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Ingenious Looks-Maxxing of Unattractive Women

A few days ago I had to take a train ride in a country that still enforces masks on public transport. A significant number of people on board did not care much about this rule, though. Yet, I noticed a woman who was with a group of people. She kept her mask on almost the entire time whereas the others did not. This may seem odd, but she had a pretty valid reason as she simply used the mask to cover up rather unfortunate facial proportions, such as a rather masculine jaw and an unflattering nose. With her mask on, you could mistake her for a Nine.

In this context, I remembered a somewhat similar encounter. Frankly, it was much more bizarre. This was when enthusiasm for the vaxx had started to wane already. People were still working mostly from home in the company I work for, though. Back then, I was involved in a cross-departmental project. The main contact on the other side was a rather unsightly woman in her mid-thirties who looked like a witch. She had a seemingly attractive assistant, though. You can probably see where this is going.

While the witch in the scenario above would undoubtedly have benefited from wearing a mask as it would have made her much easier on the eye, she unfortunately did not have this luxury as she had to talk a lot in our meetings. She was also working from home. Her assistant, however, came to the office and joined via a video call from one of the meeting rooms. She always wore tight dresses or tops, showing non-trivial amounts of skin, and she sometimes got up or stretched, both in order to get more attention, presumably. I have no idea why this assistant was even in the meeting. She never said a word. Instead, she only listened and took a few notes. She always had a mask on, and used it to make a fashion statement. Once she took off the mask as she had to cough — oh, the irony! — and this revealed that she likewise loses a few points on the looks scale without a mask.

Thinking a bit further, considering that some women embrace wearing a face mask in order to make themselves look more appealing, you can probably find others who would not object to even more drastic mandates. While there is a segment of women that is seemingly fond of showing off their fat bodies, most fatties are probably somewhat more self-conscious. Loosing weight is difficult, though, so the question emerges if such women would embrace wearing a burqa or, if this is too extreme, support a ban on tight clothes? Looking at what some women wear these days, it seems that this process is already underway anyway.

4 thoughts on “Ingenious Looks-Maxxing of Unattractive Women

  1. This right here went a long way into the prevalence of mask-shaming during the plandemic. It just has to be the case.

  2. Some definitely look better with the mask on. I remember reading about Muslim women protesting the Shah because women in Iran were not wearing burkas. A lot of Persian women are hot as fuck. It could simply be that these Muslim women didn’t like the competition.

    But feminists always blame men for burkas. These same bitches probably like wearing the masks. Who can figure out feminism?

    1. Feminists bitch at Muslims because they cover they’re women up. Yet, they bitch at us because we want to see everything. What amount of clothing do they want? The only thing consistent about feminism is bitching at men.

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