Social Retardation: PUAs and the “Based Incel Warrior”

A while ago a video made the rounds in which a guy goes around, insulting a bunch of scantily dressed women and, upon receiving a less than favorable response, pepper sprays them, supposedly in self-defense. On an aside, I came across the video first with the attached claim that this incel goes around harassing prostitutes. Only later on did I realize that those are simply regular women after a night out. This “based incel warrior” reminded me of some of the people I met in the PUA community.

As you see in the video above, this guy is completely oblivious to the fact that he is acting like a complete social retard. He accosts a bunch of random women for no good reasons, and he keeps going. I do not think that this guy behaves like this all the time. Instead, it is more likely that he puts on a strange persona that does not give a fuck, and he just pursues some bizarre goal.

The reason why I think this guy simply put on a different persona is that I bumped into such people back in the PUA days. This was when there were “lairs” where random guys met up and went out together. As you can imagine, those were not always the most stable personalities. Some hyped themselves up that they would now solve their issues with women and approach no matter what. Some set themselves goals of approaching at least a certain number of women, and this meant approaching them indiscriminately, one after another. A small minority thought that they would progress faster by doing “challenge sets” where they hit on women who were with a boyfriend, or even on women who were out on a double date, i.e. two guys and two girls. I probably do not have to spell out that all of this is quite ludicrous.

Back then, I found it quite baffling how those people can talk themselves into acting like total social retards. Later on, I encountered the concept “fake it ’til you make it”, and this was probably the underlying idea. They wanted to be a different person but as they lacked reference experiences, they made some baseless assumptions about how a tough guy is supposed to act, and entered one weird social interaction after another. Yet, the negative feedback only seemed to encourage them to keep going. Abstractly speaking, they had a hypothesis that was impossible to falsify, i.e. if a woman, for whatever reason, reacted positively, their approach worked but if their approach did not work then this meant that they had to try harder.

Probably, the root cause of this problem is that those guys grew up both without male role models and in an utterly broken society. Perhaps, they are so isolated that they cannot even observe people act normally. Surely, the atomization of society, with the current stage of people living in a romantic union with their smart phones, does not help either. In all honesty, though, can we really blame men who end up acting like social retards? After all, such behavior is simply a symptom of a sick society. We could try to fix the root cause, but this is not aligned with the goals of the social engineers shaping society.

8 thoughts on “Social Retardation: PUAs and the “Based Incel Warrior”

  1. LMAO…..what kind of vagina do you have?

    He straight up told the girl his cock was getting hard for her while she is sitting on a bench?…

    Wow. That is hilarious. You know what? I don’t even care that he said this shit.

  2. I don’t think he’s trying to “pick up” these women or gain their social approval. He’s socially shaming them for how they are dressed. I believe that’s why incels call this guy based – instead of trying to be smooth and gain their approval [sexual or otherwise] he is “thot patrolling” as they say. I suspect that if this was a regular occurrence every time women went out, as it is in certain muslim countries and it was in the west less than 100 years ago, women would change their behavior.

    That being said he is socially retarded, because this behavior is looked down upon and possibly illegal in the current western world, which as we know is a huge improvement from the west 100 years ago, due to advances in social justice.

    1. Exactly. I’ve made a habit of checking out the comments on this blog on my email, sometimes in a very cursory manner, and this time that extended to the post as well, otherwise I would’ve come and said the same thing.

      Aaron saw this and instead of going “he’s crazy, but based”, he went “looks like the most retarded PUA I’ve ever seen”, because of his vast personal experience in that world. He’s not a “trad” yet, but give him time…

  3. As usual, some good points in this piece from our guy, but I don’t see there being an argument for this guy being “oblivious”. He’s doing this possibly for a cheap thrill, to make a societal point or both. Not because he’s oblivious. I’m assuming he doesn’t carry pepper spray when he’s not thot patrolling, which is why I don’t think he’s oblivious.

  4. Aaron,
    “…this guy is completely oblivious to the fact that he is acting like a complete social retard.”

    I believe there’s more to the issue other than being a social retard. There’s no doubt that he’s oblivious to body language and social cues, but I believe that he’s reached a point with women where he has so much anger and hate that he wants to inflict physical harm and be vindictive towards women. It’s similar to Eliot Roger. Perhaps, this is the outcome of too much rejection which is not healthy for the psyche and a lack of positive feedback from women.

    1. This is a good point. There is another aspect to pent-up male anger. You have probably come across statistics showing that a disproportionally large number of men who were raised by single mothers end up with a criminal record, including felonies like robberies or murder. I think part of what fuels their anger and forms the foundation of their rejection of society is poor treatment by their mother, as well as the tyranny inflicted by a female educational system. As you can see, the world would be a much better place if women were in charge. It works really well for kids brought up by single mothers, and it worked fantastically well for Angela Merkel’s Germany.

    2. Oh yes, we recently discussed how fucked up teachers are. I had an oppressive single mother plus 2 older narcissistic sisters. Guess what they do for a living? I’ve turned out ok considering. But yeah, still pretty fucked up.

      The only thing women can run is the housework and child rearing in a patriarchal society.

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