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38 thoughts on “Open Thread #212

  1. carefully look at ‘lil Dre:

    the nose and eyes aren’t white man eyes…

    also, he was really upset when a reporter tried to speak with his mother. The *secret* would be out that he is a *hapa* just like that screwball Eurasian Tiger !!!

    His father is an obese white man and possible a sex tourist to the Filipinos who may have met his mother at the legendary cubic bay as a military man and marries so she could get a green card !!!

    Goys, don’t be cucked !!!

    1. “”Walking around the mall not buying anything.” Sounds like my childhood being raised by a single mom and 2 older sisters. Fucking torture.

    2. I grew up in a seemingly intact home but my mother was not particularly involved in my upbringing. It was not that rare that she asked my older brother to drive me to the shopping mall in the outskirts of the city nearby and spend a few hours by myself there. She did this because she “wanted me out of the house”, and it tended to happen when the weather was bad. Otherwise, she just told me to go outside and be back “not before dinner”. When she had her mood-swings, it even annoyed her when I sat in my room, reading a book. Even though I was essentially invisible as I did not listen to music at the same time, she sometimes barged in and told me that I should not be “at home all the time”, insisting that I go outside, even if I had just spent an hour or two outside in nature.

    3. This guy looks like a hapa to me as well. So-called “Blasians” (black & Asian) are quite rare, though.

    4. Very rare. I work with a dude who has a Korean dad and a black mom! Crazy. He’s a really cool guy though.

    5. You have to give props to an Asian guy who manages to knock up a black chick. (I would not be able to do it.) His testosterone levels must be off the charts.

    6. On a side note. Koreans know how to fucking fight. Good allies in the Korean War and in Vietnam. Plus they broke out the automatic weapons against the rioters in LA in 1992. My coworkers dad is a vet.

  2. Hey Sleazy I read your Once a Chad article recently, and that shit depressed the living hell outta me and at the same lit a fire under my ass. I’m 29, ill be 30 near the end of the year. Im sad that im at the end of my “peak” for partying and pulling hot young girls casually. Honestly the pandemic fucked up my social life in my late 20s. I’m 6’2, good looking, (recently more outta shape tho) and look very young for my age. I tried to pull girls in my early 20s to mid-20s in the clubs, but I didn’t have much success, just a bunch of BS numbers. I must of have went out at least 120-200 times, i just read too much bad advice that made me insecure, and I wasnt really aggressive, approaching much. I was partying with the boys I met whatever lol. Girls always lose interest in me lol since forever, even if they think im so handsome or whatever. Like my text game is TERRIBLE or something i don’t know. So I just gave up cause I was angry and miserable in those clubs, I was forcing myself to “live up my youth” but I was miserable most of the time there – it just made me more misanthropic. I’d rather go home, read ancient philosophy and play video games haha

    After reading your article, I realized I wasted too much time! I recently went out and about approaching attractive girls outside wherever with no fucks given. I got around 15 numbers pretty quickly. I always thought I was too old for younger girls even in my mid-20s, but I met some 18-19 years olds and they dont care which shocked me lol. 1 or 2 had reservations but it wasn’t a big deal as I expected. One 19 year old girl recently told me ” I’ll be gorgeous even when i’m 50″ lol that MIGHT be true, but it won’t be the same as it is now!

    So i’m asking can I still have a prime phase of partying and hooking up when i’m 30 or hopefully even 31? I’m willing to work out – I recently got a gym membership and I’ve been goin faithfully. I dont care about being a Chad slaying in my mid-30s, I just want 1 or 2 good years partying and hooking up with young hotties so I can have no more regrets, and get that monkey off my back. Like can I do it at my 30 – or hopefully even 31, the sht you were doing in your late 20s in Sleazy Stories. ( I’ll be happy if I could still do it at 30 or 31, early 30s not mid thirties. I know you went out in your mid-thirties and it wasn’t the same. but what about 30 or 31 lol.

    You’re older articles on this subject made me feel better, like you said turning 30 is a non-issue for a guy. but now apparently it is and that makes me sad. I just wanna party till im 31 lol is that possible.

    I’m in a college town, but i’m SERIOUSLY thinking about moving to NYC later on this year so I can live it up. Plus all my family is there. I’m gonna keep approaching more woman than ever now while i’m still 29 lol I’m textin this 18 year old, she sendin me pics of her tats and shit – hopefully it goes somewhere hah.
    Please help me on this subject Sleazy, please tell me there’s still hope for the next year lol

    1. Obviously, you can get laid quite easily. Your first problem is that you are collecting all those numbers when you should try banging those chicks on the first night. Also, there are probably a few differences between me and you. First, in my late 20s, I had a lot of time at my disposal as I spent a few years not working but partying instead. In London, I was a student, and then I moved to Berlin and essentially partied and banged sluts full-time. As my first marriage was winding down, I briefly got back into the party scene and I still did really well. In fact, I think I was more efficient, with a ridiculously high success rate.

      What also helped me in my 30s was that I went out with the explicit goal of banging chicks whereas years earlier I went out to party, and picked up chicks on the side. On top, the second time around I was in the best physical shape of my life, hitting 220 lbs. at times. Sure, this was with a much higher body-fat percentage but I was not really fat. My physique was pretty intimidating back then and I noticed a lot of people moving out of my way.

      The girls I got in my mid-30s were a lot more submissive, and some were sexually hyper-aggressive, whereas in my party days plenty of chicks I hooked up with wanted to go out with me and party. This was really fun, but the ratio of bangs per hours invested was pretty abysmal at times, which is unsurprising if you spend five our six hours in a club with some slut you’re banging already and who wants to party before going back to your place or who hangs around you the entire night at the club and you bang her once or twice in the bathroom in the club. As I said, as I was easily as much into partying as I was into banging sluts, this was all fine, but had my focus been on sex, I would have used a different gameplan.

      If I could relive my 20s, I would probably skip the partying years and simply gym-maxx as some of the lays I had in my mid-30s were ridiculous, like a chick at a bar telling me that she wants to give me her number, and that she has to go now because her parents will get mad at her if she won’t be back soon. I told her that I’m only in the city for a few days as I’m on a business trip. The next day, I texted her and told her to come to my hotel. Because she was dressed like a hooker, they did not let her come to my room directly, so I had to pick her up at reception (the feminist cunt at reception probably did that in some misguided attempt to shame me, otherwise I can’t quite explain it). This slut needed zero foreplay. I just threw her onto the bed and she was good to go. She was basically like a hooker you did not have to pay for.

    2. Thanks a lot for the responses Aaron! I’m glad its not over yet with the young hotties lol, I was so down about that. So theirs still hope lol yes ok. You made a good point, i’m getting all these numbers, they go nowhere,they fizzle out- I should try to have sex sooner. Like I met this hot college chick a couple days ago at Walgreens, I got her number etc. She’s new in town, from Colorado. I just gotta figure this texting thing out – I wonder if I should try to go to her place Asap or do the texting flirting banter. I think I try too hard to make jokes and be funny or something when I text haha

      So yes, I’ll take advantage of this time to get a lot numbers (instead of giving up like I use to do) and hopefully A LOT of lays. But, fuck the numbers, I need to find a way to have sex with these girls, as quick as possible like you said huh – that seems to be only way to be honest. However most of my approaches are in the daytime, when i’m out and about at stores, in the bus station, in the street. I’m willing to go the clubs again though.

      Now my situation hasn’t been the best financially or logistically, live with my mom, no money, no car. So I was like, why bother, how could I even hook up? So that’s a big reason why I wasn’t hittin up girls as much in my late 20s (besides the Covid bullshit) , cause I figured they wont like me anyways cuz of my money, living at home etc. -but now after reading your article, – I realized that wasn’t totally true.

      I know you said in your 30s, women care more about your status, money, which sucks for me cuz I’ll turn 30 at the end of the year, but oh well what can I do about that. Hopefully they wont care too bad when I’m 30 or 31 haha cuz those are the last years I really plan on partying and hooking up with these hot lil thots super hard. And even if a lot of girls don’t like that – I can still get something right!

      I actually have A LOT of free time now – even though I don’t have much money – im working on that- im taking online classes. I’ll graduate this year. But realistically, it’ll take me around 2 years for my finances and career to get in order – ill be 31 then.

      But I still look decent to women right now (at 29) so I know I can get something – I should try to go their place perhaps?

      It’s cool that in your 30s you was still hooking up with hot chicks and you got even more efficient. Working out helped you a lot i see, I definitely gotta gymaxx. If I keep working out, i’ll be buff as hell in my 30s then I can dominate them like you did lol.

      Also, thanks to everybody else for their responses! Alek and Yarara, salute! I appreciate it, ya’ll gave me hope. I hope in my 30s I’ll see similar success as you guys. I’ll reply another time

  3. im serious, that article depressed me. im 29, my looks is the main thing i got goin for me right now so it’s still very easy to get numbers cold approaching. Could I party with young girls till im 31or 32 even? Help me out Sleeze lol

    1. No, the moment you turn 31 a leprachaun teleports into your room and places a “don’t fuck this guy” mark on your forehead (only visible to hoes). So hurry up and get your lays in while its still possible.

    2. On a serious note, I think that article was aimed at people who put off lays thinking there’s zero difference between being 20 trying to get laid, and being 50 and trying to get laid.

      I don’t think you’re in that group, so just chill and relax, the article was not aimed at you.

    3. You probably can get women in their early 20s until your late 30s or even early 40s, if you remain in shape and have a youthful appearance.

    4. It certainly is possible. I spent most of my 20s in two relationships, so I only got into the game in my late 20s, and really started racking up numbers in my early 30s. It helps if you have decent genes and stay healthy (i look a few years younger), but also keep up the work on your fundamentals (looks, money and status)

      My lay count is approaching triple digits now (likely would be there already if covid had not fycked up everything). My recent lays cover the whole range between 20 and 31, and the current steady girl is 22.

      That being said, I never liked partying at clubs very much, I dont think I took a girl home from a club more than once or twice. If you dont enjoy clubs either, you could explore different social circles to find a niche where you can build status.

      I have it on good authority that there are at least some 20 college aged girls in my wider social circle who would like to fuck me despite me being a decade and a half their senior.

  4. I hear u, but I only smashed 3 girls in my life, and I’m 29. I tried,but I coukda tried harder honestly. I read too much defeatist blackpilll redpill BS. I have no money, no car, so why bother. Most girls I met didn’t care tho. It sucks that when I’m 30, it’s gonna be radically different. I’m willing to go all the way now, I don’t care about rejections anymore. Seriously, I want to party when I’m 30, Hopefully 31 too. I hope it’s not too late to peak.

  5. I just came across an excellent forum thread on the Boomer vs Zoomer mindset:
    The key argument is that old ways of elite control no longer work. Boomers were used to consuming prefabricated opinions on TV but Zoomers are much more used to questioning manufactured narratives. Anecdotally, I agree with this point of view. Zoomers are known to be pretty based. Nick Fuentes is a good example. The discussion on the waning of star power is also quite relevant. I held the opinion that there are no big stars (and supermodels) anymore because there are now too many people vying for a spot in the limelight. Yet, the author makes the point that there are no big stars like Schwarzenegger or Stallone in the ’80s anymore because it is no longer possible to create and curate an image. Instead, you have actors and models post retarded crap on Twitter, leak nude pictures, or get caught with known pedophiles, which makes it impossible to produce fake images of supermen.

    1. That is a very good comment. Thank you for sharing!
      For more than a year now, I’ve been thinking that the next big theme which will dominate our lives will be “irrelevant”. I firmly believe that a lot of things will become irrelevant. First, what people around you think of you, then what past generations think of you and then this theme will eat its way up to institutions, the final boss being the state and its money grabbing institutions, i.e. their tax authority and the central banks. I think we’ll see the dynamic of what Gutenberg’s printing press did to the church and its relationship with the state, just on steroids. And the fact that the boomers are mad is the the sign that the process has kicked off. Remember when Django shoots Stephen in the knee and then goes on to light up the dynamite fuse? Stephen leashes out to him and says “Candyland gonna be here forever, you can’t destroy Candyland”. This is how boomers think about their nation state and its affiliated national and supranational institutions. They shall be proven wrong.

    2. I think that more people than ever realize that the emperor has no clothes. Granted, the majority are still NPCs, but there is a significant groundswell. One of the biggest surprises was a recent representative survey in Germany according to which about 1/3 answered that they think they live in a pretend-democracy. This is a staggering number, and as boomers are dying off, this percentage is going to rise higher and higher.

    1. The UK government was capable of this before Brexit. Are you saying the EU would have sanctioned them had they done this?

    2. This is indeed what I think. Just look at all the “rules of law” nonsense that the EU is throwing at Poland and Hungary for wanting to control their borders. The EU wants to maximize white replacement, so sending illegal immigrants would be deemed “unlawful”.

  6. Looks Maximus is a retard, the dude is a fucking weirdo, he buys and sniff teenagers panties WTF? And he is very jealous person, he banned me on telegram just because i was posting escorts that i banged.

    1. There is probably more to the story. I had a look at his channel and plenty of guys on there post pictures of the escorts they banged or claim to have banged. So, why would he have banned you for doing the same?

    2. Because he is a jealous guy. He didn’t like my posts. I was posting pictures of escorts i banged and telling if she does BBBJ or not.

  7. Hello Aaron,
    I am a 22yo with Asperger’s syndrome. A few months ago, I lost my virginity at 21 on the first date I ever went on, to a cute 25yo woman on Tinder. She was kind of crazy, and she left after a couple weeks and I haven’t spoken to her again. My problem is that I want more sex and I have no clue how to get it.

    When I fucked this girl, I was unemployed. Afterwards, I got a job working at a local nightclub. While I was working there, I made out with several different women, but wasn’t able to fuck any of them. It’s hard for me to have a conversation, but I would tap these women on the shoulder and dance with them, which led to making out. But it never led to sex; I think I was too aggressive and scared them. My current goal is to move out from my parents’ house in the next month or so to a bigger city with more women, and better logistics. Aside from that, what should I do to find a new chick?

    1. If chicks make out with you, you clearly are sexually attractive. Of course, not all make-outs will convert into a lay but a fairly high percentage should. You need to learn to actively lead the interaction towards sex, be it in a bathroom stall, your car, or your or her apartment. Your issue is that you expect sex to happen, yet you need to make it happen for them, and if you stall at the make-out step, they eventually get bored and leave. Check out my book Club Game for more relevant information and if you want to discuss your personal situation in detail, feel free to book a consultation session.

  8. ” was posting pictures of escorts i banged and telling if she does BBBJ or not.”

    All Reich, whoremaXXXer,

    we are not all IT goys here, you gotta tell usb what the acronym means..

    I mean is it a Joe Rogan Brazillian Barbarian Bro Jusjitsu???

    Is is a “fat lady” like BBW? Big Beautiful Black Jew?

    I am not a mind reader here !!!

    BTW- one time I went to a fat lady party thinking it was about BMW’s !!!

    I at the last slice of pizza and they did’t like that !!! Bent me over and thought I was male feminist because they brought out the strap-on !!!

    1. I assume it means Bare Back Blow Job, meaning she is willing to suck your dick without condom on. Great way to go fishing for venereal infections, in my opinion.

      No idea why telling that would lead to someone getting banned, tho. I dont do professional whores, nor do I frequent those forums

    2. Getting an STD from a BBBJ is surely quite rare, at least compared to P in V intercourse, so your concerns may not be entirely justified. Just as with the latter, women are at a much higher risk to catch anything from a dude, but her passing it on to the next dick is more difficult. Also, some chicks very carefully inspect your dick before gobbling it down, so this kind of behavior is probably a reaction to them having gotten some STDs in their throat at some point.

      On the topic of Looks Maximus, I watched parts of his recent stream yesterday and was quite amazed that he showed pictures of a bunch of fat hookers, claiming that he has banged them bare back. His entire shtick seems to be to have bareback sex with fat whores, apparently. Quite frankly, the thought crossed my mind that this guy is just trolling. His overexaggerated persona could be better explained this way as well.

      I first came across Looks Maximus in the context of his panty-sniffing videos, which I found hilarious. I took those to be a joke but assumed that he is serious otherwise. However, we have now gone from sniffing panties to bragging about banging fat whores raw and showing pictures of them on stream. If this guy is not running a satire account then he must have a few screws loose. Considering that you can describe him and his channel as “roided bro talking about hypermasculinity and bragging about banging fat whores raw” he may caricature masculinity gurus like that ugly mofo “Coach Red Pill” or “Rich Coooper”.

  9. “I assume it means Bare Back Blow Job, meaning she is willing to suck your dick without condom on. Great way to go fishing for venereal infections, in my opinion.”

    Yara, you are a scholar and a gentleman !!!

    Yeah, these acronyms are confusing !!!

    Remember when LBT meant Lettuce, Bacon and Tomato !!!

    I went to another party thinking I was maybe gonna get some Guacamole on my sandwich !!!

    I sure did get some Guacamole, err, maybe mayonnaise would be a better descriptor !!!

    I think I met the new leader of huwite nationalism, Jack Donovan. And boy, know I know why you huwites have such low birth rates, but when it came time to “make babies” he said that the whole WN was just stick and he didn’t mind sticking’ it in an Asain boi-moi !!!

    A white nationalist on the streets but a pervert between the sheets !!!

    1. The problem with Jack Donovan is that he is gay. It does not make sense that a guy who fucks other guys tells heterosexual men how to behave to be more manly. Surely, it is more manly to bang chicks than what this dude does.

    2. “The problem with Jack Donovan is that he is gay. It does not make sense that a guy who fucks other guys tells heterosexual men how to behave to be more manly. Surely, it is more manly to bang chicks than what this dude does.”

      Wait, wait Mr. Sleazy, are you telling me that he is merely re-packaging Letterman/Gay Sauna lifestyle and selling it to Str8 “red pilled” men like me and Matt Forney !!!

      I’ve been duped, I bet when he whispered in my ear that I was the only mino he “conquered” he was lying. And he said that Roosh V didn’t count because he had paperwork from Steve Sailor saying he was a huwite goy with a tan. I shoulda known cause all of us who are race-pilled know the correct spelling is Sailer !!!

      Oh, and he also said Milo wasn’t really a jew, that’s because Mr. Happy wasn’t cut….. In fact it had so much cheese, he peeled back the skin and put it on cracker and had a bottle of wine before sexy time !!!

      I wonder whom else has lied, could it be Richard Spencer with his effeminate way of speaking !!!

      Could it be Mike Cernovich with his milo wifey !!!

      I feel so cucked reich now !!!

    1. This is a pretty good clip. As so often, immigrants are doing the work American’s do not want to do.

    2. Those cops were cowards. It’s interesting that he noticed the guys they were fighting were not black but cholo gangsters. Korean allies of the US were heavily feared by the communists in the Vietnam War. They wanted to repay us for the help we gave them in the Korean War. All volunteers and they all knew martial arts, which they taught some American special forces. I have a new found respect for them

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