You won’t be able to shower or keep the lights on, but you will be happy!

The elites are manically working on the Great Destruction that is supposed to usher in paradise (for them). As you know, by 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy. The fake Covid pandemic already destroyed many livelihoods. While billionaires and big corporations thrived, SMEs imploded in surprising numbers, and now people are dying left and right from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, and birth-rates are plummeting! The Fed has printed 30% of all US dollars in existence in the last 18 months or so, and now you get record inflation that is blamed on Putin.

Not letting a good crisis go to waste, Western governments are now pouncing on the opportunity to completely destroy their societies. By sanctioning Russia, the cost of energy has skyrocketed, leading to the highest inflation rates in over half a century. In Commiefornia, you have to pay six to eight bucks for a gallon of gas and your social engineers tell you that this is fine because you are “sticking it to Putin” at the pump. Meanwhile, the Russian economy is booming and the ruble is worth a lot more than before the war.

While Ameribros may think they have it bad, their blight is nothing compared to what European politicians are working on. In the last few weeks I read one bizarre mainstream news piece after another in the German press. I really learned a lot this way, such as:

– bathing and taking a shower are wasteful as you just need to wipe your crotch, feet, and armpits
– cooler apartments are healthier for you
– if there is no gas for heating this winter, just put on three sweaters
– just save water by reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower (the German vice-chancellor has made repeated statements to this effect; he claims to recently have reduced his shower time even further)
– German ministers recommending that people start to prep
– top politicians are telling their subjects that blackouts may be coming that are “unavoidable”

A few years ago you were a total kook if you bought an extra sack of rice to do a bit of prepping, or if you wondered out loud if society may be collapsing. Today, Biden and his Davos bros are dismantling our societies at a blistering pace, and politicians are telling you that this is just the way things are, conveniently ignoring that they have been causing this mess.

Despite the utter stupidity of sanctioning Russia, our degenerate Western politicians will not change course. Why would they? They are not “incompetent”. Instead, they are creating exactly the future they want for you. In their world view, taking a shower is not a human right. They want you hungry and smelly, and living off state handouts in the form of digital, state-controlled currency that is administered via an app that can shut you out of society if you dare to question why we are governed by such a wretched elite. I do not think that this is an exaggeration at all. Just look at the hordes of homeless in Los Angeles or Philadelphia. Those are long-standing problems politicians do not care about. Why would they care if the middle class fully collapsed? They do not live in reality but instead snort lines of cocaine for breakfast and believe that they are supermen that can do no wrong, happily executing the orders their handlers give them.

11 thoughts on “You won’t be able to shower or keep the lights on, but you will be happy!

  1. I’ve wondered what it is about the current crop of elites that makes them so much greedier than their predecessors.

    In previous years, they seemed to follow the old mafia model of ‘juicing’ – that is, charging their constituents protection money, but leaving them with enough to get by, so that they’ll be able to pay up next week too.

    Do they really think they’ve got what it takes to go full neo-feudalist and run us all into poverty?

    1. This seems to be precisely what they think. A big part of the problem is that they spend their entire life in an extremely sheltered environment. “Work” is only an abstraction for them. Imagine going through life, without a worry in the world, and always having hookers, blow, expensive cars, luxury houses and so on and so forth, and not even knowing anyone who is not part of the same circles!

      A few years ago, during the Great Flooding of Europe, in 2015/16, I happened to watch a video with a Swedish politician, a woman who had no real achievements to point to but, due to having picked the right parents, ended up in parliament. She spoke about all these people being great for the economy because of the labor they will provide, and waxed lyrical about expected GDP growth. First, she seemed to not understand that you can’t put a goat herder behind a computer and expect him to crank out code and, second, GDP growth is a poor measure for societal advancement. To understand this, you need to understand a bit more economics whereas for the previous point it is enough to not be a complete moron. GDP grows if there are more products and services. If you bring in a few hundred thousand useless eaters, GDP will grow, and so will consumption, because those people get housed and fed. Yet, the societal effect will be negative due to crowding, rising rental prices, rises in crime, and so on.

    2. Good point about GDP. Mexico has one of the highest GDPs in the world. Have you been to that dump?

    3. Similarly, I’m quite sure that the few countries I ever lived in all have had rising GDP figures for decades. Yet, in terms of quality of life, educational quality, safety, or any other metric you care about, they are only getting worse.

    4. @ Parker: “Do they really think they’ve got what it takes to go full neo-feudalist and run us all into poverty?”

      That’s a good question! To run such a satanic kind of hell as a state you’d nonetheless need highly competent men, men of resolve, of intelligence, of organizing talent and equipped with a will of steel and cruelty – even against themselves.

      Think of such diabolic genuiuses as Lew Trozkij, Lawrentij P. Beria (head of Stalin’s NKVD), Jossif Stalin himself, Genrich Jagoda, Feliks Dzierzinsky etc. etc. Those men were devils, but boy were they effective in pushing their objectives through. Just take a total outlier like Trozkij. A genius of the mind, of organization and of hands-on action. A demon incarnate in the truest sense of the word. Yet a genius. Can you imagine Robert Habeck personally shooting 500 political prisoners, personally supervising the torture of 50 others, discussing urgent wartime matters with his generals and afterwards delivering a rousing speech in front of a host of batallions to fire them up for battle with their deadly enemy? And all of this 24/7 with virtually no rest time in-between?
      No, none of our “elite leaders” is of such satanic calibre, despite whatever their gandlers have programmed them with and despite the drug substances they are supplied with to keep them going..

    5. GDP per capita is a better estimate of life quality and indeed it has been stagnating in Western Europe for over a decade. Add to that inflation, demographic ageing and the future doesn’t look so bright for those countries.

    6. Every president and his supporters has bragged about rising GDP since I can remember. Translation: the rich are getting richer.

    7. “In previous years, they seemed to follow the old mafia model of ‘juicing’ – that is, charging their constituents protection money, but leaving them with enough to get by, so that they’ll be able to pay up next week too.”

      That’s because they were rooted in a territory, they were part of a nation and planned to stick there for generations. Thus they would behave like leeches, they will feed on their host, but if you plan to feed on your host for a long time, you don’t want it to die.
      Conversely, our current elites are nomad globalists with no homeland and thus behave like predators. They will bleed their victims dry, loot and burn everything and move to the next target.

  2. One predictive programming model for such a kind of neo-Gnostic “sustainable society” is READY PLAYER ONE, masterminded by (((Steve Spielberg))), btw.

  3. Can someone explain to me exactly who the “Elites” are?

    “Elites” seems like the smarter version of conspiracy theorists saying “them”

    Also Aaron, some notes:
    1)Inflation was an issue before Russia, even Biden is not getting away blaming it on Russia.
    2)The Russian economy is doing the exact opposite of “booming” – it’s going to contract by 10-15% this year and we are not even taking into account the “brain-drain” that is occuring.
    3) The Ruble is strong but it’s simply a mirage: Russia can export, but cannot import. Selling Ruble is restricted, and Russian companies are forced to buy it. Furthermore the central bank constantly intervenes, draining its reserves. It is hardly the sign of the economic strength Russia wants to demonstrate.

    1. @ Gianni: Who “the elites” that some of us keep mentioning are, is quite easy to explain.
      Read Carrol Quigley’s (the former academic historian of the CFR) two seminal geopolitical books:
      – “Tragedy and Hope – A history in our time”,
      – and his somewhat smaller work “The Anglo-American Establishment”.

      The former is quite tedious to read (if you can get hold of a non altered-copy of the book in the first place). Alternatively you could watch the lectures by Jay Dyer on those dry books. Then you’ll have a clear picture of who those Western really “elites” are.

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