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Proof of Vaxx Genocide

By now, only the biggest idiots unironically say that the vaxx is “safe and effective”. So many people are suddenly dying that the mainstream has launched a disinformation campaign that centers around the made-up condition SADS, which is short for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. In case you are not aware of this, there is a similar condition for children, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which seems to have been made up to have a cover for drugged up obese black women accidentally smothering their babies or toddlers. In medical literature you come across some carefully worded statements saying that maternal drug abuse as well as obesity are risk factors for SIDS, but you need to make the causal connection yourself.

People in their physical prime dropping dead for no apparent reason, and certainly not because of the vaxx is a condition we presumably need to live with now. According to Soros-funded fact checkers, this has been happening all throughout human history. It is probably mentioned somewhere in the US Constitution, too, right next to that place where they pulled out all that unlimited third-world immigration, gay marriage, and tranny stuff. SADS is nothing new. We just did not have a label for it yet. (Phew!) Of course, such fact-checking is total bullshit. People are keeling over because they were dumb enough to believe “experts” such as Bill Gates, who is responsible for some of the biggest abominations in the world of IT. I mean, he may have unleashed Windows, Office and Zune and other bottom-tier quality products upon the world but how does in not follow from this that he is a medical genius and world-class authority on vaccinations who just knows a good vaxx when he sees it?

So, SADS is actively killing off people but this is not all there is to this genocide. We already know that the vaxx leads to miscarriages and also, for whatever strange reason, accumulates in the ovaries. Recently, a paper appeared that showed that the vaxx “temporarily” lowers male fertility
. I posted a link to this study as a comment a few days ago, and one of my readers, who shall be unnamed because I am going to rip him a new one, had this to say:

Semen concentration was reduced around three months post-vaccination, and recovered around six months post-vaccination. I’d say a three month is temporary, no? Or are you thinking that that is too long to call it temporary? Either way I’d say three months is definitely not permanent, and fairly short-term in the span of a lifetime.

Shady rhetorics such as bringing up someone’s lifetime when the context is your actual fertility is extremely dishonest, as is pretending that six months is the same as three months. It literally screams Fact-Checking 101. Losing half a year of your reproductive time is not trivial, but this is nothing compared to what I am going to discuss.

The reader in question seems to have completely forgotten that the authorities wanted to vaxx you every two to three months until kingdom come, or you died suddenly and unexpectedly, whatever comes first. You were supposed to get the same shot every time even though the virus has been mutating. Don’t ask any questions, goy, because this is, like totally, science and perhaps you just do not understand that the vaxx is effective as long as the experts say it is, no matter what murderous concoction they inject you with. Apparently, the juice is so good that it protects you against every variant, no matter what naysayers say who point out that the vaxx did not even work properly the first time around. Well, the vaxx is working wonderfully as it is supposed to maim and kill you, not protect you against a manufactured flu variant.

Assuming the vaxx wrecks your fertility for half a year and you get a booster every three months, you can forget about fathering any children. A racist angle here is that the vaxx was marketed predominantly to whites, but perhaps this is all just a huge coincidence. (What else would it be?) Anyway, as you can see, the vaxx, as it was intended, would have made you indefinitely infertile. Taking two shots means that you lose one year already, and there most likely are cumulative effects.

The racial angle is also interesting for another reason. As you are well-aware of, white women tend to have children very late in their reproductive life, towards the tail end of their fertility window. (According to fact-checkers, they have them comparatively early in their entire lifespan, though.) Consider the case of all those empowered Swedish career women who spend a solid two decades, roughly from 14 to 34, on anything but having kids: A large number of those women at the upper end of this age range, assuming they had a vaxxed partner during the supposed pandemic, will now have to kiss their child wish good-bye, considering how rapidly female fertility drops in the 30s. Oh, and if some fact-checker now wants to point out that this is fake news because in Sweden women on average have their first kid at the age of 29.5, I suggest taking a stroll in any Swedish town or city. You will notice a sizable number of women in fashionable and sun-protective Middle Eastern garb with a gaggle of kids. By the time she is 25, Khazbiika will already have given birth to four or five kids, whereas her Swedish pendant Tuva is working a bullshit job and only starts poking holes in the condoms of her one-night stands when she is well into her 30s.

Also, let me remind the reader that the vaxx is being pushed on children and babies. If the vaxx fucks up adult male fertility, what is it going to do with children? Surely, you are aware that we have laws that prohibit teenagers and young adults, in some cases like the United States, from drinking alcohol. This is not some kind of state tyranny but a protective measure (oh, remember those times?) because alcohol causes irreversible damage in those age groups. Putting on my thinking cap, I am wondering if four or five vaxx shots, when administered to a three or four year old boy will be enough to render him permanently infertile. I suppose if this is the case, we may hear about Inexplicable Adult Infertility Syndrome (IAIS) in about twenty years.

On a side note, I think a reason why there are so many deranged young adults in big Western cities is due to early abuse of drugs and alcohol. In Berlin, for instance, 12-year-old start smoking weed. I would like to read the lefty study that claims that continual drug abuse at that age has no or, better, positive effects on the user. Probably such studies have been written already, just like the “Patriot Act” had been ready before 9/11 just happened, so perhaps such scientific garbage will be pushed onto society once there is a genuine attempt to combat the wide-spread distribution to drugs to minors, not that I see this happening anytime soon.

22 thoughts on “Proof of Vaxx Genocide

  1. The weed push has been around for more than half a century. It started with the ‘beat generation’, then ramped up with the boomers, who then passed it on to the younger gen’s as a harmless ‘rite of passage’. “We all smoked a heap, and we turned out just fine!” Hmmm…

    It got really ramped up again on the millennials when we were coming of age. I unknowingly encountered my first online shill on a teen forum around that time, who dropped such gems as, “weed doesn’t cause schizophrenia, people who exhibit symptoms were schizophrenic before they started smoking”, and claimed that at 18 years of age he got into college early, had nearly completed a doctorate, and had smoked weed nearly daily since his early teens.

    Was probably why I saw right through the vaccines. Once you’ve seen through one drug pusher’s bs, you’ve seen through them all.

    1. While I favor legalizing, regulating, and taxing all drugs. Weed smokers are the most annoying fucking people. Acting like they are opressed when nothing ever happens to them. At least in California. They will fight tooth and nail about how harmless it is, and not vote about anything else. Claim people say how bad weed is, when nobody’s even saying that. They need to get the fuck over themselves.

    2. Many also shame you if you don’t prefer the drug. Even if you’re pro legalizing it. It’s like they have become their imagined oppressors.

    3. They want you to get addicted to, just like slackers in high school wanted you to also not take school seriously.

    4. I’m fine with legalization. Where I run into trouble with the pro-weed mob is that I think driving while high should remain prohibited, and it should be banned from certain jobs, or at any employer’s discretion. The reply I get, “Well some people are much safer drivers when they’re stoned! And you can’t fire someone for smoking weed, that’s discrimination!” And I’m like mate, don’t talk to me about discrimination in the woke/mandate era…

      Definitely nobody is saying how bad it is. Quite the contrary, it’s another heavily promoted lifestyle choice.

    5. The government really has it all planned out for us:
      – smoke weed
      – smoke cigarettes
      – drink alcohol
      – have lots of sexual partners, preferably non-whites (if you are female)
      – go into debt
      – get vaxxed
      – do not have kids, have abortions instead
      – get fat
      – don’t do sports
      – donate to BLM
      – support your “greatest ally”
      – support sending billions to the Ukraine
      – get your dick cut off (if you are male)
      – get your tits ripped off (if you are female)
      – use made-up pronouns or go to jail
      – bake the cake

    6. Important to add is: “excessively play shallow videogames” for males. It is quite staggering how different videogames today are compared to the kind of games I grew up with. I do not think any kid played Super Mario World for eight hours/day straight for years. Yet, modern games are built upon psychological research and want to maximize player engagement. We went from games that had enjoyable mechanics to treadmills that trigger dopamine releases to keep you hooked.

      As a kid I never sank an excessive amount of time into games. In fact, I often put the controller down before my parentally-enforced time limit was up. A 45-minute session of Super Mario World seemed perfectly adequate, and there was no need to play for an entire hour as you made meaningful progress before that. In contrast, the first game I played where I lost track of time was the first Diablo game. It was engrossing. Levels were randomly generated. You never knew what was lurking around the corner, but exploration and the fighting mechanics were quite shallow. Still, it was a marvelously designed virtual power trip. Yet, you walked away feeling as if you really wasted your time with this game as it was not challenging. The principles that were used in Diablo have only been refined in subsequent decades, and now we have people who sink 2,000 hours or more into a game in the span of a year. I met people who were seemingly functional adults, yet spent almost their entire spare time in an MMO or some supposedly competitive game that is marred by randomness or pay-to-win mechanics.

    7. I heard the exact same lines when I was in middle and high school. It is rather funny that the schizophrenia claim is irrefutable. After all, everybody who smokes weed and gets it clearly was always destined to develop this condition. When I was young, weed was not particularly popular. Also, I grew up in a relatively sheltered environment so adolescent drug use was not much of an issue. The heavy weed smokers were pretty much losers. Today, it is so widespread that you cannot easily make similar claims anymore. I still think that people who heavily smoke weed tend to be losers but there are also people who smoke it in moderation, perhaps to fit in. Meanwhile, in the rotten Western cesspool I live in, in my nice white neighborhood, I can’t open the window for long until some asshole walks past, smoking a joint in broad daylight.

    8. Speaking of the widespread abuse of weed: Last year I had a senior manger, a director in fact, who slipped, as an icebreaker that he likes smoking weed. This was in a conference call. I had a hard time not to chuckle as it reminded me too much of the “hello, fellow kids” meme. At this place, we also had a guy in HR, presumably the only guy in that department and probably a sodomite, open some meeting on an updated HR process with the words, “How are you all feeling? I’m feeling great; I just did a line of coke actually.”

      On a sidenote, dictionaries have redefined “sodomy” as meaning sexual intercourse involving the mouth or anus whereas it traditionally refers to homosexuals. Thus, by widening the scope of the supposed meaning, they want to redefine how the word is used. They also define “jewed” in a strange way, and one etymological dictionary I once consulted claimed that the verb “to gyp” was of “unknown origin”. Make no mistake, this is an all-out attack on language and culture, and attempting to redefine what words mean is a central part of it.

    9. I never smoked weed, but I once took some LSD and some special substances “from the Brazilian rainforest” when I was 29 – and never ever again. So I guess, I have at least a bit of authority to speak about the manifold “experiences” due to such substance intakes.
      Of course it is harmful, particularly in the long run, especially when people start to get accustomed to it in their teenage years.

      The bodily effects of the “safe and effective” substances of those vaxxes belong in the same category.

      What baffles me is the utterly monistic-materialistic outlook of modernity, e.g. “Western societies”. Because the gravest consequences of such substance abuse is in the real of the unseen, the transcendental absolutes (e.g. numbers) – which is in a way even more “real” than our constantly changing material world within space and time.

      Of course “coming of age” and “recreational” substance abuse was pushed as part of Western societal engineering durjng the 1960s and 70s by the CIA & Co. (e.g. “Laurel Canyon” and the “Tavistock Institute”). That alone should start make you suspicious. The ludicrous ideas, which are being spread through those recurring “experiences” (“We are alle one!”, “God is love!”, “The world is an illusion, like the matrix, dude!!!”) all the more so.

    10. When I referred to the “utterly monistic-materialistic outlook of modernity, e.g. “Western societies”, and the “gravest consequences” of substance abuse “being is in the realm of the unseen”, I wasn’t trying to be facetious or to be gaslighting at all.
      I mean to speak about effective mental programming. I’ve been observing that most people have no conception at all about semantics and mimetics, and how ideas are spread and grounded within a society.

      From my own (and thankfully limited) experience with drug substances I came to the conclousion, that such “recreational” abuse opens up the mind to those invisible and absolute planes of reality (and not in a good way). Apart from wrecking their body it also wrecks their mind even more, because most people are far too weak to recognize alien ideas being implanted within them and even weaker in actively opposing them and DEPROPGRAMMING them out of one’s own mental system.

      Just take a nutjob like the kiwi’s governing witch Jacinda Ardern! You probably know that funny clip of hers where she’s utterly stoned and still continues to smoke even more of that dope. Do you think, her ceaslessly implementing those diabolic ideas through practical policy is merely the consequence of sucking the dick of Mr. Klaus Schwab? Many senior political figures in the West are compromised by substance abuse (just take German MP Volker “boylova” Beck, a champion of Cystal Meth…). The substances are means and gateways to literally program them permanently and almost irreversibly.
      That’s at least my take on it and I don’t even find it to be too absurd of an idea compared to the clown world we’ve been witnessing day after day after day…

    11. @Lucretius

      Can you expound on the CIA’s connection to LSD? I have theorised here before that they were behind the counter culture movement in the US. Thereby destabilizing the nation, it’s families, it’s middle class etc. Basically doing to its own nation what they do abroad.

    12. @ GL-and-S:
      It has been well estblished – even by mainstream media reports, e.g. from NPR and others – that the CIA had been running their cold war mind control research program MK-ultra all through the 1950ties and 60ties. In it they experimentdd with all possible ways to fracture the mind, “washing brains” and reprogramming them, e.g. … absoutely horrible stuff. During those experiments they also made use of the newly developed SANDOZ-made LSD and found it effective in furthering their purposes. During a senate committee hearing the CIA claimed that they had scrapped MK-ultra during the 1960ties and that it had been effectively abandoned. But other leaked documents didn’t support that claim. The CIA has to this day been running “Project Monarch” and it is alleged that this is just the new label name for MK-ultra.
      The CIA through Timothy Leary and their other gents embedded within the “flower power” and the meditation movements of the 1960ties and 1970ties popularized the abuse of such substances with the youngsters of the boomer generation and that’s what we’re got stuck with ever since.

      That’s all I can expound on off the top of my head. But the true capacity in this area (and other related stuff), though, is JAY DYER. A brilliant guy – check his stuff out about the CIA, LSD and mind montrol on JewTube, on Rokfin and at You might like the insights he’s providing…

    13. You might find these resources insightful:
      “This is the first section of a lecture covering the various projects, history and works available on MK ULTRA. MK Ultra is a moniker for a host of now declassified projects that dealt with military, CIA and corporate experiments in mind control that involved dozens of medical, psychiatric, prison, military and other fronts and covers. These experiments also used bio and drug warfare and are essential for understanding the modern world.”

      – Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: CIA & the counter-culture

      – How the CIA created the radical, psychedelic 60ties

      – LSD, Gnostics, Jung and Corporate Counter Culture

    14. Thanks man. Didn’t know Timothy Leary was a contact agent. I knew Gloria Steinem was though. Will definitely look into it. This shit is fascinating.

    15. @ GL-and-S: Yup, fascinating stuff indeed. The entire “drug culture” is part of an overall Mind Control project in “culture creation”. This played a huge role during the cold war in the propaganda war between East and West, but also in wrecking the traditional fabric of many societies and peoples, e.g the Germans in particular. Journalist Tim Pool once said something along the lines of: “Popular culture has a greater impact on a societies than laws or traditional politics.” Andrew Breitbart remarked years ago: “Politics is downstream from pop culture.” And Plato already knew about this in his “politeia”: “He who controls the stories of a society, controls society itself.” So this is nothing new. E. Michael Jones has a fascinating book on this: “Dionysos rising – the birth of modernity through the spirit of music”, also highly recommended. 😉

      But the very idea of *deliberately* toxifying and constantly traumatizing an entire population through art and pop-culture is another level of development according to this master strategy. The machanics of this have been thoroughly researched at Tavistock Institute in the UK and at Laurel Canyon in the Greater L.A. area. A huge topic to dive in. And all of this eventually led us to where we are now: Next to every product by the (pop) culture industry in its very essence has been contaminated from the get go with woke, social engineering messaging. This toxic poison for the mind is almost everywhere in the West now. The only way to remain at least partly unscathed by it, is to not indulge in it in any way, to go fully cold turkey. Little wonder that a lot of countries, proples, cultures do NOT wish to be traumatized and hollowed out in a similar fashion.
      For example, virtually none of the big commercial trends in popular music since the 1950ties was in any way “organically homegrown”. They were either co-opted or more or less created from scratch. The close ties between Hollywood/the corporate music industry and various U.S. government agencies and other global bodies surely were helpful in pulling this through. So yoh were right: All of this is terrible, yet fascinating! It does helps us to understand the desert of our Western societies better, though.

    16. > – get fat
      – don’t do sports

      Hence the lockdowns. That’s what was so evil about them, they really knew what they were doing with that one. Men who are frail, skinny fat or obese are a lot easier to push around than men who lift.

      Men with a proper lifting and diet are a lot more disciplined, more independently minded, more entrepreneurial, and less likely to depend upon the corporate world for a living, and have no use for degenerate culture to feel part of something.

    17. Sounds like the entire 60s counter culture movement was controlled opposition. Hippie druggie Oliver Stone made the spooks out to be a right wing machine. What a lie.

      I used to wonder how such an “oppressive” society could be turned upside down, within a decade, and not a single shot being fired.

  2. Aaron,
    I would like to add that getting too many vaxx and/or booster shots will adversely affect the immune system (weaken it) and then people won’t be able to fight the common cold.

  3. I just came across this thread on Twitter that collects evidence of massive dips in birthrates across the Western world, all strangely happening nine months after we started vaxxing people with totally safe and effective concoctions:
    According to one of those messages, the drop of the German birthrate is 9 standard deviations. Surely, this is all just one big coincidence.

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