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19 thoughts on “Open Thread #218

    1. Yikes. I remember David Duke talking about the Palestinian Christian population. That Christian Americans are unknowingly supporting Jews to kill fellow Christians. This country needs to wake the fuck up.

    1. We are in the plundering phase of the decline already, so this probably will not even have much of an effect. Currently, the US is busy pushing $60bn into the Ukraine, and a sizable amount of this money will probably flow back to prominent US politicians via various bribing schemes. The US elites are knee-deep involves in all of this.

  1. As you may have read, there are riots in Sri Lanka and people have begun burning down the houses of politicians, all just because they have nothing to eat:
    I wonder when someone will point out that this crisis is due to virtue signaling. The mainstream article above, for instance, tells you that the Sri Lankans are starving because of lack of food, but organic farming, which yields much lower crops than industrial farming, and at a much higher price, is still a fabulous idea. Also, you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, so don’t get your panties in a twist over of a trifling food shortage, bigot!

    1. Well, found something we agree on here. 🙂 I think the whole organic food movement is ridiculous for the reasons you point out.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people doing a bit of organic farming for themselves, or as a hobby. Much like I don’t mind someone carving wood or setting up their own lathe. Everybody needs a hobby. But it’s delusional to think that it can replace the industrial production needed to sustain modern society.

  2. Thoughts on persistence , giving up too early, and wasting time.

    How do you decide whether to persist or give up.

    And the difference on persistence in clubs and approaching during the day.

    As this is a thing that comes from experience would like to hear your thoughts.

    1. Check out my book Club Game, which goes into quite some detail on this issue.

  3. It seems that ZeroHedge censors the words “jew” and “jews” in the comment section. I noticed that the comments to an article I read contained a lot of allusions to some shadowy group (I have no idea what this is supposed to mean), yet nobody named that supposed group. Someone presumably did but I only saw “****”:
    The article below corroborates the claim. As you can see, the article itself relates to jews, yet not a single one of the hundreds of commenters used this term, only asterisks. Most certainly, this is an automated substitution:

  4. As you know, there is a massive shortage of baby formula in the US. Baby formula is crap and women should breastfeed anyway and if they can’t then maybe Mother Nature is telling you something. Anyway, it has been a yuge mystery where all the baby formula went. Clearly, you can’t blame the kerfuffle over in the Ukraine because as far as I know, they are not exporters of baby formula, albeit fact-checkers may surprise me with a different take on this. So, where did all the baby formula go? Well, you will never guess it, but it being distributed for free to illegal immigrants:

    1. KEK, just think !!!

      All those empowered feminist wimmenz who couldn’t get an abortion can now let their babies starve !!!

      And it’s legal, LOL !!!

  5. The elites are not pushing pedophilia and transgenderism onto children and if you prove that they do, you get struck down:
    Come on, bigot, of the books mentioned, one of them allegedly only has one copy available in the entire district, so do not get your panties in a twist because this definitely is not a test balloon to see how much the school board can get away with! Oh, and do not ask how many copies of the other books there are. You do not need to know this.

  6. Oh no, another mad gunman! In his manifesto, he wrote that he is an avid reader of “”. Presumably, his handlers told him to write that because that website cannot be found on Google:
    But maybe I am in the minority, as I read Zero Hedge instead of as well as The Unz as instead of Please, guys, take your schizo meds because mine only work if you take yours, too. Clearly, there is no possible way my reasoning is plausible, just like it was regarding the safe and effective vaxx.

  7. Do you think paying for sex to gain experience is a good idea? 23 yo here quite inexperienced, not virgin but fucked really 2 times in my life with 2 different girls, one of them a cougar with a 11 yo son but whatever….

    Could have done more , with 3 girls at LEAST during highschool , but thought yeah I will have time and more opportunities, well….
    I was in bed with a petite naked asian and decided not to fuck her…. For gods sake…
    The other two , one met on tinder, she started sending me hot photos, talking about sex in bathroom but again didn’t fuck her, thought I could do better….

    (Really I hard high expectations of who I want to fuck… Maybe I should lower my standards.)

    Not as many opportunities now … , as I don’t even leave my house aside from going to uni.

    (Well even in uni I lost an opportunity of getting laid….. But again she wasn’t really that attractive to me…)

    I don’t know, some girls rated me as 9 the lower I got was a 7 from a girl that doesn’t like blonde guys…

    Should I pay for sex to gain experience? As I feel I SHOULD HAVE A LOT MORE SEXUAL EXPERIENCE FUCK!!! …

    But as you, I wasn’t focused on dating , now I’m but feel like a total loser, even if I train , dress nicely , sometimes very attention grabbing…. I dunno…

    1. How about you start fucking all those girls who are offering themselves to you? There is a big difference between having standards and having unrealistic standards. You wrote that one of the girls sent you “hot photos”, so presumably you thought she was hot enough to bang. Yet, you then talked yourself out of it by fantasizing about deserving even hotter girls.

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