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19 thoughts on “Open Thread #205

  1. Oh, it’s all so quiet after Ubermensch’s ban…

    The normal thing to do would’ve been to state your disagreement once, maybe expand on it for a couple more rounds (as Yarara kind of did) and basta. What he ended up doing was almost concern trolling at some point.

    I think most of us here agreed that the global Covid response has been severely flawed at best, the point of contention being the scope and nature of its conspiratorial aspect. What you cannot do is dismiss the claims that there’s a conspiracy involved out of hand after all our eyes can see. You have to smell some fish.

    1. Well… let’s differentiate two things. There’s a strawman caricature that implies any talk of conspiring means that the leaders conspired to CREATE the crisis.

      But nobody reasonable is saying that. What most people are saying is that they simply applied the rule they have openly discussed for decades “never let a crisis go to waste”.

      It isn’t about them creating the pandemic out of thin air. It is about them exaggerating it and the response in a coordinated manner to push through certain agendas they’ve had for a while.

    2. I agree, Alek. It’s what they did with 9/11. They started wars, the Patriot Act etc.


    Interesting to read this guy’s supposed takedown of Anglin’s performance here this much time later. I agree that Anglin suffered from a pro-Trump bias at the time, but the holding up of Vietnam as a country that “stopped the virus” with everything that’s happened here since is amusing. Even shitlib expats will admit they got cocky about how well Vietnam supposedly handled it.

  3. Putin really went for it. Now that he is pushing back against ZOG, Covid will likely disappear from the news even further. This does not mean that the nonsense is over. Recently, it was revealed that the WHO is working on a global vaccine passport for, you know, future pandemics. Bill Gates already knows there is a really scary one coming up. On related news, the CDC admitted that it is “selectively publishing” data, i.e. withholding vital information, but this is all for your own benefit, goy, because you could not handle the full truth anyway. It would simply make you “misinterpret” vaxx efficiency data, and we do not want that to happen.

    1. Let’s see how that SWIFT expelling goes.
      All eyes on India. If they team up with China and Russia (potentially Iran) and use a settlement/messaging alternative, they can kiss their highly sought after swap line with the Federal Reserve good-bye.
      Either way, the US will go on an isolationist path.
      The bigger question is how much eurodollar exposure Russia has, or how much eurodollar exposure Russian companies have (these are USD loans taken out by RU companies). RU used to have 32% of GDP in foreign reserves per 2020.
      If their central bank gets sanctioned so that they can’t sell USD-denominated assets and save the corporations, then these companies might have to default. Then again, they owe this money to partly foreign banks. So ultimately it’s not their problem but that of the lenders.
      This whole SWIFT thing might backfire a little. My wet dream is that Russia uses Bitcoin for global settlement. Let’s see how things play out.

    1. This seems like a subplot straight out of Idiocracy. On the other hand, there is the claim that after women were allowed to vote no bald man will ever be able to become president. Men getting voted into office by women due to good looks is probably the equivalent to female politicians collecting votes with their boobs. On the other hand, I would argue that men are not quite as stupid to vote for a female politician because of her boobs but give it a few more decade and we will probably get there.

    1. I was just about to post this as well. The argument is speculative, but it seems sound. It is possible that the government will simply bail out Pfizer and Moderna, or at least Pfizer, though. Here is the key part of that article:

      The idea is that no company – upon government request – should have to pay for unforeseen complications resulting from an emergency product that they released to the world out of their goodness of the hearts, with the best of intentions. Right? Wrong – not when your company accomplishes this through deceit, also known as fraud. Fraud undoes all these protections. If a company or person intentionally deceives another to profit, we have fraud. If Pfizer’s data showed increased all-cause mortality and hid this to motivate people to take the vaccine while claiming it was safe, then fraud exists.

      Under common law, the required elements to prove fraud amount to: #1. A materially false statement or purposeful failure to state or release material facts which non-disclosure makes other statements misleading. #2. The false statement is made to induce Plaintiff to act. #3. The Plaintiff relied upon the false statement, and the injury resulted from this reliance. #4. Damages include a punitive award as a punishment that serves as a public example to discourage any future similar fraud. Punitive damages are generally proportional to the Defendant’s assets.

      I have not seen a lot of logical behavior from government during the plandemic, if you start with the premise that the goal is indeed as stated, i.e. protect public health. As we live in a post-factual world in which an army of “fact checkers” works relentlessly to smear anybody with sound data, I do not see why the powers that be should suddenly discover that they are not supposed to genocide their constituents. I think that we will see Big Pharma and Finance battle it out but maybe we will not and this will instead be sorted out in a rabbinical court in Manhattan.

    2. Also, we should not forget that according to Uber there are much better competing explanations for the excess deaths due to the vaxx as well as the alleged fraud. Arguably, in his view, the outcome of such trial would be that the accusers have to pay damaged for slander and libel, and if there are no mathematical models with perfect predictability, all of the above is simply gobbledegook anyway.

    3. Interesting how none of the EU countries found it expedient to task one of their science institutes to test the foreign vaccine in vitro before mass administration.

    1. I find it a bit odd that the salary for both positions, frontend and backend, is the same, yet the latter has much higher stated requirements. It is much harder to hire backend engineers, so they are normally better rewarded. The salary seems to be broadly in line with what top tech companies in the Bay Area pay for experienced candidates. A PhD with experience can probably get a similar or even higher amount at other big tech companies in the US. The frontend engineer salary seems too high. In my opinion, it does not make sense to pay the same for that role compared to the other, where candidates are expected to have a PhD on top and be able to do research.

      By the way, salaries for software engineers are rising across the board. I recently heard of a senior engineer in Vietnam who gets paid more than $100k (yes, he gets paid in USD). Given the low cost of living, this is a downright obscene salary. Breaking six figures, in Euros, is also possible in Munich and Berlin with a few years of (solid) experience. The highest number in Berlin for a senior engineer I recently came across was from Snowflake: 150k EUR/year (base salary + stocks). Probably the stock component comes with annual refreshers, e.g. you get x EUR over four years. Each year 1/4 vests, and you get a refresher grant for the same amount. Thus, assuming base pay is a very respectable 100k EUR, you get 12,5k in stocks in year 1, 25k in year 2, etc, until you finally hit 50k in the fourth year, etc.

  4. Here is a great compilation of the official narrative on the effectiveness of the vaxx:
    At the end, you see Fauci claim that the vaxx is “highly effective”. As he says that, he blinks uncontrollably, which is a tell that someone is lying. I was quite surprised by this because my assumption was that Fauci is such a cold-blooded liar and sociopath that he can suppress such tells, similar to a good actor.

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