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25 thoughts on “Open Thread #222

  1. Some female teacher at my old high school just got arrested for banging one of her male students. Hard to wrap my head around what compels teachers or either sex to engage in behavior that risky.

    For female teachers (this lady is 31), I wonder if they’re trying to prove to themselves that they haven’t hit the wall. Maybe they fuck 15 year old dudes, so they can say to themselves “I haven’t hit the wall. How could the wall apply to me? I just fucked a 15 year old.”

    1. I’ve never thought about this topic, but I’m drawing blanks as well. Your suggestion does sound plausible.

    2. If the genders were reversed they’d throw the book at the guy. Aren’t we supposed to be “equal?”

      Besides, don’t females mature at a quicker rate than males? The hypocrisy abounds.

    3. It’s because most women are completely out of touch with their own nature – they refuse to admit that they get horny. So they hold it in until something – or someone – tickles them in just the right way, hits them like a tonne of bricks and makes them partake in high risk behaviour

      They think that by repeating the mantra to themselves of “I’m not a slut”, or “Only men are like that”, that they can overcome their nature.

      Of course, it’s also highly likely that this teacher knew exactly what she’s like, and that she could get away with being allowed near boys because as GoodLookingAndSleazy pointed out society is only sceptical towards men around girls.

    4. Hmm. I happen to think most modern women are fairly sexually liberated these days. Of course, I could be suffering from some sort of bias simply because It jumps out at me when girls talk openly about how horny they are. Kind of like how when you play poker, it feels like aces are dealt more than any other card simply because you notice the aces.

  2. These stories have been a dime a dozen the last few years. There have been several where the teenage boy actually impregnates a mid 20s or older teacher…..LOL. I remember several stories where female teachers are getting on with female students also and in one case I remember a teenage boy having a 3some with two female teachers in their early 30s and I think both were married. I also think a beauty queen from Kentucky or West Virginia was got sexting and having sex with one of her teenage students also. This trend is increasingly common and in many cases these teachers are also married. The cock carousel never sleeps.

    1. There is also the fantasy of some women of “turning a boy into a man”. Presumably, they only tell themselves this in order to justify their sexual abuse of a minor, but the narrative is out there. We would not let male teacher who fucks a 14-year-old girl get away with this, but somehow our degenerate society thinks that it’s not that much of a problem if a female teacher has sex with the boy. Besides, he probably wanted it anyway, right? Right?

    2. That’s exactly what they say, that he wanted it. Statutory rape has absolutely nothing to do with consent. What If the 14 y/o girl wanted it? And 14 y/o girls tend to be much more mature than their 14 y/o male counterparts.

      I remember a case back in the day where the 13 y/o knocked the teacher up. Dudes whole life is ruined. That moron Bill Maher tried to claim it’s because their love was so strong.

    3. As is the case with girls, there’s a ton of difference between a 14 yo having sex with someone overage than a 17 yo. 18 as the age of majority exists because the line must be drawn somewhere, but 17 and 18 yo people are developmentally similar. As a 17 yo boy, if a moderately attractive girl throws herself at you, you most likely take the opportunity, though it rarely happens if you’re not a Chad. OTOH as a 12-14 yo boy, somewhat older girls throw themselves at you even as a non-Chad and you just feel so weird and intimidated (been there, done that). I can’t imagine what it’d be like with a fully adult woman making the advances.

    4. Correction: “As a 17 yo boy, if a moderately attractive *OLDER* girl throws herself at you, you most likely take the opportunity”.

      Addendum: most likely doesn’t mean always. I had a 28~30 yo (by my estimation) attractive woman overtly flirting with me (as strongly as she could in front of her friend, the owner of a videogame playing center I used to frequent), but I had a severe case of antigame back then. I’m sure Goodlookingandsleazy can relate.

    5. @Manuel S

      This conversation reminds me of a specific point in my life that first clued me in that I am actually attractive. Allow me to copy-paste it as I told this to a friend on discord in the past:

      The first clue I ever got in learning that I’m attractive was when a woman in my college class screamed out loud that I was so cute when she first got a close look at me. I was flabbergasted to say the least,but she looked fine and we held arms. She was really looking at me like how a fan looks up to a celebrity.

      Unfortunately,when I asked for her facebook details and got a closer look…she really wasn’t my type at all,and she was significantly older than me. (I was 18 years old at the time while she was 29) She tried flirting with me a few times but I ignored it from then on.

      Some people will accuse me of being shallow,but physical attraction is important,and I just didn’t feel any for her. a shame…

      Had I found her actually attractive,I would have gladly had my first relationship with her just for the experience. (I’m not saying I would have ultimately settled with her. That would have been a foolish move even if she was attractive) But…the woman from my perspective was a legit 4/10,and I’m not really the type of “Dumpster Diving” type just for the sake of having sex. (A lot of guys are like this though. Should I be jealous?) Her lack of good skin complexion in particularly…I just couldn’t get over it. She’s ultimately settled for a guy who Wheat Waffles would definitely rate as a “Sub-5”.

      That incident was what actually begun me researching about women and dating leading me to discover the PUA scene. Actually,I had heard of PUA back then but I was familiar with all sorts of internet scam (Diet pills for examples. My mom had first hand experience falling for them first hand) and initially dismissed PUA as something that’s probably along those lines. It took the real life incident of the above happening to me before I started looking into all this stuff.

      My first exposure to PUA was actually through my cousin,who had managed to pirate a DVD series by Vin DiCarlo(I’m sure you’re familiar with that name,Aaron. lol). I never had the patience to watch past the first 10 or so minutes though and never actually tried to apply it.

      However,it wasn’t until I read Neil Strauss’ infamous book “The Game” that my mind was completely blown. Yes,we now know that traditional PUA is a load of nonsense,but the ideas was so foreign to me. That a big fat kid like me could actually me attractive to women? (Looks do matter,but I was projecting from the male side. A tall fat woman would NOT be attractive to us. A tall big fat boar of a man however could well be attractive to women.)

      Fortunately,I did not waste too much time believing this stuff (about a year at most). I was lucky enough to discover Aaron through one of the Girlschase articles and eventually I read all of your and AlekNovy’s debunking of PUA which explained so much of what I experienced. Its not the techniques that’s causing women to swoon for me,but the fact that its coming from a huge tall dude. (I remember making a woman giggle in glee in the past by just smiling at her. That had nothing to do with PUA stuff)

      Anyway,I don’t want to cause too much of an essay here. I’m just glad AlekNovy pointed out the idea that a lot of folks in the PUA scene were misconstruing what was causing these kinds of reactions. (Its not that the PUA trick did anything. She was just attracted to you from the beginning) It really explained everything for me.

    1. “Simp Chef” lol. Now I know who you’re talking about. Yes. It’s a common belief she drove him too it. Women are at the root half the time, including both that I knew personally.

    2. Oh yeah. And I liked Anthony Bourdain. Certainly not his political views, but he has a great show.

  3. I got a question for AlekNovy…

    We know that women are almost universally attracted to men who look strong (This is a simplification of course. Height,large frame,big muscles although not all the weight necessarily has to be muscle as guys can pass for 15% BF,etc.),as it boils down to the subconscious desire for Security. We also know that in the short-term,they are only attracted to traits that cannot be faked. (Looks being the big thing here)

    But does it affect her attraction whatsoever when she comes to know a smaller and shorter man who is not only a capable combatant (Lets say he’s a former renowned soldier or LEO),but consistently through sheer martial skill defeats larger and stronger men in hand to hand combat.

    This kind of physical skill is real (although there are all sorts of Martial arts frauds who can fake this through compliant demos,but we’re talking about her witnessing this in an environment where it can’t be faked. whether that’s through real combat or sportive competitions and full-contact training),but its not something you can gain overnight. You can indeed defeat a much larger and stronger (albeit untrained or less trained. If skill is equivalent however,the old school boxing adage of “Good Big man beats Good Little man” comes into play.) man through skill.

    But I have to wonder if it influences her primal attraction to the man whatsoever. Does this effectively fall into the “Long-term attraction” category? (She would have to have known him for quite awhile before this comes into play) Does the research you’ve read say anything about this?

    1. I would think that any indicators that a man can bash a man’s skull in, whether they be appearance or demonstrated ability, trigger attraction in women.

    2. There is also the aspect that some women work hard on getting you into a fight, for instance by aggressively flirting with some dude right in front of you. They want to see you beat someone up and if you lose, it’s no problem for her either as she has just found a replacement for you.

    3. Yes, I would say evolution predates martial arts training. Martial arts are definitely a plus. I guess all things considered, the guy with the best fire power wins. Like guys that show off their guns who are skinny and don’t know martial arts.

      I guess I overanalyzed a bit. But yeah. Girls like tall dudes with muscle.

    4. I would add that women do not understand the complexities of fighting near on the level men do. Generally speaking of course.

    5. I’ve never met any mention of this in any research. Intuition says it would fall into the long-term category, as it is something that can be faked, like status. So over time as she gets to know a guy and hear how he’s the most feared fighter in his gym etc, might influence things for a long-term partner choice.

      I can’t imagine it having an effect like height or muscle.

    6. @Aaron

      >There is also the aspect that some women work hard on getting you into a fight

      The Self-Defense Instructors I follow had a name for chicks like these: Poisonous Fuck Bunny (PFB)

      Here is 1 in action described by one of those guys:

      The old school guys definitely had no delusions about beautiful women necessarily being Paragons of Virtue.

      There was also a blog post somewhere where another martial arts blogger spoke of a time he decided to confront a troublemaker at the Supermarket he was at. He told him off and was ready to rock n roll right on the spot,but the troublemaker decided to just flee instead of continuing. (He might have been apprehended by the police later on,but I can’t recall)

      Immediately after this,a random chick seemed turned out by what he just did (although the situation did not go physical) and gave him her number written on a small note. of course,one can make the argument that the chick may have been attracted to him from the start and that spectacle just gave her the opportunity to act on it rather than the conclusion that the spectacle itself caused her to be attracted to him. The blogger also never contacted that chick to my knowledge so perhaps we can never really know if she may possibly have had other ideas.

  4. “Oh yeah. And I liked Anthony Bourdain. Certainly not his political views, but he has a great show.”

    He should be a cautionary tale, don’t put the pussy on a pedestal. If it can happen to him, it can happen to you.

    1. I cannot even imagine what kind of a spineless cuck you need to be to work for the NYT and write an article with the headline, “As Battles Rage, Ukraine Rejects Macron Plea Not to ‘Humiliate’ Russia”. A Babylon Bee article can start like this. They could also write that Ukraine surrenders are somehow victories and it would be clear that it is a joke. With the mainstream, though, it is not clear if they are even serious anymore when they make such claim.

      Speaking of humiliation, how come that faggot is in a relationship with an 80-year-old that, according to rumors, is a tranny? I may be a bit old-fashioned, but my take is that this guy has been humiliating himself more than any leader in recent history, with the exception of Joe “81 million votes” Biden, of course.

    2. The only criteria there is to work for NYT is to be a company boy. As long as you report what they want they love you. They literally know less than the average American.

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