age. In addition, your threshold for the kind of behavior you accept of women tends to be higher so that you may happily forego a lay with a woman who seems mentally unstable, no matter how good she looks.

There is also the issue of the current economic situation. In some ways, this might be a replay of the recession in 2000 or 2008. In short, right now a lot of younger guys have a really hard time getting on their feet. In contrast, aged Chads in their 30s, 40s, or 50s should have their life together. This puts them in an entirely different category for those women because as much as they love getting railed by Ultra-Chad, they love it even more if there is a plausible way forward to a stable relationship, in particular when times are tough. A 25 year-old woman who has recently gotten laid off from her HR job at, say, Twitter or some other former venture-capital darling will pay a lot more attention to the financial stability of a Chad than she would have done a mere two or three months ago when she was making six figures for asking applicants for senior software engineering positions to give them examples of when they acted as an “ally” for women and underrepresented minorities.

Lastly, how does a Chad deal with a situation where his girl wants to monkey branch to other Chad equal or younger to his age?

If we are talking about short-term relationships, this is not really a problem as there is no difference to what a younger Chad experiences. The fuck buddies you had in your 20s who stopped texting you after a few weeks jumped ship to another guy back then as well, after all. The underlying issue is that you will not be able to keep a woman around indefinitely long if you are not ready to commit. At some point, she will get tired of not getting anything out of you putting your dick in her. For a while, she will hope that you make her your girlfriend but if this just does not happen and you keep dodging her we-need-to-talk-about-us bullshit, she will try her luck with some other guy instead. Of course, that guy may as well just want to bang her for a while, and could not think of anything more ridiculous than dating her and introducing her to his parents.

In the case of long-term relationships, I would argue that age works in your favor, simply because she is also getting older. Assume that she is 28 and you are 40. You live together, and she enjoys living rent-free and enjoys some other comforts, such as getting to take your dick regularly. How is she going to improve her lot in life? You were the hottest, most successful guy she could get a few years ago, and now she is older and a little less hot. She will generally not be able to get a better guy than you. Of course, some women delude themselves and think that they can, but reality will teach them otherwise.

26 thoughts on “Aspects of Chad Psychology

  1. I’m in my mid-40s and women continuously tell me that I look like 35. I’m (once again) having great with chicks 10 and 20 younger than me.
    Those rare times I’ve met another real chad (for most guys love to bloat but cannot walk the walk), I’ve always tremendously enjoyed that encounter and situation! There was never a feeling of threat or competition. In contrast it was so refreshing to a) encounter another brother and explore similar views on many topics apart from pussy (For instance, I’ve never ever met a really good horny man, who was in any way a “liberal” or even partially bought into mainstream bullshit).
    And b) even if this colleague or other chads were to take a potential prospective girl away from me (which hasn’t happened yet) I wouldn’t really mind, since there are so many other ones available. All of this dynamic exists under a secular paradigm (i.e. “operating system”) anyway, so it’s no big deal. One more good reason (and justification) to not take the world of pleasure and women too seriously. Which in turn makes you appear more attractive anyway.

    1. Yeah, this comes up from time to time. If a guy is classically handsome and stays in shape, he can remain a Chad in his 40s and beyond. I’ve seen examples of 40 and 50 something Chads banging hot 20 somethings. *Some* masculine looking Chads can get better with age like Sean Connery. And even baby faced Chads look better with age like Leonardo DiCaprio.

      I too get along better with other good looking guys. The jealous ones tend to be the short, overweight, or ugly ones. With one exception. I worked under this Mexican Chad who hated my guts and was on my case all the time. I
      later learned that he grew up
      fat, and now is obsessed with
      the gym. He was big, but not really cut, hadn’t exactly shed all the fat. Also, he was a dark skinned Mexican who grew up in that caste system in Mexico. Could be he holds a grudge against good looking whitedudes. He also hated Donald Trump.

  2. For even older chads (50 and higher), should they still be interested in pussy, I think going to a HQ brothel now and then could always be an interesting option. At least if they’re interested in younger girls with top looks and decent talent in the sack.
    What’s more chad at age 50+? Pulling 35 or 40 year old women with a lot of emotional baggage or banging 20 – 25 years old top-tier professional girls for the sole investment of money? And walking away as a free man afterwards?

    1. What does HQ mean? I know there are lots of acronyms for prostitution, in fact Advocates Diaboli often used MSOG. You’ve got to study the acronyms as thoroughly as you study for IT certifications. In fact, because I didn’t, I experienced my first ladyboy adventure. It turned out great but for those of you not open minded like me it could have been bad !!!!

    2. HQ usually means “high quality”.
      My impression is that you, ladyboy, are not acquainted with the military, because then you’d have come to know HQ as an abbreviation for “headquarters”.
      We’re not talking acronyms (that would be so Mysterg Method), it’s about mere abbreviations.

  3. “My impression is that you, ladyboy, are not acquainted with the military, because then you’d have come to know HQ as an abbreviation for “headquarters”.”

    Touchee, Lucrectia, touchee!!!

    I have never performed military service and am afraid of guns, luckily I was never conscripted into military service. But thank you for letting me know that you meant “high quality” rather than headquarters !!!

  4. Aaron,
    “There are more guys interested in taking home the hottie you have been working on, so if you fumble, or hem and haw too much, she will lose interest, she will forget you even exist.”

    1. There’s been many times where I never seized the opportunity when a woman signal her availability/interest. There’s been times where I didn’t make a move until weeks, months, and sometimes a year later. Fortunately, these women never lost interest in me for delaying the hook up. I still managed to hook up with them the moment I made a move.

    1. Well, you either must be terribly good looking and/or quite loaded or exceedingly well connected as far as status in your social niche goes. Also the age and “quality” of those chicks would be part of the whole picture.
      If you hit on rather bland chicks within your social circle and eventually don’t decide to pull the trigger, and they still remain interested and DTF and never got pecked by another dude in the meantime, only to willingly hook up the moment you finally mange to act appropriately – what does that tell you?

    2. @Lucretius Carus
      When I did finally make a move, all the girls didn’t make me jump through hoops or anything. There was no LMR (last minute resistance) or any coffee dates. They came over to my place and they were all enthusiastic about getting banged. They all complained why I never made a move. All these girls thought that I was not attracted to them.

    3. @Lucretius Carus
      Some of those girls had boyfriends or were dating someone on the side. You’ll be surprised that women are more than happy to cheat on their partner if they find you attractive. I’ve met plenty of women who have cheated on their boyfriends/husbands with me. Some women will tell you that they are single so you can banged them, but you’ll quickly find out that they have a boyfriend .

    4. Chris, I think it is important to add that you have a 10/10 jawline. Your experience here does not translate to the average guy.

    5. Yes I think the level of LMS is significant. If the girl feels rejected vs thinking the guy is a pussy. So her looks and your looks both matter a great deal. For example, the girl might assume your taken, high in demand etc if you don’t make a move. That could even get her to want you even more. It’s all relative I guess.

    6. This is due to mere coincidence. Or do you really believe there was no other man trying his luck? The chick you hook up with later may only have had one or two one-night stands in-between but she may as well have ended up in a relationship. The chick you got one year later probably just happened to have been available again at that time. I remember some girls who were really interested in me but I never ended up banging them because either they or I was unavailable. These chicks were not interested in a mere ONS.

      One I met when she was still together with some dude but she did not want to jump ship, probably because she was not sure whether I would be willing to commit, and when she was available, I was not. Some other chick I met when she was busy with her final exams. She plausibly told me that basically her future depended on her grades, which was true, and when she reached out again many weeks later, things just felt off and I did not even escalate. I thought that she was too calculating. Anyway, interest does not just disappear, in particular if there is a good reason why you did not make a move, but it is not the case that she will just wait for you indefinitely, just as you would not engage in voluntary celibacy while she clings on to her current boyfriend.

    7. Aaron,
      “Your experience here does not translate to the average guy.”

      1. So, what does the average guy experience looks like then? In my situation, I’ve never really had friends in general, so I can hear what kind of stories and experiences other men have had with women. I’ve met plenty of guys who exaggerate about their experiences with women just to look good, and I’ll ask them if they’ve experienced certain situations with women and often I’ll get a blank stare from them.

      “…interest does not just disappear, in particular if there is a good reason.”

      2. When does interest usually disappear then?

      I’ve had experiences where I would call a woman a year later and ask them to come over to my place and bang. Interestingly enough, they came over. These women were fuck buddies in the past. I was surprised they still had the same number.

    8. @Chris

      1) The average guy does not experience anything similar at all. On occasion, some chick may show interest, perhaps because she is a bit too drunk or of some other reason, and if he does not capitalize on it, this chance will be gone forever. The women will not even remember those guys if they bump into them again months later.

      2) For a Chad, sexual interest never really goes away. Women you have banged ten years ago may message you out of the blue on Facebook, asking you how you are doing. Here, the key part is that you will retain your looks much longer than them, so, in relation to them, you will only become more attractive as you age.

  5. Aaron,
    “For a Chad, sexual interest never really goes away.”

    1. I remember that Alek made a comment that a woman can lose interest to the point where she can lose attraction. So, does a woman ever lose attraction to a Chad or just interest?

    1. This is a good question. I turn it back on us. Do we ever think a girl is physically unattractive if her personality turns us off? I’m gonna say no. But the interest is shut off either way.

      To frame it a different way. What if the hot chick came on to you after you had already fealt rejected? It’s a fascinating topic, really. But I think women hold on to grudges more and are more scorn by rejection.

    2. I don’t think it works to swap the sexes in a thought experiment here. Even if some chick really annoyed you, provided that she is hot enough, most guys probably would not turn down no-strings-attached sex. This is different from being in relationship with a hot chick who is genuinely deranged. Sure, you will enjoy banging her for a few days or weeks, but sooner rather than later you will hit the point where you no longer want to put up with her bullshit, no matter how hot she is.

    3. Anti-game can make a woman lose attraction permanently. Having good looks means that you can screw up your interactions with women a lot more, but there is a limit with regards to how much anti-game you can get away with.

    4. Aaron,
      “Anti-game can make a woman lose attraction permanently.”

      Does this also include sexual performance if the sex isn’t that good if the relationship starts of sexual? I find myself going through the motions whenever I have sex with a woman even if she’s attractive. I’ve become so jaded I sometimes just wan to get the sex over with. I no longer have any tolerance for women in general.

    5. If you want to repeatedly bang a woman, it would be better to show some enthusiasm when fucking her. On the other hand, if you are not really interested in her and only go through the motion, you probably could not care less whether she will drop by in the future or not.

  6. I think these girls might assume you’re fucking other girls that you are more interested in. So yeah, interest is lost. Guys tend to overestimate female security.

    1. A good rule of thumb is to never underestimate the level of insecurity in women. This seems particularly true of those with resting bitch face. I had it happen a few times, but quite rarely, that women I did not want to commit to tried to take me down a notch, telling me that I’m “nothing special” or I should consider myself lucky that I got to fuck them because they are supposedly out of my league. A 7/10 who was full of shit once told me that I will never “fuck a chick as hot as hers”. You can shatter their ego really quickly, e.g.
      – cooly tell her that she needs to get going because another chick will come over soon (do this only if you think you can restrain her in case she completely flies off the handle)
      – tell her that she has wrinkles under her eyes, her tits are starting to sag, or that their pussy is really ugly (this seems most effective with younger chicks, some of whom freak out upon hearing this, even if it is not true at all)
      – keep your cool and gently shove her out of your apartment

      The last option may be the best one because it shows that you do not care at all about her. Also, because you do not give them a reason, real or made up, for why you are dumping them, they easily end up tailspinning for a couple of weeks. The average woman cannot handle rejection at all. This seems to have little to do with her level of sexual experience. A woman in her late 20s with 50 dicks under her belt may even be more vulnerable, due to her increased sense of entitlement. Those jaded women also tend to more easily project her fantasies about locking down Mr. Right onto you, which is much less of an issue with some slut in her early 20s who thinks that peak female empowerment consists of a new guy jizzing on her face every weekend.

  7. Aaron,
    “Having good looks means that you can screw up your interactions with women a lot more, but there is a limit with regards to how much anti-game you can get away with.”

    Once a Chad screws up completely, can he salvage the situation or is it game over? So, he goes from being 9 on the looks scale to a 5 since his anti-game destroyed the attraction?

    1. At some point, women focus their attention on some other guy, so enough anti-game would mean that it is game over. You can probably find some exceptions, e.g. Chad going abroad for a year or so and returning as a different guy, exhibiting more masculine behavior.

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