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29 thoughts on “Open Thread #211

  1. Allegedly, the Russians slaughtered civilians in a Ukrainian town called Bucha. Of course, this claim completely ignores that there is no plausible reason for Russia to do this except, of course, that Putin is evil incarnated. (The counter hypothesis is that the Ukrainian army used human shields, just as they did all throughout this war, such as in that hospital, the story of which disappeared quickly from front page news.) Just now I saw an article in the mainstream that whined about how difficult it is to prove that the Russians did it. You see, goy, the Russians did it and we all know it, and they even did it if there is no proof at all. Somehow, I think that I have heard this story before.

    1. To be fair, atrocities against civilians are common during wars, even if the leadership is trying to avoid it. I have no difficulty believing that Putin would prefer to minimize civilian casualties, but at the same time be unable to do so, give the way the russian military is built to fight, and the impossibility of micromanaging what your boots on the ground are doing. Ukrainian troops and irregulars (like Azov) are not innocent of this either.

      That being said, its not clear to me that there is evidence of mass atrocities in Bucha. Some of the photos look staged, and I have nowhere seen enough bodies to justify the claims that hundreds of people were murdered. Its like that theatre in Mariupol, which was supposedly filled with hundreds of refugees including children but all miraculously seem to have escaped alive.

      I would not put it beyond the UKR propaganda machine to gather a bunch of corpses of people who died in in air or artillery strikes for example, and throw them around a street and make them look like they were executed. I have not seen uncovered mass graves, only a couple limbs sticking out of removed soil. Neither have I seen photos of dead bodies with tied hands, as was claimed.

      Lastly, just because the people killed are civilians, I does not mean they were not taking part in the fighting as irregulars, and therefore legitimate targets. We simply dont know, we may never know, and to be honest we should not care either. Little dramas at the tactical level of any war only serve to obscure the big picture with emotions, but they do little to help resolve the conflict.

  2. The Bucha discussion remind of something that has been bothering me from the very start. I have asked quite a few people, and nobody seems to have an answer. It is a discrepancy that nobody can account for. Let me try and explain:

    – Russia is going into Ukraine because there are Russian areas full of primarily Russians and wants those parts let’s say

    – Anyone can check out Ukraine’s official stats and see that more than half of people claim russians as their mother/primary tongue. And a huge percentage of people in Ukraine proclaim themselves as russian

    So the very first moments we started seeing stories about the evil Russians just indiscriminately bombing civilian locations, I was like, wait…

    – “Does the bomb know who is and isn’t russian and as the shrapnel is flying mid-air it decides whom to hurt”?
    – Russians are invading parts that are primarily/majority Russian

    Are people saying that Russians are just going in and randomly bombing and slaughtering Russians? That doesn’t make sense to me. Just doesn’t add up.

    When I ask people about this, they stay silent for a moment, and then they say “well yeah Putin is a mad maniac! He would totally murder Russians, even though he claims he’s going there to liberate the russians, he’s an evil cartoon villain that does evil stuff”.

    And then I’m like, ok I can’t comment on that, he might as well be. Not an expert on Putin, so that might be true. However, what abotu the Russian soldiers? Are we to believe that tens of thousands of Russian soldiers are going in to masscare tens of thousands of Russian civilians (because again, remember, weapons can’t discriminate, and they look the same visually). Especially since the soldiers are told officially that the reason for going in is to liberate Russians. It just doesn’t add up.

    1. iMO Putin should cease his actions and negotiate a plebiscite in the portion of the Ukraine that he is claiming for Russia. Let the UN do it I guess. War is stupid but so is forcing people live under the control of people they regard as foreign. Then there’s the theory that Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet empire. The whole thing is making my head spin. One thing is for certain. I want the US to stay out of it for once.

    2. The weirdest part is that liberals keep talking about these Ukrainian neonazi mercenaries that are contracted by a Jew apparently. I give up on understanding it.

    3. Whether you want it or noe, the US is fist deep into the war. The ukrainians are getting boatloads of weapons, plus intel and reconaissance help from the US.

      People subjected to the rigors of combate will lash out and massacre people, regardless of nationality. Stay long enough in some hostile place, and it will happen. Partisans hiding among civilians will usually cause soldiers to retaliate against such civilians for harboring them, this was done by german forces (during the world wars), americans (vietnam), british and french (in their colonial empires).

      In addition, a firepower-heavy army based around armor and artillery, like the russian army, is very destructive by nature, and there is a relative scarcity of precision guided munitions in their inventories. This means that once these are depleted in the early phases of the war, they must revert to the more brutal but effective way to fight, which is massed fires. You will not give up a fight you started just because you cannot win it as bloodlessly as you expected, humanitarian considerations take second place.

      Its tragic, but expected in war. Only in the West the mainstream public opinion has been living in a fantasy world of american hegemonic stability during the last few decades, when wars were something of the past, or something that happened in faraway places and caused few victims (“precision” strikes supposedly causing few collateral victims, etcc… , the images carefully filtered and sanitized through the mainstream new networks.

      The russian leadership would certainly have preferred to have a relatively quick and bloodless regime change operation in Ukraine, but they miscalculated. And now they need to double down in order to extract some acceptable geopolitical win from this blunder.

    4. There are claims floating around that the West has been sending soldiers to the Ukraine to fight in the war, donning Ukrainian uniforms. I am not sure what to think of it. On a related note, the Russians claim that they caught a US officer or general in the Ukraine.

    5. It’s the same as claiming that Assad or Saddam Hussein were “crazy” and were killing their own people. The MSM simply spread the same tired, old fake story.

  3. What is everyone’s view on sharing details of their past sexual life with their current partner, whether vague and small or detailed and big?

    I browse the Relationship Advice subreddit from time to time just to see disasters, lol, and it seems like when anyone, guy usually, brings up getting pissed off that their partner brought up details of her sexual past, reddit usually pounces on the guy and tells him to grow up and stop being so insecure.

    I personally feel that it’s not classy at all to divulge any details.

    1. Only women who have had a large number of partners feel embarrassed by their sexual history. A small minority mistakingly believe that this is something to be proud of. As a guy, it does not hurt you to have racked up huge numbers, and why should it? It means that women find you attractive, and women like it when other men find their man attractive. (Note that I am excluding the case of the desperate PUA who approaches 2,000 women, bangs five warpigs, and thinks he is some kind of modern Casanova.)

    2. “Only women who have had a large number of partners feel embarrassed by their sexual history.”

      The problem with that though is such women will often lie about their sexual past. And that is sadly the vast majority of women.

    3. They may lie, but the truth will reveal itself quickly enough. You will notice if everything seems routine to her.

  4. The best advice may be to test the waters according to what you have planned for the girl in question.

    You can go on revealing bit by bit to test her reaction at every level, so you can judge how far you go before you cross some red line or dealbreaker.

    Since I usually aim for fuckbuddies rather than relationships, I reveal quite a bit about my past and what I have done during the initial stages (perhaps not on the first date, tho). Girls who meet me know I am a player from the very beginning, so they should modarate their expectations accordingly. Oftentimes they know beforehand, if they come from my wider social/professional circle, where I have a more or less accurate reputation that precedes me.

    Being unashamedly open about your sexual past, and that you are ok about it, also serves to tease out as much as you can about the girl in question during the initial phase, and to get an idea of whether she is experienced at sex, and what she will be willing to do. And by encouraging fully transparency, it serves you to filter out girls that you should not want to pair up with in the longer term.

    If I were aiming for a girlfriend, I would perhaps be more gradual in my revealing of my past, in order not to scare her away with “too much, too soon”, but in the end I think full transparency will be needed (or at least, it will be healthier) if you want to settle long term.

    Even if she does not like what she hears from your past, most girls will accept that as part of your past if you can credibly convince them thay you have changed, or even better, that THEY are the girl for whom you are willing to change, as it plays into a typical female fantasy (that of having a man who is so desirable and wild, that no girl can tie him down, but SHE is the only girl hot enough/good enough to rope him in). And it does not need to be a lie, BTW. If you meet a girl worthy of keeping, which are increasingly rare, it actually is in your interest not to fuck it up).

    I would guess in most cases it is not so difficult to turn a fuckbuddy into a relationship if you want to. Most girls would be willing to go that route once they have proven willing to fuck you more than a couple times, if you lead them in that direction. Girls who are admitted sluts and like fucking around may not, but those are the ones you would not want to pair up with for the long term anyway.

    1. A wise response from Yarara as always 🙂

      Thought I would chime in as the wife of a former womaniser and the special one who tied him down. Btw, for me personally it doesn’t really occur to me that I achieved a female fantasy. I don’t think about my marriage in these terms as my starting point wasn’t the desire to conquer or tame a bad boy but for somebody who would be a good husband and father. And Aaron was thoughtful, affectionate and respectful from the start of our interactions. There was nothing to suggest to me that he was a playboy or wouldn’t treat me right. In fact he made it known quite early on that I was very special and important to him.

      After learning about his sexual history and identity as Aaron Sleazy, there was no over-the-top response from me. More so I was very curious and had many questions for him about that kind of life and the people who move in those circles. It was clear to me that he had moved on from womanising and he’s behaved honourably with me so I had no reason to be jealous. I think that was really key.

      I would say that the complicated thing for me to process was when I read Sleazy Stories (all the books). It’s quite like erotic literature, with that level of detail. So there I am imagining my man seducing umpteen women from start to finish, knowing it actually took place in the past. On balance, there’s a mildly positive effect on me knowing that Aaron was a slayer in his prime and highly desired by the opposite sex. But I have also come to have slight expectations about his sexual performance as a result.

    2. Yarara,

      Thanks for the insight – didn’t think about it from that perspective

      What I meant to say though is what about hearing it from the woman? I just find it a little off putting when women talk about stuff. Am I just being too insecure?

    3. This has nothing to do with being insecure. There is a very good evolutionary reason why slut shaming exists and why men prefer women with a low count, preferably zero, for marriage.

  5. What do u guys think about hardcore nofap + celibacy as guys like Anglin suggest?

    I don’t plan on starting a family for at least another 3 years. In the meantime, I can’t quite decide on the sex situation that would benefit me the most.

    Nofap + celibacy I would think would be the best for staying in the headspace to pair off with a decent woman.

    Maybe as a crutch, Hookers are ok, but I guess i’m a bit of a softie in the sense that the making out and all that extra stuff is a big part of how i get off. Escorts would probably be more appropriate in that sense, but that could get quite expensive.

    The idea of having sex about twice a month with maybe 3-6 different girls throughout the year is appealing; however, I want to put myself in the headspace for a more traditional setup. If i go that way, then I worry about having to quit that habit later. Why start a habit if you already know that you’ll have to use some willpower to quit it down the road?

    1. Anglin is a hypocrite, he went to Asia just like “mgtow” wink, wink Stardusk to fuck Asian wimminz…

      And take a look at his face, he doesn’t look huwite to me…

    2. I’m aware of Anglin’s history banging Asians. I would like to see white birth rates increase, but i acknowledge that white woman are generally getting fatter and less enjoyable to be around. It’s easy to see why a dude would hop over to Asia to bang broads who are in shape, take care of and appreciate him.

    3. P Ray, please stop putting links to appalling pictures into the URL field of your comments.

    4. I think that women, be it in real life or in porn, can be a big distraction for a lot of guys. In fact, getting consumed by your sex drive can wreck your life or, at the very least, set you back years. Quite frankly, I think that all “slayers” I met in real life wasted a few good years on banging sluts. If the temptation is there and you can get laid with ease, it is difficult to abstain. I would argue that porn is even worse as you have endless variety at your fingertips. Probably it is fine in moderation but I have come to view it as nothing but a tool of societal subversion.

      I do not know enough about the nofap movement to say with certainty that it focuses only on porn addiction, but I have a hunch that this is the case. Thus, the problem is arguably not that guys rub one out every once in a while but that they do it obsessively while watching subversive garbage.

      Isn’t it the case that plenty of hookers in Asia provide the girlfriend experience free of charge, on top of their basic services? They do not charge a lot either, so my suggestion would be to rub one out every once in a while and bang the occasional hooker if you want a more authentic experience. Dropping a habit is not that much of a problem as long as you are not obsessive about it. You can also bang sluts casually while looking for a more serious girlfriend. Just make sure you drop your sluts in due time. Among guys who slay this is more or less the standard progression to a more serious relationship.

    1. Lol I should have known from his surname. But this guy was excellent.

    2. You’re welcome Aaron. He started in a movie called Caddyshack from 1980. Worth checking out. Just silly comedy, but today we could sure use it!

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