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48 thoughts on “Open Thread #228

  1. There is a glut of C and D-list actors dropping dead for absolutely no reason at all:
    I liked the comments more than the article. The following comment by a dumb fed cracked me up: “So from what did people die suddenly before covid? It did happen you know. So put your tin foil hat back on and do some historical research.” I also would like to know what young, healthy people used to die of before the vaxx. After all, it has happened all over the world and since the dawn of time. Uber’s mom told me so, too!

    1. They had been dying of climate change related ailments, wouldn’t you know?

    1. Feminists are the real racists!

      Personally, I always get turned off when I see people use the “link it to racism” tactic. Basic bitch conservatives as well as everyone left of them do that, and it’s gotten old.

    2. Just like the “nazi” charge, constant repetition has made it much less effective. When everybody purportedly is a nazi or a racist, then nobody is.

    1. LOL !!!

      Advocatus Diaboli would brag about bedding homeless women !!!

      I can small the weed and unwashed armpits through the screen, I’m not that desperate, a well maintained ladyboy any day of the week over that thing !!!

    2. This is pretty gross. It seems that the mainstream is pushing the “armpit hair is empowering” psy-op on women every couple of years. It never really catches on. Sure, women can stop shaving their armpits, but as a consequence their chances of getting railed by Chad go down rather significantly.

  2. “Just like the “nazi” charge, constant repetition has made it much less effective. When everybody purportedly is a nazi or a racist, then nobody is.”

    Y’know, he contradicts himself in the comments section. He mentions Western men should go to “mainland Europe” to get some. But by everything I’ve seen here, isn’t Europe a crapwhole? and with all the sanctions against “Bad Vlad” it’s only getting worse. Maybe he’s recommending Germany for the legal prostitutes but even with Woke Merkel, the Trudeau Tranny Her/him/zir self isn’t Germant Nazi land ???

    1. It think that on average, you are better off in Europe than the US. The US are worth it if you are a high-income earner and can avoid dealing with social realities in the cities. When I visited NYC the first time, I found the numbers of homeless people on the streets hard to believe. Yet, NYC is hardly the worst. You can look up videos of people walking or driving to various neighborhoods in California, making the dystopia in Escape from L.A. look like paradise in comparison.

      The current issue with Vlad shutting off energy supplies is a recent issue. If it does not get resolved, we will probably see riots. Still, even in the big shit-hole cities you are pretty safe. This is due to the power of segregation. The wokest country on the planet, Sweden, for instance, simply puts all their third-world rocket scientists into racially homogeneous suburbs, and in the more affluent parts of the country, you do not see a lot of non-white foreigners. This has been changing somewhat recently. I used to live in a very white neighborhood myself, but for some mysterious reason, whenever a pensioner keeled over, an African family moved into my building, with all the enrichment that seems to come with it, like “youths” smoking weed, loud music, doors slamming, and frequent shouting.

  3. Sometimes I come across stories that are so outlandish that I have a hard time believing that they could be true. Today, for instance, I heard that the Jews once served Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe dessert that was served in a shoe, in order to humiliate him. It really happened, though:
    Of course, no insult was intended. According to a high-verbal-IQ Jew, those were not shoes, after all, but merely “metal sculptures”. As you see, it is perfectly normal to serve desserts in metal sculptures, and if they look like shoes, it is the same anit-semitic conflation the Catholics claim when they mistake Jesus in the Talmud to be the same person as Jesus in the bible. This kind of anti-semitism is really quite outlandish, so it really needs to be shut down.

    1. Aaron,

      Did you hear, empowered feminists chefs are now serving bloody mary’s in used tampons.

      If you don’t dribble down the delectibal drink, you are a vile misogynist who refuses to believe all woman about everything at all times and must be cancelled like Harvey Weinstein!!!

    1. Lol I looked her up and she’s been in some movies. Apparently she’s feminist and a huge supporter of abortion. Probably sucked some Jewish producers cock too.

    2. The entire music video looks like an annoying H&M ad.
      The well-endowed brunette is super slutty supermodel EMILY RATAJKOVSKI, if my memory serves me right…

      Always glad to help. 😉

  4. Girlschase’s articles on looks:

    The second is by Alex Rolstad or TVA_Oslo, friend of Sleazy.

    I find Chase’s writing muddle. Alex makes more sense but I can’t decide its validity.

    Most of these guys writings, especially Alex, are loaded with technical terms from PUA that I don’t understand. At least reading Sleazy’s Stories gives me a clearer picture of his actions and surroundings. This guy is so hard to understand.

    1. I just wana say that I believe looks are everything there is when it comes to hook-up. I have never seen a guy with a height of 1m6 get laid like king without paying. I have never seen a guy with horrible job and with average look manages to secure a great looking girlfriends. These guys are snake oil salesmen who aren’t trained in scientific method and logical reasoning.

      Assertive mating is the name of the game. Most of what Sleazy’s wrote here are easily observable in nature. They are evident.

      The only thing I have problems with now is that I just judge a girl’s attraction to me based on her facial structures. If hers doesn’t resemble mine then I feel I have little chance with her. I basically just follow Seductionmyth’s facts.

      I have seen countless couples who happen to have great facial similarities, Some are harder to notice. But I can see them all.

      My question is is there a chance that a girl with a different facial feature experience attraction to me.

    2. You seem to be taking the Chinese idea of “夫妻相” overly seriously. Of course there’s a chance that a girl with different facial features could find you attractive. So many other things about what you bring to the table are taken into consideration. But if your question is really ‘what are the chances?’ then I have no statistics for you. I personally have only been with guys who have obviously different face/head shapes from me. I found them attractive nevertheless. If you date within your race then it’s all the more likely that there will be some facial similarity to be found anyway.

      Have you found anybody worth pursuing yet, where you are in the US? ^^

    3. I agree about Alex. I couldn’t get through the whole thing. The guy just doesn’t write coherently. As you said Aaron is very straight forward. The dry humor in Aarons writings works.

    4. I personally knew two guys who are players when I was in college. One is quite tall 1m81 with a male model face who happened to be a DJ and club promoter. The other is a Kazakh with a proportional body with a height of 1m90.

      Their girls are nothing to look down at. They are all pretty or at least plain.

      Most guys can’t judge his fellow’s attractiveness, but I can. I am startled at times when I see a handsome guy.

      The only thing that stands in their way to the conquest of the ladies is solely his desire. During my recent Buddhist retreat, I met a guy who has a face strangely similar to Jude Law, but more masculine. He said he wanted to marry a girl from Caribbean and is happy with that.

    5. I like a British girl but she lives in the UK. She has the same background as me as we both study linguistics. But I only know her on Verbling because I booked a lesson about the differences of syntactical elements of Chinese and English (she provides a comprehensive list of all elements in English only). You know things like 补语 (complements) or 狀語 (attributive). They are not exact equivalents due to Chinese grammatical tradition.

      As for your question, I find American white girls to be quite good looking but I read this blog too much so I tend to ignore them. Any girl with alcohols in hands, talking in a distinct fashion that sounds like airheads are out of my way. I like Latinas but their culture is so different from mine and my Spanish is still at an infancy stage so…

      I had a feeling that a Vietnamese-Canadian reserved girl liked me but I saw her face and I could not see any similarity so I doubt about it. I was bold enough to lie down next to her when we did relaxation meditation. I found times to speak to her in the communal kitchen here and there. I know that I need to be subtle because she is reserved and the environment doesn’t allow for an overt move. I guess this is calibration, maybe not!

      Anyway, I think I notice girls signal quite well, but are always doubtful because of their ambiguity. They hover over me, they suddenly speak softer when I walk by.

      My goal is very different from other guys. I don’t to maximize my lay count. I just want to find a few quality girls who are compatible to me and find fulfillment that way, you know. I know well that my personality, my physique, my lifestyle doesn’t enable me to be a player. Sex is just a part of our relationship. I enjoy tender moments with girls, like when they put food into my rice bowl for example.

      Western culture, like Sleazy states, is moving to a point of dysfunctional. Sex is everything, carnal desire is everything, lay counts means everything. The whole colleges, which should be a solemn place for youngsters to prepare themselves to step into life, and for true love to blossom between sexes, now become a literally whorehouse with scandals.

      As Alek Novy aptly put it: Society can function when it controls the sexual impulse of both men and women, Here, the contrast is presented.

    6. I am in Ohio, Sleazy’s Wife,

      You are right. I was abit “autistic” in thinking that facial similarity is everything. When I found seductionmyth, I thought I have uncovered the pattern of human mating, the law of attraction. Thus, I could tell for sure when a girl is attracted to me.

      I guess I should just rely on my instinct and care not for why a girl finds me attractive.

    7. The materials PUAs put out are not supposed to be easy to understand. Instead, they obfuscate their material by design. Granted, partly this is due to those people believing in nonsense, which clouds their thinking but there is also the problem that they need to overcomplicate their teachings. This is not unlike what academics in bullshit subjects do.

      Regarding those two guys, TVA_Oslo was never a particularly good writer, in my opinion. He is just not a particularly cerebral person. In my opinion, he would be much more suited for doing podcasts or producing videos. The few peaces of Chase I read seemed quite clear, though, compared to what other PUAs put out.

    8. Ok so I read some of the first article. I couldn’t upload it before. It’s wordy and difficult to understand like the second one. But what really struck me is how he said he can’t tell if a guy is good looking. We can’t tell on the level of women of course but we can tell. That’s like saying you can’t see aesthetic value of expensive automobiles.

    9. Unfortunately the whole sketch is unavailable but this Saturday Night Live bit parodies the mindset of PUAs.

    10. I actually think TVA is an intelligent and highly perceptive guy. I read somewhere that you stated that he was exceptionally outgoing. He has been getting laid since he was 14, so he might have cooled down a bit.

      I think he had a lot to offer. He seemed to be directly opposite of Scottie from Good Looking Loser. Scottie was very direct (yet still subtle) while TVA was more subtle and, how to say, “indirect”. His sex-talk is very intriguing. The rule with sex is that you don’t talk directly about it with most girls, as that set off their alarms. But his speeches as recorded in his posts do not seem to represent real lines he delivered. It is just puzzling to know why this stuff works.

      I gathered that he usually picked up girls in gay bars and night clubs. I am not sure if he still does it. I admit that even while reading your book is highly entertaining and upsetting at times, it leaves a big space for me to fill in my imagination, as what kind of clubs in Europe that allow these kinds of indecency. A trip of Berghain might be a start to see how it was.

      After all, you might not be able to understand the Holocaust very well if you have not seen a film made by movies, either produced by a Jewish director, or by a non-Jewish.

      (I do understand that Jewish people dominate the film industry in the US. I just want to make clear that while your blog educates me more about this peoples, I don’t support the anti-Semitism of this blog, mainly due to the fact that I have not read much on the Holocaust and Jewish history.)

    11. Yes, the Holocaust is surely a historical phenomenon that is hard to grasp, let alone fully understand. If only we were allowed to do proper archeological studies and discuss the available evidence. Unfortunately, this is impossible because what we find might cause such tremendous emotional terror that it is better to close this venue of inquiry. Let the wooden doors of the Auschwitz gas chambers stand as a symbol of this singular atrocity because according to Holocaust arithmetic, six million is the largest number possible, and even dwarfs the 40+ million dead of the Bolshevik terror in Soviet Russia. (I have read quite a lot about the Holocaust and Jewish history, by the way.)

      Speaking of TVA, most of his exploits were in his teens, if I am not mistaken. I am not sure how well he is doing as an adult. His looks, which were a prime ingredient of his “game”, started to deteriorate already in his early 20s.

    12. Interesting how it’s open for discussion how many people the soviets killed. Or any commies for that matter. The second you mention the Holocaust you must believe in 6 million, gas Chambers, genocide etc. Even facing prosecution in some countries.
      No other historical event is treated that way.

    13. On TVA_Oslo

      I just wonder how could he spoke directly about sex.

      On the Holocaust:

      Even if it was just 1 million, the scale was still atrocious. You have an entire system that was designed basically to exterminate an entire race from the face of earth. Just google Holocaust corpses to see how human lives were disregarded. The crime was of utmost highest order of cruelty.

      If Holocaust was such a haunting event, why do we have an outpour of works that dedicate to preserve the memory to posterity. I have not read all but Anne Frank, Night, the Pianist were works that I read or watched. These works could not be purely fictional.

      The level of hatred for Jews were unseen in human history.

    14. Yes, the Nazis systematically killed six million Jews with a delousing agent, and the fact that the Allies bombed supply lines, causing a Typhus outbreak, has absolute nothing to do with the deaths of inmates. Likewise, the official death toll according to the Red Cross, which visited those concentration camps, must be a complete fabrication, just like the US Rhine Meadow camps, also called Eisenhower’s death camps, in which the US starved to death probably more than one million German soldiers.

      Wiesel’s Night is a fabrication, Anne Frank’s diary was written by her father, with a type of pen that was not available during the war. That being said, I surely must be wrong. After all, there is the Jewish phrase that something is “real in someone’s mind”, and if Wiesel believed that what he wrote in Night really happened, then it really happened, and if you doubt it, you deserve to be put in a gulag for crimes against humanity.

    15. I forgot to ask you on what books have you read on this tragic event? Are you familiar with the body of historical literature that study this event. I have read a few pages of the “Destruction of the Jews in Europe” but it was too in-depth.

    16. I read Leuchter, Zündel, and Irving. After all, I got the mainstream narrative shoved down my throat every year in middle and high school in Germany. Of course, the mainstream narrative is correct, whatever the current version may be, and if science as well as historians find no supporting evidence of the Holocaust, then they are clearly wrong. Still, there is value in studying our ideological enemies and their flawed reasoning.

      By the way, Cuong, how many vaxx shots did you get? Surely, you did not question the mainstream narrative in this regard either.

    17. You seem to get rather emotional when I ask you about your bookreference.

      This will be my last reply on the Holocaust. I understand that there is a stigma when one wishes to challenge the 6 million figure. This is not the case for the Armenian genocide and the Cambodian genocide by Khmer Rouge. It is perhaps due to the influence of the Jewish prominent members. This part I agree with you.

      For the rest, I simply disagree and will not attempt to change your belief. I find that your knowledge on the topic is shallow and uninformed.

      Auf wiedersehen!

    18. The Zundel case is particularly interesting. It shows the hubris of the holocaust industry. They thought they could make an example by embarrassing him and other revisionists on a world stage. The opposite happened. They got owned on a world stage. Unfortunately all the Canadian system had to do was pound a gavel and your guilty. At least the US still gets the freedom of speech and jury system right. Couldn’t happen here. Hollywood makes up for it by making 10,000 movies about the holocaust.

      On a related note, have you looked into when David Cole debated Michael Shirmer on the Phil Donahue show? Very revealing story as well.

    19. I have not heard about this debate, but I will look it up. I managed to quickly find a recording online. If the censorious Google search engine does not work for anyone reading this, pick an alternative.

    20. “ By the way, Cuong, how many vaxx shots did you get? Surely, you did not question the mainstream narrative in this regard either.”

      And yet you complained that Uber was rude to you, while you have no qualm of personally attacking others and abused us by calling me and him as “autistic”, with little or no medical background.

      How dare and devil are you, Continue on on your journey to an insane asylum. I see your destiny is bright down there.

    21. Would you mind answering my question? Surely, with your high trust in the elites, you must have at least strongly considered getting this substance injected into your body. Obviously, I do not wish you harm. If you got the vaxx, I hope that you got the placebo.

    22. CQV just likes to go against the grain here every once in a while, it’s what he does.


    I don’t know why this woman is called the “Queen of Sonnets”. I also try to write poetry as well and of course my skill is no matched for her, but I don’t find her poetry particularly appealing to my ears. It sounds quite like a badly polished version of spoken English.

  6. @Aaron

    Cole explains his history with Shermer well here if you get the time:

    Cliffs Notes:
    The ADL and other Jewish organizations chickened out from debating Cole and another amateur historian on Donahue’s show. Shermer stepped up and Cole gave him all of his information ahead of time.

    According to Cole Shermer changed his mind of the holocaust and was going to say so on Donahue’s show. It would have been ground breaking. Donahue hit the roof when he found out and bullied Shermer into towing the Jewish line. Cole and Weber kicked his ass on the air but Cole left early because he felt betrayed.

    1. I watched the recording of the Phil Donahue debate. The chutzpah of the people on this show was beyond belief. At least now I know that supposed eyewitness testimony that describes impossibilities is tantamount to truth, that the burden of proof never lies with the mainstream, which cannot be questioned out of respect for the poor, suffering Jews, and that a partial revision of the mainstream narrative never means that anything else of the mainstream narrative is questionable. We had a principle in Roman law according to which any testimony is undermined if it can be shown that someone is lying. Yet, when it comes to the mainstream narrative, applying the same standard would mean that we engage in the “slippery slope fallacy”.

  7. Aaron Shermer is wannabe sceptic. When your sceptical of sceptics…..are you really still a sceptic? It just sounds edgy I guess.
    About propaganda being shoved down your throat I can relate. But I think Germans have it the worst. We should feel proud of revisionists. The other side has HAD THEIR WAY. Hollywood, academia, government ad nauseam We just are not convinced. Or, dare I say sceptical?

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