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I am currently in the process of taking a step towards distancing myself even further from society. While I currently live in a degenerate big city where I keep my sanity by interacting as little as possible with the outside world, I want to ascend to the next level and put some serious physical distance between myself and the cesspools that Western cities have become. This means moving to the countryside and, perhaps, starting to grow some vegetables. At some point, I would like to have a chicken coop, but this can wait.

The other day I viewed a house for rent in a small, remote village. The owner is a woman in her 50s or 60s, and quite friendly. As she showed me around the place, she kept chatting away. I liked the place well enough to rent it. It probably would not be suitable for the long-term, partly because I was not supposed to do any gardening, but it would make for a good starting point for this rather drastic lifestyle change.

I was ready to rent the place right away, and she said she would get back to me within a few days. What followed then was typical woman behavior. First, I heard that there was someone else interested, but she would know by next weekend. She was still not ready to give me the place after the weekend because there was yet another person, supposedly. I have moved on in the meantime. Yet, I cannot help but think that women hold themselves back with such behavior. It is not even relevant if there were other people interested or not. Instead, the problem is this inability to make a decision and stick to it.

There are women who lead on two or three guys while they are waiting for Chad, but Chad just never comes. They never tell those guys that they do not have a shot. Of course, there are also women who are so misguided that they waste years waiting for the perfect guy, only getting older and less attractive year after year. This is quite a tragedy. This does not mean that they have to settle for whoever comes first. However, there are rather obvious diminishing returns in every market, be it renting or dating.

I see the same nonsense in recruiting, which is heavily female dominated. I know of internal recruiters who just love interviewing candidates, presumably because it gives them a similar high as having three dozen guys message them on Tinder. Some interview far too many people; occasionally, they tell you about some “amazing candidate” they came across, and this may well turn out to be a guy who is utterly unqualified yet reasonably good looking. The frustrations when dealing with female recruiters do not end there. Some do not want to reject candidates. They just keep them in the hiring pipeline for months, as some kind of backup.

Not being able to make a decision is worse than making suboptimal ones due to all the wasted time. Probably the reason why women act like this is that they just love having all those options at their fingertips, regardless of whether they are real or imagined. As they hop from one cock to another, they fantasize about being able to tie down any of those guys. Yet, they keep hoping for someone even better to show up tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or next year. Making decisions is not easy as you exclude other options. Yet, if you do not make decisions, you are not going to get anywhere. Somehow, I have the impression that this is a very good and succinct description of the life script of many women.

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  1. Aaron,
    “There are also women who are so misguided that they waste years waiting for the perfect guy, only getting older and less attractive year after year.”

    1. I’ve come across “older” women who are so delusion they seem to believe that they are still sexually attractive. Some of these women believe this because they have young men lusting after them. I recall overhearing a conversation between two females friends talking about how young men like older women because older women seem to be very mature, they know what they want, they don’t play games, and have more experience in the bedroom. Of course, these women can’t seem to make the connection that young men are only pursuing them because they lack options, and aren’t able to hook up with girls their own age (20 years old’s). There’s no shortage of men pursing older women these days than ever before.

    “The problem is this inability to make a decision and stick to it.”

    2. Would this also apply when you’re trying to get laid, and she’s leading you on that she needs to get to know you and that she needs more time? I’m guessing these women get a high from leading on these betas?

    “This means moving to the countryside and, perhaps, starting to grow some vegetables.”

    3. What kind of vegetables would you grow? Are there specific vegetables you’re interested in growing due to its nutrition value or because its more feasible to grow than others?

    1. 1) I have also come across women making the claim that young men “just love them”. The level of delusion is indeed incredible. Someone should tell them that it is a bit strange that no guy wants to stick around. Telling them what “training wheels” are might also help. Single women in their late 20s or early 30s are really easy to hook up with, in particular if they are single mothers. The question is simply if you are fine with the quality on offer. Some of those women can still look pretty good (for their age), but they obviously cannot compete against a hot 19-year-old.

      2) I think the key difference here is intention. Mostly, those women only want to lead you on and bask in the attention they are getting. However, I have also encountered women who just did not want to commit to any guy because there might be someone better out there. I noticed this a few times at the end of my university studies. Chicks were slightly past their physical prime there, so this is where they should cash in their chips. As they could not commit to the business grad who got a gig at McKinsey, the medicine student, or the techie who is off to a lucrative job, but perhaps one with little growth potential, they extended their partying years, with some ending up being single in their 30s. Facebook used to be a great tool for identifying such trajectories.

      3) At first, I want to grow various kinds of salads, depending on the season, as well as tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers. These are staples; I simply want to grow my own instead of buying from the store. Otherwise, I have been thinking of growing pumpkins and sweet potatoes. A green house would also be nice to have, but that is for much later.

    2. It’s incredible how these older sluts don’t get it. They think it’s a positive that they’ve fucked 50 hot guys. Not wondering why zero of these hot guys committed. It’s never their fault, something is wrong with men now days.

    1. I watched all the available seasons. In my view, the show gets progressively worse, and I probably will not watch the upcoming fifth season. The first season was the by far best one. Nonetheless, Cobra Kai is quite entertaining. At times, it is very refreshing as the rekindled rivalry this show centers on is basically a juxtaposition of cuck life (Daniel) and red pill (Johnny). Some of the lines of the latter are laugh-out-loud funny. I wish that the depiction of karate was a bit more grounded. It is slapstick acrobatics at times where people take hits that would kill them in reality as if it is nothing. Also, I do not like the acrobatics and that a lot of the actors are quite flabby, for instance Daniel’s daughter. Miguel also packed on the pounds. Thus, the show only got increasingly more jarring.

      I think there are a lot of missed opportunities in Cobra Kai. For instance, a lot of the plot lines seem to just fizzle out. Miguel ending up in a wheel chair and then recovering was pretty odd. Kreese taking ownership of the gym by intimidating the Johnny’s landlord is bizarre. (This reminded me of GTA V, where you take over a strip club by killing the owner.) I don’t mind a bit of suspension of disbelief, but this is just too nonsensical. Also, it is a bit unfortunate that the show does not put the actors to better use. I mentioned that a lot of them are flabby. Tory is a stand-out, but not turning her into a total sex bomb is a missed opportunity. This is a TV show for guys, after all. It is also off-putting that the most attractive woman, Yasmine, gets only a minor gig, and is the butt of a recurring joke in this absurd romance angle with some dysgenic little dweeb.

      The show is also quite woke. One of the main actors has a fake cleft lip, and there is also some chick later on that appears briefly who likewise has a fake cleft lip. I have seen only one person with a cleft lip in reality in my entire life, and I do not think that this is a particularly common condition anyway, so this kind of disability pandering is pretty out of place.

  2. I recall a study that showed that large U.S. corporations has a hiring bias in favor of attractive men and unattractive women; this mystified the “experts”. However, a manospherian blogger observed that in these corporations the HR departments usually either did most of the hiring or set up the shortlist for interviews; and HR is mostly staffed by average-looking women.

    1. A few years a story about Amazon’s AI for filtering CVs made the rounds. Unfortunately, this AI had to be shelved because even though it did its job very well, it was, unfortunately, misogynist and racist as it figured out that applicants from radical-leftist female-only colleges as well as graduates from those 100% black colleges were not quite as good as the mandated state ideology forces you to believe.

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