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38 thoughts on “Open Thread #224

  1. Sooo… new anecdote… bottom line up front: guys, beware of self delusion.

    One of my employees is a guy in his early 60s, used to be married with and hald a dozen kids, but has been divorced for about 2 decades. I have been working with him for about a decade now.

    In all this time he very briefly dated some women, or went with hookers. Blew all his money on hookers and gambling, to the point he kept living with some of his adult children during the brief times he is home (my guys are heavy machinery operators work on monthslong rotations far away).

    In the last year and a half he has been dating a woman, who according to him has been very nice to him, and pushed him to take care of his health, fix his teeth, save money, get better clothes. There was even speculation they might marry, since according to him he “never thought he would fall in love again” until her. So hey, maybe he me a decent woman, right?

    Some time ago another o of my workers took him home with his car after a shift, and was invited to meet her. His version of what he found is quite different. For starters, he got the distinct impression that she does not love the guy at all. Then he found out that reason they are in a relationship is because she one day decided that “we are a couple now”. They barely have sex once a month, when he returns “home”. And there are some hints that a lot of the money he used to blow in the casino is now being spent on her.

    Now, allegedly, there is a plan for them to built a modest house on a vacant plot of land that she owns, and move in together (she shares her current place with her adult children from a prior marriage). Of course, if she has the plot, it is him who will have to pay for the materials and construction. My prediction is she will find a reason to dump his ass as soon as that house is built.

    What really astonishes me is that this is an older guy, with whom we have seen (and commented on) several other guys, sometimes co-workers, going down that road of female exploitation blinded by self-delusion. We have seen this over and over again. And he himself has gone through a divorce s well.

    How can he still be so oblivious to the red flags?

    1. Thanks for sharing this story. I wonder what those guys would say if you directly confronted you with the evidence that they are being taken advantage of. Well, I know. The stronger the evidence, and the more cucked they are, the more they will lash out at you and accuse of being the problem. Some may even accuse you of jealousy. Some guys readily end year-long friendships over a chick who views them as nothing but a resource to exploit.

    2. Man, construction workers are special, aren’t they? Heavy equipment operators especially can make a very decent living for the country’s standards, but most of them rarely get ahead in life because the more they make, the more they blow on women, gambling (like your friend), booze or all vices in existence combined. On the one hand, they will cheat on their spouses without an ounce of scruples (I know for a fact there are some who take the bro-code so seriously that they will look the other way if some son-in-law that works with them would cheat on their daughters, as long as it was with hookers or merely ONS’s), but on the other they will surrender their lives to either their wife, some mistress(es) or even their bunch of stable hookers. They just can’t help themselves, and some engineers display these symptoms as well.

    3. I have avoided commenting on this so far, because I dont want to stirbup trouble. I can hardly afford to lose this guy, he is one of my most skilled operators, and he can endure harsh working conditions that others wont.

      In an evil machiavellian sense, this actually works to my favor, since him blowing all his money on her makes him more dependent on our paychecks. But I find it sad, nevertheless.

      Yeah, almost all the guys I know in that line of work more or less fit this description. Only exceptions are 2 who are religious evangelicals, and another who I suspect is a closeted gay.

    4. @Yarara
      You describe an interesting dynamic. I think the same dynamics play out in several high-paying professions such as investment banking where guys get lured into maintaining a lavish lifestyle instead of building up their wealth. Thus, you end up with people making $300k or more per year, living paycheck to paycheck. Once those habits are ingrained, it seems hard to change them as you can always spend money on more frivolous endeavors. I think that even if you have a net worth in the solid seven figures you probably should not buy a yacht, for instance.

    5. @Aaron
      >I think that even if you have a net worth in the solid seven figures you probably should not buy a yacht, for instance.

      There’s that saying about spending for experiences rather than frivolous material things (often meant to impress folks we don’t even like). Or to put it another way,spend for potential assets instead of liabilities.

      If I had enough dough to easily buy a yacht,I would rather travel to a different country and have the privilege of training with certain martial arts instructors I trust and admire for example. I have my personal reasons for valuing the ability to handle myself in a physical confrontation,but at least you can potentially make dough off of this skill if you know what you’re doing.

      Or to use another example…I would definitely want to be able to travel and get personal training from Gordon Ramsay himself to learn high class cooking skills.

      Hopefully,if one is this rich of a person,they will never need these skills,but should something go wrong and they lose their money,at least what they have gained in skills could potentially be a lifesaver.

    6. New twist on this story… I recently learned this guys “girlfriend” is now suggesting that “they” should get a car.

      He owns no car, has no license, and has not driven any vehicle other than a tractor or a front loader in the last 25 years. And he is only home one week per month.

      So lets guess:
      1) who will be paying for the car, taxes and maintenance cost?
      2) who will be using this car the most?
      3) what are the chances that 1 and 2 are the same person? Lol

    7. Is it not painful to watch this train wreck happen in slow-motion? We can add this car to the list of items he is going to lose in the inevitable separation. Some YouTuber I watched for a bit a while ago, Thailand Bound, spoke of guys who were taken for everything they had by some whore in Pataya. They end up jumping off a high building or hanging themselves. The guy you are talking about will likely find a similar end.

  2. I wanna continue my discussion with AlekNovy about the topic of Weight Loss if he happens to be around here…

    You’ve said in our last discussion that people who don’t count calories and try to rely on things like low-carb,Keto,high-protein,etc. diets alone will eventually find their bodies adapting to the satiating effect and they will go back up to their old high caloric consumption,even if they are religiously following their diet.

    But would this also apply to a Vegetarian/Plant-based diet?

    The great thing about Vegetables is not only is it rich in fiber,but they are very low in calories. Eating 3K calories worth of Fruits and Vegetables (Provided you’re legitimately following that protocol and not cheating with a chocolate cake like the fat chicks Aaron spoke of in his old blog post about Fat Vegetarians) would be…difficult. REALLY difficult.

    Don’t get me wrong,I can’t see myself ever doing this (I love my chicken and steak way too much. I’d be fucking miserable on this kind of diet…),but if someone really wants to go out of their way to avoid having to count calories and maintain fat loss,this is probably one of the feasible ways to do it,I imagine?

    1. Fermented vegetables are especially good because they have even less carbs due to fermentation process. I don’t think it is a good idea to avoid protein because you might end up losing more muscle than is necessary.

      If you stick to a meat, dairy and vegetables diet then I don’t think you have to count your calories provided you don’t eat more than two meals a day with no snacks in between.

    2. I am currently in the process of losing a bit of weight. My approach is to simply skip dinner. I have breakfast in the morning, at around 09:00, followed by lunch at around 12:00. I may eat a small amount of nuts in the afternoon or some fruit, but on some days, I do not eat anything after lunch. After two weeks, the effect is quite noticeable already. It is also a slow process, so now the old bizarro PUA advice of getting a fat chick and slimming her down is even more absurd to me. (This was a strange piece of advice to begin with because it is not the case that fat chicks are less in demand, which is the misconception that underlies this supposed glitch in the matrix. Plenty of guys hit on fat chicks because they want an easy lay, and some fat chicks consequently develop ridiculously big egos.)

    3. @Skepdick
      That’s pretty much what works for me along with exercise. Sugar is the biggest thing I try to stay away from. It could be just because I can stick to it. Well, whatever works for each individual. But the most solid evidence I’ve seen leans in favor of the low carb diets.

    4. @ Aaron

      About fat chicks, I’ll be damned if that ain’t the truth. Nothing worse than girls with a fat body and cute face. Lazy, entitled, and nothing special. Allergic to the gym, yet think they are on the level of girls hitting the starmaster 5 days a week. Fuck those fat, lazy. Mean bitches. No work ethic. Horrible personalities. Not good looking.

      End of rant.

    5. Not end of rant lol. Those Twinkie eating, ice cream devouring hoes need to spend their time and money at the gym instead of at the nail and hair salons, tanning, and makeup.

      Fuck them to hell.

    6. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      >Those Twinkie eating, ice cream devouring hoes need to spend their time and money at the gym instead of at the nail and hair salons, tanning, and makeup.

      A great quote I’ve grabbed from somewhere long in the past;

      “A pig with makeup is still a pig”

      Chicks like these are indeed much better off putting their investments towards fixing up their diet,hitting the weights (The amount of women I’ve spoken to who are ghostly scared of getting “bulky” is astounding. Spending your time only on the treadmill is a great way to ensure that not only will you despise your time in the gym,but forever have the physique of a plain jane),and finding a physical activity/sport they enjoy instead of trying to cake their flabby faces with makeup.

      Chances are,depending on how gifted you are on the face department,you might not even need all that makeup to land a decent fella post-weight loss.

      >I don’t think it is a good idea to avoid protein because you might end up losing more muscle than is necessary.

      Yeah,that’s another downside of the Vegetarian (goes double for Vegans) diet. I’ve spoken to Vegans and Vegetarians who claim you can get enough protein on a plant-based diet alone,but almost universally they tend to be really skinny guys. If I’m not mistaken,Aaron himself was a Vegetarian at some point and he himself admits he had a rather lanky physique as a result. 6’3ft at about 150lbs. Although there are Vegan protein powders if one doesn’t mind supplementation.

    7. >Slimming down a fat girl.

      I agree, terrible idea. Fat women have asinine personalities partly because their blood sugar is all over the place from their bad diets. The calorie deficit required for them to lose weight would send them into even more of a rage. Is the french-fry sweat really worth the squeeze?

    8. @Maou

      Pretty sure that quotes from Animal Farm. Orwell is one of the greats.

      About vegetarianism. I think it works better for women. I think some female vegetarians look good. But I like skinny chicks. There must be a reason why guys like meat, barbequing etc more than women.

    9. @Parker

      Every guy should watch this before blindly accepting getting into a relationship with a whale. Effectively shoots down the fairy tale assumption that unattractiveness somehow comes with Character.

      Don’t worry,there’s a happy ending for our guy at the end of this video. 😉

    10. Correction, I like LEAN chicks. I’m cool with petite, but the gymnast body is my preference. Nothing like a girls with cut legs and a solid ass. So I agree with Maou. Just no fatties.

    11. @Maou

      Wow. What I want to know is how could she afford to get that bad? Does she get a disability ‘tugboat’ payment that she pretty much just surrenders to Wendy’s every month?

    1. Semen concentration was reduced around three months post-vaccination, and recovered around six months post-vaccination. I’d say a three month is temporary, no? Or are you thinking that that is too long to call it temporary?

      Either way I’d say three months is definitely not permanent, and fairly short-term in the span of a lifetime. 🙂

    2. oh, that’s why uber’s mom said I didn’t need a condom if I brought my van card !!!

      Jokes on me, I guess, I now have a raging case of herpers and god knows what else !!!

      I am sticking to ladyboise in highland from now on !!!

    1. well, they wouldn’t have the kankles because cheeseburgers were more expensive !!!

    1. I wonder if Jack Donovan an d his but bunny crew will vax up for this one !!!

      They didn’t for cover and you know how they roll, no masks and no condoms !!!

      Uber’s mom only wishes she could be the super spreader !!!

  3. With the Supreme Court over-turning Roe vs Wade case, the only women who are complaining are the bonafide sluts who are sexually irresponsible. They are to lazy to look up the abortion statistics of incest and rape vs inconvenience.

    1. Feminists support abortion has soley to do with being anti-family. It has absolutely nothing to do with a woman’s control over her own body.

      Otherwise they’d be huge advocates of legal prostitution.

    2. Not to mention the “my body my choice” crowd seems to be pretty much on board with vaxx mandates. Coherence has never been their priority.

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