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26 thoughts on “Open Thread #213

  1. I recently rewatched the Batman/Dark Knight trilogy. Batman Begins is better than I remembered it, The Dark Knight still really good but I think it is a bit too long. The entire virtue-signalling sequence where criminals on one boat are put in direct conflict with a boat full of commuters, only for one fine, black gentleman to step up and pronounce that they are “better than that” could be cut completely without affecting the movie in a meaningful way.

    The Dark Knight rises is as horrible as I remember it. The amount of yass-girl nonsense is beyond the pale. We watch a thin Cat Woman beat up men three times her size with ease, outsmarting everybody. She is played by some aging actress who did not get a body double so that you could look at a nice ass every once in a while. Then there is some other chick who first runs Wayne Enterprises and later on it is revealed that she is part of the League of Shadows. Oh, and unlike every man locked up in that prison in the desert that is apparently right next to Gotham, she was able to escape with ease. Bane was not a particularly gripping antagonist either. It seems that Nolan gave him a posh British accent to link the white upper class with crime, but maybe I am just imagining things.

    Afterwards, I tried watching The Batman but dropped off after a few minutes. Very early on, there is a TV debate shown between two politicians vying for the position of mayor of Gotham. One is a white male who does not make very coherent arguments and the other is an eloquent black woman who wants to enforce fiscal responsibility and be tough on crime. I would have much preferred if art imitated life at this point and took inspiration from that present-day black, corrupt mayor of Chicago.

    1. Actually, he calls himself an “androphile.” confuses us race pilled goys. He talks the talk and walks the walk. Next thing you know, he’s given’ you a prostrate exam and sayin’ how’s you a “spechul” milo, an honorary aryan, a select crowd with Roosh V and Milo !!!

      Then your butt is sore the next day and you realized you got tricked into homo sex because you wanted to drink hard liquor with other race realist men.

      Sh!t happens !!!

      But I guess if Big Jackie D sneaks over to the Aryan Youth League now that androphile is a something else -o-phile…

    1. Why do you use the name of the youtuber “whoree maxxer2”? You are obviously not him, as he idolizes Looksmaximus. Are you trying to stir up conflict or something?

      Anyway, it makes absolutely no sense to call LooksMaximus “incel” when he’s getting laid with escorts that match his preferences. We may not share his penchant for chubby chicks but I do not doubt that his enjoyment of those women is genuine. He’s shooting a gram of test after all, that probably changes a man’s perceptions.

    2. This is a good point. If you are juiced up, you probably find a lot more women sexually attractive. It is probably ironic that those supposedly hyper-masculine men go for women guys with an average T-level do not even notice. Also, the normal reaction is that men find slimmer women more attractive. Wrecking your health long-term by juicing and collecting memories of banging fatties will set up Looks Maximus for a major depression. Imagine being in your 50s with shriveled balls, bitch-tits, and a collection of streams in which you bragged about banging fatties. I do not see a happy future for this guy.

    3. I noticed that shorter men prefer leggy women and tall men are more into petite women. Likewise, short women seem to have a strongest preference for exceptionally tall men.

      I’d speculate this has something to do with an subconscious attempt to alleviate one’s perceived genetic shortcomings in order to get better offspring. Apparently, LooksMaximus used to be quite an ectomorph prior to taking steroids which could be the reason why he is attracted to endomorphs. Such women are more corpulent but not necessarily chubby, just like there are dudes with naturally huge frames who pack a lot of muscles without even lifting.

    4. Anecdotally, I can confirm this. It always seems to be short guys who talk about wanting tall women. This may well be an expression of their genes, i.e. a very short man gets put on high alert and is being told, subconsciously, that he is at risk of being removed from the gene pool and to increase the chances of his offspring, he needs to find a taller woman. Similarly, there is probably a point where men are too tall and where it becomes a health risk, which may explain why tall men and petite women find each other. An alternative explanation is that taller women tend to be seen as less attractive, albeit some may dispute this because models are often tall (their proportions are still off), and that petite women are generally the most attractive women with the highest sex appeal, and consequently the most attractive men, i.e. the tallest men, go for them, and vice versa, i.e. petite women could have their pick among men, so they go for the tallest and most attractive men.

    5. I too have noticed the glaringly obvious trend that its the short girls who have the most insane obsession with tall guys…

      … but I also noticed something else.

      I’ve also known a few not-short girls with this tall-guy obsession. In fact, whenever I’d noticed that I’d be like “but wait, she’s not short, why is she acting like a short chick”.

      And then I found out. They had short fathers. It really makes the genetic compensation theory even more plausible. She might not be short herself, but subconciously she knows that coming from a short father there are odds she will have short sons… hence the obsession with tall guys (which we usually see with short chicks).

    6. @Aaron.

      I would add that petite isn’t the same thing as short.

      Models are tall petties, and plenty of short chicks are non-petite (look like dwarfs, not petite).

      There is a strong correlation, but it’s not synonymous.

    1. This video provides a good summary. A few years ago there was a popular blog called “Tag the Sponsor” that blew the lid on this aspect of modern-day prostitution. It is very briefly mentioned at the end of the video but it does not do the impact of that website justice as it published countless stories, with ample proof, of those influencer whores and their depravity.

  2. Are you guys reading about Amber Heard’s case against Johnny Depp? This chick seems like a batshit crazy. Gotta look out for these bitches.

    1. Has there been an update? From what I know, this story broke a few years ago. Amber Heard is batshit insane.

    2. Yeah. Johnny Depp recounting discovering that she shat on “his side of their bed” was hilarious.

    3. I watched bits of the trial coverage and was surprised how washed up Johnny Depp looks. Listening to him talk you furthermore get the impression that he is a broken man.

  3. There were some pretty good news recently:
    1) Buzzfeed is downsizing, axing their “newsroom”.
    2) CNN’s subscription service CNN+ was shut down after only three weeks (and $300m in expenses). The elites are brain-dead if they think that people are willing to pay for mainstream garbage. Legacy media are on the way out anyway, but I hope that those companies blow a lot more money on dumb projects.
    3) Ultra-woke streaming service Netflix has started to bleed subscribers. The stock lost 25% in value in response to their recent lackluster performance. Who would have thought that pushing sexual abuse of children (“pedophilia”) and removing white actors was unpopular.

  4. Alex Jones is a gross obese slob just like that male feminist fartface David Futrelle…

    I am surprised anyone buys his “male enhancement” pills, do they even work?

    He might go bankrupt for Jan 6 though…

    1. I thought he has filed for bankruptcy already, but in connection with the Sandy Hook psy-op. (Look at this shitty crisis actor!) Of course, I am not insinuating that Sandy Hook was staged. Just like 9/11, it really happened, and exactly as the government says it did.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I am not surprised that mentioning Alex Jones is enough to send comments to the spam folder instead of the moderation queue.

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