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Open Thread #209

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32 thoughts on “Open Thread #209

  1. Aaron,
    Have you come across people who have experience a paranormal activity? I’ve read some articles briefly in the past about this issue. There isn’t evidence to suggest paranormal experience exist, but rather all this imaginary stuff exist in a person’s head.

    There was a movie called Annabelle Comes Home. It’s about an evil spirt existing in a doll. It turns out that those individuals suffer from schizophrenia from my understanding. Have you ever come across such crazy neurotic individuals who have reported such experiences?

    1. I think there is a fine line to tread as I believe that there are phenomenon we do not understand. Think of instances where you felt you had to turn around and then you catch a woman staring at you, for instance. That being said, I have met a few women who had a few screws lose, such as one who gave me crap in the morning because she had dreamt of me flirting or having sex with a different chick, or another woman who cut herself, held up her index finger where a drop of blood ran down, only to annonce that this was a sign from somewhere else. At first I thought she was joking but she wasn’t.

  2. Aaron,
    In regards to Cluster B women, what’s the idea with the need to lie constantly, make up lies, and constantly change their stories? Is this part of them putting you through an emotional roller coaster, acquiring power/control, and accelerating the getting to you know phase in hopes of trying to reel you in?

    1. I think it is partly due to them needing drama and also their complete disregard for other people. They basically view you as props, and whatever pushes your buttons serves their purpose. Love-bombing is an example of a Cluster B woman wanting to reel you in. Constant lies or gas-lighting is nothing like that, though. They probably want to only exert their power over you. This is also why there is such a visceral backlash if you do not play along. Tell a Cluster Bitch “no” or push back on her gas-lighting you, and all hell will break loose. This is partly an attempt to increase control over you, though, as some men respond to such outburst by being particularly caring, or whatever they think they are doing. In reality, those guys change their behavior if not personality, develop PTSD, and walk on egg-shells for the rest of the relationship.

    2. Absolutely. The second big red flag that you’re dealing with a borderline, (the first being how quickly you’ll find yourself on the first date with her, or even in bed together) is she will very early on start telling you sob stories, bad things that have allegedly happened to her that are very inappropriate to tell somebody she’s just met.

      It’s not enough for her to have you just get to know her with small talk about each other’s interests, she has to sink her hooks in. She wants you to feel sorry for her, to trick you into thinking you’re connecting very deeply with her for her to trust you with such personal details.

      She’ll pull out a sob story any time she wants to keep you in line. Like when she disappears for days, or weeks, and won’t return any calls or messages, and you get angry with her. It will be a sick family member (the family member is fine), a financial crisis (but she’ll still have money to blow on shit, she’ll still have internet and three different streaming services).

      The real kicker will be when she’s had enough of you, and wants to spit you out like chewed up gum. She will turn it around so that it was YOU all along who was the bad guy. She’ll tell it that she never meant for things to get serious, but you were a needy person who became obsessed with her through no fault of her own. She thought you were a ‘nice guy’, but you were just pretending, so you could use her for sex or force her to be your girlfriend.

      If you’ve ever suffered a borderline and you have half a brain, chances are you’ll spot all the warning signs a mile off. If you find yourself tempted by one, just remember that no matter how into you she may seem, it will end with her hating you and making you out to be an abuser, possibly even turning others on you, getting you fired, getting you arrested.

  3. I am at a point where I can no longer take the media seriously at all. Today, for instance, I read about the following:
    – Russia has lost more than 40% of its divisions and killed five Russian generals, “according to Ukrainian sources”
    – Ukrainian refugees, who largely seem to be black or brown men, are flooding into Europe
    – Two “Ukrainian refugees”, one from Nigeria, the other from some other African country, raped an 18-year-old Ukrainian woman in Germany
    – Ukrainians in Germany eagerly want to go back and “await victory” any day now; they expect a victory of the Ukraine, though

    In more exciting news, the petrodollar system is getting rekt, er, wrecked as Russia, China, India, and a few other countries have started to pay for oil in a currency other than the United States. We live in very eventful times.

  4. I recently watched a pretty good movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny. The prequel came out about twenty years ago and I recalled quite liking it. The sequel is entertaining, too. When I saw that this was a US-Chinese production, I was wondering how long it would take to have a kang show up in the role of a Chinese philosopher or a kween as a sword master next to all those petite Chinese warrior vixens, but neither happened.

  5. I think we should apologize to Uber. Russel Brand made a really good video that changed my mind. It is obvious that global leaders cannot coordinate and do things alongside other interest such as corporations, and they never would.

  6. Question for AlekNovy:

    Are there any reading materials/studies you’d recommend for someone who is curious about what factors go into attraction other than LMS? (Long-term Mating)

    Does stuff like Intelligence begin to matter? I am aware though stuff like similar/compatible values (i.e. Vegan woman is going to want a Vegan boyfriend,etc.) begin to shoot way up.

    1. Well, many of those things fall under status essentially. Intelligence is not attractive in and of itself, not even for long-term mating. Your intelligence is only attractive so-far-as it signals that you will be able acquire money/status for the family.

    2. I would say that high intelligence counts for very little if you cannot use it to gain status and/or make money. Even as a signal, it is quite limited. I recall women at university considering beta-buxxers as boyfriend only when they started to get a good track record, e.g. good grades, internships, or a decent job. They were a lot less interested in the smarter PhD crowd.

  7. This is pretty cool and long-time over due:

    Basically, non-wokes are getting some cajones and starting to fight back. A razor company (Harry’s) condemned the Daily Wire as having abhorrent views because an anonymous 2-follower woke-twitter account asked them to do so.

    Well, they decided to build a razor company based on the idea of “I hate harry’s”.

    1. Pretty good for the first two minutes, but all of a sudden there’s a self-confessed homoerotic moment, and the guy starts making self-deprecating jokes about how no tough guy has ever really heard of his razors? Should have left those parts out.

      Still, better than Gillette and Harry’s.

  8. Aaron,

    May I ask if you have a concrete idea of when you’ll be coming out with your book on relationships? The signs to looks out for to determine if a woman is LTR/Wife material or just someone you want to keep it casual with?

    1. I cannot give an estimate on this as I have too much on my plate these days. However, I will soon publish a post that is related to the topic you brought up.

    1. I’ve read a bit of your blog and this one caught my interest:

      The video you link to no longer works,but I’m taking a hunch that its the video presented here:
      (Just my opinion…Blackdragon’s website interface has gotten worse. He should have stuck with his old one.)

      I have to wonder if this video disproves the more extreme proponents of Lookism Blackpill. Not the fundamental idea that LMS matters (because the chicks this guy is laying aren’t exactly anything to write home about,putting it mildly. He might struggle producing meaningful results trying to lay 7+’s) but the idea that you have to be some sort of perfect Chad (I believe AlekNovy has talked about it,but what Blackpillers consider “Chad” is some top 10% male supermodel. Our criteria is much lower)or be high at all aspects of LMS to have any hope of getting laid,and that just isn’t true.

      To quote a paragraph from your blog post:
      In fact, I would argue that this guy is a perfect example of why PUA doesn’t work. No guy who is missing that second element – years of successful experience with females – is ever going to be able to pull this off, no matter what someone teaches him. The proof is in the pudding – almost no one goes into the PUA racket as an incel, and comes out a noncel, and that’s why you have so many incels who are hardcore looksists – they come to the conclusion that it’s obviously not personality, so the only other thing it could be is looks. This guy, however, proves that it’s not all about looks. Sure, looks are part of the equation, and it is a prerequisite on Tinder, et al, but this guy is absolutely killing it with his bad boy personality. He’s a woman whisperer. And his talent is non-transferable.

      You don’t have to be a looksist to take the black pill. In fact, altering your personality after a certain age is less feasible than looks-maxxing with plastic surgery, if you think about it. Pretty much the only way someone can be saved from falling into the “event horizon” of incel would be a drug that, like alcohol, removes inhibition, but unlike alcohol, leaves cognitive ability and coordination intact. But it has to happen while a guy is still in the “incel accretion disk”, before a guy falls too far behind in his experience level. As you grow older, it gets harder and harder to play catch-up for your age, until somewhere in your mid/late 20s, when you just can’t pull it off. That is the incel event horizon, and once you cross it, you never come back out. Looks alone will not save you from that.

      So rather than putting yourself through any more bullshit, do yourself a favor, and take the black pill.

      Very interesting perspective.

    2. This is just plainly stupid. That guy Blackdragon spills bollocks. The so-called homeless guy is clearly good looking. He is taller than average, must be 6 feet at least. Broad shoulders, though average face. There is nothing super strange about this.

      I even doubt if he is homeless. Homeless people don’t look that well. They are dirty and messy, with dirty clothes.

      Chop this guy feet down to 5’7 and we will see how well he performs.

      The girls he is with are just ordinary girls.

    3. I have rewatched this and the blonde short girl who rode the cab with him didn’t even sleep with him. We don’t know what is his success rate, but I think it wouldn’t be even close to Paul Janka.

      I feel bad for him as he comes from a broken family. His mom is already troublesome.

      The PUA stuffs are toxics. Get it out of your head. They are potentially poisons that could fuck your up and make you miss your chances to even get laid. Don’t buy them.

    4. @Cuong Quoc Vu

      No regular reader of Aaron’s is a PUA believer,you have nothing to worry on that.

      I was merely commenting on the fact that a guy who has seemingly low LMS is able to get laid quite regularly,even though its with average to below average chicks.

      You are right however that the guy is tall and has a large frame despite the seemingly (I say “seemingly” because for all I know,guys like Wheat Waffles who have really studied the science of what makes a male face attractive may well give him an above average score) average face. Like I said,this case does not at all disprove the validity of LMS. It just gives an interesting perspective about factors that may go into this whole ordeal other than what is seen by our eyes.

      It may just be the case though that he’s mastered “signal reading” through sheer experience like what Aaron talks about in his book minimal game. At some point in the video,he does say…

      “Its not about pick-up lines. I just see opportunities and capitalize on them”

      and to take a quote from that blackpill blog…

      “This guy is a natural. This is what you can do if you have two things going for you: absolutely zero shame or inhibition, and years of experience in success with females to back it up.”

      You are right though that this is nothing new,these are things Aaron has talked about in his old writings.

    5. Aaron used to say that if you are broken but attractive, you can get laid.

      For short-term mating, looks is the only thing that matters.

  9. Looks like my comment got caught in the filter again. Please approve (and kindly fix it in case it got messed up in the process) it Aaron.

    1. You cuck, that is not my blog, why do you have too insult me like that !!!

      I was saying it is a bad blog !!!

      If you wanted a good blog, you should’ve went to Advocatus Diaboli’s blog or even the original Omega Virgin Revolt !!!

      I bet you are a fan of that weirdo Tenda Spencer !!!

    1. When people refer to Jordan Peterson as the “brightest mind of our generation” or “humanity’s greatest thinker”, it is normally meant ironically. Nonetheless, do not forget to wash your penis before going on a date.

      I watched the video. There is nothing new in it for anyone well-versed in black-pill thinking, but perhaps we need science to confirm that women readily have sex with good-looking men, yet not with sub-5s. Also, I chuckled when I heard the term “socio-sexual”. I came across it before. It is the scientific way of calling a woman a slut.

    2. ” Nonetheless, do not forget to wash your penis before going on a date.”

      Aaron, don’t just wash your penis, Clean Your Room !!!

      JP is a genius, he is spreading truths in a way that is not objectionable to normies !!!

      That is why SJW’s hate him so much, not because they can pick apart his arguments !!!

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