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The Wrath of God in the Current Year

I always liked the concept of the wrath of God. As a child, I was quite fascinated by the idea of God punishing you if you angered him enough. Key parts of the Old Testament are the story of the golden calf or the Tower of Babel, where God said that enough is enough and put his foot down. Of course, in a fundamental Christian environment, the concept of God punishing people gets caricatured to the point where your parents will utilize His anger to keep you in line. It turns into telling little Timmy to eat his greens to placate God. This probably works well enough for a few years, or perhaps there is only the perception that this works, as otherwise this element of Christian upbringing would not exist.

There is something quite poetic about humans engaging in a lot of depraved activities, openly defying God, until He gives them a sign that He is still around and should not be mocked. So, do not dance around a golden calf, erect a tower that challenges the laws of physics, build a house next to a river, make cattle eat their own, stop doing maintenance works on bridges, or cut little boys’ dicks off. Bad things are going to happen. God does not like that and if you challenge His will and nature this way. There will eventually be consequences. There will be hell to pay.

A great example of humans testing God’s patience is the vaxx. We do not know what is in it. We know nothing about long-term consequences. Our rulers tell us that we have to take it, otherwise we will be shut out from society, and if you point out that an awful lot of people seem to be dying as a consequence of getting vaxxed, you obviously deserve to lose your bank account, job, wife, and children. Once again, humans are messing with nature, and deliberately sow discord in their own ranks.

Let us have a look at what happens if you mock God by taking the vaxx and by promoting it. First up is the female comedian Heather McDonald. No, I did not know who she was either. All female comedians seem to have the same routine, something about their period, and something about the many dicks they sucked to get to where they are. In good old fashion, Heather McDonald boasts, live on stage that she got the vaxxed and boostered, and still has her period (this cunt is in her 50s so this is not likely). Then she says that, “clearly, Jesus loves me”. The bible says that you should not speak His name in vain, so, clearly, God exchanged a quick glance with His son. They both smiled, and struck her down. Watch the clip:

The way it plays out is as if it was choreographed. It is poetry in action. I particularly like her brief scuttling in place before collapsing in a theatrical manner. God seems to have a great sense of humor as the audience erupts in laughter, mistaking this to be part of her act. Probably, she never made people laugh as much as at that point when she cracked her skull. By the way, Heather McDonald keeps angering God because the video above is from her own YouTube channel. Thus, she is monetizing her provocations. By the way, this is, by far, the most popular video on her channel. Make of that what you will. Her fall is really popular on Rumble, too.

There is another great clip where German no-Covid zealot Clara Pfeffer — I never heard of her either — promotes curfews and oppressive measures. Then she collapses. You can almost imagine God standing behind her and thinking, “Enough of this, bitch!” Of course, the mainstream claims that this woman simply did not eat breakfast. Of course that must have been the reason. After all, who does not have vivid memories of rows of school kids collapsing in the morning, with their eyes moving in opposite directions?

Sometimes God does not push people directly, but instead leaves his signs elsewhere. We all remember the mockery the BLM protests made of our institutions when Antifa and blacks were peacefully protesting by torching the United States. Afterwards, countless status in honor of Fentanyl George went up as statues of white heroes were taken down. There was also an explosion of vandalism, er, street art, celebrating this counter-culture hero who fought capitalism by shopping with fake twenty-dollar bills. One such mural was destroyed by lightning. The mockery was probably too much.

Obviously, you do not need to resort to God to explain any of this. In fact, you can intuitively understand such phenomena, i.e. if you do a lot of stupid things, the chance for there being occurrences that look like divine intervention increases. After all, a lot of people collapsed on camera due to the vaxx, and the more people collapse, the more likely it will be, by pure chance, that someone makes a pro-vaxx statement just before dropping to the floor.

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