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25 thoughts on “Open Thread #208

  1. Weird Klaus Schwab’s WEF has taken down its page on “Cyber Polygon”, leading to a 404 error:
    This was their exercise on a massive infrastructure outage. Do not worry, goy, this probably means nothing at all. If you want to learn more about this project, then head over to, which saved this incriminating website for posterity:

    There is a separate webspage now, which downplays the involvement of the WEF:
    Their 2021 video is beyond cringe-worthy and has little to do with cyber security. They put up a few takling heads, spouting hollow phrases.

  2. I remember AlekNovy once talking about how genetics influence at what bodyfat percentage you start losing fat around the facial area.

    Well,it would seem I’m one of the lucky ones who loses fat around the face first,and I started around 40% BF at 290+lbs.

    I hope I’ll have my visible chiseled jawline at 200lbs.

    1. Good stuff. That is indeed lucky in terms of getting laid. As Aaron said (but I’m paraphrasing), by the time you’re taking off your shirt, its mostly a done deal. So if you store more of your bodyfat in the body, but less in the face, that’s the best combination, you can look shirt-on-big, but have a chiseled face.

      Some people need to starve themselves and get down to emanciated body to get a chiseled face, at which point they look tiny in clothes.

    2. Yeah. I’m lifting while losing the weight,so while I don’t expect to ever get 6 pack abs,I’m already pretty huge and I expect to maintain size. Just with more muscle and less fat. I guess a large frame and height is a better genetic gift for a man than a pretty face. (Not that I’m a loser in that department by any means)

      To be honest,I sort of disagree with you about not bothering with free weights and opting purely for machines. But maybe that’s because I go to a fancier type of gym with instructors and knowledgeable gym goers to guide me to lift with proper form. It doesn’t take me gigantic extra investment to learn proper form.

      The thing is that I care about developing functional strength and not just looks. I want the strength I develop to benefit me in any future athletic endeavor I may choose to get into. (MMA/Martial arts for instance is of high interest to me)

      Of course,if you truly don’t care about any of that,machines are a fine choice. I just felt this needed to be voiced out.

    3. Well, you don’t disagree with me per-se, because I never said “nobody should ever use free weights, and everyone should use only machines”. That would be a strawman.

      If lifting free-weights properly without injury exherts no additional mental effort and planning, then free-weights make sense. Especially if you have other goals.

      Note that machines were originally invented for physical therapy. So they’re basically designed to rehabilitate and prevent injury. If you can do HEAVY weights with proper form, then you can get muscular without injury. That is an “if”. In your case that condition is easily met.

    4. Also, just to be clear. I don’t only use machines. I use kettlebells, free-weights, bars as well. I just don’t put heavy weights on them because that can lead to life-long injury unless you have perfect form.

      You do however need to do heavy weight at your max to add muscle at a reasonable speed and to a point where it makes a visual difference. And I only do heavy-weight (maximize the weight) on machines/cables however.

  3. According to Joe Brandon’s spox, regime change is not the policy of the US:
    The chutzpah of those people is beyond belief. Three or four heads of state were swapped due to their opposition to global Covid tyranny alone, and probably two dozen, if not more regimes in the second and third world were overthrown over the years; on top, there are all those color revolutions, some of which failed. Presumably, the defense would be that if the State Department kills some African autocrat, the government is not (directly) involved, just like it is not involved when Big Tech or banks cancel you. I would love to hear the fact-checked explanation for why the US-conducted regime-change operation in the Ukraine in 2014 was not, in fact, a regime-change operation. It probably happened all by itself.

    1. Yup, and 12,000 russian soldiers killed so far.

      Part of the “blame” of Russian ineptitude is that they decided to invade in winter.

      The Russians are simply not used to the exotic, distant climate of Ukraine. Similar to how the US military were ill-prepared for the jungles of Vietnam or the mountainous terrains / deserts of the Middle East.

    2. The Russians also had a hard time with the “Ghost of Kyiv” who provides air support to Ukrainian civilians who are defending their country. On a more serious note, in a time before social media, they would still push this story, and if social media was not so oppressively censored as it is, they may not even have run it. Well, at least we got a good laugh out of it.

  4. @GoodLookingAndSleazy, in Irving’s Hitler’s War and the War Path, I learned that the Soviet embassies in Paris and Berlin had separate wings with torture chambers and incinerators. Allegedly, the Soviets killed dissidents this way. There is also a sharp observation by Goebbels, likening the Soviet government to a gang of criminals, thus you have to expect such methods as part of their rule. The connection to modern-day USA and its black sites is all-too-obvious. In a footnote, Irving mentions that the German editions of this book removed the paragraphs on Soviet embassies in Europe for fear of reprisals, which made him stop the sale of those books, as he did not agree with that kind of editorial interference.

  5. Drone from Ukraine crashed in Jarun, Croatia. Some speculate that the intended destination was Yarun in Ukraine but the drone operator didn’t double-check the address before sending it to the nav computer.

    Warmongers are now making a fuss that this is a warning from Russia, however, both sides are denying that the drone is theirs. This makes me think someone made a mistake and is too embarrassed to admit it.

    1. I would not be surprised if this guy got zero lays out of this. Also, I am surprised that there are still men out there who do mass cold approaches, and it is even more surprising that there are guys like him around who film themselves doing this.

  6. Here is a summary of key findings of the Pfizer trial data, you know the one they wanted to keep locked up for 75 years for absolutely no reason at all:
    Too bad the elites are running the Ukraine psy-op at the moment. Otherwise, I would love to see how normies react to those revelations.

    There is also a schizo post on 4chan from 2020 in which an alleged Moderna insider claims that the vaxx was designed to cover up that it causes infertility in female offspring if both parents are vaxxed:
    The first part of the claim, namely that it fucks up your liver cells, has recently been proven, now I wonder if there are any scientists bold enough to check the second claim.

  7. Aaron,
    Have you been to Little Lago, South London? It appears to be a little mini Africa. Are these the doctors and engineers you talk about? The demographics have changed so much…

    1. I have never heard of Little Lagos, but I recall that one time I went to Brixton, which is about as far south of the Thames, and probably has similar demographics. This was the first time I felt really uncomfortable at night in London, with hoodlums roaming the streets and drug dealers at every corner. It left quite an impression on me, much more than anything afterwards that very night, so I do not even recall if I even went to that gig I wanted to go to, or if I did and took a cab home. A few years later, though, you could experience the same vibrant diversity at the main train station in any larger European city. A particular highlight in this regard is Brussels-South.

    2. I hear Brussels is now a shit whole since it has a lot of Islamic people. The demographics have completely shifted. All this immigration is not good. The beauty that Europe has and its history will soon be erased if Europeans don’t fight back.

    3. I’m currently reading Lothrop Stoddard’s Racial Realities in Europe, which was published in 1924. In the introduction, he makes the point that there are many races with distinct features that have disappeared in relatively recent history, such as the Greeks, Persians, or Babylonians. Note that the Ancient Greeks where white, just as the Romans, whereas the current inhabitants of Greece would not be called white. I used to find it jarring that Athens has some magnificent ruins, standing in amidst a genuinely ugly city. Viewed from a racial perspective, this is not all that surprising, considering that modern Greeks have an average IQ in the low 90s, in contrast to the Athenians of yore, whom some plausibly argued might have been the most intelligent specimen of homo sapiens to ever roam the earth, with an average IQ above 125. Bizarrely enough, the people inhabiting Greece today consider themselves descendants of the Athenians, which is laughable. Their politicians and elites refer to Plato or Socrates, and pontificate about Greece being the birthplace of democracy, of course conveniently ignoring that Athenian democracy has little to do with our “democracy”, which is only ochlocracy in a skin suit.

      Considering current trends, it will probably take only two or three generations until we will likewise have a fully non-white population in cities that have remnants of a lost civilization whose achievements are far out of reach for them. I find this a quite sobering thought. On the plus side, there is hope that we will see a shift of global power towards Russia and China, and if I look at the utter degeneracy that is being pushed on the West by our elites, I have a hard time imagining that life would be worse under Russian neo-Tzarist or Sino-fascist rule.

    4. Is there a phenotype feature, or a lack thereof, which makes the modern Greeks non-white? It is understandable why someone like Stoddard would claim that modern Greeks have very little genetically in common with ancient Greeks, but I’m curious if this is based on non-anecdotal evidence.

    5. Based on my understanding, the modern Greeks are a different genetic lineage altogether, due to the influx of the Persians.

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