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31 thoughts on “Open Thread #223

    1. I’m not rich. However, when I was invited to party in St Tropez, there were stories floating around of billionaire parties on yachts with dozens of models and just a few guys. I suppose those events were quite similar to the ones described in this video.

    2. Aaron,
      Would there be any difference in hooking up between those models in the yachts parties compare to your days in Berlin and London? Or would you be able to replicate the same or similar experience in those yacht parties?

    3. The problem with “hooking up” at VIP parties is that you need a lot of money. My clients told me that one-night stands are exceedingly rare. Some women ask you for money in exchange for sex outright, others are a bit less confrontative and tell you that they expect you to take them “shopping”, which means that she may want you to pay thousands for clothes, shores, and handbags. Quite commonly, some women ask for all-expenses-paid trips abroad. This may or may not mean that you share a hotel room with them. In short, you are largely dealing with prostitution at this level. This does not mean that all women in this environment are like that. However, a lot of women there blatantly exchange sex for money.

    1. What a psychopath !!!

      That’s the absolute failure of Barbarosssa and other MGTOW’s. They never warned other men about the dangers of the corporate world. Be a mercenary with skills that are easily transferrable yet in demand!

    2. She’s deranged and definitely drugged up. But at least she’s letting us know where we really stand.

    3. Good Lord! Not sure if she’s high as a kite or mentally ill – or both. Was a bit worried her eyes were going to pop out there for a while. 🙂

      The irony of her warning people about putting things on the Internet, when she just put that garbage up. I guess she found out the hard way that it cuts both ways – she’s all over the Internet now. Seems she already took the video off her TikTok, and deleted (or changed) her LinkedIn profile. 🙂

  1. Lol!!!

    I just found the twitter of the legendary GL Piggy !!!

    He would insult and torment advocatus Diaboli !!!

    He made his blog private because he sold out to mainstream media and didn’t want anyone to know his ties to Steve Sailer and Jack Donovan. He appeals to reason but is as histrionic as a woman !!!


  2. Johnny Depp talking about his ex taking a dump on his bed is quite humorous because of his delivery:
    I had to chuckle when he said that he “went to his other house”. Clearly, he lives a very privileged life. Yet, despite his economic success, he let a deranged woman wreck his life. The fake domestic violence accusations cost him probably dozens of millions of dollars. That being said, he came out alive at the end, which you cannot say of a lot of other men in a similar situation, famous or not.

  3. It is probably far too early for me to be asking this question,but aside from yourself (There is a small chance I might move to the Netherlands one day,and I think you’ve said somewhere that you live around Belgium?),is there any group or individual you would recommend to get personal training from for Meditation? Should I visit an official Monastery?

    I’m a strong believer that if you’re gonna spend a substantial amount of money to pursue learning a skill,you should get a quality teacher/instructor rather than just spend more money on tools (Books,DVD’s,etc.) for Self-Study. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words,a quality teacher who can guide you directly is probably worth a thousand books.

    Your book on Meditation is the only book I intend to ever buy on Meditation. If I want to pursue this to a deeper level,I plan to get a quality instructor. But I’d like to know if there’s anyone or any group in particular you would endorse.

    1. Check out some monasteries. You may also find meditation groups in larger cities, but those can be hit or miss.

  4. Aaron,
    Out of curiosity, what kind of moves did you have in the dance floor when you partied at Berghain? Did you have dances moves like in the following YouTube clips?
    2:33 has some good moves.
    the dancing here starts at 4:34

    I tried to image what kind of dance moves you had in the dance floor that suits your personality to the techno music. Lastly, have you heard Mflex Sounds music?

    1. In the techno scene you don’t really dance. Standing in place and bobbing your head works fine. Moves like the ones in those two videos would make you stand out quite a bit, perhaps not necessarily positively as, at least at Berghain, the mood is more brooding rather than exuberant.

      I have not heard of Mflex Sounds but just looked them up. I prefer vocals to be much more limited in electronic music. Check out this stream:

      I put it on quite frequently when I am working.

    2. @Aaron. I dig this! Some sick guitar playing sprinkled in occasionally, and good for working.

    3. It’s a great channel indeed. There is, unfortunately, a somber aspect to it as well. Sometimes, I look up artists whose tracks I particularly like after discovering them over there. Yet, it is not rare that the artist in question never gained any traction, getting, some cases, a few hundred view of their videos in the span of five years.

  5. Aaron,

    Would you say “Faith it till you make it” is a better saying than “Fake it till you make it”?

    My interpretation of such a saying is that while Success breeds Confidence and vice-versa,we all have to start as beginners (whatever field/pursuit that may be)and the best we can do at that point is follow whatever information source we deem reliable and trust in it.

    Of course,the key is not to ignore your experiences (If a guru is making claims that just completely contradict your own personal experiences,trust the latter and find somebody else whose info matches it more closely and extrapolate from there,etc.) and have the willingness to change your approach in the presence of better information. (Don’t fall for the “Sunk Cost Fallacy”)

    Of course,your journey will be even smoother if you know how to Research effectively. AlekNovy’s nuggets of wisdom throughout the years has been of great help to all of us,needless to say. Scrutinize the info you find to the best of your ability.

    There’s a natural evolutionary reason we feel “Approach Anxiety” for example. Ignoring it comes with grave consequences (social or otherwise) such as what we see in “Sean Larson” and that “Based Incel Warrior” you recently posted about so the intelligent thing to do is find ways to approach that feels much more natural. Warm approaches as an example,as you’ve advocated for in the past.

    “Fake it till you make it” just seems to encourage ignoring common sense. (and not truly trusting in what you know. Effective techniques/procedures can definitely be rendered ineffective if you half-ass it)

  6. Remember Looks Maximus? He may have fallen into obscurity when he was ousted from Youtube and tried to start over on Odysee.
    In this video he admits to having health issues:
    Insomnia, symptoms of organ failure and lack of energy. “My life has changed, overnight essentially, and for no reason whatsoever” he says. Maybe roiding and unprotected sex with hookers wasn’t the path to male happiness after all?
    “Can’t fuck, can’t sleep, constantly bloated”. If it gets worse he plans to commit suicide.

    Everybody breaks down and becomes weak and sickly eventually, there is no escape. I guess one has to decide their own terms for approaching this end point. Looks Maximus decided it was worth it to accelerate the process of physical decay to impress bodybuilding bros online and have sex without a condom.
    Rest In Panties, mogmaxxed whoremonger.

    1. It shows some real underlying mental issues if youre taking steroids and are not even trying to impress girls [which also shows some questionable judgement imo]. Genuinely what is the point if you are banging prostitutes?

    2. His angle is that whores give you a better service if you are physically attractive. This reminds me of this shockingly misogynist joke:
      Question: “How do you give women a better orgasm?”
      Answer: “Who the f… cares?”

      I have never banged a hooker in exchange for money but I have reason to believe that some of the women I picked up in clubs were whores who banged me for free. The dynamics when banging a prostitute for money cannot be much different from banging some random slut from a club. Sure, sometimes you like the girl, or really like her, and you play your part in making it an enjoyable experience that may last for a few hours or weeks, or months, but sometimes you pull a chick and you only want to blow a load, and that’s it.

    3. @Conrad: As far as I understand it Looks Maximus finds a deep pleasure in being more muscular than the other men he encountered in his day to day life. He believes that when he walks into a room full of weaker, scrawnier men he gets a serotonin spike from being obviously more physically powerful than them. Meanwhile the weaker men get a serotonin drop, from experiencing the presence of a stronger man. This “transfer” of happiness and confidence is what is referred to as “mogging.”

      Most men do tend to instinctively defer to guys who appear to be stronger than themselves. That is why height is a huge factor in the halo effect. It makes you look bigger over all even if you aren’t muscular, especially when wearing clothes. Height is difficult to change without a dubious surgery, but muscle mass can be increased with weightlifting and roiding, so insecure guys turn to bodybuilding in the hopes of mogging and feeling better.

      Looks Maximus also claims that being muscular and lean makes him more attractive to hookers, so they give him better service. This seems to contradict his stated ideals of an androcentric world view, where the opinions of women don’t matter. He recently started wearing his wig again in the hopes that the whores will respond to him more when he messages them on prostitution sites. It seems his androcentric bravado is just a cope after all. He calls whores “zero agency slave cunny” but in the end, it is indeed the woman who is the sexual selector. Even when they’re being paid to fuck.

    4. There is a good chance he is suffering the long-term effects of steroid abuse. He claims that he has a “trusted source” for his roids but this is nonsense. You can’t even trust multi-billion chemical companies and there have been plenty of scandals about impurities in over-the-counter medications. Pfizer cuts corners for an extra fraction of a percent in profit, yet Back-Alley Joe who produces bodybuilding supplements on his own is infallible. The idea is laughable.

      Also, the HRT bros are not immune to any of this. They may get higher-grade drugs but this does not negate the side effects. Hollywood has teams of doctors to supervise some A-listers roid cycle as they shoot the latest Marvel superhero move. If all of this was as “safe and effective” (where have I heard this before?) as is commonly believed, you could just let actors inject themselves with this stuff.

  7. I do think that hoes treat certain clients better than others regardless of the amount of money. They are human females afterall. Not sure if Looks Maximus is one of those guys though.

    1. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      “I do think that hoes treat certain clients better than others regardless of the amount of money.”

      I’ve seen this as well. From personal experience, I’ve seen that women who tend to have a more of a passive personality tend to treat clients better and give them a better sexual experience than hookers who have a stronger personality. It does help if the hooker is attracted to you, but screening her personality does influence the outcome.

  8. Last week it was the first time I get laid with a really attrative girl. I think This website helped me a lot. During many year I had a lot of antigame, and blackpill content helped me to become aware to this problem and also to the my physical attractiveness. ?

    I didnt even knew that beeing tall was attrative before. ?

    1. Being tall is probably the most attractive attribute there is. A tall guy with an average face will, ceteris paribus, win over a shorter guy with a pretty face. The latter would have to be an extreme outlier for this to not hold. Tom Cruise is often used as an example. PUA bros used to claim that Tom Cruise is proof that short guys can get laid. Somehow, they ignore that Tom Cruise is world famous, has a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars, and is, partly thanks to cosmetic surgery, exceptionally good-looking.

  9. Interesting. I need to screen them better. But a good 80 percent of the hot sex workers I’ve paid for let me do wtf I want at regular price. My friends dont even believe me. They also think that waitresses never flirt with customers unless it’s for a
    tip. Well, maybe not with them haha. Anyway I’m not friends with these clowns any more.

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