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29 thoughts on “Open Thread #225

  1. There’s a request I’d like to make of you,Aaron. Is it possible for you make your forum publicly viewable? (

    Only viewable for non-members however. I definitely would understand why you would put up some form of membership barrier(In this case,in the form of a one time payment),it helps to keep the trolls and riffraff out,but making it publicly viewable I feel would be a boon without diluting the information on it.

    1. I am not sure how well-received this move would be by those who paid for access to the forum.

  2. I recently came across a news story according to which the people the US uses to enforce the vaxx mandate are themselves not subjected to it:
    When I asked Uber’s mom about it, she seemed a bit frazzled, and when I pointed out that this is hypocritical at best and at worst a clear sign of tyranny as well as an indication that the vaxx is considered harmful by the government, just as it is for any sane person, she hung up on me.

  3. Aaron,
    You often noted that when a woman makes you wait for sex or leads you on you often described the situation as being about manipulation and/or control. Now, are you using word manipulation and control interchangeably to described the same thing, or would be a difference? I understand what manipulation is on the surface, but there’s so many forms of manipulation.

    1. The verbs ‘to control’ and ‘to manipulate’ seem quite interchangeable. I have not thought about differences, but the latter is less neutral and might imply evil intent.

    1. Are are definitely going to see a sudden rise in “sudden” and “totally unexpected” deaths till the end of this year. It’s quite safe and effective to assume that. After all, the respective acronyms for adults and children have already been introduced.

  4. So they’ve altered the spelling and pronunciation of Kiev several times throughout the conflict. Now that Kaliningrad has come into play, I’m seriously speculating if they’re going to start referring to it as Königsberg, with the implication that it’s not really part of Russia but occupied territory.

    1. Königsberg is the old German name of Kaliningrad. Somehow, I do not think that Biden’s handlers would be too happy about such knowledge reaching the mainstream. By the way, anybody using macOS can use the in-built Dictionary app to get up-to-speed on mainstream-approved spellings and ever-changing definitions, in case you need to know what a vaccination is. They were quick to switch to “Kyiv”, and to change “The Ukraine” to “Ukraine”, which is jarring. This kind of perpetual revision is exactly what Orwell described in 1984.

  5. In the last 12 months, at least 1,000 athletes have died suddenly and unexpectedly:
    I am almost considering un-banning Uber so that he can tell us why this means nothing at all and that I would need to personally pay for an autopsy of each of those athletes for confirmation that they really died of the vaxx.

  6. ‘Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia dies aged 27 from ‘massive bleeding’ and heart attack after tonsil operation’

    But tonsillectomies have always been high risk operations, we’ve just had a really good run over the past 100+ years, right Uber?

    1. So this is the best that Bunda-Country Brazil had been able to come up with as their Miss Brazil?
      Sure, she is (or rather was) well endowed, but her face all by itself is just not *that* hot. (On the other hand I do not mean to imply that I wouldn’t have fucked her, had I had the opportunity of meeting and successfully seducing her.)
      Still, sad to hear of her departure. 27 years old is definitely too young to die of climate change induced heart complications…

  7. Guys, I’d like to touch upon staged marriage proposals. Now days women pick out the ring, tell the guy when and where to propose, and have someone take a picture of it to show everybody. So romantic. Anyone else find this disturbing?

    1. You have to keep in mind that everything about marriage has to be about her, so of course she is going to tell the husband-to-be exactly what he should do. I sense that we will see a bit of change in that regard because in a recession, the number of men who willingly spend $50k on a wedding will shrink even further.

    2. My dad had a whole plan at a fancy restaurant to ask my mom for her hand. He chickened out. Then asked her at a coffee house. He did ask my grandfather beforehand though. Marriage proposals are stupid now days.

    3. @ GL&S: I wouldn’t discard marriage proposals and courtship protocols wholesale.
      The secular way is dead for good – and it’s impossible to get ressucitated.
      A traditional Christian – i.e. traditional Roman-Latin or Orthodox – courtship protocol *can* actually work, if adhered to by two faithful believers and administered by a priest. Under such deliberate circumstances, a “marriage proposal” is not just a narcisstic show event, but an act counseled by a priest and a request not only directed towards the woman but most importantly to HER FATHER – who has to give his consent, and that consent is not guaranteed…

    1. I was not aware that there was a new movie on Elvis. What is special about this one?

    2. I guess it’s doing well in theatres. I heard it already surpassed Maverick. Tom Hanks plays his manager. The dude doesn’t really look like Elvis but no actor has been able to pull it off yet.

    3. I was surprised to learn the new Elvis movie bring up the drug control via his shady handler “Colonel Tom” and his forced enlistment into the Army. I haven’t seen the flick yet.

    4. Drugs brought Elvis down hard and early. I actually didn’t know about the Colonel until this movie. In Walk the Line it shows Elvis introdce Johnny Cash to the pills and got him hooked as well.

    5. Holy shit I just did a bit of research and found out that Colonel Tom illegally immigrated to the US from the Netherlands. I hope the movie covers this. This fucker took half of Elvis’ loot and hooked him on drugs.

    6. Exaclty! Colonel Tom was Elvis’ handler – and had shady intelligence connections as well.
      Nowadays more often than not I’m not interested in the generic output of movies, but maybe I’ll give it a chance…

    7. Damn. Didn’t know his connection to intelligence agencies. No wonder they never deported his ass. Hope the movie crucifies this mother fucker.

  8. Russia now wants to be paid in rubles for wheat:
    It is quite fascinating to see how the hubris of the US has accelerated its decline. Meanwhile, Russia is stronger than it has ever been. My view is that Russia is a vassal state to China, and that Putin probably takes some orders from Xi, or at least consults with him. This fraction is winning hard. Meanwhile, the US put a bunch of faggots and women into positions of power in their puppet states and now they have saddled themselves with utterly incompetent peers that make one blunder after another. The people controlling Biden seem to have completely lost touch with reality. All of this is good because the sooner this shitshow is over, the sooner we can rebuild society.

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