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27 thoughts on “Open Thread #220

  1. I bet David Futrelle is creaming his pants in anticipation for St. Elliot’s Day tomorrow. It’s been eight years since that little Patrick Bateman sacrificed himself (allegedly) and several others to serve up feminists and gun control advocates the greatest strawman they could ever ask for.

    He gave Hitler a run for his money being compared to when someone was losing an online argument.

    1. St. Elliot used to post on PUA Hate and a penis enlargement forum I would frequent. (Not the one with Good Looking Loser.) He posted a few pics and we were merciless. I don’t think that is what pushed him over the edge but we will never know.

  2. Hehe, I just thought of a funny anecdote. We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. What’s women’s best friend?


  3. Hi Aaron,

    I’m someone who bought and read your book on Meditation quite some time ago,and will likely soon be trying to get into it again. I do however wish to ask a question. To put it into perspective,allow me to grab a piece of a PM I sent to someone:

    I’ve heard Yoga has similar benefits to Tai Chi practice however in regards to “nourishing” the body for long term physicality. May I ask if you happen to engage in this kind of practice as well?

    Finally…Does Internal Martial arts training (Not just Taiji) often involve Meditation training as well? If so,is there a form of synergy combining the physical practice with the mental practice? I know Meditation can be practiced exclusively,but I have a hypothesis that you cannot derive the full benefits of it without a physical element involved whether that be in the form of Internal MA training or a form of Yoga. (though that is not at all me saying that Meditation alone is a futile practice,just that you cannot derive benefits to the fullest without some form of physical practice to go with it)

    If my questions are beyond your area of expertise,please let me know though.

    I’m admittedly a neophyte in regards to all this (unless you count my background in Lucid Dreaming),but I have a feeling I am not wrong in my hypothesis above. Mental Discipline and Physical Discipline,while not totally the same thing(i.e. Many Academics can’t handle exercise and plenty of gym rats have trouble focusing when trying to study),I imagine probably as a lot of correlation to each other. Kinda like a “Two sides of the same coin” thing. A totally out of shape guy who successfully trains into good shape has probably developed some degree of mental discipline.

    You are someone who has an extensive background on Yoga,and if I recall correctly from your book (I need to reread it for when I can immediately begin again),you’re an advocate that Meditating in the Lotus position (if one is able to do it) with a straight back gives the best returns as compared to doing it while laying down. (Though I’m sure benefits attained from the latter are not zero by any means)

    Would you say my hypothesis above is accurate? That to harness the fullest potential of Meditation,it must be paired with a fitting (I don’t just mean any form of exercise,but something that Synergizes with it) physical practice.

    After all,the Monks who train at a Monastery do plenty of physical training and not just Meditation.

    1. I think your hypothesis is correct. In fact, you may have identified a blind spot in my perception. With the exception of the last two years, due to my overbearing tyrannical regime closing down gyms and, at times, even banning people from leaving their home, I have been pretty active. As any serious athlete can probably confirm, repetitive physical exercise allows you to slip into a different state of mind that is not unlike meditation. I have had it happen when riding my bike, swimming and jogging. Low-intensity swimming where you effortlessly glide through the water for an hour is probably the closest approximation.

  4. I came across the blog post below via ZeroHedge. It discusses inflation, using Campbell’s iconic tomato soup as an example:
    Assuming the data is true and the product unchanged over time, it is quite startling that the price was essentially stable for 80 years at about 10 cents, until the US went off the gold standard, at which point it kept rising higher and higher, exceeding $1 nowadays.

  5. A lot of retarded normies “how can we stop school shootings!11!? we need more gun control/more armed population/more security guards/more background checks/more mental health awareness becuase those have worked well so far!”

    The overwhelming majority of school shooters have at least 2 of the 3 features, and I’d guess still more than half have all 3.
    1. Single mother households
    2. Inceldom
    3. Psychiatric medication (typically as a direct result of point 2)

    You REALLY want to stop school shootings? Import 30 million or so third world nubile women under the age of 28 or so without any males, 0 entitlements to welfare, legalize and culturally destigmatize all forms of prostitution, rewrite divorce laws to favor men like they do in China, and return back to a culture of shaming the fuck out of single mothers whether its from divorce or from out-of-wedlock birth. Make abortions freely available at no cost. In the event of divorce, custody defaults to males unless female can prove some history of child abuse with a high burden of proof. Remove ALL alimony and make child support go in the reverse direction. No transfer of assets from male to female in the event of divorce.

    Due to decades of low birthrates, we’re in a demographic crisis where women of reproductively viable age are an increasingly smaller % of the total population but the population of sexually viable males is not shrinking at even close to the same rate. We need mainstream recognition that mating is a competitive marketplace, there are qualities that make mates desirable, and that a lack of desirable females is a more severe problem than a lack of desirable males due to female willingness to share desirable mates since male sex drive is approximately 7-9x higher than female sex drive. Most normies can’t even consciously acknowledge this even if they implicitly acknowledge it in their behaviour; they allude to all sorts of nonsense about soulmates and ‘the right person for you’ and how we’re all unique snowflake individuals who are going to match with our similarly unique niche. Horseshit, especially in 2022 NPC generation.

    Stop the cultural shaming of men who can’t get partners when they are youths; when you are under 25 or so it is strictly face+height+race and basically nothing you do or say really matters. Status/money/career starts to matter later of course, but they are completely unimportant in the years where males are most aggressively seeking mates, most biologically horny, and most sensitive to social shaming/stigma.

    Psychiatric medicine is just a giant pseudo-scientific scam used to paper over what are fairly natural and non-deviant reactions to an extremely sick society that doesn’t want to acnkowledge how sick it is. Fix the actual problems in society that are churning out these individuals and get rid of *nearly* all of psychiatry.

    But of course nobody wants to implement or even hear these solutions. They probably even unconsciously understand the real problem, but the ability of women to party it up and fuck a rotating series of chads before the cat lady years (or worse, marriage and perpetual entitlement to a man’s resources without offering her sexuality in return) is more important to gynocentric society than the literal lives of children or the mental health of men.

    1. I guess among the readers of this blog everyone has by now figured out that gun availability is not by itself the problem, so I will not dwell much on that point. Except to point out that other societies with high gun availability, both legal and illegal, do not see this problem on such a scale.

      I would focus above all on the psychiatric medication problem. Mass shooter events that were unrelated to criminal gang wars or sectarian warfare, ie your typical high school shooter, were relatively rare until the mass medicalization of youths in the US.

      Mental illness is not new, but psychiatric medications given out on a massive scale are a relative recent phenomenon that overlaps quite well with the increasing incidence of shootings, and there are plausible pathways that link behavior swings caused by medication to these active shooter events. Especially when switching between meds.

    2. I think another issue is that regular US high schools look like prisons and surely have a similar effect on pupils. Apparently, it is not at all uncommon that there are many thousands of pupils in such schools. In contrast, in many European countries, schools are much smaller and quite often foster a sense of belonging, with parents getting involved in school activities, for instance. Also, there is the regional component, i.e. pupils may live close to each other and spend time together on playdates when they are younger. I would argue that it is a much bigger hurdle to grab a gun an shoot up a school if you can put a name to a large number of faces.

    3. And Jordan Peterson, a guy who encourages his listeners and put his daughter on SSRIs, is considered edgy right wing content. What a nightmare modernity is

  6. P Ray,

    I really like this article and agree wholeheartedly. But there are glaring omissions; he’s right to suggest that the economic game in America is far more rigged than in legitimate first world countries and that the arbitrarily chosen “losers” are subject to much more cruel derision and shame than other countries. But he skirts around the fact that the same is true of the American sexual marketplace and the American medical systems overreliance on psychiatric medication for “crazy” people who are not at all crazy but experiencing rational negative reactions to low status forced on them while they are blamed for the low status.

    Thanks for sharing though, his take is far more paleatable to a normie non-black pilled reader.

    1. This is a good point. It is most obvious in the case of single women in their 40s who are on antidepressants in staggering numbers. The reason they feel bad about themselves is simply because they have ruined their lives. Yet, we cannot have that kind of debate, so we are talking about a “mental health crisis” and pump those miserable wretches full of SSRIs.

    1. I am not sure yet. First, I need to get a summary of the amount of wokeness in it. I do not trust mainstream reviewers, so I will have to wait for about a week or so to get proper feedback online.

    2. Yeah me too. Plus I have to wait for the crowds to thin out a bit. You Europeans don’t quite know what this movie means to Americans. In fact, I live a couple miles from Miramar. Thats where the real Top Gun was in the 1980s. Much of both films were shot here in San Diego. I hope it’s not too woke.

    3. Sorry, now that I think about it “You Europeans” sounds condescending. I should have said European friends 🙂

  7. You guys hear of sex life in a marriage deteriorating after having children? This is totally understandable considering how draining children can be and how late people marry today.

    But I think now days it has a lot to do with mom getting the children that the beta provider provided. And she sees little interest in the marriage any more. And is lusting after the type of Chads that never committed to her. That’s my theory any way.

    1. This may be true. However, sex drive is inherently tied to procreation. A small kid needs a lot of attention, and breastmilk. Once it is big enough, her sex drive flares up again, and so on.

    2. Aaron,
      “Once it is big enough, her sex drive flares up again, and so on.”

      I’m slightly lost with the idea of sex driver after kids. My understanding is that sex driver declines due to age, hormones, a slow steady decline of testosterone, and other factors (stress, work, financial issues). Second, women don’t get the tingles for their beta male provide since there’s no incentive in banging them unless she has a kid with Chad. On the contrary, you have sex workers like strippers, pornstars who’s sex drive is completely different from that of the average woman. These women are banging like gay men, constantly seeking out new dick every week. I’ve seen sex workers be very hypersexual a few weeks later after giving birth to their newly offspring.

    3. Sex workers are a different category. With regular women, sex drive is still closely linked to reproduction, i.e. she feels horny when she is fertile. There is also the phenomenon that women are the horniest in their early-to-mid thirties, presumably in particular if they are childless. Their body is telling them that it is now or never.

    1. I read the book and also watched the movie adaptation with DiCaprio. Quite frankly, I found the book pretentious and the movie not much better. The author, Fitzgerald, was essentially a high-society lickspittle.

    2. Yeah, they made us watch the Robert Redford version in high school. Could never understand the appeal. I got interested recently because I heard it dealt with old rich vs new rich (which apparently Gatsby was). But it sounds like Gatsby was simply cucking for the aristocrats. Trying to buy his way in. Doesn’t work that way Gats. My grandfather was nouveau riche but didn’t hang out with aristocrats. He new better. He liked the company of regular folks, hanging out in dive bars like I’ve mentioned. He’d often hook his buddies up with Dom Perignon.

      He didn’t go to no damn country club. No time anyway. Worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. He treated his lot boy (lowest guy on the totem pole at a car lot) like his second hand man. The lot boy gave the sermon at my grandfather’s funeral.

      RIP grandpa.

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