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The Third-World-ification of the West is a Colossally Stupid Idea

The other day I watched a recording of an interview Tucker Carlson did with Curtis Yarvin aka. Mencius Moldbug, in which they discuss the sordid state of the West and our elites. The Jew Yarvin has some good insights into how the world is actually run as his father worked for the State Department. Some of his conclusions, though, made me shake my head. I only want to focus on a particular one, as we see it unfolding already, i.e. the destruction of the middle class, leading to some kind of neo-feudalism with Klaus Schwab and his puppets on top, perhaps frolicking on Jeff Bezos’ space station, and the rest of humanity living in giant slums, similar to the depiction in the movie Elysium and many others.

Here is the interview, which is not so easy to track down:

Yarvin makes the point that the elites will be fine, no matter what, arguing that if you look at any third-world country, the rich are able to segregate themselves. According to him, they enjoy extremely comfortable lives in paradisiacal environments, while they are far removed from the suffering of the plebs. As this works well in the third-world, Yarvin argued, this model is currently being rolled out in the West as well. I was a bit surprised that Tucker did not push back at this point. Yes, the middle class is getting battered pretty hard. However, what works in the third world will not work globally.

Let me illustrate my point with an anecdote. I studied at a very selective university in the UK, some would call that place an elite institution, and not unjustifiably so. It took a while for me to wrap my head around the fact that I was sitting in a lecture hall with students from Africa wearing tailored suits and showing off their Rolex watches. Some of my class mates, mainly the domestic elites, even drove supercars. Getting a glimpse of this world was certainly interesting. Yet, in the context of the Tucker-Yarvin interview, something else stands out in hindsight.

One of my class mates was a young, attractive woman from a small South American country. She was white; I think she had Dutch ancestry. Her English was horrible. She loved talking about her horses and she pronounced it as “whores”. She was really friendly, at least towards me and I bet that if I had been a scion of a wealthy family, she would most certainly have banged me as she was very flirtatious and touchy-feely, but forced herself to hold back. I also suspected that she had a boyfriend. Anyway, back then Facebook was at the height of its popularity and people posted pictures about their lives, without any regard for privacy. This young woman posted pictures of the palace-like residence of their parents, liked to pose with the imported sports cars her family and her friends owned, enjoyed partying on yachts, and basically pioneered the kind of lifestyle that has entered the mainstream via Instagram influencers years later.

An interesting aspect of this woman’s life, was that a lot of the luxuries on display were imported. Ferrari does not produce cars in Chile, and neither does Porsche. Luis Vuitton does neither and the last time I checked, Apple does not do a lot of software development anywhere in South America either. I am also not aware of any third-world yacht builders. Not that I am particularly knowledgeable about this field, but I only ever heard of European companies in this industry, albeit there are surely some in the US and in China, too.

Viewed from a macro perspective, it seems that the luxurious lives of the rich in the third world are only possible because of a productive, well-educated middle class in the first world. Let me ask you: What cars would this family, or any rich family in the third world, drive if they could not import any cars? The most successful socialist country ever, the German Democratic Republic (GDR), managed to produce the “Trabant“, a total piece-of-shit-car that was the laughing stock in West-Germany. The other second-world countries did not put out any impressive cars either, and the third world surely did not produce any car you would be keen on driving, or any car at all. In contrast, when the GDR was in full swing, in the 1980s the West put out some of the most fabulous cars ever made. The most iconic Ferrari ever, the Testarossa, was released in the 1980s, and so was probably the second-most-iconic ‘rari, the F40. There were plenty of other great cars like the Audi Quattro, the BMW M3, the Chevrolet Camaro or, a car I adore, the (Mercedes) AMG Hammer.

I do not think that either the elites nor theorists like Yarvin have spent a lot of time thinking about the world, using realistic premises, if they believe that they can simply gut the middle class while the elites keep living the lives of one-percenters. Without the productive class, life will suck quite a bit even for the elites, but this may not be obvious to people who know so little of the world that they believe that engineering feats like modern laptops or the latest iPhone materialize out of thin air. You are not going to get a lot of software written or hardware created if there is a small elite that governs over a horde of — to use Coudenhove-Kalergi’s favorite term — mongrels. The IQ90 class will not even be able to feed itself so how are they going to feed the elites? Well, they are not going to, and if the elites think that AI will somehow solve this problem by creating machines and software itself, it would help if they perhaps tried, for starters, to pass Calculus I, before they dreamt up such utter bullshit.

6 thoughts on “The Third-World-ification of the West is a Colossally Stupid Idea

  1. The problem is the so-called elites would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. They will make themselves worse off so long as everyone else does even worse than them, so they come out comparatively better.

    1. This is a staple of communism. It has happened multiple times in history, as you are surely aware of. The ideological foundations are a bit shaky, to say the least, but this has not kept certain groups from pushing for it anyway. From their position, this outcome is arguably preferable as they end up as rulers, in the successful case, and thus improve their standing in society. It seems to matter little to them that everybody else ends up being worse off.

  2. Once the western financial system collapses which is imminent….most of the so-called western elite are going to find out that much of their supposed “wealth” is ephemeral….just pieces of paper on a screen won’t matter much in the future we are headed towards.

    Sure, some will come out ahead but many will not. There will be a stampede into commodities at a point and there are only so many musical chairs so to say.

    The western elites are collapsing and its obvious.

  3. As an aristocatic evil jew I hope ferrari moves thier factories to china or vietnam so when europeans become stupid mongrels we can still import their cars just like we do with most manufactured goods already . It may be more expensive but thats not a problem cause i have many shekles

    1. Obviously, you are trolling, David. I would not mind if your prediction came true, though. A Vietnam-made Ferrari would surely be quite something. Franz Boaz would not have been able to predict it, but the track record of Vietnam, and also China, for that matter, does not suggest that they are quite up to producing supercars like the Europeans.

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