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33 thoughts on “Open Thread #219

  1. On another topic, I am considering Penis Enlargement Surgery as I am rather small. In fact regular condoms don’t fit me and often slip off. I have been laughed at many times.

    Do any of you guys have experience with this and is it worth the money?

    1. Suction devices like Bathmate supposedly give a sizeable, but temporary increase in girth. I haven’t tested it myself but the idea is sound. Putting your d in a low pressure environment forces more blood into it. The effect doesn’t last long so it should be done shortly before a session.

    2. I’ve done PE in the past. It does work. It takes a lot of time and patience though and I gave up on it after gaining like half an inch I think. This was 15 years ago.

      At the time the top PE website was mattersofsize, no idea what is what today though.

    3. There probably are smaller condoms, so perhaps try that before having someone do dick surgery on you.

  2. Just witnessed a guy being cursed at and physically assaulted from what appeared to be his girlfriend. At a gas station in broad daylight. He didn’t respond, and drove away with her.

  3. Sorry that this isn’t an answer to your question, but remember, women like things that are stupid, including tattoos and big dicks. Paying an arm and a leg to modify yourself like that to increase your appeal to dumb sluts seems like short term thinking..

    1. This seems to be the mainstream-compatible version of the Jew favorite of dressing porn stars like nuns.

  4. “Suction devices like Bathmate supposedly give a sizeable, but temporary increase in girth. I haven’t tested it myself but the idea is sound. Putting your d in a low pressure environment forces more blood into it. The effect doesn’t last long so it should be done shortly before a session.”

    Okay, I new that was familiar and then saw it on Good Looking Loser. Wow !!! I’m not gay but damn is that guy handsome.

    NSFW and also don’t click if you are homophobic !!!

    The difference is he is already starting with something impressive and just taking it over the top. I am much smaller and it is also lacking in girth.

    1. He also posts his articles to . I’m just not sure whether he posts them there as soon as they come out or if there’s a delay.

    2. The problem with the posts on is that the image links only seem to work if the site is up on the normie web. Thus, you are probably better off using Tor. For some articles, Tor is the only option, such as the meme-collection posts.

  5. Aaron,are you familiar with the story/history of one of the greatest boxers of all time?; Mike Tyson?

    To be honest,I’ve just thought about it now,but…he seems like another good example of a man with great potential (although being considered one of the Greatest of All time in the Sport of Boxing is already a massive feat) who was destroyed by women. (His choice of a wife,Robin Givens,needless to say,was absolutely terrible) Granted,there were obviously other factors that went into tarnishing what he could have achieved in his youth,but I think its hard to deny that his bad choices in regards to his love life played a not-insignificant role in his downfall.

    1. He was wrongly convicted for rape too. Guy had it rough. He went from the top of the world to public enemy #1. The media will do that to people. Good to see he’s back in good graces with people. Everybody likes him. Not the smartest guy but damn he could fight. Looks like he’s on roids but he’s not! The dude is pure natural testosterone.

    2. Allegedly, Mike Tyson ended up in prison due to a false rape accusation. He was not the smartest cookie around. This reminds me of a story I recently came across: Boris Becker, former number one in tennis, is currently in jail for fraud. His money went to his girlfriends, ex-wives, and children (I think primarily his daughter). In contrast, he is left with nothing.

    1. I actually called this back in 2020. I was looking through a list of infectious diseases, saw monkeypox and thought yep, this has mass hysteria potential.

    2. The monkeypox only seems to affect homosexuals. You could view this as a sign of the wrath of God, but according to experts, everyone is gay so you need to take the safe and effective upcoming monkey-vaxx, which only works if everyone else takes it, too. Also, while Covid tests can be administered by having something shoved up your nostrils, experts unfortunately cannot condone such a minimally invasive procedure with the monkeypox. Unfortunately, goy, you will have to have your pee-hole and your anus swiped. It is for your own safety, so don’t get uppity!

  6. You guys ever heard the term nouveau riche? Iteans new rich.
    Apparently it’s a term used by aristocrats to describe someone who built their own wealth rather than through inheritance. It’s considered an insult amongst aristocrats. It describes my grandfather perfectly. He wasn’t a member of the country club even though he had two car lots, beautiful 2 story house, plenty of land. He prefered to go to dive bars. I just found this term when researching the movie Caddyshack.

    1. This distinction between old money and new money goes way back. The Ancient Greeks used it. In Ancient Rome, there was also the term “homines novi” for those who were first in their family to take up a government position. To us, this sounds quite foreign because long gone are the days were we looked up to politicians or high-level public servants. This only works in meritocratic societies, not Western-style clown-world governments.

    2. Hilariously the “old money” snobs have inherited their fortunes from ancestors who were the “nouveau riche” of their time.

    3. This is not unironic. The point of this distinction is that people from old money have grown up being wealthy and take it for granted. Thus, they are not social climbers but were instead born at the top.

    1. The solution to this problem is, obviously, to lower standards because IQ is only a social construct. I am surprised that the numbers are this low. Unemployment among the foreign born in their 20s and 30s, which are probably the majority, must be much higher. I recall seeing statistics claiming that more than 20% are unemployed in this category. The hur-dur take here is that “more than 20%” includes “more than 10%”, but those articles want to generate sympathy with the lazy and stupid downtrodden and maligned, so why would they pick a lower number? Then again, sentiments against all this diversity may be slowly shifting, so some underreporting may be in order.

    2. The total numbers, according to the article, are 12-14% among the foreign-born and 3-4% among the Swedish-born.

      It’s not so much that they lie (or mislead by omission) about the numbers themselves, as that the numbers aren’t as straightforward as they seem.

      Firstly they’re only the amount of people who have actually registered with the unemployment agency. People who are unemployed but not registered won’t be counted. My guess is that Swedish-born, who both know and respect the system more, are more likely to actually register if they are unemployed (it’s also a requirement to obtain unemployment insurance IIRC, which Swedish-born are more likely to be eligible for). So while the number of people registered is probably fairly accurate for Swedes, it probably underestimates the number of unemployed foreign-born.

      Secondly, “foreign-born” doesn’t account for nationality. For example, one of the larger groups of foreign-born in Sweden are Finns. My guess is that their unemployment rate is only slightly higher than that of Swedes, and being such a large group they’ll help exert significant downward pressure on the unemployment figures for foreign-born.

      Immigrants from other European countries and east Asian countries are smaller groups, but added together they probably also put significant downward pressure on the foreign-born unemployment figures.

      So to sum it up, it’s hard to tell what the exact figures are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your 20%+ estimate is accurate for non-European, non-east Asian immigrants. I also expect you are right about the age difference. Retirees and those who are in adult education or silly nonsense university courses also don’t count as unemployed, of course.

      (There are a few groups among the others that tend to do well, like Chileans and Iranians, but they are exceptions.)

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